Final Draft Thoughts

Now that all is said and done here is what I think about the NFC North and the 2010 NFL Draft.

The Lions cleaned up. I think the Lions did enough over the three days to move them ahead of the Bears in the division. The Lions got Ndamukong Suh with their first pick and then totally swindled the Vikings later in the first round to grab Javid Best. What the Vikings had in mind we may never know for sure, but it was the kind of decision the Vikings have made for decades and a major reason why they will never win a Super Bowl.

The main reason I think the Lions will surpass the Bears is the Bears simply have nothing. Yeah, I know they have some guy named Peppers, but he is over the hill. With nobody to compliment him, Peppers will be pedestrian at best. On offense the Bears have next to nothing. For the first time in 20 years they might have a QB but the don’t have anything else on offense other than a tight end. They don’t have a running back worth you-know-what and their receivers wouldn’t make most team’s practice squads. Cutler is a prime example of what happens to players who think they are bigger than the team – they get sent to Siberia.

Because of Cutler the Bears didn’t have squat for picks so basically Peppers was their only improvement in the offseason. Chester Taylor is a good role player, but like Forte, not a every down back. The Bears are headed to 4-12 or 6-10 and a fond adieu to Lovie Smith.

The Vikings, like the Packers, drafted according to their status, not many holes to fill so take the best player available. Giving up a first-round pick to the Lions and then moving up later to take Toby Gerhart is more than a little baffling. Why not just take Best? Whether or not Brett Favre returns, the Vikings aren’t likely to return to the NFC Championship game.

The Packers and Vikings are going to battle it out for the NFC North again this year. My gut feeling is the Packers will beat Favre and the Vikings at least once this year. If 2010 is the last year of football for a while, it at least should be a damn good one!

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  • JimmyJ

    Rick, I have been for several years going up to GB for training camp, and last year they opened their new practice facility which provided seating for the fans.
    I wanted to know if anyone has commented on it, or had thoughts about it.
    All this talk about training camp brought this memory back to me today.

  • http://Orlando Mark

    I know everyone hates JaMarcus Russell but he’s available, he’s young, he isn’t injured and has some experience. I don’t think it would cost much for us to take a look. He could give Flynn some competition and we have a coach who knows how to develop a QB if there’s any talent there. He does have one thing that Flynn doesn’t, a powerful arm.

  • Rick

    @Jimmy. I don’t really recall practice seating as a previous discussion. There was comments on the barrels and how good Rodgers looked but Brohm looked bad at and where people where seating on bleachers allowed you to see better.

    @Mark. If Russell wants to actually work and play football then he is not a bad idea. We need hunger in the back up positions. That hunger and drive allows a 7th round Flynn to beat out a top ranked QB in Brohm. He went after it. Every mistake Brohm made Flynn was there doing the right thing.

    Now if Russell is hungery and honked off over being labeled a bust so he will put in the time, the work, and the effort to be at his best he would have my vote to come in and try to push out Flynn.

  • Rick

    By the way. The draft year before Russell came out I had him as a mid 3rd rounder. Big arm, like a more mobile Rothelsburger he could stand and deliver under pressure. However he is not mature in looking off defenses and needs 1-3 QB camps to see how he will really pan out. I thought he would be a great 3rd QB for the pack in the 4th round if available behind BF and ARod. A future back up we could develop in case ARod did not step up when ever Farve retired or perhaps trade off like the Falcons did Schuab to the Texans.

  • admin

    The only way Russell comes to Green Bay is as a defensive lineman. There isn’t much of a market for 320-pound QBs.

  • http://Orlando Mark

    Al, Russell got pushed into being a starter before he was ready like Alex Smith. If he were a 3rd rounder where he belonged he might have been a useful backup. People are angry at his salary(rightfully) but he has some talent.

  • jonnyfootballhero

    Everything I’ve heard about Russel is that he has a terrible work ethic and is perfectly happy collecting a paycheck in a backup role. I’ve heard that from several of his old team mates on Sirius NFL Radio. He’s not someone I’d want on my favorite team.

  • roy jamison

    What’s the difference between JaMarcus Russell and a box of rocks? The box is much smarter.

  • JimmyJ

    I guess I miss standing outside the fence and being able to move to where the action is. Just always seems as if it was uniquely Green Bay.
    Especially at the start of training camp in late July, early August….now you kinda get ushered into one spot and hope that the action come to you.
    Didn’t know if anyone else felt the same way.

  • Steve Cheez

    The box of rocks is a little bit more mobile, too.

  • jonnyfootballhero

    Has anyone heard anything about about Brett Swain’s recovery? I was really hoping he would turn out to be a Wes Welker type player. That guy had some speed. I hope he gets it back.

  • iccyfan

    After reading the story on the Canadian free agent WR they signed after the recent mini-camp, I was wondering about Swain as well. It sounds like he has the same skill-set and has been told to focus on special teams. I guess bringing in free agent competition for roster spots of lesser players like Jarrett Bush and Brett Swain is almost a given; such is the life of an NFL player…

  • LarryTex

    You cannot question whether an individual is a fan or not a fan if he so declares that he is a fan. I don’t believe in placing degrees of fandom on a person either. However, I can question WHY a person is a fan if they continue to degrade the team. You can’t separate the management from the team.
    To those who reply that they now support TT except for this and that (they all have their own nits to pick) and want the best for the team, that rings hollow.
    It was just a few short months ago that a few, here, were openly hoping the Pack would fail just to get rid of TT and big MM.
    It amazes me that every time a “name” pops up on the waiver wire a contingent jumps right on it and says “bring ‘em in”. I don’t know how many people McKensie has working for him, but I’d be willing to bet that they have pages and pages of data on every player in the league and have considered everything we talk about here.

  • iccyfan

    LarryTex Says: “However, I can question WHY a person is a fan if they continue to degrade the team. You can’t separate the management from the team.”

    I’ll respectfully disagree; a person can support the GBP Football Club without supporting each individual component part. When an individual player or member of management is seen as a detriment to the collective GBPFC, a fan has made the emotional investment necessary to voice their opinion on the topic.

    You’ve said several times that you’ll continue to support Jarrett Bush until he’s no longer a GBP. IMO, that’s overly simplistic. Not to compare the two situations, but did you continue to support Mossy Cade until such time as the Packers released him? Did you think Tyrone Williams was a fine representative of what the organization stands for? Your green & gold logic is flawed…

  • JimmyJ

    I disagree with LT, too. If the only litmus test used to determine if you are a REAL PACKER FAN is to 100% agree with everything the organization does, that’s not a fan, but a zombie.

  • LarryTex

    Ouch, who said anything about agreeing with everything th organization does? I’ve always come from the side of supporting them, even when I disagree, because I can never have all the facts. But Iccy, thats iccy. Mossy Cade? Oh, man that hurts, might as well throw in Ahmad Carroll too. Couldn’t stand ‘em, but you’re right, I did always hope against logic that Carroll could quit holding the receiver. In the end, the team does the right thing (even if we think it takes too long) because the player, himself, plays himself off the team. ie, this could well be the last for Harrell and Bush. Williams (and Lofton) IS a different situation, but totally different than play on the field. Hey, I’m sure most MIN fans support the Williams'; to be honest I don’t how I would feel about that one (again, I don’t know too much about it). Besides, we’ve got enough to worry about here with Jolly.

  • iccyfan

    I hope you’re wrong about Harrell; if anybody has gotten a bad wrap from the fans it’s Justin and I don’t think he can fairly be lumped in with Jarrett Bush (different situations). Bush has now had TWO opportunities to establish himself in a prime role and failed miserably both times. Harrell has “flashed” serious ability in the few times he’s actually been healthy; we both remember the Titan game! Plus he’s gone about his rehabilitation business as a professional and said all the right things. Nobody had anything but well wishes when Jeremy Thompson retired prematurely; why is Harrell treated differently (cuz he’s a first rounder – I know!)?

    I’m gonna side with Thompson again and indicate how excited I am about the potential of both lines this year and those to come; ‘ya gotta build from the inside out. I love Bulaga and Newhouse and truly believe our D-Line could be a serious strength!

  • LarryTex

    Me too iccy. As much as I like TT, 2007 was a gamble top to bottom. Harrell(to date, excepting the Titan game), Rouse, Barbre, Clooney, and Harris – nothing. Jackson, Hall, Crosby, and Wynn – marginal. I’ll take Jones and Bishop on my team any day.
    Point is, even given the fact of the injuries, Harrell is lumped in with the group which has not produced like any other TT draft and he did come in injured.
    Gotta love the Pre and all the possibilities…….! Kinda reminds me of the Pre before 6-10.

  • iccyfan

    I thought it’d be fun to go back and look at what some of our resident experts were prognosticating prior to the recent draft:

    Rocky70 Says: March 8th, 2010
    “Charles Brown, Bruce Cambell, Bryan Bulaga …………. One of these three will be taken somewhere in round 1 by GB ………. Bank on it.”

    Rocky70 Says: April 13th, 2010
    “To get even more specific ……….. GB trades their 1st (# 23), 3rd & a 5th to move up & draft Bulaga ……………”

    Rocky the flying squirrel proves once again that even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in awhile. The Packers did end up with Bulaga; thank goodness they didn’t give up our new dreadlocked safety and Robert Newhouse’s cousin to do it. Charles Brown falls to the last pick in the second round and Campbell all the way to the fourth! Ouch says the Rockman – that’s not pretty………

  • JimmyJ

    Wow…To see this article come from the TT butt-boy JS reporters…amazing.

    Welcome aboard the “TT can’t do it” train, LeRoy.