Giants’ D, SI Cover are worriesome

One thing is sure folks, the Packers will not rout the Giants Sunday. The New York defense is 100 times better than the unit that was shredded by the Packers in September. If the Packers get behind against this group and are forced to pass Brett Favre is in for a long day. The Giants get after the quarterback so the Packers will need to slow that rush with short passes and Ryan Grant running the ball. It’s going to be a good matchup.

The other problem is freaking Sports Illustrated putting Favre on the cover again this week. Give me a break! Tom Brady goes 26-for-28 and Favre gets the cover. What is up with that? The Packers may have a free pass on the cover jinx, however, as they beat the Rams the week after Favre was named SI Sportsman of the Year. At least that is the way I want to look at it.

It is a tremendous cover, though. Check it out:

More to come…

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  • Jeff Falkowski

    Oh, please. The Packers will win by three touchdowns. Grant will probably go over 150 yards again and the Packers are playing better than they ever did under Holmgren. Over coming the quick 14-0 deficit last week is going to be the momentum builder that won’t stop. They’ll blow out the Giants and beat the Patriots by 6.

  • Jon

    The 18th game of the season and your 18th negative assessment.

  • TRIP

    Tony Romo should have studied more than vacationing with Ms. Simpson. He played horrible versus the Giants and Tampa Bay has never been an offense team worth being scared of. The Giants haven’t been tested that well. The pundits said the Pack would have issues with the ‘Hawks D. And looked what happened. The Giants’ D will get smacked this week by the Packers’ balanced attack.

    Packers 28
    Giants 16

  • special teams is the key this weekend, i think we’ll see a slower-paced game overall with a lot of running. some tough field goals in frigid conditions and need good punting to help field position. any turnovers in this game could be dangerous but the pack is hot.

    pack 23
    giants 14

  • GoPackGO

    You need to realize the Packers did not have Grant and Jennings in week 2 and still routed the Giants !

    You really think the Giants average and injured seconday is going to hang with the Packer receivers?

    Dallas outplayed the Giants getting 100 more yards. The Giants let Dallas convert 10 of 16 third downs.

    The Giants beat alot of weak teams this year and they are a #5 seed who snuck on 2 teams. No NFC team has ever won 2 road playoff games.
    The Giants do not like to play against physical teams and they can be ran on.
    Everyone thought the Seahawks were going to pressure our passing game , our offensive line dows not give up sacks.
    Mark Tauscher has never had a bad game against Strahan.
    Tom Coughlin is 0-3 in champioship games , Jim Fassel was the Giant coach in 2000 that went to the super bowl.
    Favre is 2-0 in years he had a first round bye.

  • GoPackGO

    You are kidding me ! The Giant defense gave up 351 points and the seahawks gave up 291.
    Only 15 teams gave up more points than the Giants.
    The Seahawk defense isway better than the Giants defense.
    Do you realize the Giants gave up 30 or more points to every top 5 offense they played !
    Tampa has no offense and Dallas choked .

    This game sunday will go just like the 1996 title game went against Carolina , Carolina hung around in the first half and the Packers blew them away in the second half.
    Giants are the same type of team the panthers were.

    I meant to say no NFC team has ever won 3 road playoff games to get to the super bowl.

  • go pack go: get your head out of the stat book. yardage gained will be comparative but the couple big plays and special teams will be crucial. the thought is that the packers are actually getting coached these days so we will get those couple plays.

    but, agreed, the giants have overachieved enough. i’m not worried.

  • Greg

    Going negative early. That’s good. I’m worried too. We’ve seen what happens with just a 5 minute mental lapse from even one player. Anything can happen. The Pack can’t take the team that beat the cowboys lightly.

  • I Luv Brats

    Every game worries me. Doesn’t matter who the opponent is.

    It didn’t surprise me that the Packers beat the Seahawks. What does surprise me is how the Packers defense absolutely smothered them. I think the same thing is going to happen this weekend.

    Get to Manning early and often and it’s gonna be a cakewalk for the Packers.

    Packers 33
    Giants 20


  • I Luv Brats

    And that SI cover is awesome. I am going to pick one up tomorrow.

  • JeffN

    Guys don’t worry about getting cocky. It’s the coaches and players job to stay focused. It’s our job to talk smack and you guys are doing a great job of it. Keep the smack coming! This is the best thread all season so far!

  • Jon

    By the way, have you guys been following this “Yoko Romo” story? It’s hilarious.

    Apparently Dallas fans call QB Tony Romo’s girlfriend Jessica Simpson “Yoko Romo” because every time she attends a game he performs poorly; “Yoko Romo” being a spoof on Beatle John Lennon’s girlfriend Yoko Ono, who many blame for the breakup of the Beatles.

    In any event, when it became known that Jessica Simpson would no be attending the Dallas-New York playoff game, the New York Post got a 21-year old dead-ringer for Jessica Simpson, flew her out to the game, and sat her rear on the 50-yard line, three row up from Dallas’ bench. Dallas lost.

    Here’s a link to the story and photos (don’t miss the photos):

  • JeffN

    Yeah I read that story I think it’s totally hilarious that they planted a Jessica Simpson look alike in the stands. Romeo and I say Romeo, his off the field game is impressive with the ladies. I still think he is an excellent QB and as he get’s some years under his belt has to be taken seriously for playoff runs. Although if they start planting fake Jessica Simpson’s in the stands who knows. I guess we can worry about that next year. First things first my prediction for this weeks game is still Pack wins by 10.

  • I Luv Brats

    I am getting real antsy…..can’t wait till Sunday!
    What’s everybody else’s plans for Sunday?
    I’m getting together with my family and I’m cooking up a big pot of homemade sauce with meatballs,two kinds of sausage and lots of pasta.
    Gonna be an all-day eating fest!

  • No fear.

  • MacCheez

    Chili and cornbread, just like Mom used to make