Brett, please just go away

Brett, don’t go away mad, just go away. It is clear you can’t carry a team any longer, you are no Joe Montana, you are no John Elway, you are just a chucker who should have won more championships than you did. I’m done with the Packers and you should be too. Game over. Please do not respond to this entry. In fact, go away and leave me alone.
No more to come…

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  • Mike J.

    All Favre did was get a team nobody said was going to be competitive to one game short of the Super Bowl. Yeah, lets ride him out of town on a rail.

    Stop crying like a little bitch. You give real Packer fans a bad name.

  • Scotto

    Mike J….Cant’ agree more…..

    The ’07 campaign was a wild and wonderful ride…..Today the better team won….Nobody (myself include) were picking the the Pack to go anywhere this year…and yet they were still playing football in mid-January…..

    As far as Brett leaving…careful what you wish for…it might come true….

    Last time I checked.. football was a team sport…Yeah – Favre made a bad through in OT – but had our D kept Buress in check – it wouldn’t have come to that….

    Anyway, can’t wait ’till next year….GO PACK!!!!!!!


    What a pathetic response to Brett Favre’s season!! You do give every Packer fan a bad name. We had no run game and I hate to tell you that wasn’t Brett’s fault. I am not saying this guy is perfect because he is not, but he led this team to one game from the Super Bowl. No run game typically leads to one thing interceptions!!! Look at the history of having no run game and its direct relationship to interceptions. Who would have thought we would have had a snow balls chance in H-ll of making it that far at the beginning of the year. We have the youngest team in the NFL!!! Get a grip and grow up as a fan!! You sound like a little kid who has his feelings hurt.

  • Jobby

    Two touchdowns and 235 yards compare to 29 yards rushing, Bush trying to pick up the fumble instead of jumping on it, four penalties on the Giants go ahead drive, allowing Burress 154 yards, poor punting, lack of play calling with the short passing game that got us here, etc. Their is enough blame to go around this loss then to lay it all on Brett’s shoulders (arm) and two picks. Had you played the Vegas odds of getting to the NFC championship at the beginning of the season, you would be rich. A lot of that was because of the play of Brett and I would like to see him back.

  • TRIP

    You are a sad fan. To think you have a fan site? I agree with everyone else who has posted. Most had the Packers @ 8-8, generous people said we’d be 10-6. NFC Championship? EVERYTHING WE ACCOMPLISHED THIS SEASON WAS ON THE BACK OF BRETT FAVRE. When he had slow games like against Philadelphia and Washington we BARELY won. When he had great games, we triumphed. After last week versus Seattle, are you ready for Ryan Grant to retire too? He fumbled it twice. And what happened? Brett Favre came back the next drive and MADE Seattle honor the pass opening the field up for Grant.

    And to pick up where Scotto left off, if this game were in 60 degree weather, the Giants would have had 49 points. They stopped themselves more than we stopped them. In that weather, 20 points was a lot. And neither Harris nor Woodson stopped Plaxico when they knew the ball was coming to him. Pathetic. But yet all you have to say if for Brett to go? I was at peace with this loss/season until I read this post. Now I’m pissed at the flim-flam fans. GO PACKERS AND LOYAL FANS!!!!

  • Cody Horton

    Al, i know that you are upset, just like the rest of us. I have been a Packer fan for the majority of my life. I was six years old when i saw my first game, it was when the Packers beat New England in the superbowl (yes im still in high school but dont you dare judge me!) You are upset because a team that was doing so good lost to a team that was not supposed to win. I hope to God that you read this, because you have to realize that the Packers should not have been there. Two years ago we had 4 wins, last year we had 8, and now with the youngest team in the NFL, we were one game from the superbowl! McCarthy may not have brought the best gameplan today, but this was no way his or Favre’s fault (entirely). Favre had two wonderful touchdowns, one of the picks didnt matter b/c the Giants fumbled right away, and the second pick wasn’t all that bad of a throw by Favre, but more a great read by a second string corner who wasn’t supposed to be able to guard anything! No Al, its not Favre’s fault, and I know that you want him to come back just as much as every other real Packer fan out there. I know that you are not a bandwagoner that just saw a “washed up” QB play a game in the freezing cold temps that occured today. I know that you know that if Favre comes back, this team could easily be a superbowl type team next year.
    Back a few years ago when we lost to Philly in the 4th and 26 game, I felt like it was the end of the world. I thought that Green Bay would never win another game, that Favre would never play another down. Today I feel optomistic about how far this team has come, and how close they came, and how far they will go next year.
    Al, I know that you feel the same way. In a few days you will be back to your good old self, and will have great things to say about the Packers. When Favre says he will come back (not jynxing it!!) I know that you will be just as happy as me and every other real Packers fan!

  • Jon

    You are one sad, pathetic excuse for a fan.

    Your negative assessments all season long, week in and week out, were wrong, and you are wrong now, too.

    Favre finished the 2007 season as one of the top 5 or 6 quarterbacks in ths NFL.

    Without him the team would have been home weeks ago.

    28 yards rushing at home and you tell Favre to leave?

    Al Harris couldn’t cover Burress with a tent and you tell Favre to leave?

    The defense gave Manning all day to throw and you tell Favre to leave?


    You are one sad, pathetic excuse for a fan.

  • Last nights game was won because the Packers had a terrible game plan or maybe they just didn’t execute the game plan correctly. Whatever happened to the WC offense. This game was not all on Favre by any means. This game was on everybody including the play callers. On defense they had so many people up front to stop the run that they couldn’t cover PB.

  • Michael Legat

    Shut it down, Al. Just shut it down.

    We don’t want you representing Packer fans any more.

    I am quite serious. Just shut it down.

  • Tired of hearing all the Nay sayers in regards to OUR QB. Brett has done a fine job this season. Hopefully he will be back for a few more. What a job the PACK did this season. The fact that we came up short is a hard pill to swallow. We have no reason to hang our heads on this season. Lets get behind them and support this young team for next season. This Pack fan lives in Connecticut and wears his green and gold with pride! Great job in 07! GO PACK 08!!

  • Andrew


    People, I agree telling Brett to ‘go away’ is a little much, but you all need to realize the timing of this post……don’t you think EMOTION played a role? 11.14 pm…just after the FG? None of you were pissed? hurt? anger? let down? I hardly slept last night after this game.

    I just read through your responses, and yes to many things: Bush didnt fall on the ball, the team was flat, the D didnt shut down Burress, the team was ill prepared, the coaches didnt respond and make the necessary changes, the Giants outplayed our team.

    However, I love how this site organizes numerous articles on the Packers and I assume that takes time so saying the site should be shut down? Please.

    However, Favre didnt look like a leader.

    When you start up a reliable website that links to information on the packers from a ton of sources, then you can talk.

  • Andrew


    Yes, Favre played like garbage but isn’t asking him to hang it up a little much? Now that 12 hours has gone by any change of heart? Yes, the cold seemed to heavily influence Favre more than anyone else, and he didnt display ANY heart that I saw, but like many posters just said, he has played AMAZING ball throughout this year.

    Don’t you think a little of the blame, or almost all, falls on the coaching staff who seemingly fell back on Favre and hoped Favre would carry the team? You put the ball in Brett’s hands that many times when he is off his game, you know what will happen (see playoff loses to St. Louis and Philadelphia especially). You are right that he can’t carry a team single handidly all the time….but, neither can Peyton Manning.

    Brett shouldve been throwing short slants and outs, not long outs, or WR screens to Koren Robinson or flares to Ryan Grant. They shouldve stuck with the run, or used playaction after a few of their successful runs. Instead we had a mixed bag of flares to Koren Robinson and 15-20 yard routes. Why stop going over the middle to Driver or anyone else for that matter? Horrible playing calling reminiscent of the 02 4th and 26th game, which I still blame on Mike Sherman for not running even more.

    Finally horrible, because he then put the ball in Favre’s hands in OT when Favre wasn’t on.

    I thought McCarthy had learned from the mistakes of Sherman.

    But it was still a great year…..Im just going to get destroyed in school tomorrow (I teach in NJ and talked a ton of crap) by 50 Giants fans. UGH

  • Jon

    I’ll add one more thing.

    When we went to overtime last night I knew we would lose and told my family why during the commercial break:

    1. If the Giants get the ball first they’ll drive right down the field and kick a field goal, as our defense – no pressure on Manning and terrible corners all night – will not stop the Giants; only another missed field goal might stop the Giants.

    2. If we get the ball first Favre will think he has to win it all himself on the first drive because if we punt our defense won’t hold and the Giants will score; and in that weather forced throws lead to interceptions.

    Sure enough, we got the ball first and Favre threw a pick – just as I had said.

    But this pick was no different than the one in OT in Philadelphia in 2003, when our defense gave up that 4th-and-26 late in the game to allow the Eagles to tie the game. In OT Favre knew he could not rely on his defense to hold and had to do it all himself – hence the pick in OT.

    The lesson here is that sometimes interceptions are caused by terrible defense – the defense supporting the QB.

    Granted, it was second down, Favre had time, and he should not have made that throw; on the other hand our defensive coaches and players did a terrible job all night (Was Manning pressured once? Did Harris know Burress was the guy in white?) and Favre knew he had to do it himself or they’d lose.

  • Pete H

    You are a fool. I can’t believe I am wasting my time by even honoring you as a legitimate thinker with a response. Do you remember Randy Wright, Jim Zorn, Feragammo, Blair Kiel? What the hell is the matter with you!!!! Do you remember Brett falling down and finding Lee last week for a critical first? Yes, he made a bad throw. It wasn’t a bad decision, it just was inside when it needed to be outside….in -3 degrees. Lets be realistic. They got outplayed and outcoached in every phase. There were opportunities and they didn’t get taken advatage of. Lets also give credit. Manning was spot on in tough conditions. He didn’t make any real bad throws and made some exceptional ones. The coverage on Burress was not good, but he also made some great plays too. Toomer made a phenominal catch. Pierce made a td saving tackle on the screen to Jackson. The o-line didn’t open any holes and they quit on the run. the d-line couldn’t get pressure so we had to blitz…exposing holes. Their run game did just enough. The coverage on kicks and punts was not good, neither were the punts. Bush, Martin, Collins..BIG miscues. THEY GOT OUTPLAYED in A game. They’re young

  • Michael Legat


    No thank you. I prefer to talk now. Al does a great job of creating a feed to Packer articles, but as a mouthpiece for the fans, he has become a far greater embarassment than Brett Favre.

    I would like to think that “our #1 Green Bay Packer fan website” in his own words would never post such a childish, moronic diatribe as what we see above. As frustrating as that game was, I managed to avoid displaying the EMOTION, as you put, of an eight year old, even at 11:15.

    I was at the game – flew up from Los Angeles – and, yeah, rough way to end the season. But unlike “some people” I can look at 10 bad quarters of football out 18 games, a miracle season, an NFC Championship loss, and a future Hall of Fame quarterback playing one of the best seasons in his career, and find some perspective.

    As for Al, I hope he looks at these posts in a few months and is completely ashamed.

  • Andrew

    I would like to retract the

    “However, Favre didnt look like a leader.

    When you start up a reliable website that links to information on the packers from a ton of sources, then you can talk.”

    I thought I had deleted that……..immature and irrelevant. Please also note the double ‘however.’ I wasn’t bringing my ‘A’ editting or writing game ….quite comprable to the Packers yesterday actually.

    A) I’m not sure we have a disagreement, just that I can understand the frustration with Favre. I agreed that telling Favre to go away was ridiculous, but I’m personally sick of Favre apologists. I feel it is homerism to defend Favre’s game. He had a great season, I DONT THINK HE SHOULD GO AWAY, but he crapped the bed when it mattered most (although he had a lot of company as I also said) and he has done that three times now in the post season when just an average effort would’ve been enough.

    B) “But this pick was no different than the one in OT in Philadelphia in 2003, when our defense gave up that 4th-and-26 late in the game to allow the Eagles to tie the game. In OT Favre knew he could not rely on his defense to hold and had to do it all himself – hence the pick in OT.”

    Maybe I was watching a different Philadelphia / Green Bay game, but I don’t remember feeling that way about their defense.

    I did last night though during the second half, but the piss poor half-assed tone had already been set by then.

    The team played bad, we were outplayed BUT Favre didn’t play like he did when down versus Seattle. Instead, he came out playing closer to how we played versus Dallas. We needed more and he didn’t deliver.

  • Scott S.

    I’m disappointed but still proud to be a Packer Fan. It was a great year and I’m looking forward to more great years. This team is a work in progress and I have confidence in the people who are doing the building.

  • PackFan

    Brett fans Wake-Up!!! I have been a lifelong fan of the Pack and played at a high level in the sport. Over the past few years I have not been pleased with our quarterbacks play. He has pushed the limit in big games way too many times and the other teams know and count on it. Consistent play wins championships not poke and hope throws. Look over the past 5 years and dissect the interceptions and the fumbles etc. etc. etc. If you look at it objectively you will see what many other annalists have seen outside the great state of Wisconsin, which is turn-over’s kill! If Brett was the quarterback on most any other team he would have been benched or traded by now. I am thankful of all the glory he has restored to our beloved Pack but there comes a time when a team must move on. We may be worse next year or we may be better, whatever the outcome I am willing to chance it.

  • Jack F.

    Gimme a break. Favre got us this far, and Probably will again/ He was about 8 feet off on the last throw. If he throws it eight feet the other way — to Driver’s outside shoulder — he probably connects for a big play or TD. After sub-zero temps for 3-1/2 hours, an aging QB who helped his team become 14-3 is eight feet off the mark on a pass and you want him to retire?

    I would rather point the finger at 53 players who shared the blame — not passing, not catching, not blocking, and not tackling well enough for 60 minutes in harsh weather to defeat a solid team with a better defense and QB probably playing the best ball of his relatively young career. Even as badly as the Pack played, they still almost won. That’s pretty amazing. I am looking forward to next year already.

  • Duane

    I too agree that Favre should not quit. True we wasted a golden opportunity and I will be the first to admit that I asked “, Favre, where the h are you throwing it? But you know as many times as I ask that out of nowhere a miracle catch is usually made shortly after that. True you wish we could have had more of a running game. It seems like everything we tried the Giants knew what play was coming. There were so many missed tackles by our defense and bad blocking by our offense when it looked like a play could have gone for some good yardage. I mean hats off to the Giants, they looked like a team that wanted it more. I have to agree with the TV analysts, we should have doubled Plexico Burriss after the first half but we did not. It did not seem like we ever pressured manning and when we did we got penalties for unnecessary roughness. It also seemed like our offense could not open up any running lanes for Grant. I was hoping maybe Favre would just air it out 40 to 50 yards from the first play when we got the ball in overtime like the Denver game. Even if it was intercepted it would have been like a punt. We just seemed like a team that could get nothing going. But anyway we lost, I think with a young team and a veteran leader we can be back. They’ve (the team) has had a taste of success and maybe now they know what steps to take to go to the final destination the super bowl and win it all. Yes we have some tougher opponents next year, like the Colts, Cowboys, and Jaguars, Titans, and always the Bears, the Vikings and Lions. I’m not sure who we should draft in April, We may need to look at one of those special players like the Bears have where anytime he gets the ball he could explode for a touch down at anytime. We don’t seem to have that break-away player on kick-offs and punt returns. Anyway I’m looking forward to next season and #4 being the QB.

  • Todd C.

    Wow Al, don’t you think that was a little harsh?

    I am glad the game was close – that taught all the OVERCONFIDENT folks a lesson. Yeah I am upset they lost but Favre didn’t lose that game by himself. Ryan Grant & the O-Line for the most part were a no-show. The defense beat itself up on the drive where the Giants went ahead 13-10 with 2 STUPID PENALTIES! In fact, Al Harris got his lunch handed to him. >:-( Time of possession we got stomped! 40 – 23 mins. They lost as a team. I was actually very subdued when the Giants won. I was already set to leave the establishment where I was watching the game when Tynes missed the FG just before time expired. This one is going to sit for awhile and it won’t be a healing process til that stupid Super Bowl is over.

    I pray Favre comes back and plays for 2 or 3 more years. I know he can do it.

    Tough game no doubt. Think your emotions got the best of you last night, Al. It happens to all of us. I don’t think you’re all that bad Al. 🙂

  • No, you won’t run Brett out on a rail. You made a poor choice of words. Rash statement.

    Bad decision made in the heat and emotion of the moment.

    Hey…just like Favre did.

  • Larry From Sheboygan

    Oh boy I hope Farve comes back. I want to see him break 300 Interceptions and hopefully blow ANOTHER playoff game!

  • Charles from Hudson

    This guy speaks the truth. Favre is everybodies favorite Packer but hes nowhere near Montana, Elway, Brady, etc… When you talk about all time greats. Too many Packer fans pump their chest about our overrated playoffs QB. Just be realists guys.


    Are we honestly going to let Al get us into a debate on Brett Favre. You look at the teams and specifically the receivers we have had with Favre. He had made great receivers out of average to below average receivers. Montana, Elway, and Brady have had much better receivers than Favre could have dreamed about. Hey, but lets not talk about our much feared running game that could not gain 30 yards in the NFC championship. I am sure Favre had something to do with the poor running game. His hand offs were poor. Give me a break!!! Al and both your supporters, we will all remind you when Favre is gone and we are looking for a quarterback like Scott Hunter or Jim Del gaizo!! “Do you remember those years!!!!!” Good luck, I hope you are all here to defend all the quarterbacks post Favre.

  • TRIP

    Charles: Favre is everybodies favorite Packer but hes nowhere near Montana, Elway, Brady, etc…

    What did Elway have when we beat the Packers in 97 and won again in 98? A killer O-line and TERRELL DAVIS. Brady? He’s always had a KILLER DEFENSE, now superstars on the offense.

    Favre made this offense. The defense played well all year but this game, our secondary proved overrated and we got NO pass rush. This is a TEAM GAME. That last INT was not a good throw HOWEVER if the DEFENSE showed up that game, it wouldn’t be close. You can not put all the blame on Favre. We have the BEST older, veteran QB of ALL-TIME. You just have to have 52 other guys to play with him. And the TEAM didn’t show up Sunday. It was better than the Chicago game, but we were outplayed and outcoached in every aspect. Simple as that. You can’t blame it all on Favre, he got the team here.

  • lostinutah

    We here in Utah call you, sir, an asshat. How dare you. Brett is not a perfect player but he played some of his best ball ever. It is not all his fault we lost, nor is it even primarily his fault.

    We will be damn lucky if #4 comes back to the helm for next year.

  • D C

    Why is everyone saying it was a questionable pass in the overtime? The play was there, just well behind Driver. Driver tried to stop him momentum but couldn’t.

    Much like Marino (and other QBs who throw a lot), Favre needs to be on the field and throwing something more than screens to stay sharp.

    McCarthy needs to realize where we play in the elements. Giants practiced outdoors the week before the game. Why? Because they understand it’s important to get used to it. This was the second game McCarthy’s lack of Lambeau knowledge has cost us. He’s new and still learning. Since he has 5 more years, I sure hope he realizes that practicing in weather once in awhile is a vital to a team who’s home is in a cold weather open air stadium.

  • Tony

    Brett helps lead the youngest team in the league to a 14-4 season while putting up MVP numbers all the way through and you want him to “go away” because of a “team loss” ?

    I sure hope you are just baiting for responses because no sane Packer fan would want to toss away our “productive” HOF QB and leader of the team because a 8-8 team did not make the SB exactly one year later.

    Give me a break and show some respect to the young team that went 14-4 and to Brett for leading them there so soon !!!

  • Mike

    I agree. Please move on Brett!!

    We love the excitement you bring to the game, but at some point this has to be about winning championships and not about fun and stats.

    We love that you won us a Super bowl, but since then you’ve had a poor history in the playoffs, and too many games that you’ve lost us. I’m still bitter about the Phili OT pick, and even more bitter about the Vikings game 4 picks, and now this latest OT pick. I’m so frustrated I can hardly stand it.

    No is the time to move on, after a nice season. We have a young team and I want Rogers to grow with them and lead us to future championships.

    I love you Brett, but please retire.


  • GoPackGo

    McCarthy refused to practice out side for the Chicago game and he did not learn as he did it against against the Giants. He should have learned when the bad weather caused us to lose to a team that the Packers are superior to in Chicago , then we lose to a #5 seed that we were big favorites against.
    Coach , you must let the team practice outdoors at least once in a week leading up to a cold weather game.

  • rod

    The fallacy of this logic is that idea Favre isn’t the best QB we have. If we were 3-13 and not a win from the Super Bowl, then yes, put Rodgers in by all means. Should we rest Charles Woodson and Al Harris so that Bush and Williams will be better in 5 years? It makes no sense not to put your best out there when there’s something to win. I like Aaron, but honestly, even at 38+ Favre is the better player.