Might as well suspend Matthews now

Now that Brian Cushing has been suspended by the NFL for four using PED’s, the national media has been all over Clay Matthews. It appears that because Matthews was a teammate of Cushing he also used PEDs, even though by that analogy the entire 2008 USC team used drugs.  Just because Matthews is the only one of the three linebackers drafted out of USC last year that hasn’t gotten into to trouble doesn’t make him a bad guy who just hasn’t got caught yet, there is a possibility he is a good guy.

Notorious Packers’ hater Kevin Seifert of ESPN had this to say:

“Nowhere am I suggesting that Matthews should come under more scrutiny now that one of his college teammates has tested positive. But we would be naïve to think that ignoring the connection would help diminish its legitimacy”.

First of all in the first sentence of that quote he is bringing Matthews under more scrutiny because one of teammates tested positive. In fact that was the whole point of his column (here). Secondly, what exactly is the “connection” he is talking about? Being a teammate? If that is the case Reggie Bush must be on drugs too. He played with Cushing, Matthews and Rey Maualuga in 2005. Mark Sanchez surely was on the juice too. What a joke. A guy puts on 20 pounds in fours years of college and all of sudden he’s on drugs. Lifting weights and working out would never do that to a young kid.

Sefert then says he wished Matthews would come out and publicly state that he never took steriods (again). Apparently the old “innocent until proven guilty” means nothing to Vikings’ fans. Matthews doesn’t have to say a damn thing. Only guys that are guilty make statements like that. Matthews is clean, bottom line. If Matthews ever tests positive for drugs I’ll shut down Packernet. And not just for a day this time (maybe two).

I think Matthews will be all the more determined than ever because of these events and if I were a QB in the NFC North I know where Matthews is at all times. As far as Sefert and ESPN, what did you expect when they put a Vikings’ fan in charge of their NFC North blog? That’s like WDUZ putting a Broncos’ fan, Bears’ fan and 49er’s fan on the air to talk about the Packers. I’ll never understand the thinking behind those kinds of decisions, nor do I want to

What a society we live in.

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  • Rick

    Once camp comes we are locked up. No trades happen.

  • Rick

    Duke Preston- C had his RFA offer rescinded by Dallas. I wonder if we will sniff at him again. I actually heard he was a descent backup but we had Wells and Spitz

  • iccyfan

    I doubt it Rick. I was reading fan comments on another Packer site that lead me to believe the coaching staff really likes Evan Dietrich-Smith as the starting Center in waiting…

    I don’t pretend to know diddly, but the prospect of Shawn Merriman as a Packer doesn’t intrigue me. I think the guy is caught up in his own celebrity and his football is suffering for it. Andre Rison had “Left Eye Lopez” and Merriman has Tia Tequila – that act won’t play in Green Bay! ;)

    I’m pulling for Tim Knicky – one fan called him a Bryce Paup clone – sounds good to me!

  • http://jlworden1suddenlink.net LarryTex

    I hardly think building thru the draft is standing pat. Other than Cliffy and Tausch this is a completely different team than 5years ago, and a hell of a lot better.
    Every player on our team probably has a better player than them somewhere in the league, but the idea is to build a team and not gather super stars here and there.
    But then, I like the way TT has done it, kept the bottom line in check, improved, and we still have our picks for the future. We have not had a BAD draft since ’07.

  • iccyfan

    “Bush worked with the starting defense as the left cornerback.”

    Nooooooooooooooo! Not even in OTA’s with the top three CB’s sitting out do I want to see this. And moving Blackmon to safety….

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling…

  • Rick

    LarryTex- How true. We have a miss on Harrell so far and we reached on AJ but we have improved the over all quality of the team. I do admire how quickly we stepped back from the brink of dispare on our cap when TT took over. We were in a bad way as a franchise 5 years ago.

    Brohm did not work for us but that failure might be the impetus for him to really focus on doing what it takes to be great with Bills. I hope he succeeds for them. I really liked him at Louisville and really wanted him to be the heir to the Farve legacy before we drafted AR.

    I know Merriman is a risk but he has an upside push for a superbowl run, like Rison.

    Iccy- I will pull for Knicky too.

  • Rocky70

    Rick ………. An RB underperforms & it’s on the OL ……………. An RB does well & it’s mostly him …………. That’s an old argument that still doesn’t wash.

    I’d welcome both Lynch & Merriman to GB for say, a 4th for Merriman & a 5th for Lynch ………. Nothing more ……….. Regardless, neither will ever be wearing G&G.

    PB ………. Free Agency has provided some depth for some teams over the last few years …….. Youth, speed, strength & desire comes from the draft, not from oft-injured, washed up & over-paid free agents.

    Packers on the cusp of greatness ?????????



  • http://jlworden1suddenlink.net LarryTex

    TT got lucky again. Graham Harrell is one of those surprises (my forecast) that I’ve been predicting this year. Totally ignored in the draft last year because Crabtree was the man up there. (Texas Tech) He is also bigger than 6-2 and has Favre/Rogers big hands. We know him well, here in Aggieland.

  • Rick

    Rocky – I did not say that. There is no old argument to wash and make new.

    I did say that Lynch HAD to break through arm tackles to get the yards he got behind a very poor O line and no real pass attack.

    Expanding on what I did say on Grant is that Grant has a multi year history of getting arm tackled running through the hole. He is not laterally quick and when committed to a hole or spot on the field he is not able to change direction well. Doing so behind behind a line the improved throughout the year and the very real threat of a passing attack so the opponent could not load up the box, gained Grant about a 1/2 yard more than Lynch.

    They are both downhill runners. Lynch allows for a second battering ram and fresh legs to keep both men fresher and healthier. I do not see that we need a scatback for a change up as much since we use a mobile TE ( and now perhaps two mobile TEs) to stretch seems on passing routes.

    With the quality players we seem to have, if the Packers stay healthy we have a great shot at a NFC conference crown and a shot at the Super Bowl. I would say cusp but we will have to see come Super Bowl Sunday. At least we will not lose on a last second Brett Favre INT :)

  • http://jlworden1suddenlink.net LarryTex

    As an after thought, the only real knock on him was pocket mobility. Another knock was that Tech is a pass-crazy school so any QB would have good #s. Well, we’ll see, with some MM schooling I would look for him to pass Flynn.

  • Rick

    Rocky- I do agree with overpaid FAs. We do not need them. I doubt a 4th or 5th is reasonable for market conditions for Lynch and Merriman but you must admit the idea of a now healthy and out of legal trouble Merriman to challenge Jones and Poppinga for the OLB sounds good. Also a similiar hard charging RB so we do not have to switch tempos when shifting RB does not sound bad either.

    This is the time of year GB gave up a 6th for Grant when he was buried on the Giants depth chart. He was going to get cut but then we would have not enough time to get him into our offensive system. We gave up a late round pick and have a starter.

    This is the time and the right year to go after some experienced but young depth and maybe gain a starter.

    It is something I hope that TT and MM look at strongly.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    I thought Green looked good last year. In spot duty, the situation was ideal for him at this point of his career. He ran through tackles Grant can’t/couldn’t and in a 3rd and 1 situations, with him I felt we’d get it. He still runs low and fast (well, fast enough anyway). But having him is hanging onto the past and is not developing a future RB. Still thought he was what the locker room needed last year, at the right time!!!

  • Rocky70


    ” I doubt a 4th or 5th is reasonable for market conditions for Lynch and Merriman but you must admit the idea of a now healthy and out of legal trouble Merriman to challenge Jones and Poppinga for the OLB sounds good. ”

    Can’t argue with your logic but it’s still high-risk especially if GB would have to cough-up a 2nd round pick to obtain Merriman …………. Lost in this discussion is the fact that SD doesn’t seem to want Merriman around anymore ……… Teams don’t dump their top players unless there’s a reason ……….. Consider this ……… Merriman played in 14 games in 2009 ………. He had 2 sacks in two different games to equal his output of 4 for the season …….. This means he played 12 games with zero sacks ………. He had zero FF & zero INTs for the entire season 2009 ………. Is his stat-line for 2009 because of his lingering injury from 2008 or was it because his urine sample is finally clean (off the PEDs) ? ……….. I’m afraid fans aren’t in the loop with issues like this but I have a feeling GMs have ample info to decide thumbs up or down.

  • Larry

    I’d much rather see a trade than a FA pick-up. You’ve seen the player AND know the contract and circumstances of the trade (young guy in the wings) . Frankly, we seem to do OK with trades…Grant, Harris, Green to name a few grade A’s.

    Also, some of the cuts this year COULD be a fullback, Harrell or Jolly, Lee or Havner, Colledge or Spitz or D-S and at least 1 safety. We’re soooo close..why not package a draft pick and a name or 2 to get an established OLB or corner.

    Tha last malcontent that was signed by the Packers was Charles Woodson…’nuff said!

  • iccyfan

    LarryTex Says: “Another knock was that Tech is a pass-crazy school so any QB would have good #s.”

    I was surprised when the Packers signed Graham Harrell as I fully subscribe to the “system QB” theory when it comes to Texas Tech passers. It didn’t ever seem to matter who Mike Leach put behind center; they put up crazy pinball numbers. I thought Harrell would thrive in Canada’s wide open version but he didn’t seem to get a chance, which is concerning. I’m predicting he’s just a camp arm…

  • Rick

    Iccy – True,Graham Harrell does not have a cannon but he has great accuracy on medium and short routes. He had a rough year having to learn to come out from center in Canada. My only hates on the young man is he is a spread offense guy so he is used to shotgun snaps and quick 1 or 2 reads and he has small hands. He has some of the smallest hands in the draft for a QB 2 years ago. He also had Crabtree receiving which helps make him even better at Texas Tech. However other than hand size this was the exact knock on Flynn and why he was drafted in the 7th round. Flynn has been a solid backup and beat out Brohm.
    We had Graham in camp last year so I say we have camp arm that we are working out and know that we could pick him up during the year if we needed to.

  • http://jlworden1suddenlink.net LarryTex

    Rick, curious where your “small hands” comment comes from since I get the opposite here, hence the comparison to Favre/Rodgers.

  • Sammy

    Oh shit, looks like Favre is coming back for another year. I just wish he would retire so we can love him again….and the Vikings will be good again this year. Shit!

  • http://jlworden1suddenlink.net LarryTex

    If the Williams’ play! If they dont he doesn’t.

  • Rocky70

    Per the infamous Sammy ………..

    ” I just wish he would retire so we can love him again…. ”

    Love ????

    Hate to destroy your personal illusion but most PackFans I know including myself only had an ‘appreciation’ for BF ……….. Over the past three years that ‘mild appreciation’ has since turned to ‘mild disgust’ ……….. His legacy as a Packer will never be what it could have been ………. Best part of BF’s departure from GB is that now we have a QB who can & will finish the job …………. Maybe a few years down the road BF could be an ‘honorary captain’ at another SB appearance by the Pack ………. It’s the only way BF will ever attend another SB.

  • Rick

    Only average size for the position, although he did seem to see the field well behind a NFL-sized offensive line. Worked primarily out of the shotgun, although he went under center occasionally in 2008. Tech’s wide offensive line splits give him a larger pocket and bigger passing lanes than he’ll see in the NFL. Will struggle with accuracy when pressured. Does not have a cannon arm for the vertical game, lacks accuracy on touch throws deep down the sideline. Passing yardage statistics padded by long runs after the catch in the spread offense.

    Here is how Harrell stacks up against the SANCHIZE which is about the same build height and weight.
    Name College Height Weight Arm Length Hand Size 40yrd
    Graham Harrell Texas Tech 6-2 223 31 1/2 9 1/2 5.07

    Mark Sanchez USC 6-2 227 33 1/2 10 1/2 4.88

  • Rick

    That means a TWO (2) in ch shorter arm and a full ONE (1) inch smaller hand. Rodgers hand size is just under 10 but he has a longer arm and a higher release then both gentleman

  • http://Orlando Mark

    Rick, how does JaMarcus Russell compare, does he have talent. And, please everyone, getting made the starter/savior on a bad team is a bad way to start a career(Plunkett case in point). I think MM can turn him around.

  • jonnyfootballhero

    I just don’t think Russell has the work ethic to make it as an NFL QB. However, Vince Young seems to have turned his NFL career around, so who knows, maybe he can make something of himself in the NFL on the right team. But, do the Packers really need him?

  • iccyfan

    We already tried and failed to jump-start the career of a failed #1 overall draft pick, though that QB had more success with the team who drafted him than Jamarcus Russell! Whatever became of Tim Couch?

  • Sammy


    If you live that long, you will be watching him enter the HOF as a Packer with pride and joy. If not, you are the troll I suspect…..or deceased…

    PS. He doesn’t need to win another SB. He’s been in two, three time MVP, several Championship games…..enough ball washing for me today. I just wish he would retire.

  • Packer_Bob

    “I just wish he would retire”

    Me as well. If for no other reason than I don’t want see him vivisect our secondary yet again.

    But it ain’t happening. After that ass whipping the Saints put on him, if he had ankle surgery, he’s coming back.

    So Rocky can keep talking shit about one of the best QB’s that ever played. Although he would talk shit about the cricket across the street that bothers him at 4 AM, so I guess we’re stuck with that regardless.

  • Steve Cheez

    Colledge is a whiner.

  • jonnyfootballhero

    “Colledge is a whiner.”

    and not a very good left guard either.

  • http://jlworden1suddenlink.net LarryTex

    Whiner hell, you guys. Read the whole article, and his comments fully. Who can blame anyone for wanting to settle in on one position. Look at the rep counts – LG is his best position and his stats are not as bad as you guys are letting on. He WAS a part of a record setting scoring offense. Dam, there I go again, supporting the team, and every member of it!

  • jonnyfootballhero

    Damn, there I go again pointing out a deficiency where I see one.

  • Rocky70

    Per PB

    ” So Rocky can keep talking shit about one of the best QB’s that ever played. ”

    BF’s legacy includes being one of the biggest ‘chokers’ in NFL history …….. I may be talking ‘shit’ but this ‘shit’ is as true as the sky is blue ………. Don’t blame me, blame the player called BF.

  • Steve Cheez

    LarryTex, consider me appropriately castigated.

  • Steve Cheez

    Of course, now my worry is MM’s and Philbin’s comments, it sounds like they are already making excuses for Bulaga. Sure hope LarryTex corrects me again.

  • iccyfan

    LarryTex Says: “LG is his best position and his stats are not as bad as you guys are letting on.”

    Two thoughts:

    1) He wasn’t drafted in the second round to be a GUARD; he was drafted to play TACKLE and hasn’t made the grade. The team has given him multiple opportunities to fulfill the destiny they envisioned for him. He should see his reps at tackle as an opportunity, not a burden…

    2) Stats don’t tell the entire story; Colledge incurs his penalties at the most inopportune times, as in game-changers! I can’t think of a single Mark Tauscher holding penalty over ten years that “changed the complexion of a game”. I can think of two for Daryn Colledge without even trying. Titans game – negates first down and moves us back to point where Crosby misses game-winning FG (lose in OT); Cardinals playoff game – negates first down & puts us in hole where Rodgers gets sacked.

    I’m not calling for his head or hoping he gets cut in TC, but he does need to shut up and focus on doing his job better than he has in the immediate past…

  • Pierre

    During the past three NFL seasons one QB has ended the playoff aspirations and hopes of three different teams directly related to his decisions and performance during critical game situations. Even with all his vast experience he continues to make “rookie” mistakes that leave a legacy of far more incompetence when things are on the line in important games, than of success. Perhaps this all stems from the “me first” before the team attitude he has continues to display as an individual. (Playing the last five games injured, to uphold your longevity streak, while the Jet’s playoff hopes are ended, is prime example of putting self above team.)

  • http://jlworden1suddenlink.net LarryTex

    OK, now I’m the one who is castigated (perhaps, rightfully so). However, being drafted to play tackle (?) and starting at guard doesn’t bother me since we would now have Cliffy and Cooly playing OLT and no Buluga. Funny how things work out sometimes. Seems to me the running scheme has changed along the way too. No matter, I’m not wedded to anyone on the O ’cause they don’t need it; yet can still improve, of course. In any case the D is the one being tweeked.
    Blackmon at safety makes sense to me, we’ll see if it sticks.

  • http://Orlando Mark

    Pierre, this is kind of fun. If #4 was the only guy screwing up you’d be right. It’s Mangini’s job to yank #4, if he knew he was hurt and didn’t yank him he deserved to be fired. It all worked out great for the Jets who now have a future. If AP doesn’t fumble vs the Bears the Vikes have home field and before the half vs NO, win the championship. If we ran the ball more than 28 yds vs the Giants were in the SB. All depends how you look at it. I was impressed that #4 finally beat the Cowboys in a playoff game and that he was able to last through a brutal season. I don’t expect much more from him but he did a lot better than I expected.

  • Rick

    Mark- Earlier you asked about JaMarcus. I had him originally graded the year before the draft as a 3rd rounder. I still say that he is a third round QB that needs a couple of years like Aaron did in a consistant off season QB camp and stepping up to how much prep work it takes to be successful. IF and that is a big IF JaMarcus wanted to bust his hump and be humble in front of everyone and work his @$$ off; then he would have had a phone call to come to the OTAs and lets let him start digging that ditch.


    I think he is to weak mentally to want to step up and try to have a career in the NFL.

    I hope I am wrong and he starts the journey to get his career going.

  • Rick

    Iccy – You are correct we drafted a Boise State LT that looked good against everyone including Oklahoma with the thought that at worst he would be a LG and at best we had the future LT behind Clifton.