Nonstop to nowhere

Yeah folks, I’m still alive. In my preparations for hari kari it occurred to me that all may not be lost. As someone pointed out it took the Packers 29 years to win their third Super Bowl and staying with the same pace the Packers are almost half way to another one. Who knows with a little luck they might pull it off in 27 or 28 years. Anytime in my lifetime would be nice.

It certainly is not going to happen this year. This year’s edition of the Green Bay Packers is headed nonstop to nowhere. With the division title out of reach barring a complete Viking breakdown, the Packers are playing for a wildcard berth which I believe will take an 11-5 record. That means the Packers would have to win seven of their last nine games, which I don’t see happening.

There are too many teams in the hunt. The only good thing is that the only teams on the Packers schedule that are in the wildcard hunt are the Cowboys, Bears, Cardinals, and 49ers. Only the Cowboys really scare me. I still believe the Cardinals won’t have anything to play for the last week of the season, even after their embarrassing loss last week. The Packers are at least equal to the Bears and 49ers and I think better. If the Packers were to win those four it would be huge in the tiebreaker and the only other NFC games are Tampa Bay and Detroit, two sure wins. The real problems are Pittsburgh and Baltimore, two sure losses. That only leaves one game to lose and the Packers are out. 10-6 won’t get them in and probably won’t even get them second place in their own division.

Of course the Packers might not win another game if they can’t find a way to pass block. Seven games into the season the Packers still have no starting five they can count on and either didn’t try or couldn’t find any help once the weakness was obvious. Trying to play pro football with a semi-pro line is not cutting it. Chad Clifton better be back this week and the Barbre experiment should come to a timely death. Mark Tauscher is ready to retake his starting position and certainly can do no worse. The Colledge experiment could come to end too if Jason Spitz is ready to play. Something has to be done.

The pressure is on head coach Mike McCarthy now more than ever. He can’t seem to fix the Packers problems even though he says he will every week. The “we’re gonna do what we did last week, what we always do and improve” line is wearing very thin. If even there had been minor improvement you could maybe give him the benefit of the doubt, but the refusal to adapt and adjust is a big negative. Mike Holmgren was a master of adjusting to his personnel, something McCarthy or Dom Capers have not been able to do. Ted Thompson finally made a big move in the draft by moving up to draft Clay Matthews, its time McCarthy makes his big move, but it might be a little late coming.

I’ll tell you, when you get close to the end, a lot of stuff goes through your mind, fortunately enough of it was positive. I apologize for the brief downtime. Those of you who know me know how the Packers are my life blood. Sad as it is.

I’ll get that cleaned up.

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  • 25 Yrs Pack

    wow, my screen wasnt refreshed, didnt see the post right before, crappy work computer

  • admin

    Jason Whitlock is another Favre ass-kisser. He’s a complete joke in my book. Read some of his other stuff and tell me different. All he likes to do is stir the pot. The only thing in that article that is the truth is Favre wanted out of Green Bay. When the biggest Favre ass-kicker got fired, Mike Sherman that is, Favre was for all intents and purposes done in Green Bay. So he staged the big retirement ceremony and set the Packers up. What a big baby he turned out to be, and I don’t care if Favre does win the Super Bowl this year. Why would I? But odds are slim of that happening anyway, Favre couldn’t win a big playoff game if his life depended on it. Not without Holmgren on the sidelines.

  • 25 Yrs Pack

    Doesn’t matter what is the truth, national media has never cared about the truth. I don’t beleive Whitlock was always an ass kisser, i thought he posted articles that said the oppostie about a year ago, I have no memory though, so could easily be mistaken. Problem is I only watch ESPN and football related shows as my regular programming, until bf throws some big games away, this is what we have to deal with.

  • admin

    Yep, it is never going to go away. When you make a deal with the devil there is a stiff price to pay.

  • Jay

    Mike – “It’s the Truth: Favre’s Proving Thompson Wrong” is a great read.

    I have to agree – I believe that Ted made the wrong decision, when it comes to Brent, for the NOW. But not for the FUTURE. Rodgers is the future QB for the Packers – but he will not be the QB for the future if he is sacked another 31 times in the remaining 9 games. How in the world you do not have a decent O-Line to protect your future QB, that you drafted for to be the future franchise QB, is beyond me.

    Here is my conflict with Ted’s decision; the NFL is a win NOW short-term league, not a win in 3 to 4 years long-term league. The long-term attitude leads to GM’s and coaches getting fired, leads to fans being frustrated with the team and leads to fans calling for heads to roll, which I am definitely guilty of. TT, at least in the short-term, was wrong about Old-Whats-His-Name. That’s what makes this so difficult to figure out. Yes, we got burned by #4, but what about 2010? 2011? Rodgers may be 0-2 against the Old Man, but he has also learned a lot in a season and a half as the starter – but what is that worth in the long-term? Again, none of that will matter one bit if he keeps taking 10 sacks a game.

    I am not saying that the Packers would have a better record right now with Brent at QB, but what if Thompson had tried to surround Brent with the talent he wanted – for instance Randy Moss at WR, Tony Gonzalez at TE and had hired Mariucci as head coach instead of McCarthy (these are all things that Brent wanted). Would the Packers be better NOW or worse NOW?

    Also, the special teams are killing this team. Remember when the Packers went to back to back Super Bowls in ’96 & ’97. One of the big reasons was special teams. Who could forget the huge returns by Desmond Howard in the playoffs and the SB?

    Watching Crosby kickoff to the 10 and consistently miss big kicks (I am not saying a 51 yd FG is easy, but in that situation you gotta make that kick) has got to be at least as draining for his teammates as it has been for us.

    Special teams have just been rotten during the McCarthy era. If it’s not an old Ahman Green tripping over the 15 yd line and consistently showing no shiftiness and speed running back kicks, it’s the penalties and the poor blocking. Almost every game McCarthy heads out to coach, our team gets beaten on special teams, and I’m sick of it. Just look at the average starting field position this past Sunday. Not even close. Even after the team fought back and closed the scoring gap with Spencer Havner’s second TD of the game, lightening return man Percy Harvin quieted the crowd with a dagger run deep into Packers territory at the end of the third. Special teams can swing momentum like that, and McCarthy’s teams usually lose momentum rather than gain it.

    I feel like the Packers might be just good enough to lose to the best teams and might be able to challenge for a wild card spot but not challenge for a championship NOW. In the end, Brent made the better decision but, with an offensive line like the Queens have (vs. the Packer questionable pass rush) I think a lot of QB’s would look great. I still look forward to someone getting to Brent early in a game to see if he still reacts like he used to when he was with the Packers. It makes me sick that Brent looks this good with the Vikings and that he never looked this good with the Packers.

    As the greatest coach ever, Vincent T. Lombardi, once said, “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT THERE!”

  • Oddball

    Hold on, gents. This is what we expected, right? I mean, if you’re backing Ted. The Queens threw a ton of money around and mortgaged their future for a chance at something now. (What Favre apparantly wanted)

    Ted’s plan is clearly very different with a different end game in mind.

    If you believe in that plan, you have to accept that, at least in the short term, Minnesota is probably going to get a bump from all those acquisitions while we’re going to show steady progress towards a deep and talanted team that can be sustained over the course of years. (I’m not entirely sold on Ted and Mike’s ability to pull this off, but that’s supposed to be the plan.)

    The good news is that, even with all those expensive people, they still needed a lights out performance by Favre and a few screwups from us to win. Can you tell how scrambled I am about us this year? The O-line sucks. Play ‘em anyway! Ted Thompson can’t draft O-line, D-line or linebacker! Hey, I know we can beat everybody but Pittsburgh.

    I don’t know what to think of our guys. We show well enough to be optimistic, but dah-um. Sometimes they just look like “Night of the Living Dead” out there. I’m betting that Harvin touchdown is going to haunt us through the graces of NFL films.

  • 25 Yrs Pack

    Redskins have been trying to buy a championship….

  • Jay

    25 Yrs Pack – good point, the Deadskins have been trying to buy a championship with high priced FA’s with Synder throwing around money like crazy. But they do not have a franchise QB to get them to a championship. Campbell is servicable, but will never be a great QB IMO. This is only Rodgers 2nd year as a starter, but I would take Rodgers over Campbell any day to win a championship.

    So with the Deadskins, does it come down to poor coaching? Do they have the talent to win, but the coaching is awful? Do the Packers have the talent to win, but the coaching is awful?

    Oddball – I know that every NFL team has to go through some rebuilding through the draft and developing players, but going from 13-3 in 2007 on the cusp of playing in the SB (thanks Brent for that wounded duck your threw for an INT) to 6-10 in 2008 (Packers were in every game in 2008 except for the New Orleans game), to 4-3 in 2009 and not yet defeating a team with a winning record, should not the Packers be better by now? I know that the jury is still out on Ted’s long-term plan, but how long will that plan take to get the Super Bowl trophy back to it’s rightful place, Titletown USA.

  • Jay

    BREAKING NEWS: (this has nothing to do with the Packers or football)

    At Least 7 Dead, 20 Wounded in Shooting at Ft. Hood in Texas

    Thursday, November 05, 2009

    DEVELOPING: A mass shooting at Ft. Hood military base in Texas has left at least 7 dead and 20 wounded, officials confirmed. There were three shooters in the Army base massacre and one suspect is in custody. The attack apparently happened at the base’s Soldier Readiness Center. Army officials didn’t know whether the victims were civilians or military personnel. The men were dressed in Army fatigues, but military officials couldn’t confirm that they were Army personnel.

    Please pray for the families of those who were killed and wounded in this terrible shooting and pray for the safety of the remaining soldiers at Ft. Hood in Killeen, Texas.

  • Oddball

    Understood, Jay. I don’t think they can really expect to be given 7-10 years to complete this project.

  • Oddball

    My apolgies. I hadn’t seen the Ft Hood news when I posted my last.

  • packer_bob

    Haven’t had time to hear much about it, but all prayers to the victim’s of the shooting and all condolences to their families. Things like this are so tragic and just make you wonder “Why?”

    My wife works at Northern Illinois University where a loose canon shooter killed a bunch of kids on campus a couple of years back for reasons no one understands to this day. Horrible.

  • packer_bob

    Back to football, haven’t been on since yesterday morning but there’s been a whole lot of talking since then!

    Welcome to Jay, some interesting stats you posted on the difference between the 2008 and 2009 season to this point. Naturally you can’t point things like that out around here without having your fandom called into question, or being accused of actually being someone else posting in disguise. But obviously if you’ve been around the site this long, you knew that already. Anyways, welcome!

    As far as “buying a championship”, I don’t think anyone here wants or is advocating that TT spend money like a drunken sailor ala Daniel Snyder. But several of us have been of the opinion that TT’s rigidly parsimonious approach to FA since his arrival has cost us some opportunities. Surely there has to be a middle ground. Just like TT clearly changed his approach to the draft this season, if we slide down the stretch I wouldn’t be surprised to see a different approach to FA in this next offseason.

    Somebody remarked that a GM doesn’t get canned without getting an opportunity to change the head coach. Hasn’t TT already done that? He fired Sherman—MM is clearly his man. So for those of you that think MM is the problem, who made that decision? Seems to me if MM was a poor decision, that should reflect on TT. Personally I look at it as a package deal, either they both stay or they both go but we’ll see it how it shakes out. Alot will depend on the stretch of games following this next one until about mid-December.

  • packer_bob

    Thanks for the Whitlock link, 25YP. I don’t read him that often, and when I have he has seemed a little like a verbal bomb thrower, just trying to shake up the establishment.

    Having said that, he has expressed in that column what so many of us thought at the time and think to this day. I had friends in this area tell me Favre was getting washed up in 2004, and I said then I haven’t seen the decline in the skills. 2007 proved he could still play at an MVP level, and here we are in 2009 still watching it. And may be for another year or two.

    Anyway, you pays your money and you takes your chances. TT cast his lot from the moment he got here with rebuilding, and it will either work out or it won’t. Time will tell. Thanks again for the link, good read.

  • Jeff

    An interesting day in Packer history.
    20 years ago today the Packers beat the Bears 14-13 in what the Bears to this day still call the instant replay game , Packer fans call it MAJIKal.

  • LarryTex

    Was reading the Silverstein article re Havner, Lee, and Finley lining up in multiple formations. Then thought about the OL where we have OGs playing OT, OGs playing C and the reverse. All these multiple assignments and positions – no wonder they’re confused.
    Reminded me of St Vincents “I don’t care if they do know what we’re doing, if everybody does their job they can’t stop us.” (sic)
    Multiple position assignments and roster flexibility – another concept I bought into two years ago but has proved me wrong.

  • admin

    And 20 years later the Bears STILL suck! What a day that was. My favorite moment was Majik raising his arms in victory. It’s etched in Packers’ lore.

  • Pack4life

    I think the biggest error on TT’s Resume is hiring MM over Sean Payton. We can debate all the over moves no GM is going hit on every pick but that decision is looking worse every week.

  • LarryTex

    Whoa, Pack4, you’re hindsight is clouding your vision.
    While I have to agree MM did not have much of a resume when TT hired him either did Payton. He flopped as OC for the NYG and ran to the DAL before he got fired. His NO ’06 team went 10-6 and followed that with 7-9. ’08 was 8-8.
    As an aside, BUC are kinda like MIN in that they have 25% tied up in FA starter salaries. Only thing is they’re 0-7.
    As an afterthought, was Payton interviewed? I don’t remember.

  • Pack4life

    Larry I dont see any 4-12 or 6-10 in that any where.

  • Oddball

    I think the multiple position assignments makes sense for “emergency” situations if the player has some natural ability and is a workhorse. Spencer Havner worked out great as an Oh Shit! tight end replacement. Loved the writeup on him.

    Having a guard who can play center in a pinch makes good sense.
    Knowing that Woodson can play safety if disaster strikes isn’t a bad thing.
    If the wideouts can have some flexability, I think that can only help.

    I really do believe that if somebody is rock solid on the job and wants to do more, you find a way to fulfill that need that helps your team, but I think that’s something you do with proven veterans. The NFL is hard enough on the young guys trying to learn one position much less a couple. I’m thinking Havner is a special case, but we’ll see how he does going forward, hey?

  • LarryTex

    I used to think there was a dif between 8-8, 7-9, 6-10, but others on this site have convinced me that they will settle for nothing less than “win now”.\
    Just saying sarcastically that improvement means nothing, gotta go for broke for the now.
    In any case, Pack4, who the hell really knows? There sure is a difference between 7-0 and 4-3, don’t care who its against either.
    What I can’t understand is how a fan can continually tear down their team and belittle what they do accomplish. I guess I’m just an all-in fan, win or lose, because of longevity if nothing else.

  • LarryTex

    Hey, I’m blaming Al for my momentary funk, ie Nonstop to nowhere.

  • Oddball


    Just to clarify my thinking. I was happy as can be to watch us whup Detroit and the rest – those were fun afternoons. As I said before, there was also a certain satisfaction in watching us come back against the Queens.

    Once the games are over, the attention turns to how the team might improve and what we think our play says about our future, so rather than talk about how so and so had a great block on that last run and how great a catch Donald Driver made (!) I tend to think more about what went wrong. Character flaw I suppose, but that’s where my brain goes.

    When actually in a leadership role, you have to work the other path a lot. You need to accentuate the positive and celebrate when people excel otherwise you just end up being a morale killer. Here and now at 4-3 alongside the freaking Bears, I don’t see the need to gild the lily on this blog.

    If we can win the next two and welcome the niners to Lambeau sitting with a 6-3 record, I’ll certainly be singin’ a different tune.

  • Pack4life

    Oddball Here Here. Larry you can call it all in. I prefer to call it Pollyana. MM says if you arent getting better you are getting worse. I live a four hour drive from where the Super Bowl will be played in Training camp I thought that would be nice if the Pack went to the Super Bowl. I dont tear the team down, they tear themselves down. They dont need my help i.e. 31 sacks and counting

  • LarryTex

    Yep, trying to suppress pessimism with optimism ain’t easy. You can only take it on balance and hope the good outweighs the bad.

  • Mike from Arizona

    To LarryTex point of moving OL around… MM did it last year and he is doing it this year. I would bet very few teams in the NFL practice this same methodology.

    Granted, our offensive is good because of Rodgers and our great receivers and TE’s. Can you imagine how better we can be in the passing game and most importantly the running game, with a sound OL.

    Our great screen passes, we have run in the past, seem to be less and less the past two season. So much for MM coaching abilities and TT staffing abilities.

  • roy jamison

    I’d like to applaud the Nobel Peace Prize winner for indirectly mentioning that “matchups” have made the Pack look good. Altho, the win over the Bears had some merit. Losing to Cincy only makes you a little bit better than average team. It’s tough to hide the elephants in the room who wear neon lights.

    And I’d like to applaud Al for his statement….whiny little bitches. That, too has much merit.

  • packer_bob

    Pointing out the reality of the situation is not “tearing the team down.”

    I said after the 2nd game that we can’t run the football, can’t protect the QB and can’t stop the run. (I admit now that we are a little better against the run than I thought after the Cincy game.) At any rate, that’s usually not a prescription for success in the NFL, especially when you add to that mix very inconsistent special teams and a perpetual penalty problem.

    I don’t see how recognizing the problems (as opposed to ignoring them or pretending they’re not a problem) equals bashing the team or not being a fan. If I weren’t as big of a fan as I am, I wouldn’t care.

    We are one and a half seasons into mediocrity at this point, and after the joys of the 2007 season that is hard for me to take. At the time I thought we had a team that might ascend to a dominant position for several years to come. At this point, it looks like we’re going the other way, so to me it’s only natural to question why.

  • roy jamison

    Do you get TNT when you mix TT with MM?

  • 25 Yrs Pack

    It’s 2009, all sports are win now.

  • Pack4life

    Roy you get MT Promises.

  • LarryTex

    Well, if there is a bright side to good D its that teams have won it all w/ good D, mediocre (sp?) O. There are several examples. Also, the opposite is true that a good O hardly, if ever, gets you there with no D. Note that once Wolf had his QB he knew he had to build a D. Really, from ’93 on he built D and just tweeked O. REGGIE was like a magnet for FAs. I have to think we have one hell of a start on a fantastic D now.

  • Oddball

    We sure looked good against AP most of the day. Honestly, if we can stop the run effectively, most teams won’t be able to keep up with our offense.

  • jonnyfootballhero

    LarryTex, I commend you on your efforts to turn Lemons into Lemonade and for continually trying to serve it us. I really wish I shared your optimism. I just don’t and won’t until I the Packers continue to dominate quality teams. I too have lived through the 70s and 80s and dont ever wanna see those average to below average teams wearing the Green and Gold ever again. Other teams have put together perenial contenders year after year and thats what I want in the Packers. I don’t want the Pack to limp into the playoffs and hope they can peak. I want to know they’re going to the playoffs with a great chance of going to the Superbowl. If thats not the reality of this team, I want the necessary changes to make it so. I feel that I put a great emotional and financial (I buy a lot of Packer stuff) investment in this team, and I want to see the dividends now.

  • admin

    If only it were that easy…

  • LarryTex

    Yeah, jfbh, unfortunately thats the only way to make Lemonade. I sincerely hope you recoup your investment.
    Having lived thru the 70s and 80s you know how hard it is, and you also know that if it weren’t for REGGIE ’95 and ’96 would not have happened; unfortunately he ain’t out there right now.
    I repeat, even with the Lemons, we’ll see where the Pack, Bearse, and Vikes, are in a couple of years. If you can’t wait that long thats too bad. We do know, however, where WAS, BUCs, and OAK, etc. are now.

  • jonnyfootballhero

    That’s a good point about Reggie…I’m not saying there is a Reggie out there now, but there were other high quality FAs (I’m not gonna name em) that could have made this team better in the past couple of years, but TT almost refuses to use FAs as a tool to make this team better. It could be done without mortgaging the teams future; they’re $20mil under for chrissakes!! That is what frustrates me to no end. Use the money and tools available to make this team better!

  • http://Orlando Mark

    Larry, absolutely right about the defense. It may be hard to remember but we stopped the Vikes on 4th and 1 on their 4th possession and came within a hair of stopping their first TD on 4th down. Even with those Harvin returns we were 5 points behind late, driving second down and 3 at the Vikes 28 when no one blocked Allen for the sack. This was after 3 straight TD’s.
    I repeat, we have a much better run D than last year. If Taucher or someone can give #12 time this could be a good team.

  • Oddball

    I’m going back to O-line stuff because I really think that’s where this team can make progress.

    I think Ted Thompson needs help bringing in OLs. He’s had his shots at it, and it still looks like our best three linemen are aging Sherman-era players. Seriously – all this time, and we’re still looking for Clifton, Tauscher and Wells to save our bacon?

    Can we honestly say that any lineman he’s brought in was better than any of the five that were here when he arrived? Ok, I have hopes for Sitton and Lang, but the track record is not good. Whitiker, Coston, Moll, Spitz, Colledge, Barbre. Maybe I’m barkin’ up the wrong tree on this. It’s hard to believe that the man didn’t accidentally trip over at least one really good lineman in five freaking years. Maybe it really is more about the coaching.

    But I would think if that were the case that these men would catch on other places and do better. Whitiker and Coston appear to be out of football. Moll is a backup with the Ravens but was worth something in trade at least. Duke Preston is backing up in Dallas. None of these guys really have done much after leaving us. Kinda makes me think they weren’t really all that good to begin with.

  • 25 Yrs Pack

    Lets settle down now on the REGGIE 95 96, that defense was stacked, plus it was run by Butler, he called everything onthe field. I know your just pushing the argument that the teams MVP at the time was overrated, but lets stay in reality now…

  • 25 Yrs Pack

    You have to respect all Packers for what they did for our team, I don’t care if you hate them now, anger is one thing, but lets not be bitter forever and diminish the only Champions we’ve had in 50 years.

  • 25 Yrs Pack

    I’m not trying to be all pro bf with this, just saying reggie never dropped back into coverage, and I believe we had 2 really big boys clogging the middle.

  • Michael Legat

    I am less than thrilled with much of the current team’s performance, but it’s a long way to go before we start lumping the Green Bay Packers in with a poorly run franchise. Hell, we haven’t had back-to-back-losing seasons since 1991. Check this out – some surprised below:

    Last time team had back to back losing seasons:

    Bills – 4 year losing streak
    Bengals – 2 year losing streak
    Lions – 8 year losing streak
    Chiefs – 2 year losing streak
    Raiders – 6 year losing streak
    49ers – 6 year losing streak
    Rams – 2 year losing streak

    Falcons – 2 year losing streak
    Dolphins – 2 year losing streak

    Cardinals – 8 year losing streak
    Browns – 4 year losing streak
    Texans – 5 year losing streak

    Titans – 2 year losing streak

    Bears – 3 year losing streak
    Giants – 2 year losing streak
    Bucs – 2 year losing streak
    Redskins – 3 year losing streak

    Jaguars – 4 year losing streak

    Panthers – 3 year losing streak
    Cowboys – 3 year losing streak
    Vikings – 2 year losing streak

    Chargers – 2 year losing streak

    Saints – 6 year losing streak
    Eagles – 3 year losing streak
    Steelers – 2 year losing streak

    Ravens – 3 year losing streak
    Colts – 2 year losing streak

    Jets – 3 year losing streak

    Seahawks – 4 year losing streak

    Patriots – 5 year losing streak

    Packers – 2 year losing streak

    Broncos – 13 year losing streak

  • packer_bob

    That’s a good point, Michael. Compared with some of the teams you’ve named we certainly look good in comparison.

    I don’t think anyone’s trying to argue that we are poorly run and in danger of falling into a long term funk like the Lions, Raiders, etc.

    I know I’ve been spoiled by the long string of success we’ve had for most of my adult lifetime. (For the sake of this discussion, I am defining success as division titles, playoff trips, winning seasons, etc., not obviously SB wins.)

    Speaking for myself, it’s a combination of that and how close we were just 2 years ago, plus maybe the mirage of preseason that I bought in to, that makes it so frustrating. I have my problems with TT, but I wouldn’t say he’s an idiot or the worst GM in pro football by any means. It seems we are only maybe a few better picks or savvy free agent moves away from being truly upper echelon so I tend to focus on what we didn’t do to get over the hump as opposed to being thankful for the things that we have done right that keeps us from being one of the plethora of doormats that are in the NFL currently.

  • packer_bob

    Since any reasonable person would agree we’re not terrible, but probably not upper echelon yet either, a few questions spring to mind. (I’m not precluding the possibility that we can yet get to be an elite team this season, but for the purposes of the this conversation I’m stipulating that we are competitive but not one of the top 6 or 7 teams in the league, and I’m basing that on our record from last year and this one to this point.)

    It’s obvious that we have major problems on the O-line. When was the last time we spent a big pick or dipped into the free agent pool to address that?

    Our RB situation is poor, to the point where we are hoping Green can give us a boost. When was the last time we spent a big pick on a RB or looked at getting some free agent help?

    How many good players do we have that we are either going to lose to FA or the inevitable onslaught of age (Harris, Woodson, Kampman, Picket, Clifton, Tauscher, etc.) and what do we have when they are gone or unserviceable?

    TT dipped his toe into the FA pool with Woodson and Pickett, and scored big time. Why does he seem so reluctant to do it again? He changed his m.o. in the draft this past offseason, and while the jury is probably still out on Raji, Mathews looks like a helluva young baller at this point and I’m confident that Raji will prove out.

    He CAN do it, it just seems like he likes to play it safe to the point of parsimony and my fear is it will cost us a two to three year window where we maybe could have made some noise.

    McCarthy likes to say he can tolerate penalties born of aggressiveness, and this Packer fan could tolerate a few mistakes born of aggressiveness from the GM for the sake of the ones that worked out. Big rewards usually come with some measure of risk, and TT to my mind anyway, likes the safe bets which to me is akin to playing not to lose. After the 2007 season it was time to be looking to get over the top, imo, not looking to avoid any big mistakes.

  • Mike from Arizona

    Rams put Anthony Smith on waivers this week and TT tried to get him back. We lost out to Jacksonville. Are the two Safeties we signed (MG and DM) not working out? Aaron Rouse is starting for the Gaints this week.

  • http://Orlando Mark

    Mike, Rouse could never impress MM even though we need help at safety and the Giants are desperate or he wouldn’t be starting. Rivers is certain to go after him. It’s going to be interesting to be able to see if he was a fall guy for the Bengal’s loss or a stiff.

  • LarryTex

    p_b, I have never mentioned Woodson and Pickett simply because I just took it in stride that TT would move there(FAs) given availability. Faneca, Moss, Gonzales, and I’ve even heard some on here suggest Pace; Faneca probably is the one who could help the most given our WRs and TEs. So why doesn’t TT make more moves – probably because he is trying to fill backup spots with FA rather than putting out the big bucks for front liners. I’m sure he feels that our long term core has been served thru the draft.
    Insofar as the $$ are concerned, I would think that we have at least 20 of those recent draftees who will be comanding at least a 1M per raise when their rookie contracts are up within the next year or two. I think we have about 10 or 12 coming up next year. Thats strictly a guess on my part, but I don’t think I’d be too far off.
    It could well be that this OL comes together-wouldn’t that cut down half the posts?
    Again, we can all sit back and cherry pick FAs from the last few yrs we’d like to have but if (big IF) we start winning and end up 9-7 or better a lot of this goes away. Pease brother.

  • LarryTex

    Damn, I meant peace!