First day thoughts on draft picks

After watching the first day interviews of the Packers’ 2008 draft picks, I think I like these guys. Brian Brohm said all the right things and it is clearly evident he went to college four years and was in the spotlight most of those years. He was as smooth as can be even though he was asked many times about his role on the team with Brett Favre retired and only Aaron Rodgers ahead of him. Brohm seemed to me, anyway, a man that will put pressure on Rodgers, and that is what general manager Ted Thompson and head coach Mike McCarthy want. No free rides on this team.

I was also extremely impressed with cornerback Patrick Lee. This is one confident mother. When asked how he beat out incumbent Jonathan Wilhite, who went to the Patriots in the fourth round, Lee simply said “I made plays”. A hamstring injury to Wilhite might have played a factor, but I like the confidence, and the fact he is used to playing the bump-and-run style of defense the Packers play.

I was also impressed with the way quarterback Matt Flynn handled himself and the fact that he already knows his role on the team and even that is not guaranteed. I think the Packers will keep three quarterbacks this year and I’m sure Brohm is number two and it is up to Flynn to be better than a guy like Ingle Martin who the Packers drafted a few years ago. I think Flynn is a guy the Packers can develop. I think Brohm is a guy they develop and maybe trade if Rodgers does what I think he is going to do.

With all due respect to Jon Ryan, I would love to see the home town boy, Ken DeBauche, a guy I covered as a high-school guy for the Green Bay News-Chronicle when he played for Bay Port five, six years ago. The kid has a chance. A four year punter at Wisconsin he is consistent with his lowest average at 41.6 yards and high average of 44.8 in his four years. Wisconsin weather will come easy to him. Hopefully he provides good competition for Ryan and at least finds a job in the NFL.

Finally, I am loving Jordy Nelson more and more each time I see or hear him. And with the reports I’ve heard about Koren Robinson not wanting to work out in Green Bay this offseason, him being the last person who shouldn’t be in Green Bay, tells me his short stint in Green Bay is over and that’s fine. It didn’t cost the Packers anything and Jordy Nelson will make fans forget that Brett Favre favor in no time.

Rodgers and Nelson. Might someday be as common as Favre and Driver, or Favre and Freeman, or Favre and Brooks, or Favre and Sharpe, I could go on and on, but pretty much any one of those combinations I would take. The reality is that because of Ted Thompson the Packers are in the best possible position they could be to deal with the retirement of Brett Favre. Thompson is no dummy.

More to come…

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  • Jeff

    I was just telling my wife how happy I am that we took Brohm. Even on draft day, when they interviewed Henne and Brohm after they were picked, our guy sounded like an enthusiastic, upbeat guy who just loves football. Henne sounded like a sullen, pouty jerk.

    Physical talent being relatively close – give me the guy with the good attitude.

    Good to hear about Patrick Lee – I’m interested to see and hear how he does against some of our receivers. Driver, Jennings and company will certainly test him. Does anybody have any impressions concerning our tight ends?

  • I think TE situation is a LOT better then most think.
    MM is changing the type of TE they want in the offense and what there primary and secondary responsabilities will be.
    They want a more athletic TE, That being the case, Lee, Humphreys, Finley, Peterson and Haynos fit that bill nicely.

    We all know about the first 3, but Peterson and Haynos are both very interesting players, Mike Peterson played at NW Missouri st, just over 6’2″ 247 ran a 4.59 40, good player, good production and the kind of player TT likes.

    Haynos is a HUGE TE 6-8 264 ran a 4.80 40, but what is impressive is with those LONG arms he did 20 reps at #225, and has a 31 1/2″ verticle, but thing thing that really got my attention was Haynos at 6’8″ hasd a 4.23 20 yard short shuttle, and a 6.93 2 cone drill.
    Haynos had a better 3 cone, long jump, and verticle then Finley and both had the same for Reps @ #225.
    Add a 10’3″ long jump he is a nice TE to have in the mix, he is a very good blocker also.

  • Ben Dover

    Patrick Lee may talk the talk but so did Ahmad Carroll right up until the day he was handed his ticket out of town so forgive me if I don’t share your enthusiasm. Glad your coming around on Jordy, he’s going to be fun to watch. I think we definitely made an upgrade at the WR position. If Harris and Woodson didn’t come down with old age over the off season the Packers should be exciting to watch once again.

  • TRIP

    I know you want dinner and a movie with Jordy Nelson, but let’s not forget about Greg Jennings. He’s proven and will be Rodgers’ first glance.

  • TRIP

    I hate that I’m being more negative than you, but let’s make sure that Rodgers will be a sound QB before we start coupling ANYONE up. I don’t know, I’m starting to feel like we are going to need a great showing from the defense next season to weather the inexperience with the offense. 2-3 years from now, the offense might be on fire. But for now, there could be a huge learning curve.

  • Cody

    I loved Nelson, and Lee, and Brohm.. but listening to Breno Giacomini was refreshing. I really think that this guy will do good for our team. He is a big, physical tackle who played some tight end in college with Brohm. He sounded entirely focused in his interviews, I think he will be good. Also, Jeremy Thompson sounds like a young man on a mission. He said that he feels that he will play on special teams, but that he doesn’t mind. That is the type of attitude that a rookie needs to have. He could be a dynamic force at d end in a couple of years.
    just throwing in my two cents..

  • Yoop

    I still have to wonder WHY so many discount Rodgers.
    MM is going to go to a even more pure WCO with the retirement of Favre.
    Thats why you see the additon of Nelson, why you see the type of TE they have brought in.
    Rodgers RIGHT NOW brings as many things that Brett did not do as the things Rodgers just doesn’t have the on field experience with.
    The BIGGEST advantage with Rodgers is he will have been in this sytem for 3 years.
    3 full of seasons of working this offense, Knowing the reads, Knowing the what plays to go to depending on the defense shown, who is the hot receiver because of the defense shown.
    You will see WAY less shot gun, Way more QB movement , roll outs, boot legs. Much more of the 1997 kind WCO offense.
    Rodgers is as or more accurate a passer then Favre.
    Rodgers throws a better Deep ball then Favre without a doubt.

    Think of the QB’s the last few years that have got a chance to learn like Rodgers has, Carson Palmer, Phillip Rivers for example.
    Winners right out of the box.

  • TRIP

    The guy above me is smoking something. Even if he had a better long ball/accuracy, we won’t give you 16-straight seasons, all starts. He’s already proven that. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Pack like the next and I want Rodgers to be the man, but I won’t count my chickens before they hatch.

  • JeffN

    Rodgers doesn’t have to be as good as Brett. He just needs to be an above average QB that doesn’t make mistakes. Besides if for some unlikely reason Rodgers can’t deliver we got Brohm for a backup plan. More realistically between how good of a coach MM is and all the weapons Rodgers has around him there is almost no way he can fail. Let’s not compare him to Brett that just isn’t fair.

    With Lee playing the bump and run and being an understudy for a few a few years underneath 2 guys that have mastered the style Harris and Woodson there is a good chance he will develop into a fine NFL Corner.

    Interesting read about the TEs. It’s going to be interesting watching those guys this year.

  • Reid

    Last year, didn’t we get all upset about not drafting any playmakers, who is James Jones?, why didn’t we offer more to pull off the trade for Randy Moss, how are we going to score points, etc. Now we’re all complaining about drafting a playmaker (Jordy Nelson) because we already have enough playmakers. Did a miracle occur? I like this year’s situation better, feeling like we can move the ball and score some big points. Let’s not forget the proven fact that Jordy can pass the ball too, I already see Jennings sneaking thru the defense to catch a bomb on a reverse option pass from Jordy.

  • Jimm G

    I think we will be fine offensively if we can run the ball, Rodgers is no Favre but I have heard he throws the deep ball better. I don’t know who didn’t think Brett was accurate, I guess they were watching a different team but hey we’re all entitled to our own opinions.

    I have faith in TT and the coaching staff and believe they are building a team that can be competitive for the future which is better then building with the idea of winning now like Washington, we all know that doesn’t work. I like that the draftees are talking the talk, I just hope that they stay that way I still remember T.O. crying after catching the ball against us in the playoffs and how humble he appeared then, far cry from how he is today. Anyway, I think the defense will be better, I personally like Tramon Williams and hope that the competition from Lee helps make him a better player, who knows the and Lee may ultimately replace Woodson and Harris.

    Just my two cents.

  • JeffN

    Not that it’s a big deal but Favre’s best pass was the short screen passes and the 10-15 yard slants. It’s not that he threw a terrible deep ball but with the exception of last season his deep ball throughout most of his carreer was really just okay. Might of had something to do with the WR s he had most of his carreer.

    IMO Favre did a lot of great work with the average to below average WR s he had between the years of when Holmgren left to just as MM came on board.

  • Yoop

    Smoking something? Who is smoking something is ANYONE that thinks a QB is going to do what Favre did for games played. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

    NO ONE HAS EVER DONE IT BEFORE! And anyone that holds another QB, ANY QB to that standard is total IDIOT.

    The NFL average for the last 15 years is over 55 different QB’s starting games in a NFL season.

    Last year 62 different QB’s started games by Decemeber 12th.

    Only FIVE QB’s have EVER started more than 100 games in a row in the TOTAL history of the NFL.

    And last year a total of 12 QB’s started all 16 games.

    The closest to Favre is Manning at 160 games he will have to play another 6 years without mising a game to pass Favre.
    Next is Jaworski at 116 games, then Brady at 110, and the next closet is Joe Furguson who played 107 from 1977 to 1984.

    You have been smoking something if you think ANY qb is going to do what Favre did. Time to come get off the pipe and get some reality. Because the reality is that QB’s in the NFL WILL miss games.

  • Favre didn’t get hurt. Manning and Brady haven’t missed any games. Marino, Elway, maybe a couple here and there. Hell, even David Carr didn’t miss a game because of injury. If you are good, you play. Whatever I am smoking must not be too bad. Hope I can keep getting it. I will bet whatever that Manning breaks Favre’s record. Brady might too. Both will probably end up with more championships than Favre. What is your point? I show up for work every day too, where is my trophy?

  • Yoop

    No trophy but the point is in counter point to your post of , Even if he had a better long ball/accuracy, we won’t give you 16-straight seasons, all starts. He’s already proven that.
    He has NOT missed a start yet for one.
    And Carr did miss games.

    The odds are SO against Manning and Brady making it past Favre is it rediculous.
    Specially as each of them gets older.
    The history and stats for ALL the QB’s for ALL time in the NFL show that.
    And what you named a couple of others QB’s in comparison to how many QBs have started games in the NFL and only 5 all time have more then 100 starts in row.

    Compare that to the number of QB’s that have started games in the entire history of the NFL.

    I’ll take that bet any day of the week by the way, We can wait another 6 years to see how it comes out.
    Theres a greater chance of Manning getting killed in auto accident then making it past Favre for Consecutive starts.

    And making those consecutive starts has NOTHING to do with being good or not being good.

  • JeffN

    How tough you are and how well you play through the pain of having injuries factors into how good a player is. Favre played not being able to use the thumb on his throwing hand and still lit teams up. That thumb injury he had would have sidelined many QBs, most wouldn’t have even been able to throw the ball. He also had an elbow injury during the Sherman years that would have sidelined a lot of QBs. I’m sure there are many undocumented injuries that Favre didn’t even bother to speak about. He is the toughest/heartiest QB of all time. I would agree that it will be a very long time before another QB challenges his record if ever.

    I guess I’m pretty bored to argue this point. Would rather be talking about the packers rookies. IDK maybe we haven’t seen enough on them yet to comment further.

  • Ben Dover

    Trent Dilfer won a ring so it’s possible Rodgers could as well. To much is placed on having a pro bowl QB. How about having a pro bowl caliber offensive that doesn’t depend on the QB to make big plays. Was Kurt Warner really that good or did his stable of pro bowl WR’s win him a ring ? I like our WR’s but I’d take moss or Chad Johnson in a heart beat. You can never ever have to many play makers.

  • JeffN

    Kurt Warner was really pretty average even the year the Rams won the superbowl. His offensive line and WRs gave him top notch QB status. Same will go for Rodgers if he stays healthy. Rodgers top 3 WRs are studs plus the rookie Jordy could be a playmaker. Say what you want about the left guard position the offensive line in GB is pretty good. Even if Rodgers is an average QB his offense will make him a star.

  • Jimm G

    There are a ton of examples of quarterbacks that have one the “Big One” without being a “stud”, who thinks Eli Manning is one?… anybody? The thing that will enable Rodgers to be an effective QB will be a good running game, without that he runs a good chance of being just another player that followed a legend.

  • Pete H

    That is why they need a guard. It all starts with the line, especially with a young QB. The left guard position has stunk for three years, exemplified by the championship game last year. You are only as good as your weakest link. If the other four guys make their blocks and one doesn’t, the play will still, more often than not, be a failure. As for Eli, no he is not a stud yet, but he sure played like one down throughout the playoffs, and thats really what matters.