What is next for Packers?

Please, Packers’ fans, do not let the media influence you in these crucial post Brett Favre days. Everybody and their uncle wants to predict the future one day after Brett retires. Can we just let things play out and see what happens. You may be right, you may be wrong. Let’s not write off the Pack just yet. Twelve months from now, maybe, but hey, praise the man and don’t let the idiots like me lesson your optimism  for the Green Bay Packers in the future.

I’m still working on my Favre memories, here is a teaser. The day Favre is playing the Giants at Lambeau Field and Favre is knocked out of the game with a concussion. Screw that. Favre, runs out to the huddle without telling anybody and simply throws a touchdown pass to Javon Walker. The Packers lost that game, but it was vintage Favre. You almost have to restrain him to keep him off the field.

More to come…tons more to come…

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  • GoPackGo

    The defense is still going to be very good , we will h ave Ryan Grany from week one, the receivers are very good. Rodgers is coming into to a team that really is storng everywhere, so he should be ok.
    Packers are still the best team in the division.

  • snyz

    yes, it’s favre memory time:

    my favorite: one week after the bad knee sprain, early 2000s. first two plays: roll left, roll right. nobody thought he should play and they roll him out on the first series and he nails it. awesome.

  • A-Rod Future

    If Rex Grossman could lead the Bears to a Super Bowl, I seriously think Aaron could do the same.

  • scott

    Open question….any thoughts on back up options for Rodgers (either via the draft or Free Agency)??????

    Daunte Culpepper might not be a bad choice – as long as its made clear to him that Rodgers is the starter. Culpepper HAS won his share of games in the NFL with the Vikings (provided with Carter and Moss as receivers, it’s hard for a quarterback not to look good).


  • Fritz1218

    I also am wondering about who’s to be the experience back up. My thought of Culpeper is that from what I’ve read of things that I’ve heard living over here in MN. is that he is a bit of a whiner and learned that from Carter and Moss. It also seems to me he looks like a deer in the headlights when pressured and when you come in as a backup the defenses don’t wait they just come after you. I think we could do better than him.

  • Paul

    backup options: someone good enough to fill in, yet not too good as to take cap money and/or create QB controversy. Personally, Brunell has been contacted: not bad. Harrington, like Grossman isn’t as bad as people make him to be. Quinn Gray has upside. Pennington will probably get cut, as the Jets have been spending alot of money; though he could be a mentor for a year for their young qb.

    memory: unless its just for show, the family conducts its affairs with class. No showboat, no temper.

  • snyz

    we’d never sign culpepper. teddy t doesn’t like punks. not a lot of veterans out there. maybe brunell, maybe brooks. hope we pick someone up in day 1, though. the trent green types are out there but they can be expensive, don’t see that happening, but we have like 30 million of cap room so we have to spend it somewhere.

    by the way, anyone still PO’d about andrew brandt leaving because of Teddy T like i am??

  • matt

    trent green, mark brunell. why is no one talking about david carr? McCarthy could mold him into a good quarterback.

  • Oconomowockid

    I am with you on Andre Brandt leaving. He served the Packers well during his time here. I am not sure what he did wrong. He will be missed.

  • kiedrowicz

    Ted Thompson and that entire Packer hierarchy needs to go! Favre retired because he wanted to win a super bowl and he knew that it wasn’t going to happen with the current Packer leadership. He was right. It took that arrogant bunch of ultra-conservative dimwits over 30 years to “rebuild” the Packers after Lombardi left. That only lasted a little while. Then those goof balls fired Chumra and made a bunch of other stupid moves. So, we were back to “rebuilding the Packers” AGAIN. Frankly, I felt like Favre did. Get the right players, who can play now, and win a damn super bowl before we all end up too old or too dead to enjoy it. Oh Well…that’s too late now because they blew off our ticket to the Super Bowl next year. I am tired of waiting for these jerks to “rebuild” the team. I am done with the Packers and, believe me, that is coming from someone who has a closet devoted to Packer shirts and hats.

  • wozzy wozzman

    kiedrowicz,dont get yer dupa where yer pie hole is,chill baby,the pack is fine,the pack has been fine,thats why they have the most wins of any team since 1992,,save the shirts,the hats , dont fight the packer addiction,life is sweeter with a lil GBP in the vein,i”m excited about the future. like Deanna Favre told her ol’ man Brettski”See the life through the windshield,not the rear view mirror” can ya dig it?”..dig down deep now and beg St. Vince for forgiveness for yer sins against all offended, and you shall be yerself again, whatever it is you desire to be,because you,my friend,are one with the packer spirit,carry on.

  • Jimm G

    Goodbye Kiedrowicz, we don’t need fair-weather second guessers anyway, unless you are a part of the organization on an intimate level all you are doing is drawing your conclusions based on what you “think” is real, not reality. The Bears would love your support.

    David Carr may be a good back-up but I’m afraid what kills him is slow decision making and that doesn’t work in the NFL and no amount of coaching will help. Brunell makes sense in the short term because he is humble enough to be a back up. I live in Jacksonville and he was supportive when he lost the starting gig, not something that is easy to do when you’ve taken a team to the Championship game. Brooks has a huge ego and loves to point the finger so I hope we stay away from him. I think Thompson will find someone but we may be looking at developing someone behind Nall, who knows.

    I believe the team will be competitive and move forward but we need to get the O line fixed in order to have success and stay in the upper echelon of the NFC.

  • Jeff

    I won’t pile on here, but I’m not planning on abandoning my lifelong Packers addiction just yet either..

    I think Carr was a victim of a horrible o-line down in Houston. That guy got killed his first two years. It could just be a confidence problem. As a young guy with skills, I like him better than most, but probably not as much as Brunell.

    Steady up with the o-line, and I think Carr would do just fine as a backup. Brunell might be coming close to a point where he could be brought on in a coaching capacity somewhere if he has that sort of temperment.

  • JeffN

    kiedrowicz, if thats your attitude and you say you are done with the Pack then why do you still come to the blog? This organization will win a superbowl within the next 5 years in my opinion. TT is building an excellent team. Farve had some pretty good things to say about Rodgers which makes me optimistic about his future. Not to mention Rodgers has a really good team to work with going forward.

    I think Brunnell is the best option right now for a backup. There isn’t much else out there. Culpepper can’t read defenses well enough to mentor Rodgers.

    I honestly really don’t care about the Andrew Brandt situation. Business relationships don’t always work out and sometimes it’s just time to move on. Besides he is a salary cap guy. It’s not like he can’t be replaced. Salary cap guys are like agents, their a dime a dozen.

  • matt i

    i personally dont want to get a backup who is to old. there is a rookie i want, Joe Flacco from delaware. he can play in colder weather, has the biggest arm in the draft by like 14 yards. 78 yard throw. Rogers is a good qaurterback, but he seems to be made of glass. i doubt he can stay healthy, but i hope to be proven wrong. i think Flacco could come in and pick up experience by backing up rogers. he will be able to get in when rogers gets a ouchy and pick up a couple qaurters here and there. and if rogers goes down he could be an answer for years to come. Favre didnt have much pro experience when he went in for an injured qaurterback. not saying anyone will be favre. but i dont want an old qaurterback in there like culpepper or any other FA, rogers isnt going to learn anything from culpepper, he learned from favre for three yrs. and if someone is going to get the snaps i want them to be able to play for us for a long time. like how pederson was a backup for favre for years.

  • Paul

    matt i, i’m with you on flacco. If Rogers does well, he’ll command favre or romo-like money; if he gets hurt, it’d be nice to have a young backup to come in. The main reason that I see the Pack not getting a first day qb is it will look like they don’t have faith in rogers.

    Any FA they get needs to be on the downside or it will look like competition for rogers. I think the pack will place a premium on rogers doing and looking good. He was, after all, TT’s first pick (i think). If the pack were to get, say carr, and he comes around, boom!! qb controversy.

    I’m not a big TT fan after his first presser. MM might do well in the lockerroom, but I think he can’t compete with the big dogs, ie Coughlin. The pack will continue to do well, usually winning the division (who else is there?); but no super bowl’s for quite awhile. the good news is that they will be profitable, and let ticket prices moderate.

    My $.02