Running back woes

Just when you think it can’t get any worse at running back for the Green Bay Packers, starting running back and rookie Brandon Jackson suffers a concussion and will miss Thursday’s preseason finale. Like the the Packers’ woeful running game get any worse. When you are down to DeShawn Wynn at running back, I think it’s time to panic. What general manager Ted Thompson has in mind I have no idea.

I understand you need to have a good defense, but if you can’t get a first down on offense, what good is that? Thompson has built what should be a top ten defense, but in the meantime, and with twenty-million to spend, he did nothing to improve an already average offense, particularly at running back. One has to wonder how many backs the team has to lose before Thompson brings in some help. I’m willing to try out.

How the Packers expect to move the ball is beyond me. The zone blocking scheme doesn’t appear to be working and expecting Brett Favre to stay healthy and throw more than 600 times again this year is ridiculous. Head coach Mike McCarthy is being held hostage by his general manager. I can’t imagine what Thompson is thinking about his running back position, but I know I disagree with it.


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  • Well said. Perhaps Thompson has his eye on a few running backs on the bubble with other teams and will scoop up a few the day after the next roster cuts. I agree that the running game is not working, but it may not necessarily be the zone blocking scheme that’s to blame. I think if we had some real talent in the running back position and it still doesn’t work, then it’s time to switch the scheme. I know, last year we used the zone blocking scheme and we had Ahman Green, but the offensive line was still very green last year. I think the best we can hope for right now is that at the season opener we’ll have Morency and Jackson in the backfield at full-strength. If those two can stay healthy, the running game may improve fairly quickly.

  • Darryl

    We have had no luck with running backs. In retrospect, maybe TT should have resigned Green. Houston certainly had no problems giving him a lucrative long tern deal. I think the zone blocking scheme was starting to pay some dividends later in the season. Other than an extreme move, I don’t think TT had many options at RB. So, it is what it is.

    The problem I have with TT is the Harrel pick. We should have traded with Cleveland. We could have picked up Olsen and a first round for next year. Harrell is starting to look like the second coming of Jamal Reynolds.

  • I think I allowed myself to be fooled that Brandon Jackson was going to be the MAN when it came to running the ball. I’m certainly not going to call him a bust… but I fear he’s more of a Verand Morency type… a change up ‘speed’ back. We can all pray and hope that Wynn and White stay healthy. I’ve given triple T (Thompson) the beney of a doubt so far… but seriously… he butter hope some talent opens up on the waiver wire… even then they’ll have less than a week to prepare the ‘fresh meat’. Fortuantely… runnung back is the easiest position to learn outside of ‘that dude that retreaves the kicking tee after the kick’. (points made and well taken by Kevin Roth)

    Darryl… dude… when you’re right you’re right!
    How sweet would Olson look right now and the cherry would be those 2 first rounders next year!

    Greal post Al… I encourage you to keep them coming!