Many holes to fill

OK, maybe it wasn’t all Favre’s fault, but it was his interception that gave the game to the Giants. The bottom line is the Packers have so many holes to fill on both sides of the ball that trading Favre and going with Aaron Rodgers just makes the most sense. Favre’s trade value is as high as it will ever get at this stage of his career and if wants to win a Super Bowl a place like Tampa Bay for instance, might be closer than the Packers. We need to look at the big picture.Losing to Eli Manning at home is huge embarrassment. Right up there with the Michael Vick debacle. Just because you weren’t expected to be there doesn’t excuse you from playing horribly in the biggest game of the season. The game exposed the Packers and has given Ted Thompson a long list of to-dos this offseason. Start with finding two cornerbacks who can challenge the declining Al Harris and Charles Woodson. Find some offensive lineman who can actually play. Find a tight end who shows up every week. The list goes on.I also have to wonder about the timing of the contract extension for Mike McCarthy as well. Shouldn’t he have been worrying about the Giants last week and not a new contract. It should have been based on him winning Sunday. Might have jumped the gun on that one. Why five years? Too long if you ask me.It will be an interesting offseason and the bar has been raised for next year, realistic or not. Like Favre said in 1996, it is Super Bowl or bust. No matter who is at quarterback.

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  • Pete H

    Once again, you are a fool. Good Lord!!! They got outplayed in A game! Yes Harris was bad….yesteday. Yes their blocking was bad…yesterday. Their tight ends didn’t have huge games because 1. They thought they could take advantage of the Giants corners and 2. The Giants never had to worry about the run. You can’t not succeed at running the ball when it is -3 and think you will win. The Giants wren’t great at running it, but they were successful with it. Like I said, he made a bad throw. it wa inside and needed to be outside. Did you watch Brady yesterday? Should he just go away because he threw a pick in the endzone? Wake up!! They also do not have gaping holes. Harris is gong to the pro bowl and Woodson should be. He had a bad GAME. They are getting older and I am all for adding a stud corner, but not to run Harris out of town. He had a hell of a year and helped them be where they were. Lee had a good year. Their receivers go 5 deep and are young. Grant is a nice find. Jackson came along at the end. Yes they need some line help, especially at guard. They have a d-line that goes 9 deep and are young. Bigby showed up at the end. Collins shows promise, but I am not against replacing him….with Rouse. Their linebackers are solid and young. They have some places they can get better…every team does, but there are not GAPING holes. They are also way under the cap and can go improve where they need to. They lost a game they could have won…thats it. The guys they play against get payed too.

  • Pete H

    Just think about it. They playes a pretty poor game, in all aspects, against a pretty good, red hot team that played very well, and still had every chance to win.

  • Reid

    Everyone, Al’s not happy unless the Packers win 56-0 and hold the opponent under 100 yards. It’s good to have critics because sometimes they are right.

  • Cody Horton

    Al, trade Favre?!?! WHAT?!?!? That is blasphemy, you are not allowed to say that! Favre is a Packer for life!!! OMG if he knew you said that do you know what he would say!!?? Man, that is ridiculous. He has a great chance at winning the superbowl next year.. IN GREEN BAY!! They had (as Pete said) ONE BAD GAME! And it was against Eli Manning, so what… he has been as HOT as the GIANTS are and have been for the past 7 weeks!! the giants havent lost on the road since WEEK #1!!! They are playing so good, and the fact that we almost beat them with as bad as a game that we played shows how good WE ARE!! We had a legit chance to win yesterday! Favre didnt make that bad of a throw in OT, it was a GREAT READ by a second string CORNER!!! Al, you need to wake up man, someone needs to knock some sence into you. Maybe when New York wins the Superbowl, you will understand.

  • D C

    Other than offensive line and getting some more youth at a couple positions, I think the Packers have a good group coming back.
    O-line has been a problem since Wahle and Rivera left.
    CBs could use some youth.
    P Ryan struggled mightily with cold/win during Chicago and NYG playoff game.

    Other than those two areas, it seems like we have talent at most other positions.

    Hopefully McCarthy learned a lot this year and has a plan to make the Packers a cold weather team again. Losing to Atlanta in 32 degree weather is one thing, but losing yesterday really hurt. Part of the Packers legend was built around playing in weather like that. We went 0-2 in “Packer weather” and looked horrible on offense in those games. Ouch, this one will sting for a while.

  • Servius

    I just wonder how much of the O-Line’s inability to block had to do with them not wearing sleeves. I’ve been out working in weather as cold and colder than that. I know I function better at all levels if I’m warm. If they block better, Grant’s running better, and we’re not in OT and Brett’s not trying to beat the Giants all by himself.

    The only time Brett has trouble is when he’s trying to win the game by himself.

  • Tom

    i wish i could get the last 4 minutes it took me to read this garbage back – the OL & starting CB’s were solid all year long. They don’t have the greatest game and all of a sudden there are holes every where.


    I am starting for feel really sorry for you. I have read your posts and visited your website on countless ocassions, but you have to take a deep breath and stop writing on your website for a while. I understand that everyone can have their own opinion about it team, player, and coach. Do yourself a favor and take a break from writing another post for a week. WE HAD A GREAT SEASON!! IT WAS A SAD WAY TO END AND WE COULD HAVE PLAYED BETTER BUT WE HAD A GREAT SEASON.

  • Jim

    It doesn’t matter how ‘tough’ a man is, he will still get cold. He will perform much better when he is warm. What is so wrong with dressing for the weather? If there was some sort of heater that a player could wear to keep his ‘core’ warm, he could perform better because he wouldn’t be thinking about how cold he is. I have seen how a warm core even keeps fingers and feet warmer. Especially lean players like DB’s with less body fat would benefit the most, but all would notice the improvement.

  • E Robert Davis

    AJ, take note of what I wrote earlier: Final thoughts are this.

    1) The entire Packer team last night suffered some sort of letdown, prior to kickoff. The enthusiasm from a week ago was not there at all. My wife pointed that out to me right away, we were in our seats 40 minutes prior to kickoff and she said we looked just like we did in SD prior to losing the Super Bowl.

    2) There is no doubt that the Packers are no longer a cold weather team, this was also evidenced from the start. Being the youngest team in the league virtually none of the new players were ever exposed to temps like this.

    3) The fact that McCarthy did not have his team practice outdoors in the cold temps probably contributed to their inability. When asked about this he stated that prior Head Coach Sherman always had his team practice inside. McCarthy should have taken note that during Sherman’s last year in GB we also went 4-12.

    4) This probably had no bearing on McCarthy’s coaching ability, but during the past week it was announced that he was given a five year extension to his contract with double the salary he had been getting, raising it to 4 Mil a year. I always was a firm believer that all contract and wage increases should not be discussed until the season was finished.

    I am sure many other reasons will be factored in but after watching the Packers for almost 70 years I have developed some thoughts which are not necessarily wrong…..Unless something of great interest is made public I will not discuss the Packers anymore for this season……erdbob

  • Steve Thompson


    Stick to making links to other people’s web sites that know something.. you obviously have no clue.

  • Bruce in NYC

    Hey Packer fans – Just a shout out to tell you that this Giants fan admires football in GreenBay, and respects Packer fans. The Giants President John Mara received congratulations (not middle fingers) when he left his press box after the game, and then your equipment manager retrieved the game ball for Lawrence Tynes. First class, all the way, Packers fans. Hang your heads high and enjoy looking back on the season that you never thought for one second that you would be getting back in August.
    Go Giants!
    – Bruce

  • TRIP

    Al, I’m starting to question whether you know anything about football.

    THIS TEAM WENT THIRTEEN AND THREE. They had ONE bad crucial game. And 13 triumphs before the playoffs. They CREAMED Seattle in the division. Your post is basically proclaiming that this team was a fluke. They got outplayed in the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP REGARDLESS OF WHETHER IT WAS THE GIANTS. This is the YOUNGEST team in the NFL. It’s Super Bowl or bust, but you are playing with the YOUNGEST TEAM IN THE NFL.

    Do you want to know what is exposed? Exposed is the year Tampa Bay creamed the Raiders in the Super Bowl. Or the time the Rams slapped he Pack in the divisional round. Losing in OVERTIME in the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP is far from exposed. If so, the Eagles were exposed 4 straight years and STILL came back hard each of those years. The next NFC Championship, will Favre get us to the big game? I don’t know. But Hh is clearly the Quarterback that can GET US THERE.

    Unless Aaron Rodgers is the next Tom Brady, you can’t trade Favre. That is sooo foolish. Favre had one of his greatest seasons, we aren’t talking about Drew Bledsoe here. I would say you need to take a vacation, but this is your pattern, following this season along with this site, I must say, you’ve worked your way up to this point. 🙁

  • Tyler K

    Dude i am sorry, i really enjoy this website and (most) the articles. But you honestly don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to football. “Find some offensive lineman who can actually play.” R U SERIOUS?! Keep in mind man, we played the best Dline in the league last sunday. Ryan grant wasn’t the second leading rusher in the NFL after week 6 for no reason. We do need some more corners that will be able to start in a year or so. Bottom line, you either are trying to not get your hopes up for next season, or you’re just insane man… sorry but its gotta be, we are just tooooo talented of a team to think Brett would be better off in Tampa… HAHA TAMPA?!?! What weapons do they have?!?! Cadillac? I’d rather have Grant. Galloway?? I’d rather have Jennings (not to mention DD & Jones). They have better safety play but that IS IT! sorry to sounds so upset but the Packers are my team as well and for someone to unrealistically characterize our/my team, just not gonna stand for it.

  • Tyler K

    THANKS BRUCE! You sound like a stand up man yourself. I can confidently say for most PAcker fans, we will be routing for you guys in the SB. GL!