Packers should breeze into NFC Championship game

I know this is not going to sit well with my regular readers but I think the Green Bay Packers might have their easiest time in a playoff game since their 37-0 win over the Giants in 1961. Everything matches up in the Packers’ favor – the Seahawks’ strength on offense goes against the Packers’ strength on defense. The Packers’ strength on offense goes against the Seahawks’ weakness on defense. The Seahawks can’t run the ball and like the Packers they admit it. The difference however, is that the Packers really can run the ball. When only LT gains more yards over the last nine games of the year than your starting running back, you can run the ball.

I keep trying to think of ways the Seahawks can beat the Packers and they are reaches at best. The Packers’ defense would have to fold and Seahawks’ quarterback Matt Hasselbeck would have to have the game of a lifetime combined with a meltdown by the Packers’ offense. I just don’t see it. Believe me folks, I’m trying to come up negatives. I would like to play the old Mike Holmgren knows Brett Favre lead, but Favre is 5-2 against his former coach I think. The Seahawks defense looked awesome last week, but shutting down Todd Collins and shutting down Brett Favre tend to present a different degree of difficulty for most teams.

I suppose the Packers could choke in their first playoff game under Mike McCarthy and McCarthy’s only other really big game was the loss at Dallas earlier this year. That or maybe turnovers all of a sudden rear their ugly head in the Seahawks’ favor, but the Packers have generally won that battle this year. I don’ t know. Five days before game time and I feel like it should be a lock. I promise you I will come up with some negatives before the week is out. I would hate to jinx them in the playoffs, especially when I also fully expect the Giants to beat Dallas Sunday.

Please bear with me. Any help would be much obliged.

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  • Mel e Mel

    The Packers will need to be patient on offense. T J Housmanzadeh said Seattle was playing “quarters coverage” vs Washington. Todd Collins doesnt have the fastball to make them pay. Also Seattle had 3 straight turnovers vs Washington. Please also remember going into the 3rd quarter the game was 13-0 Seattle. No way they shut out the Packers in the first half. One more point, this is a game tailor made for safeties with range. I am happy Bigby and Collins are playing well. Aaron Rouse would have a field day vs Hasselbeck.

  • Cody Horton

    Man, this is not good. NO NEGATIVES?!?! think of some, i would play on the whole big stage thing. Seatle has momentum coming off of an emotional game against Washington, and Green Bay blew there last big game against Dallas. Seatles defense scares the sh** out of me, pardon my french. I think that d line is better equiped then New York, with the help of the linebackers that is. All of the negativity aside, Green Bay should be able to get short passes going to negate the blitzes, then get the running game going to bring in the secondary.. and then.. here it comes… 60 td bomb to Jennings/Driver (Jennings being the TD guy, probably him). Had to put that in there, but Al, you better get some negative talk on or we are in trouble.. i don’t want to have to blame a loss on you!

  • TRIP

    No negatives? Scary. But the Pack definitely does beat Seattle by 10 points. They did lose their last big game but let’s be honest, we were competitive without Favre and 3-4 defensive starters. Regardless of Favre’s bad play early in that game, he knows how to win. And it would only be fair, as a testament to their great defensive play this season, that Al Harris gets another INT for a TD, like the last SEA-GB playoff game.

  • Scott S.

    The loss at Dallas may have been a blessing in disguise as it gave the young Packers a taste of the atmosphere and pressure of a play-off game. I think they will be ready for the Seahawks and I agree with you that they should win.

  • Tyler K

    Matt Hasselbeck is the best QB the Pack will have faced thus far this season, easily. I don’t expect a blowout, I do however expect the Pack to win decisvely. GO PACK!!

  • Stallion

    Matt Hasselbeck will score early and often. Seahawks 34 Packers 21. Favre retires after another poor playoff performance.

  • matt

    I have a negative for you Al. You forgot about the biggest factor in Packer playoff games – Favre “I want to win it all by myself in one play” mindest. Instead of moving the chains and taking the points when we can, Favre will try to make the glorious play so everyone will chant his name. Count on at least two picks from Favre thrown into double coverage when Lee and Grant will be wide open.

    Or a fumbled snap by Favre. After 17 seasons, 16 games this season, and a few years playing with Wells, you think he would know how to receive the snap.

    Or the pocket will start to collapse and Favre will try to get cute and shuttle pass right into the waiting arms of a DT.

    Or a blitz gets to Farve and instead of covering the ball, he tries to make a deep play, gets hit as finds his receiver and puts the ball on the ground. Or maybe he just drops it when pressure is coming.

    Or on a fresh set of downs, Favre will throw it 50 yards on three consecutive plays, resulting in a punt. Never mind that the offense was destroying the opponents defense up until then.

    Or the 4th and 26 game where Favre threw a hail mary pass for no particular reason.

    Or two receivers running parallel with each other, on the same side of the field, with three defenders covering them and then Favre throws it up for one of the five to catch. Three versus two? Make no sense to me, but makes perfect sense to Favre. Packers fans, including myself, are going to get Favred…………

  • sf pack

    ok, i think you covered enough negative now, at least enough to get ride of the jinx. Ok, then the packs gonna do it bb, GO PACK GO

    Ron Farrar

  • Doug R

    First, Seattle had a massive home field advantage. Apparently, the Redskin players could not even hear each other in the huddle. Obviously, not a problem this week. Second, Seattle’s main strength is their speedy d-line and ability to cause chaos in the pocket. Collins has a horrendously slow release and missed some big plays down the field. The Pack can alleviate the pressure with their 4-5 WR sets and Favre’s quick release and experience reading defenses. Even with those disadvantages, Washington was leading in the 4th quarter and could have won that game. With no running game, a mediocre o-line, and the Pack secondary I don’t see Seattle putting up big points. The only risk is a turnover or two early followed by an impatient Favre meltdown-throw-it-up-for-grabs game. If they stay patient, dink and dunk down the field and not allow Hasselbeck to get in rhythm they should win easily at home. I like the Pack – 8.

    Does anyone else like the Giants getting 7.5 points? Apparently, T.O. is still limping and Dallas is a different team without him. Risk is Giants may be spent after 2 emotional games but hard to see them being flat for this one.

  • Steve McNeal

    Geez, Matt, thanks for the pick-me-up you nattering nabob of negativity.

    The good news is now on Saturday I can mow the lawn and wash the car because I guess I don’t need to even bother watching the game.

  • Roy Jamison

    Let’s not get too sentimental here. Holmgren has won how many Super Bowls since he left Green Bay? Who is the only qb that gave “genius” Mike his Super Bowl ring. I will only give you a clue it wasn’t Hasselbeck. Don’t get me wrong I like the Hassler. I wish he were a few years younger to take over when Brett leaves. But the Packs’ receivers are superior to what the Seahawks have. And, playing on the road in cold weather ain’t gonna help the seabirds either. Let’s put a little sweater on the water fowl and send them back with a 35-17 loss.

  • Scott S.

    Geez, Matt, you make me wonder how the Packers ever made it this far with such a crappy QB.

  • matt

    Scott, the Pack made it this far because of good coaching by McCarthy. He tells Favre how it is and doesn’t live in the past. We also have a solid defense that gives Favre more opportunities, solid receivers and a running game. But coaching gets it all done.

  • Laurence

    Expect the unexpected.

  • ithurtstosayit

    Seriously folks….did you watch the Hawk game last week? The defense is stellar. Offense lacks a strong run threat….or does it? Just watch them march down the field and ……….TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS……(Thanks for the great coach and QB).
    Hope you enjoyed you season, it ends on Saturday. -12th man

  • Steve McNeal

    Yeah, and Hillary has New Hampshire in the bag, too.

  • Greg Luze

    Optimism levels dangerously high. This is very bad.

    The only good thing is there is still time for Al to pen another article.

  • matt

    Hillary won…

  • GoPackGo

    Oh be quiet Stallion , you have no clue , you must be a jealous Bear fan

  • GoPackGo

    poster Matt is a fool who is Jealous of Favre.
    Listen Seahawk fans , you team is going to get blown away Saturday.

  • GoPackGo

    Ithurtstosayit is to stupid to know that the Seahawks almost gave a game away to the 6th seeded Redskins.
    Only the Bears lose home games with the #2 seed.

  • GoPackGo

    That stellar Seahawk defense gave up 33 points to the Browns , 44 to the Falcons , and allowed Carolina to win their only home game of the year.

  • TC

    Defense for Seattle has been shut-down all year long, minus the worthless Week 17 game vs. Atlanta. Take that away, and their points against is significantly better than the Pack’s (currently tied).
    Favre and the Pack will have their hands full with pressure from Kerney, Leroy Hill, Peterson, and Tatupu on Blitzes. The Seattle Linebacker corp is the best in the NFL. Secondary is good, with the additions of D. Grant and Russel.
    Someone mentioned GB’s WR’s are superior…I’d say more like pretty even to Seattles with Engram, Branch, Burleson, and possibly their best threat, Hacket.
    Give GB a decisive advantage with the Running game over Seattle’s.
    QB, yes, Favre gets the nod, but as Matt mentioned, we’ve all seen him try to take the game upon himself unnecisarily.
    The main con for Seattle is their inability to win playoff games on the road. Forget about cold weather, the Seattle team is full of tough hard nosed football players that love the weather. Although not as cold, it has been down in the 20’s in Seattle, and they are no stranger to stormy weather and occasional snow. It is just being away from Quest that is the problem for them.
    The main con for the Pack is how young and inexperienced they are. Seattle has numerous players left over from the last 4 years of playoff runs, including the Superbowl vs. Pitt., that the refs unfortunately had too big of a hand in.
    The game will come down to which defense makes the big play, either scoring, or setting their offense up for a quick, short TD.
    I would say you are getting a pretty big bang for your buck taking Seattle and 7.5 points in Vegas, as it really is a toss up right now.

  • ithurtstosayit

    Thanks for the voice of reason TC…This is going to be a great game. By the way GoPackGo, do you realize that the Hawks 2nd and 3rd string was playing the Atlanta game? Yes, The Hawks were resting their starters.

    I don’t think this game is going to be a blow out by any stretch of the imagination, and I truly admire the Pack faithful who come out to Quest field, and do an impressive job of noise making.

    This game will be great…and hopefully for my side it dosen’t go into OT, because we all know what happened last time. “We want the ball, and we’re going to score”….very embarassing.

  • ithurtstosayit

    Also, GoPackGo……
    You told me i was “stupid”….I guess with hall of your infinite wisdom you didn’t know that the seahawks are actually the number 3 seed.

    You see, 3 comes after 2.

    3 and 4 play 5 and 6 during the wildcard week. I apologize for being so “stupid”

    Did you watch the game? HASSELBECK almost gave the game away with poor decisions, but that awesome defense took it back with authority. Not to mention the domination up to the interceptions.

    Its going to be a great game. It always is when these teams meet.

  • ithurtstosayit

    On more thing GoPackGo…….week 13 San Francisco visits Carolina Panthers and the score is
    31 to 14 Carolina beats the 49ers….at HOME?!?!?!?

    but wait didn’t GoPackGo say Seattle was the only team the Panthers beat at home?

    Just thought I would do a little fact checking.

    So, since I am stupid (you made that clear earlier)

    What does that make you?????????????

  • ithurtstosayit

    one last thing GoPackGo… you actually should have called me “too stupid” not “to stupid” like you did. I’ve got to say, it makes you look….kind of stupid.

  • GoPackGo


    What does it make me ? Shut the hell up idiot !
    You are just a Bear fan who is a flamer. Go cyber bully somwhere else,it does not work with me !

  • GoPackGo

    Oh I get it , you are a freakin Seahawk fan . The 12th man ( as you say ) is not going to help the inferior Seahawks tomorrow. Ryan Grant will steam roll the Seahawk small over rated defnese.
    Stellar? The stats do not bear out that the Seahawk defense has faced bad offenses all year.

  • GoPackGo

    By the way guy. You are too stupid , to stupid, toooooooooooo stupid. No matter how it is spelled , stupid is your middle name !

  • ithurtstosayit

    omfg I am dying over here….It took you that long to figure out I’m a Hawk fan. Wow, Now can you explain your bad information about the Panthers? I’m just curious, are you an adult? I don’t want to “cyber bully” a child, but judging from your responses you are probably in 6th grade….

    Did you figure out that Wildcard playoff scenario earlier?

    I mean, you just give me so much ammunition to go after you with. Maybe the pack should find a more intelligent (or grown up?!?!?!) spokesperson. LOL

    Do you like my new middle name?

  • GoPackGo

    As the adult Packer fan says to to baby hawk fan,, Go home loser !!!!!!

    You no class jerk , don’t come to this board talking trash. That’s right, you are trash.

    I am sure most Seahawk fans have class, yyou are not one of them.

    Packers 42 – Seahawks 20

  • Jon

    Next time I want to call someone a loser, I’ll just call him “Matt”. LOL.

  • GoPackGo

    The gutless people like Matt and Ithurtstosayit are gone like the cowards they are.

    Packers 42 Seahawks 20

  • Mel e Mel

    As I said the safeties are playing well. Bigby was laying the wood yesterday.

  • Stallion


    Favre loses another postseason game himself. Just retire and get out of here.