Packers ready to rock

Where is Leon when you need him? Just once I would love to hear a sports figure say what he really means. That certainly was not the case when Brett Favre met the media yesterday. Favre must think we are all idiots when he says he is not motivated by revenge. I mean, like the Favre Network segment says – “Come on man!” It is just like when a player holding out says “It isn’t about the money”. The second they say it isn’t about the money, you know it is about the money. No different than what Favre is saying. In the end Favre did kind of admit it was about revenge when he told the media to “call it what you want”. Funny stuff.

After hearing former Packers William Henderson and LeRoy Butler on the Rome show this week it is clear that Favre is a traitor. Both former Packer greats admitted they lost respect for Favre when he joined the hated Vikings. And both agreed you can’t ride the fence on this issue. Like Butler said, you are either a Favre fan or a Packers’ fan, there is no in between. Like LeRoy said, you can’t root for Favre to throw for 400 yards and want the Packers to win the game. That is complete bovine excrement. You are either with the Packers or you are with the enemy. And either case is fine. If you love Brett Favre then love Brett Favre and cheer the Vikings’ on. No problem. No Packers’ fans will be joining you. You probably jumped on the Packers’ bandwagon only because of Favre and we don’t want fans like that anyway. By the way, I can say “we” and mean it as I am an owner of this great franchise.

This game is all about Brett Favre getting revenge on Ted Thompson. Maybe the Vikings do win. So what? I remember the Chicago Bears losing twice to the Packers the year they went to the Super Bowl. Nothing will really be decided on Monday night no matter what anybody says. This game means way more to Favre than it does to the Packers. This is one man against 53 and I like the 53. The Packers as a team want this game much more than the Vikings do as a player. The Vikings’ players didn’t even want Favre during training camp and can in know way feel the hate that is in Favre’s heart. On the other hand, the players on the Packers’ team have rallied around Aaron Rodgers for over a year now and are united in their cause to win this game for A-Rodg.

Aaron Rodgers has been as cool as a cucumber since taking over as starting QB for the Packers and I think if he plays that way Monday the Packers win going away. Running back Ryan Grant has had surprisingly good success against the Vikings and if gets 85 or more yards I think the Packers will roll. The only thing about this game that scares me is Adrian Peterson breaking a long run or two for a TD, and by long run I mean the 40 or more yard shots that he is great at. If the Packers make him earn his 100 or more yards and force the Vikings to pass more than they want to it bodes real well. I also think Dom Capers hasn’t shown jack the first three games and the Vikings will see plenty of formations they haven’t seen on film thus far.

Finally, I don’t know if it is a good thing or bad, but I think good. From all accounts the Packers’ players have been loose as a goose in the locker room this week. There has been a running joke keeping everybody upbeat and the players seem to be in a good mood despite the media frenzy. Kind of odd, actually. I think it is a quiet confidence. I know I feel the Packers should win this game with no problem and the closer the game gets the more confident I get. My early prediction of 24-20 Pack has been upgraded to 34-20 Pack. I just can’t see us losing this one and I cannot wait for it to start. We will win – Al.

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  • roadking

    if the vikes offered leroy butler 12 million,do you think he would accept. please leroy
    you players always said this is a business.
    go pack

  • Rocky70

    Steve Hutchinson (Vikes – guard) and Clifton are both still questionable for the game….. It’s very possible both teams will be without their main cog on their OL……

    AR has been sacked 12 times compared to 9 for BF in 2009.

    AR has a 7.9 yards per passing attempt while BF is at 6.0 Y/A….. BF is tied for last in the the NFL in Y/A with K. Collins….. AR is 7th just behind Brees. …..

    Neither BF or AR has lost a fumble yet in 2009…….. IMO, BF will drop a couple tonight….. BF turns 40 in a week or so …… he’ll look like he’s 60 in tonite’s game…..

  • Pack4life

    Someone of the LB crew will have to make a play. Stop Peterson the name of the game. This is a game for Matthews & Bishop. Does anyone really want to see Poppinga isolated on Peterson?
    This is all I will say for the Offense , cash in on opportunities.

  • packer_bob


    It was a little difficult for me to break down where we were failing in stopping Steven Jackson last week as I had to watch the game in the pub but the week before I felt LB’s definitely underachieved.

    This is a big test for them and I hope they bring the A game. If we miss tackles against AP tonight we are in big trouble. That guy is a beast. We need to plug gaps, make tackles and get as many hats as we can around the ball.

    Big test for the OL tonight as well, particularly Colledge and Barbre. Great time for Grant to peel off a big game, as several have noted he has had some success against the Vikes.

    This is a gut check game, time for guys to show us what they’ve got! A win would be great for sure, but losing is in no way a disaster. I’m just looking for improvement in the areas we have had trouble so far this year, and let the chips fall where they may.

  • roy jamison

    Think I’ll slip on my Wrangler jeans and watch the tv I bought from Sears so’s I can watch the Packers pop number 4.

  • Jack in Columbus

    I hate to be a pessimist, but I think the Packers will lose by 10-14 points. My prediction: MV 31, GBP 17.

    I think the Packers’ run defense meets its Waterloo, and ets run over by a truck named Peterson. I also think that Packers will struggle on offense to run and to protect ARod. Our Special Teams are not very.

    I hope I am wrong about this team, but they do nto play well in domes, have struggled thus far, and are facing a relatively healthy, motivated and dangerous team at home in its dome.

    Still, I will pray that Brent 4Flavor has an emotional meltdown (like so many we have witnessed before) and tosses 3 or 4 interceptions and fumbles away a snap or two. That would be the dagger in his Packers legacy — officially, finally, mercifully over (until we Hall of Fame him a few years after he really, really, really – no kidding this time is for real – retires from professional football).

  • roy jamison

    I agree that the Vikes should be favored. But, I also won’t be surprised if the Pack has it’s own “revenge” factor for having to listen to Favre’s agonizing on again off again retiring messages for several years. My message to the defense is rush him so relentlessly, he will have wished he retired. Pack 27-24.

  • Pete H

    I think Brett is gonna take some hits no matter the score. I am more worried about AP not getting hit enough than Favre. As far as top backs, Sanders, Payton, Bo Jackson, LT, Campbell…of who I’ve personally seen. with Roger Craig and Billy Sims as special mention. -

  • packer_bob


    You’re not any more of a pessimist than the entire writing staff of the Green Bay Press Gazette. All four of them picked Minnesota to win.

    I want us to win, and a blow out would be extra special. Not predicting it but it would be sweet! I still say we have a better chance at winning than alot of people seem to. I’d say on a range, the Vikes probably win this game at home 60-70% of the time. That leaves us a 30-40% chance, which to me is OK on a road game.

    I don’t necessarily have a reason to think our run D is suddenly going to step up, but I think they can do well enough to slow him down and keep us in the game. I also think we can take advantage of their secondary, if the OL can hold the Vikes pass rush at bay. If we can continue to feast on turnovers, it will cover up many of the problems.

    Maybe I’m counting too much on the emotion level of the Packers to suddenly compensate for a couple of these problems (O-line, Run D) but for some reason I think we’re going to see improvement tonight. Let’s just hope it’s enough to win! And it we play the game close but lose, it’s not a disaster by any means. Go Pack Go!

  • Matt Hayton

    Here are the factors to the outcome of the game, IMHO:

    1. I think if we are going to win tonight we will need to dominate the line of scrimmage. To me that is where this game will be won or lost.

    2. Crowd noise will be a MAJOR factor, wouldn’t be surprised at 3-4 false start penalties which won’t help our cause. An early sustained drive is the best atectdote quiet the purple-pukes.

    3. Playcalling by MM and checks by AR. MM needs to call a WCO basic game, leveraging our WRs (screens and slants) to open up the run game. I have also noticed that when AR checks at the line, he has tendency to audible to a safe run play which usually doesn’t go anywhere. I think if we are going to win, AR is going to need to take some shots & check out of some running plays at the line and beat Minne’s pass defense for some big plays.

    That to me is the ball-game. I think unfortunately Minne has better players up front on both sides of the ball and that and the crowd noise will win this game for them.

    ON a positive note, I think we will split the season series and look for us to still go 9-7 on the year. 27-13 Queens in this one, but us getting the equalizer by winning on Nov. 1st at Lambeau 21-17…

  • JeffN

    All I gotta say is we better win this fucking game tonight!!!

  • Devil’s Advocate…

    Tackling and Officiating: Pack needs to be better tackling than their normal, half crappy selves.

    It’s impossible to beat the refs. I expect the calls to go the home team’s way and plenty of grabbing allowed in their run game.

    Some imagination by MM would help the cause.

    I think the Vikes win a close one…….. not the end of the world though.

  • packer_bob

    Ugh—Good drive to open the game negated by fumble.

  • packer_bob

    Well, not what I call a good start. 3 penalties and a TO right off the bat.

    We’re getting a heavy dose of Peterson and better figure out how to stop it. I have to give Childress credit for a well called opening drive that kept Favre from getting outside of the game plan. Our D is going to get worn down if we give up too many drives like that.

    I’d like to see us answer right away. Go Pack!

  • packer_bob

    Well, there’s the answer! Great off balance throw and great catch and run by Finley!

  • PackerPete

    DA is correct.

    I havent seen as much of a one side3d officiated game in a long long time.

    The holding by purple fags is disgusting and not one call.

  • Jack in Columbus

    The Packers are losing this one on the line of scrimmage. ARod does not have time to think, let alone throw. No pressure on Favre, even when we bring six. The Big Plays and turnovers have kept us in this game, but unless the Pack cleans up its penalty act, gives ARod some time and puts pressure on Favre, the Pack will surely lose this game by 10 or more points.