Baby I like it

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to me Sunday’s win over the Bears was absolutely¬†gorgeous. To hear Brian Urlacher crying like a little schoolboy who lost his candy to the bully was even better. All week Urlacher preached how bad he and the Bears wanted to keep the Packers out of the playoffs, but after the Packers battered the Bears to a pulp Urlacher said “I don’t care, we already had everything wrapped up, it may have been big to them but it means nothing to me.” Sounds like a woman scorned.

Urlacher has always been a dick and it is coming out more and more in his later years, kind of like a certain quarterback who used to play in Green Bay. Urlacher isn’t even the best linebacker on his team and was clearly outplayed by the likes of Eric Walden of the Packers, who had 11 tackles and two sacks to Urlacher’s five tackles. Can you say overrated?

Now that my rant is out of the way I can elaborate on the beauty of beating the Bears. The Packers didn’t just beat the Bears, they beat them at their own game – defense! The Packers beat up and shut down the Bears with a wild combination of blitzes and stout play against the run in holding the Bears to just a field goal. The Bears only got close to getting a TD once and like most of their drives they ended up going backwards at the end. Bears QB Jay Cutler took a beating and each time got up slower and slower.

The Packers got gashed by Matt Forte for a couple of long runs early but quickly adjusted and kept him in check the rest of the game. Of course shutting down a limited offense like the Bears isn’t quite the same as trying to contain Mike Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles, but it is certainly a confidence builder. The Packers’ defense has been insanely good the last half of the season and just simply don’t allow teams to score on them. The most points they gave up since the first Vikings game is 24 to New England and seven of those were the result of special teams letting an 800-pound man run 71 yards with a kick return.

The Packers’ D has pitched one shutout, held three other opponents to three points and two others to just seven points. Good stuff. This is a far cry from last year at this time when the Packers inability to stop the pass was a huge concern going into the playoffs and came to fruition in a 51-45 overtime loss to the Cardinals. This year’s defense is going in to the playoffs playing their best football of the season.

The emergence of B.J. Raji has given mad scientist Dom Capers so many options that teams don’t know what to prepare for. Every week he breaks out a new formation. To think he is doing it with the likes of players like Walden is simply amazing, I mean, you know you’ve had a lot of injuries when you have a linebacker wearing number 93. I thought I was watching a college game there for a minute.

Having said all that I am extremely pleased that the Packers don’t have to play Bears again this week. The previous weeks loser always has the edge especially when they have the game at home. I think the Eagles are much better matchup for the Packers. The lesser of two evils if you will, because we all know the Packers have a long history in Philly and 90% of it is bad.

Another fun week in Green Bay, Fox 11’s Playoff Extra is on again. Life is good for six more days anyway.

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  • Rick

    Can Philly’s D stop the Packer’s Offense?

    I see our Defense doing well but I think giving up around 14 to 20 points to the Eagles is what will happen.

    Can the Packer’s Offense not turnover the ball and convert 3rd downs?

    If so then we should score 30 and a win, if not it is a loss.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    After five years, I thought I’d have an idea whether MM has what it takes. Can’t say I feel he does or doesn’t…..yet! Read somewhere it took Cowher ten years to win a SB. MM gets points for holding an injured team together but the clock will start ticking if that’s as good as he is.
    Playoffs????? The difference between the T.R. Patriots and the Packers is the running game, they have one and we don’t (and a little different style of passing game w/their WR’s timing up in the area of the catch to become blockers). I thought the Packers would be looking just like them but w/a better defense. The O-line better have been saving it for the playoffs cause they stink. Will be a short stint if they can’t run against playoffs teams, playing in playoff mode, at their own field. Don’t know if the O-line is lazy or we don’t have the players, Campen can’t coach or the scheme is a problem but something has to change. Then again, who knows what MM could have up his sleeve, been holding back or has been wanting other teams to see???? We really know pretty little of the whole thought process of the team.
    The playoffs are the “plays” time. A tackle needs to become a tackle and strip attempt. Can’t be content to safely fall to the ground at the end of run or catch. And then there’s the reffing and the PI penalty. Makes pretty much all teams even. The back-shoulder thrown a little short and inside w/your WR aiming to trip over the DB’s legs on the way to catch it is better than a catch every time…………. cause you don’t even actually have to catch it!!! Offense has been looking pretty sad and the D pretty decent. Be intersting to see how it all turns out. Sure would be a feel-good-story if this team of 1st/2nd/3rd/and 4th stringers could bring home the trophy!!!!! Sure wouldn’t bet on it though……….

    • Rick

      MM is a solid coach with a good rep in the league.
      He took the OC hat as well and probably needs to find someone to take that role back.

      D is solid with its coaching staff and Capers in charge.

      ST is a mess and from what I hear the revolvong door of personnel that Slocum has had to work with may mean he stays another year to show that ST is going the right way.

      With K and P figured out, Slocum just has to worry about healthy bodies that know their assignments.

      It Playoff game number 3 for the Pack. The pressure is all on the Eagles.
      They are favored by three at home and lost there last game by sitting people.
      We just need to play solid football and win the turnover battle, and maybe convert a few 3rd downs.

      • Packer’s Advocate

        Good point about his OC hat. Put that on the head of the offensive equivalent of Dom Capers and he could sit back and oversee everything and just enjoy it…… We all could enjoy it toooooooooo….

        • Rick

          Where is Gruden??? LOL

          Seriously I was thinking of Paul Petrino. He went from Arkansas to Illinois and look what Illinois was able to do on offense this year in the Big 10 with a freshman QB and Junior RB.

          Jagadowski was fired as HC of the Omaha Nighthawks. We could look at bringing him back as an O line coach