Many holes to fill

OK, maybe it wasn’t all Favre’s fault, but it was his interception that gave the game to the Giants. The bottom line is the Packers have so many holes to fill on both sides of the ball that trading Favre and going with Aaron Rodgers just makes the most sense. Favre’s trade value is as high as it will ever get at this stage of his career and if wants to win a Super Bowl a place like Tampa Bay for instance, might be closer than the Packers. We need to look at the big picture.Losing to Eli Manning at home is huge embarrassment. Right up there with the Michael Vick debacle. Just because you weren’t expected to be there doesn’t excuse you from playing horribly in the biggest game of the season. The game exposed the Packers and has given Ted Thompson a long list of to-dos this offseason. Start with finding two cornerbacks who can challenge the declining Al Harris and Charles Woodson. Find some offensive lineman who can actually play. Find a tight end who shows up every week. The list goes on.I also have to wonder about the timing of the contract extension for Mike McCarthy as well. Shouldn’t he have been worrying about the Giants last week and not a new contract. It should have been based on him winning Sunday. Might have jumped the gun on that one. Why five years? Too long if you ask me.It will be an interesting offseason and the bar has been raised for next year, realistic or not. Like Favre said in 1996, it is Super Bowl or bust. No matter who is at quarterback.

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