Favre paints ugly picture

Brett Favre, as usual, speaks from the hip and his current view of the Packers’ offense does not exactly instill Packers’ fans with confidence. Favre spoke to the media Monday and expressed his concerns about wanting to win now but trying to do so with a semi-pro team around him. He sounded more like Paul Crew than Brett Favre. He basically said he doesn’t have confidence in his receivers running the right routes or the ability to build the chemistry needed to win a championship. I, for one, have never seen Favre this frustrated.

While Favre said he could play five more years, it’s obvious he’s having second thoughts about even playing this season. Backup quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ stellar performance against the Steelers after Favre’s four three-and-outs can’t help much either. Rodgers seemed to have some chemistry with his receivers. You can say Rodgers’ performance was against the second-teams and it was, but the guys who stand out against the second-teams get promoted to the first team. I’m not saying it’s time to pass the torch, but I think it’s about time somebody put some pressure on Favre.

One quote from Favre that struck me was this:  “two ways to look at this year:  You’re a young football team with a mature quarterback who’s seen it all with a defense that is our best phase, so don’t make any mistakes as a quarterback. Or, as a team so young that it needs its quarterback to to carry it on his shoulders, take some chances and make something out of nothing”. Certainly Favre leans toward the latter, and so do I.

Head coach Mike McCarthy seems to be trying to make a robot out of Favre. McCarthy said “it’s not the old days, but to me that’s good, because I don’t need him to play like a wild stallion anymore. We’re not built that way.”Wow! I think “wild stallion” worked pretty well. One Super Bowl Championship and two NFC Championships are not bad bullet-points on a quarterback’s resume. Maybe it’s McCarthy who has this all wrong? Maybe the Packers should be putting the ball in Favre’s hands and letting him do what he does best, and take the good with the bad. The team’s refusal to address its woeful stable of running backs has no explanation, neither does trying to change a three-time Most Valuable Player’s style of play.

Like I said, Favre wears his emotions on his sleeve, but this might have been the most discouraging press conference I have ever heard from him. When confidence should be high after a four-game winning streak to close out last year, Favre seems to be totally lost. Very strange. One thing is sure, my confidence in the Packers improving on last year just took a huge hit. If Favre doesn’t think they can improve, what chance do they have? Can you say Aaron Rodgers?

by Al Davis

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  • kurt

    I think that Favre can have a good year with this group of receivers, and Thompson has done a good job with the defense. I guess we’ll just have to see about Aarron Rodgers, but I had thought when he was drafted that he was a good quarterback.

  • Agreed, it certainly does look bleak for the Pack at this point. It is so frustrating to see the glaring problems at running back, receiver, and safety, and Thompson continue to ignore them. I don’t think quarterback is the big problem, though. If Rodgers can play the way the coaches have been hyping him up lately then I think the Pack would probably do just as well with Rodgers as they would with Favre at the helm, but I doubt he’d do better. I am extremely concerned, however, about the running back position. How can we expect to have a successful running game with so many players out with injuries? With the exception of Brandon Jackson it seems that any back that plays a down tonight is a long shot to even make the team. I sure hope to see some sign of life in the offense tonight. Go Pack!

  • great post al… I tend to side more with McCarthy in that Favre’s best ‘gunslinging’ days are behind him. yeah he doesn’t have sharpe/brooks/free/chewy to pass to anymore… but then again… he’s got more ‘rock’ than ‘rocket’ in his arm these days. I favor the running game and a sturdy defense with an occasional deep chuck downfield.

  • Gameth

    Not sure what rb and wr you guys think the Pack should have picked up. Moss? Dillon? They will surprise this season. D is looking great and offense should be okay.

    Jones is looking very good too

  • I tell you what.
    the packers are, and have always been about more than winning football games.
    the packers are a huge family of good people, 4 generations deep
    that remember the value of honor and glory

    sure this season may well suck, and yes it sucks when we suck
    but I for one stand by my packers.

    can I get a witness on this?
    Packers! NO MATTER WHAT
    if you look at what it took to return us to glory
    you will find it was, more than anything, a long string of miracles
    MIRACLES people!!!

    how we got reggie a miracle
    how we got favre miracle
    andre rison desmond howard free mr brown
    season after season play after play
    even when we blew it we could do no wrong

    I submit to us all…..Pray
    for victory if you dont believe me ask Favre
    He will be the first to tell you that Reggie
    was onto something about this glory and honor thing.
    Pray, hold faith strong
    and Vince will come home again.
    but nit picking this and that like the other teams do
    will only make the Packers
    ask the old packer fans….they will tell you,
    .Packers No Matter What.