Strange start to tonight’s game. Packers offense used 12 plays to go 40 yards, the Jags do the same to go about 30, then a fight breaks out. Brady Poppinga got a great after the play push in. Now both teams have tried and failed on fourth down. Brett and company coming back out.

The Packers need to find a way to run the ball. It seems like there are very few holes for the running backs to run through. The more I see of this zone blocking scheme the more I don’t like it. Bottom line is, it’s not working.

James Jones makes his first big mistake of the preseason by fumbling a first-down catch. Not good. Favre is wild, and has been mad all night. This is not a good matchup for the Packers and the Jaguars are starting to take over.

The Packers defense is still playing well. They have given up a few yards tonight but the pressure on the QB is there and the aggressiveness as well. Desmond Bishop just about killed a guy a minute ago, and pressure up the gut on third down forced a bad pass. Packers take over on their own 20.

Holy smokes! Favre, bing, bing, bing and they are inside the Jags 20. Better finish it off.

Shoot! Jones wide open in the endzone and Favre’s pass got batted down by a lucky d-lineman. Look what I found. Oh well, great drive. Favre was on fire, Bubba Franks makes his case for the starting tight end job with a huge catch and run. Not too shabby. 3-0 Packers.

While the offense looks good, the Packers have just suffered the biggest loss they could possibly suffer outside of Brett Favre when Donald Driver appeared to severely injure his leg. The way he came off the field and his refusal to even touch his foot on the ground leads me to believe it could be a significant injury. The Packers offense just took a huge blow. If they lose another reciever, a.k.a., James Jones, they are in big trouble.

Aaron Rodgers continues to impress. He just ran the two-minute drill to perfection, going 73 yards for a touchdown, and making a tremendous play by hitting Brandon Jackson in the flat while getting hit. Jackson converts a third-and-10 at the Jaguar 12 to first-and-goal and the one and scores a play later. Sweet. 10-0 Pack.

The second-string defense is not looking good tonight, neither is the second-string offensive line. Rodgers is now running for his life on every snap. The Jags are now shreading the Packers’ defense. Soon to be 14-10. Ugly.

Got to close up shop, so take heart in the Packers’ first-string offense and defense tonight and say a prayer for Donald Driver. Other than the Driver injury, the first-strings look good, a little more out of the running backs would be nice, but overall a good performance. The second-string, not so good. 14-10 Jags now and the Packers are about to lose their first preseason game and likely won’t try too hard next week at Tennessee. Rodgers just got crushed again. Get him out of there.

I’m out.

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  • it’s half time now and no new news on driver… what scarred me was when he punched the cart with his hand. let’s all pray it isn’t serious and just a twisted ankle

  • Dennis

    What would you think if the TT went after Jermaine Wiggens. I have watched him over a few years and seen him have some monster games, especially agaist us. I think he would be a worth while pick up.