Packers’s fans embarrassing themselves

The Green Bay Packers have always been known to have the best fans of all time, but it seems their true colors are coming out since this Brett Favre saga began. I will be the first to admit that I have reacted emotionally with every twist and turn in this story and absolutely include myself when I say Packers’ fans are embarrassing themselves. When Favre and the Packers say mistakes were made on both sides they should also include the fans. A big mistake was made yesterday when the fans disrupted practice with “Bring back Brett” chants while the offense is trying to practice a red-zone drill. If you are a Packers’ fan at heart how can you purposely hurt the team like that?

Yes, I have had some harsh words during this whole ordeal, but I would never, ever, try to hurt the Green Bay Packers as they try to prepare for what should have been a great season. What could possibly be going through a person’s mind that would make them think that disrupting practice would make the Packers a better team this year? If I were the Packers I come up with some excuse to move practice inside the Don Hutson Center for a few days to quell the less then fortunate individuals for a day or two while preparing for a game Monday night.

Mike McCarthy, however, is not afraid of anything and while some may call it ego, I call it confidence. He will not give in to bozos like that. What kind of fan cheers when a quarterback of the team they claim they are suporting throws an interception? Many of my readers need to look no further than the morning mirror. If you didn’t see it, here is the quote from Greg Jennings:

“I don’t care how focused you are, you heard that. That was one of those practices where you really had to try to just mentally be there. And if you weren’t mentally there, you were kind of listening in and letting it kind of distract you.”

To me, that is the most disturbing quote to come out of this whole mess but it doesn’t surprise me that it came from Jennings. Quietly, I guess until now maybe, the young Jennings is becoming a team leader. Veteran Charles Woodson echoed those thoughts and today when the team was told the story was over, by all reports the team let out a big sigh.

The train has left the station. Packers’ fans are welcome to jump on board. Am I sorry for the way this played out? Yes. Did I make comments I want back? Yes. But from this day forward, I will be a Packers’ fan. It may be boring, but so be it.

More to come…

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  • CheesyD


    How about showing us how you determined that 75%-95% of the players “are furious”?

    And who said they support “all decisions” made by management? Some here, including me, agree it was best for the Packers that Favre move on. That’s “one” decison, according to my math.

    Wild, baseless claims and gross exaggerations are all I see. You must be a Democrat.

  • Steve

    The train has left the station, I’m going to wait for the next one.My mind is not where it needs to be, to start this football season. I’m going to retire a Greenbay packers fan,even though I know a have a couple of yrs. left in me… I hope my family understands There all Bears fans and I’LL have to watch that g#d d#mm superbowl shuffle all season long..I might have to break the VCR… Sh#t my son says they have it on DVD now.

  • Larry

    Poor, poor, poor Lew and Steve have no where to go but “DA BEARSE”! How can a player who’s locker is not in the locker room solidify same locker room. Rep or Dem, how the heck did that get in the discussion? One does not have to be politically astute to know which side of the aisle any of us are based on our comments. In any case it doesn’t belong in these blogs. Jon, I’m sure the J-E-T-S fans are glad to have ye. Good luck, Brett I want that 2nd next April. Packer Nation solid forever.

  • Steve

    Larry checks his blogs at 6am in the morning…Sounds like Larry needs to get a life or a girlfriend.That might be kind of hard living in your mom and dads mud room…It’s called satire… Get a life,quit looking at your cousin that way!..Stop watching barnyard movies… THIS IS MY LAST POST AND I can see through the light why people call some of you guys Chesse heads. PS. I’m OUT…..Rack Him

  • Larry

    Steve, you little pup, I have great-grandchildren older than you. Satire, huh, I doubt you know what that means vs just plain ignorant. Last post, I find that hard to believe; where else would anyone pay attention to you?

  • jake c.

    jake….whoa, sorry buddy, got my numbers mixed up, way to call me out on a mundane detail. and way to have some faith in the team. i wish people like you would quit wasting true fans’ time and bring your bs to new york with your lord almighty brett favre. you are probably one of the ignorant morons booing rodgers at practice.

    if you’re going to whine and cry about your idol being traded and how thompson, mccarthy, and murphy screwed us, then don’t be a packers fan! plain and simple, isn’t it? some of the people who take favre’s side in this whole ordeal just sound like the most naive little babies. the nfl’s a business, grow up and realize it.

  • camp

    amen jack c, amen

  • JoshWink

    Oh, Thanks! Really interesting. keep working!

  • C-U Nomore #4

    I just had to post after reading this stuff. Can someone tell me exactlly how long Brett was supposed to play in Green Bay? I mean damn I was waiting to see him come out in a huveround wheelchair in the next 10 years! Oh well now he can do that after this one season in NY. I do hope the Packers loose every game this year so all the morons that said they wanted it to happen can whine and piss and moan about how they lost every game. l live near Green Bay and I am a fan and have been for years. Although I am embarresed to be one. Anyone from anywhere else in the country must be laughing their ass off reading this board. Reality is NFL football is a business and that goes for Green Bay too. People should just get over it…, drink and Ol Milwaukee, eat some cheese curds and pass out hugging your Brett jerseys. Jets or Pack jersey it doesnt matter. Both will suffice for wiping up your tears, puke, drool etc…