Favre nixes Moss deal?

This year’s Brett Favre watch is getting more ridiculous by the minute and one has to wonder if the Packers really even want him back. According to Fox Sports’ John Czarnecki the Packers and Randy Moss had agreed to a three-year $30 million dollar deal until Favre said he could not meet Moss’ request that Favre play two more years. If this is true, combined with comments made yesterday by ESPN’s John Clayton that Favre has demanded the Packers add an offensive playmaker in order for him to return this season one has to begin wondering if Favre is still in his right mind.

Brett Favre is not the general manager of the Green Bay Packers and the fact that he thinks he is just cracks me up. Number one, the one and only Super Bowl Brett Favre won was because the Packers had the number one defense in the NFL and arguably one of the greatest of all time. 17 years in the league and Favre still doesn’t know that defense wins championships. The real Packers’ general manager, Ted Thompson is well aware of that fact and I expect him to use the second-round draft pick he received in exchange for Corey Williams on defensive help. In fact I would not be surprised if the first three picks next month are all defensive players.

Favre wants more playmakers? What is wrong with Mr. Touchdown Greg Jennings? Donald Driver isn’t any good anymore? James Jones has no future? Ryan Grant is a bum? The only weaknesses on offense the Packers have is guard and depth at tight end. Playmakers? All Jennings does in catch touchdowns and when was the last time you’ve seen a running back break so many long runs for touchdowns? Sure I think Grant needs to prove himself this year, it is certainly possible he does do just that. Favre needs to worry about himself a little more and let Thompson and head coach Mike McCarthy do their jobs.

One has to wonder if privately Thompson and McCarthy aren’t growing tired of Favre’s antics. I guarantee you both Thompson and McCarthy believe they can win with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback in 2008. No matter what they say publicly, Thompson and McCarthy have to be worried about what Favre’s games are playing in their attempt to lure free agents to Green Bay. The first question of every free agent has to be “is Favre coming back”? Followed by, “how many years do you think he will play”?

This isn’t 2006 when the Packers had a new coach taking over and Favre wasn’t sure if he wanted to learn a new system and so on and so forth. Favre knows what the situation is and if he is waiting for Thompson to make a move just to appease him he has another thing coming. Thompson didn’t draft Rodgers with his first pick as general manger just for the fun of it. The Packers hold all the cards and I would hope that has been made clear to Favre. I have to believe it has or he would have made his decision by now. Can Favre accept that arrangement?

I don’t care either way because I think with or without Favre the Packers will be one of the favorites to win the NFC next year. But the time has come for a decision. I mean, come on. If it is this hard to walk away, then play another year. If you just want to take it easy and golf the rest of your life, then great, just let us know. The Packers will be just fine either way. But please, get it over with.

More to come…

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  • Ben Dover

    If all of this is true then the Packers need to make it easier for Favre and tell him no thanks. How the H can a guy who was one play away from a Super Bowl appearance dictate to his GM that he needs more play makers on offense? If they add a few more I could take to them the top and I haven’t played football in 20 years. Once again he’s holding the Packers hostage with his decision. If he’s not coming back it sure would be nice to know during the early stages of free agency so the Packers can bring in some guys to compete for the back up role to Rodgers. Time for Thompson to make it clear, let us know by the end of the week or we will make the decision for you.

  • Pete H

    Look, I agree that Favre shouldn’t be holding them hostage…if he did say that, but you can’t be mad at Favre for making demands and be mad at him, or the Packers for not giving in to the demands of Moss. Its not ok for one guy to hold a team hostage over another. Besides don’t these arguments kind of contradict one another?

  • Pete H

    Hey Al, make up your mind about this team. Are they so full of talent that they can win with Rogers, and this high powered offense you just described, or do they have all of those holes to fill like earlier, when they NEEDED a tight end, NEEDED a stud running back. etc…

  • Pfan

    if, if, if
    find some facts to write about

  • matt

    nice piece. release Favre and stop the bleeding……… it’s time to move on.

  • TRIP

    Wow, Al. I actually agree with you on this. You must have taken a vacation. lol

  • Pissed off

    Are we ready for the sucking Aaron Rodgers era?

  • Oconomowockid

    You got what you wanted!! Now, that you have lost half of your visitors based on your insane anti Favre rants. I hope everyone remembers how unbalanced you have been over the last couple of months.

    Long Live Brett Lorenzo Favre and the Green Bay Packers!!

    Good luck finding continued readers for your nutty postings and rants!!!

  • matt

    I’ll still read. I think some visitors take this blog way too seriously. It is for people to air their opinions. Facts are always needed but are helpful.

  • Jeff

    Rogers just needs to stay healthy – he’s nothing like the physical specimen Favre is, but he’s smart and can toss the ball. Protect him, get a TE and a run game going – we’ll be fine.

    It’s been a hell of a run – hats off to Favre. Some of the commentary I’ve seen in other articles and blogs has been just brutal. Wow. I didn’t realize just how much some of these people hated our QB. Sad really.

  • Jimm G

    It wasn’t going to last forever, although it is easy to think it would never end. I think that Rogers has the chance to move the team forward much the way that Young moved the 49ers on after Montana retired. Who knows, all we can do is hope that we don’t have a significant drop off. I also think that this puts a premium on getting our offensive line fixed and producing a consistent running game, without that next year could be painful.

  • Servius

    Now that Brett is retiring. I’d just like to say.

    So long Brett, Thanks for the memories.

  • Pete H

    I like Rogers, alot. I like the team alot. You just only get one Favre. I just wanted to be able to watch him as long as possible…good, bad, and ugly. Some of his monstrosity games are just as fun memories as games like the Raider game. thats what made him my guy….that and the fact that he played every week…..every week. Thats the one thing that we have been taking for granted and are in for a rude awakening. Thanks Brett!!! I’ll see you in 5 years at Canton

  • TRIP

    Every career has to come to an end, but I’m so sad to realize that we no longer have our warrior guy that we can depend on game-in and game-out. Rodgers is good, but looks like he will having injuries here and there throughout his career. But I loved having the feeling that if the Packers were playing, Favre was playing. That guy was game regardless of how he felt. He will be missed.

    GO PACK!

  • kiedrowicz

    What are smoking? Whatever it is…get me some. The Packers are going to be lucky to see another Super Bowl in our lifetime. Think about it. With the current leadership, Harlan and company, it took them over 20 years to get to the only Super Bowl they had since Vince Lombardi. Now they were stupid enough to let Favre get away and blow off any possibility next year. Any chance we had now, is long gone. And don’t talk to me about “rebuilding” for five years. These idiots are always rebuilding. I am sick of rebuilding. I want to win.

  • scott

    Kiedrowicz, you are absolutely right. Good Post. The rest of you, think about it, Randy proved himself in New England and him and Favre would have taken us to the promise land (along with the rest of the team) but that will not happen next year because of a clash of ego’s (Ted’s and Brett’s) As far as 20 years goes, I think it could happen again sooner now with the state of the NFL. Parity could get us there quicker and Rogers is a smart cookie (43 on wonderlic), he just has to stay healthy. However, Farve made us love hime because he was human and reachable. He made mistakes, wore his heart on his sleeve, made you think that he was playing in his backyard in Mississippi. A comment was made that Eli won more playoff games this year that Brett did in the past 10 years. This may be true but we will never care! Brett made us enjoy the game more than a trophy! Yes more than the Lombardi trophy, he transcended much more than wins and losses. He stood tall every game…. every game people…Thanks for the memories Brett! You truly are once in a lifetime, glad you were a Packer.