Giants, weather, this could be interesting

I don’t know what to think about this game. Right now I am leaning toward the Packers, but unlike last week, I don’t see a blowout. I’m not ready to make my pick yet, but on a late night on Friday, all I can say is I’m getting more nervous by the hour.

The cold weather is going to make the game historic.

More to come…

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  • Pete H

    Look, anything can happen. Look at the beginning of last week, Ryan in the Bears game, Jones in the first Bears game. That is what has to be avoided. Also, they need to just play their game. Nobody has stopped them this year when they just play their game.

  • Scott S.

    Call me a pussy if you want but I think Chad Clifton and the rest of the O-Line are crazy for going sleeveless. I’ve lived my entire life in Wisconsin and I know I don’t function as well when it’s so damn cold. You’ve really got to admire their guts if they can pull it off. Heated benches are nice when you’re not on the field but sustaining any kind of long drive has got to be a miserable proposition for a guy in just a t-shirt in sub zero temps. Wouldn’t long sleeves give them a little edge? Faith in their mental toughness will have to suffice for now. Frigid Packers will win over shivering Giants. GO PACK!

  • DBussey

    Eli has never played in such cold conditions, and his track record when the temperature dips is pretty poor. I think the Giants offensive capacity will be via the run game, and will be met by the Packers w/8 in the box. Brett hits a couple of quick slants for YAC, and the Pack win by 2 TDs.

  • GoPackGO

    The WIND. Let me repeat, THE WIND was the problem in Chicago, not the cold.

    The Wind is going to be no higher than 9 MPH Sunday.

  • TRIP

    Like I said a couple times before.

    NY GIANTS 16

    The Giants will freeze up in the end zone tomorrow.

  • I Luv Brats

    Packers 33
    Giants 20

    So far my gut’s been telling me that Eli is gonna have trouble throwing the ball. People say that the Giants are a cold weather team…..they are but it’s colder up in Green Bay.
    Not only that but the two games that the Giants have won so far have been in warm weather.
    Giants are gonna suffer I think.