Nonstop to nowhere

Yeah folks, I’m still alive. In my preparations for hari kari it occurred to me that all may not be lost. As someone pointed out it took the Packers 29 years to win their third Super Bowl and staying with the same pace the Packers are almost half way to another one. Who knows with a little luck they might pull it off in 27 or 28 years. Anytime in my lifetime would be nice.

It certainly is not going to happen this year. This year’s edition of the Green Bay Packers is headed nonstop to nowhere. With the division title out of reach barring a complete Viking breakdown, the Packers are playing for a wildcard berth which I believe will take an 11-5 record. That means the Packers would have to win seven of their last nine games, which I don’t see happening.

There are too many teams in the hunt. The only good thing is that the only teams on the Packers schedule that are in the wildcard hunt are the Cowboys, Bears, Cardinals, and 49ers. Only the Cowboys really scare me. I still believe the Cardinals won’t have anything to play for the last week of the season, even after their embarrassing loss last week. The Packers are at least equal to the Bears and 49ers and I think better. If the Packers were to win those four it would be huge in the tiebreaker and the only other NFC games are Tampa Bay and Detroit, two sure wins. The real problems are Pittsburgh and Baltimore, two sure losses. That only leaves one game to lose and the Packers are out. 10-6 won’t get them in and probably won’t even get them second place in their own division.

Of course the Packers might not win another game if they can’t find a way to pass block. Seven games into the season the Packers still have no starting five they can count on and either didn’t try or couldn’t find any help once the weakness was obvious. Trying to play pro football with a semi-pro line is not cutting it. Chad Clifton better be back this week and the Barbre experiment should come to a timely death. Mark Tauscher is ready to retake his starting position and certainly can do no worse. The Colledge experiment could come to end too if Jason Spitz is ready to play. Something has to be done.

The pressure is on head coach Mike McCarthy now more than ever. He can’t seem to fix the Packers problems even though he says he will every week. The “we’re gonna do what we did last week, what we always do and improve” line is wearing very thin. If even there had been minor improvement you could maybe give him the benefit of the doubt, but the refusal to adapt and adjust is a big negative. Mike Holmgren was a master of adjusting to his personnel, something McCarthy or Dom Capers have not been able to do. Ted Thompson finally made a big move in the draft by moving up to draft Clay Matthews, its time McCarthy makes his big move, but it might be a little late coming.

I’ll tell you, when you get close to the end, a lot of stuff goes through your mind, fortunately enough of it was positive. I apologize for the brief downtime. Those of you who know me know how the Packers are my life blood. Sad as it is.

I’ll get that cleaned up.

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  • oddball

    Damn. I like peas.

    I’m sorry, Larry. I just don’t see it. The failure of the last few years is pretty clear to me at OL and RB. Maybe it’s more about coaching than talent, but that doesn’t really change the status – only the plan.

    It would be great to think that the athletes are here and all we need is a better coach, but if that were the case, why would the answer be Clifton, Wells and Tauscher?

    I’m not asking for superstars across the board here – just two really good O-linemen in five years. I’m not screaming for us to use 1s and 2s on the picks either. A lot of our good lineman from the last 15 years came out of later rounds. Timmerman, Wells, Tauscher, Rivera, Flanagan and Dotson were all second day picks.

    I don’t care where they come from – hell, if we could fill the team with Drivers, Tauschers and Kampmans with Rodgers at the helm? Wouldn’t anybody love that team?

    I know you’re preaching patience, and you’re right. It would be a lot easier to be patient with the last two years’ OL picks if the three years before that had yielded some more success stories.

  • LarryTex

    I do not dispute the fact that our weakness is OL and RB, Oddball, that is true.

  • oddball

    For all my bitching, I have to admit that I enjoyed the article on Sitton. If Lang and Sitton come through as starters, I like our chances going forward a lot better.

  • Devil’s Advocate…

    This was probably the game of the year. They’re either going to rise from the ashes together or stay in the wreckage for the rest of the year. I think this game showed there’s something wrong at the top (MM). This is the second week in a row that the Pack score a TD to put themselves in position and the follow it up w/a kick off that gets returned to their 10….. It’s like they fall asleep. Afraid maybe MM has turned into a gosh/shucks/gee whiz coach and all the players are hearing is blah, blah, blah. I have to put MM/TT on the clock after this one. Call’em as I see’em. MM may want to put the ST and OL coach on the clock also. Let the players know, so they have to look the coach in the eyes “all week” knowing they hold his job in their hands. Like to see them call a few more screens yet….. helps if they catch the ball though.