• Rocky70

    Per Pierre:

    ” What more can you ask for in a team? Each game is realistically winable given this team’s talent and the majority of the odds-makers agree! ”

    A voice of reason ……… When’s the last time GB had this much talent & the talk of a SB berth? …………. I think the year was 1996.

    Even some of the ‘youth’ on this squad are going to contribute ……… Neal, Shields, Bulaga, Burnett are all upgrades over last year ………. Even Zombo may be a key player ………. Face it, GB is an elite team ………… The denigration & concern by some is silly at best …….. The rest of the NFL is already afraid of the Pack.

  • Rocky70

    PER PFT: League-leading five former Packers picked up on waivers

    ” Maybe it shows that the Green Bay Packers have one of the deepest rosters in the NFL. Or maybe it’s just a meaningless quirk of the waiver wire.
    But the Packers had more players picked up off waivers than any other team.

    No other team had even four players claimed. The Vikings, Bears, Steelers and Cowboys each had three, while the Jets, Giants, Browns and Dolphins each had two. ”

    A clue ………..

    • iccyfan

      I read that the punter, Bryan, has a try-out with the Bucs scheduled. It could be six before the Thursday night kickoff to the season…

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