Chad Johnson Up For Grabs

Chad Johnson wants to leave the Bengals, I think the Packers should pick him up!

I know a lot of people consider CJ to be one of those “problem receivers” like T.O. or Randy Moss, but I think the difference with Chad is that his antics are generally good natured, not harmful to team chemistry. As much as I hate it when players hold out, I think Chad would be a huge asset to the team and the deep threat we need. From what I hear, Rodgers throws the deep ball with more accuracy and finesse than Favre, so this could be a good pairing.

What does everyone else think?

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  • Ryan

    We dont need a deep threat…especially from a guy like CJ. We should be more worried about picking up a TE. People forget that we had the number one offense last year in the NFC, and our Fab five had the most yards after the catch. As long as Rodgers does his part, we will be fine at receiver. That is my thought at least

  • Troy

    That is a scary proposition. He is a player with a lot of talent that isn’t as productive as he could be and seems a little on the emotionally volatile side. I would only pick him up at bargain pricing which isn’t likely to happen.

  • JeffN

    I’m pretty sure TT won’t spend the money on CJ. Aside from that I think it’s better to just let these young recievers develope. Rookie James Jones had beat CBs deep a few times last season. Second year Greg Jennings came up huge plenty of times as a deep threat last season. In fact I think Greg Jennings is a younger version of CJ without the attitude.

  • Jeff

    The competition for top line talent is so fierce, I don’t know how you can afford to ignore a guy like Johnson.

    If you can get him, go get him. Win if you can, lose if you must, but use every opportunity to improve your team. Johnson makes the Packers better and lets us use guys like Driver (who should get a medal for his performance these past couple years) and Jones a little more sparingly. Johnson, Jennings and Driver being spelled by some combination of Jones, Robinson and Martin.

    I like the sound of that – especially if we can get a fast tight end.
    I agree that his antics seem mostly good-natured, but how well would he work with Coach Mike? I wonder about that a little, but winning seems to mitigate those sorts of issues.

    My major issue is that this sounds like another Drew Rosenhaus special.

  • Jake Eisch

    No way will TT drop money on Chad Johnson when we have more needs offensively like Tight End and Quarterback, plus we need to focus on developing our run game. It will be huge to see if Grant can produce the way he did last year.

  • Lew

    I think this is one of the craziest things you have suggested ever! And not because of his “attitude problem”…that actually does not concern me with him all that much. But if were going to drop mega dollars on someone why didn’t we go after Asante Samuel? Or get into the Jared Allen bidding? Or sign any of the other top line free agents? WR is a probably the strongest position on the team so a move for CJ would just not make much sense. He is very good but not great. Moss, yes. CJ, no way.

  • A-Rod Future

    If Johnson comes to Green Bay, expect a “surprise” Favre comes out of retirement announcement.

  • Jimm G

    Thompson shouldn’t even think about picking up Johnson, he is a problem unless he is getting the ball, just like the Moss discussion last year I think your all crazy for thinking about it. Ask yourself this; will Johnson be happy as a decoy if it helps the team win? I think it’s safe to say NO. We need a TE and backup QB more, TT needs to stay the course.

  • Pete H

    I gotta agree with Lew. If they were going to spend money, there were several others areas that could have been upgraded huge iwth free agents. Now you want them to not only pay a huge contract for a position that is quite talented, but lose something in return. No way! Again Moss is an absolute game changer…C. J. is a stud, but he’s not Moss. Especially with Rogers starting his first year here. He’s got enough to worry about besides trying to make some prima donna happy. There is no #1 WR on this team. Driver and Jennings both play that role sometimes. If C.J. isn’t happy being 1A and 1B with Housh, what’s he gonna do here. This system is predicated on the open receiver. They should have spent the money on Faneca or Samuel, now they’re sitting on a ridiculous amount of cap space for the second year in a row! He’s doing the same thing as last year…underestimating the talent he has on his team and how far they can go, and thereby handcuffing them by not making any moves. Really Favre could have waited until training camp to decide..what difference does it make, Thomspon doesn’t make any moves anyway.

  • scotto

    This is a really BAD idea for many reasons, already identified in previous posts – (the Pack already relatively strong at WR, more glaring needs to address, potentially adverse effect on team chemistry, etc.).

    While CJ is a talented WR, he’s not the second coming of Jerry Rice….

    Living in southwestern Ohio, I sense that many Bengal fans are done with CJ and his antics – I think Bill Cowher said it best when, after CJ pulled his camera antics after scoring a touchdown, he said something to the effect of ‘hey, [expletive deleted] your team is 4-7, quit celebrating”…

    Another thing that put me off on CJ is when he would openly dog Carson Palmer during the game when the ball was not thrown to him, or when he was intended the receiver, and for whatever reason the pass was not completed.

    Reserve it for the locker room….Concurring with Pete H above, that’s that last thing Aaron Rogers needs. Rogers is already filling some pretty big shoes….

    While CJ is talented, I think the Pack should take a pass on this one.

  • Ben Dover

    Last year we had great Team chemistry between our receivers and I’d hate to see that screwed up by anyone single player calling for the ball all the time. Besides, it’s going to be hard enough on Rodgers replacing a legend, I don’t think he needs the pressure of having to deal with a guy like CJ who more than likely would get in his grill for more balls thrown to him. Now If Favre were still here I’d say hell ya !

  • TRIP

    Good ideas on this blog. CJ = bad idea. We are strong at WR and have all we need for Rodgers to develop. Don’t give the new QB calculus in his first year of math. lol.. Let him do long-division and feel brilliant!

  • TRIP

    Besides, must I remind anyone how pissed we all were when Javon Walker bumped his head? God forbid Chad Johnson turn on us, or Aaron not be able to deliver, the Packers would become a soap-opera!

  • Steve

    I think that a better idea would be to pick up Shaun Alexander now that he has been released from the Seahawks. He didn’t have the greatest season last year but I still think that he has the potential to be as good as he was the years before that. The Packers have the money and since he didn’t have a great year and because he was released we wouldn’t have to give him a monster deal.

  • Jeff

    And we wouldn’t have to give Seattle two first rounders to get him. Of course, we gave up on Ahman Green who was in a similar situation but had had a pretty fair year. I’m still glad he got his payday and that it came out of somebody else’s pocket.

    Though I argued for CJ earlier in the thread and SA probably still has some gas in the tank, I’d still rather see us land a fast TE and a solid guard.

  • CaliMike

    In order to throw deep… QB must have time. The Pack are an injury away from getting Rodgers killed. Now, we look at Minnesota getting Allen whom we have to play twice a year and it is fairly safe to say… We need backup to an aging OL first and foremost. Go PACK

  • Yoop

    Two foolish idea’s Alexander and Johnson. Alexander is as done as your mom’s turkey dinner last thanksgiving.
    He is not a good idea in any way shape or form. Not worth the waste of time to bring in for a look.

    Johnson is NOT a WCO WR. Yes he is a deep threat. But this team is going to even more of pure WCO with the retirement of Favre.
    That is why you saw the Draft pick of Jordy Nelson at 6-3 217.
    Johnson is a 6-1 195 pound WR.
    They don’t live long crossing the middle. And Oh Ya Johnson runs a 4.57 40 at 195, Nelson a 4.49 at 217.

    As far as the OLine, they have the players NOW needed to back up the ageing OT’s. And replace them in the future.
    Right now there are 6 players that started at LT on the roster in collge or in the NFL. and a couple of UDFA’s in rookie camp.
    And 5 that played at RT either in college or started games in the NFL and in college.

    And EVERYONE is going WAY over board with the Allen additon to the Vikings. Kampman has more sacks and tackles the last 2 years then Allen did.
    He is a good player but Clifton shut him down last year.
    Adding that one player is NOT going to make them S.B. contenders.
    Did it make ther defesne better yes it did.
    But he is NOT going to transform that team.

  • drew

    R U STUPID???CJ would be the worst thing for the team right now. packers need a play maker not a selfish person tht only cares about money and not the team.If ur looking for a play maker we need sean alexander or travis henry both of those guys play with heart and care for the team not money.

    Yes. i will agree he is a deep threat, but we need hard players we need a team of brett favre’s.aaron rogers is a good player to me he did well last year….when he got time, but reason we have a brian brohm is because aaron rogers is injery prone.We were number one in yards after catch last year and TE r u kiding me we lost frank he sucked ne ways he was slow and the only thing he could do was catch.

    QB’s we defenitly look at we ahve young guys, rodgers does know the offence we need a leader bring me alexander.
    im 14 turning 15 my life is football ik probaby more than u old guys do packers, but we need heart not cocky smart guys tht make this team look bad

  • Well,

    the season is just beginning let see how it plays out

  • HELL YA! we need to pick up Ocho Cinco! our offense would be unstoppable. with that core of reciever how would defenses beable to stop the run. there would be to much to worry about down the field to put guys up in the box