McCarthy Deserved NFL Coach Of The Year

Coach McCarthy got the shaft. In any other season, he would have received coach of the year for bringing the youngest team in the NFL to an unbelievable 13-3 record having arguably one of the league’s most difficult schedules. McCarthy’s constant focus on handling success and stacking successes helped the Packers win more games than anyone would have predicted.

I guess you can’t argue with New England’s perfect season, although it was marred by the cheating scandal, and some controversial help from the referees at the end of their game vs. Baltimore. Coach Belichick certainly did his part to deserve the title as well, however I think McCarthy was more deserving in that he helped his team achieve way more than anyone thought possible.

I had a great respect for New England at the start of this season, but that is all gone now. It’s probably just bitterness, but several things happened that have changed my opinion of them. First it was Randy Moss signing with New England instead of the Packers prior to the start of the season. I didn’t really want Moss in a Packers uniform anyway, but I knew when he signed with New England that they’d be pretty tough to beat. Next Belichick gets rewarded with a huge new contract only days after the “spygate” scandal. Some “fishy” refereeing in their game vs. Baltimore keeps them undefeated. And finally, now it appears as if New England will have the second overall pick in the draft due to a prior trade agreement with San Francisco. It all just seems so unfair, but like I said it’s probably just bitterness.

I would like nothing better than for the Packers to play New England in the super bowl and win. New England is definitely fallible, as they nearly lost 4 games (Indianapolis, Philly, Baltimore, and the NY Giants). Any team that plays them will have to play at the top of their game to beat them, but with the exception of maybe Indianapolis, I think Green Bay is a better team than any of the aforementioned.

Kevin Roth

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  • TRIP

    Agreed. But I don’t think the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl. It’s showing, a 16-win season is tiring. Sure they’ve had that week break but a hard-fought, physical win over Jacksonville will lead to a Indianapolis victory in the AFC title game.

  • Stallion

    Packers have no chance against the Pats. Maybe you should worry about the Seahawks. Just because your at home doesn’t mean you will win in the playoffs. Weren’t you at the last playoff game in Lambeau. CHOKE JOB!!!