Vikings May Still Suck

Let me just preface this by saying that I am a lifelong Packers fan from Appleton, WI, who now lives in the Twin Cities. Since I’ve lived here I’ve learned that watching the Vikings games and rooting for them to lose is almost as fun as watching the Packers. I’ve been keeping up with the Vikings news probably more than most Vikings fan, just so I can have the insider info on our most hated division rivals.

It’s been very interesting, and somewhat laughable as of late in regards to the Vikings news around here. Once DE Jared Allen was signed, suddenly all the local TV stations and newspapers are reporting that the Vikings could possibly make a super bowl run this year. Wow, really? Apparently they have already forgotten about their mostly dreadful 8-8 season last year, that they still don’t have a decent QB, and a delusional coach that said the Vikings offense “kicks ass” right after getting a hefty bludgeoning by the Pack in ’06.

I must admit I was a little shaken by the Jared Allen signing at first. However, by landing the deal a few days before the draft, it allowed all teams in the NFC North division to react by beefing up their O-lines through the draft, which is exactly what they all did. The Lions and the Bears both picked up OT’s in the first round, and the Packers did the same in later rounds.

By making the Jared Allen trade, the Vikings also paid a pretty hefty price. They gave away their 17th overall first-round pick and two third-rounders, ultimately leaving them with only 5 picks this year. Not to mention they are paying the guy $31-74 million.

In my opinion the Vikings and the state of Minnesota are putting too much stock in one guy. I was worried the Minnesota D-line would be hard to defend when they signed Erasmus James, but look how that panned out. Actually, the Vikings have had a lot of talent on their D-line over the last several years, but they just haven’t been as productive as predicted (not that I mind).

The Jared Allen trade could be another Herschel Walker fiasco (which btw is pretty much a swear word around here) in the works. Here’s hoping.

Go Pack!

Kevin the Viking Spy

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  • Ryan

    Amen to that! I live in Western, WI and have the displeasure of listening to obnoxious Wiping Fans that scream superbowl after every Free Agent pick-up every year. The thing to remember is that just because you bought a new talent doesn’t mean they can get them to work together, and be productive. This is why I have loved TT’s approach of building through the draft and never overpaying some chump off the street because it often messes up chemistry on the field/locker room…

    There are two things that I turn two when I start to think about this with the vikings… 0-4 and that they havent beat the packers in over two years now 🙂


  • Ben Dover

    How soon before they leave for L.A. ?

  • Larry

    I agree with most Viking fans through at least half of last season. Their coach is in way over his head and the rest of the staff isn’t much better. They have enough player talent to be dangerous but they just won’t be able to put it together into a winning streak that matters.

    As long as Aaron Rogers can master the quick / short timing passes with the variety of quality receivers the Packers have, the big bad Vikings D-line will come up short.

    Vikings will be 0 for 2 against the Pack again in 08!

  • Cody

    Give it two years Ben.. four tops. ; )

  • Mel e Mel

    I lived in MN almost 20 years. The Viqueens are the most delusional bunch this side of the Manson family. Did you know that Jared Allen had more TD catches than the starting Viking TE? Eight men in the box against Adrian Peterson and you win. Look at Vikings against Washington last year, basically a playoff game at home and what happened? They have no QB end of story.

  • JeffN

    If I may I would like to sum up the tittle of this article with my own version.

    “The Vikings still suck until further notice”

    The vikings will be on “they suck” status until proven otherwise and I think it’s going to be a while until they prove otherwise.

    I would also like to say that half of my coworkers are in Minneapolis and the other half in Appleton WI where I live. The Vikings fans that I know are pretty cool people and i actually enjoy talking to them about football during the season. They just don’t pay attention to what’s going on this time of season like us Packer finatics do 🙂

  • Eisch

    Listen, I lived by the twin cities for five years, and there’s one way to describe Vikings fans as well as media coverage, “Well, there’s always next year…” There’s always the optimistic “Super Bowl” possibility in the land of mud ducks, but that quickly fades when they end up having two or so consecutive losses. Fans immediately turn on their team and give up hope. That’s something you never see with Pack fans. 4-12 wasn’t that long ago, and we always kept hope. Arrogance and pride always present, we stand by our team with the honest hope and anticipation that we will overcome. Finishing with 4 straight wins two years ago really helped keep momentum for the Pack, and 13-3 last year gave us a feeling that we haven’t had for a quite some time. Something I think the Vikings or Viqueens may not feel for a long time. The sheer dysfunction and culture of discipline/character problems is unlikely to fade.

    Allen…whatever. We handled him with The Chiefs last year and came away with a win. I think the queens did do a lot to improve their team last year, but so did the Packers. I think teams may be in for a surprise on how we may be adjusting our play calling this year due to the absence of Favre. Rogers has a different style then our ol’ legend, so I’m not sure teams may be adjusted to that for our first year with new leadership. McCarthy is an extrordianary coach who will continue to develop this team and lead us toward victory. I’m not sure we’ll have another 13-3 season with the new line up and rigerous schedule, but I think we can make another playoff run for sure.

    GO PACK GO!!!!


  • snyz

    plain and simple: the vikes are perennial losers

    even when they have a chance to do great things, they ALWAYS crap down their legs in the critical moments. simple awesome.

  • TRIP

    I hate the Vikings more than the Bears and Lions combined.

  • Roy Jamison

    While the Packers have committed to building through the draft, the Vikings decided to take the “bold” move of not only surrendering valuable draft picks but gobbling up cap room in the Allen deal. How that goes over in the Viking locker room is questionable. I’m sure the Vikings players will say the right things, but if Allen doesn’t live up to the millions, you can only bet on problems. Plus, altho Allen is good, he is no Reggie White. All you have to do is roll the tape of the Packers and Chiefs game to see the matchup from last year. This Viking trade…because Allen is young…ranks only a little better than the Packers John Hadl trade many moons ago!

  • Fritz1218

    Every year at this time the Queens look pretty good and once again they have a lot of talent on their team. But they also have the same dome, same coach and same fans. With those 3 things going for them the players would feel like losers even if they won.

  • Stallion

    The Packers haven’t improved their team one bit. Actually they have regressed. Your almighty QB retired. But now that he is retired you act like your just as good. Something doesn’t make sense. You claim he is the greatest ever but now your team is still just as good. Your math doesn’t make sense. Getting an OL in the “later rounds” doesn’t not improve your line. I expect the Packers to go 5-11. You will be “hard”pressed to get those five wins.

  • JeffN

    Hey Stallion, you’re obviously not a Stallion when it comes to football knowledge. Just because we have regressed at one position does not mean the rest of the team has not improved. The Packers have been the youngest team in the league for the last 2 seasons. The rest of the team around Rodgers will improve making the pack about the same calibur team as they were last season. I know that’s a tough Algebra equation for you but by the time you figure it out the season will be half over and the Pack will already have a win on the Vikings.

  • JeffN

    One more thought. Last year the packers 2nd string QB was better than the Vikings starting QB. There is a good chance that the Pack will have a better 2nd string QB again this year. I’m pretty sure Jackson is going to be a complete train wreck. This is going to be another Wrecks Grossman situation.

  • George

    5-11 is just delusional, but anyone who thinks this season will be a cakewalk is mistaken. Look at the Packers schedule. It is one of the toughest I have ever seen. I don’t think that predicting a 9-7 season would be unrealistic, even if the team has stayed level or improved slightly.

  • JeffN

    Everyone said they had a tough schedule last year so many predicted 8-8 or 10-6 at best and they went 13-3. So they have a tough schedule again this year maybe they do maybe they don’t. Every team changes so much from year to year that’s it’s impossible to predict a hard or easy schedule based on last seasons results. You have to look at the improvement of the players from year to year for every individual team. The Packers are a young team with a good coach and the majority of the players will improve a lot over last year. The only real wild card is the QB position. Add it all up I say they go at least 11-5.

  • kw

    5-11 huh? Sounds good … you should bet everything you have on that premise! LMAO

    Brett Favre WAS one of the best QBs to ever play the game, but he still didn’t throw the ball to himself or hand-off and run the ball. He may have been declining some in these last few years, but this TEAM has always been the mainstay of the winning formula. The guys who were really good should be GREAT this year. The Packers have been building from within all along, with players learning their position for 1-2 years before getting a start. Rodgers, in the one short time he had playing in the Cowboys game, showed that he knows the offense and is ready. It’s not like we’re fielding some of the worst QBs in the entire league to run a one dimensional offensive scheme. One injury and the Vikings turn into the 2007 Miami Dolphins. One injury on the Packers, and there’s someone else ready to step-up.

    The other thing that people seem to forget is that the Packers new offense was designed more for Rodgers than it was for Favre. That’s why he had to work so hard and burned himself out. It doesn’t lay all the pressure on just one player like AP having to run the ball. Once AR gets on the same page with his receivers, I think there will be very little difference than there was when Favre was at the helm. JMO

  • Arlen

    Dear Packers:

    I suggest you offer Brett to whatever AFC team wants to give you a 2nd round draft pick and be done with this quickly.