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I think Rex Grossman would have been the perfect backup to Aaron Rodgers this year. The Packers dodged a major bullet last year when Rodgers was able to stay healthy, but why press your luck? Grossman is always at his best coming off the bench and could have gotten the Packers through a short-term loss of Rodgers. I can’t say that about the bozos backing up Rodgers now. And having that veteran presence on the bench puts a little more pressure on Rodgers to stay on the field by playing well. That strategy worked pretty well for Mike Holmgren when he always had a veteran backup behind Brett Favre. Guys like Jim McMahon, Steve Bono and Doug Pederson were there as insurance. Right now, if Rodgers goes down, so do any hope they have at improving on last year.

I think I would like to see the Packers take a chance on Mike Vick. He could be the number two QB and number one gadget play player.  Vick could ease himself back into the NFL as a backup quarterback and part-time offensive playmaker and is not likely to command a lot of money. The guy has played in and won big games, including handing the Packers their first ever home playoff loss, so playing in the cold at Lambeau isn’t a problem. The man paid his debt to society and I think he would be a good fit in Green Bay.

I’m starting to think all the hubbub about Aaron Kampman may have been overblown. He seems to be adjusting well, but his silence and attitude toward the media is still somewhat curious. Here’s hoping he comes around and returns to the old AK were are used to seeing.

I think I am very disappointed already in first-round draft pick Clay Matthews. I mean, come on, how do you a pull a hammy in your first practice? No excuse is acceptable, and his absence more than likely has already cost him a starting job with the way Jeremy Thompson is performing. I hope this is not a sign of things to come for Matthews, but after watching Justin Harrell the last two years, one can’t help but be skeptical.

I think the Packers will be better with Jason Spitz at center, but only if they can replace him at right guard. He might be their best lineman.

I think I’m impressed with the way B.J. Raji has presented himself so far in Green Bay. He has done what is asked, studied hard by all accounts, and has been very professional with the media. I think he might have a long career in Green Bay. I don’t think, however, this is necessarily the end of Ryan Pickett in Green Bay, the Packers will find a way to use both and keep both happy. At least I hope so, Pickett is a solid veteran presence in the locker room and the Packers hopefully find a way to keep him after this year.

I think I might have something to say about someone in the next few days, but not a fault of my own.

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  • Steve

    You will Al… you can’t stop talking about him…

  • Steve – I have not broke my self-imposed moratorium, so your statement is not accurate. It is you guys who can’t leave it alone. Maybe you missed the memo.

  • Rocky70

    Grossman, Vick as backups ?? -Both are losers.
    Have you ever pulled a hammy ?? -It’s not hard to do even when you aren’t playing football.

    “I don’t know what to tell them. Vince Lombardi went to the Washington Redskins. … Time heals a lot of things. I have nothing but the highest regards for Green Bay, and I mean that sincerely.” per BF in tonight’s interview.

    BF’s got some nerve comparing his time in GB to Lombardi’s time.
    Vince was GM & HC & led GB to 5 NFL championships in ten years including the first two SBs.
    BF led GB to only ONE SB victory in a long 16 years.

    BF’s career as the NFL’s biggest ‘prima-diva’ continues with no end in sight.

  • jonnyfootballhero

    i would never again like to see mike vick in an nfl uniform. i think he’s a liar, a thug, and is only saying whatever it takes to get back to the nfl. i think once his nfl career is truly over that he will eventually revert back to his old ways. they say everyone deserves a second chance, but i don’t care. what he did was utterly dispicable and disgusting. i think he’s a gross human being and deserves nothing.

  • Rocky70

    Geez, jonnyfootballhero.
    Kinda hard on the the ‘torture king’. Amazingly, over half of all people polled say that Vick deserves a 2nd chance & that what he did wasn’t all that bad. They’re only dogs.
    I say attach electrical wires to Vick’s gonads & zap him as he is being waterboarded to near death. Then place his limp body behind an 18-wheeler & back over him a few times. If he’s capable of playing after this, then have at it. Vicious, but fitting.

  • matt

    A hamstring can be strained quite easily and is commonly caused by a muscle imbalance between it and the quadriceps. Typically, football players squat way too much and the exercise intensely works the quads while the hamstrings only support.

    When a play runs, the quads explode and strain the weaker hamstrings.

    Here is what Clay needs to do:
    1. Stop running and playing until training camp
    2. Stretch many times per day
    3. Do hamstring exercises like lunges, to bring the hamstrings in balance with the power of the quads.

  • matt

    I wouldn’t replace Matt Flynn with Grossman, while Grossman and Brohm probably have similar abilities. I don’t believe this type of change would be beneficial.

    I don’t believe Vick will be a recidivist. He has probably shown penitence already and deserves to earn a living playing football. Nevertheless, I don’t see a role for him on the Packers. They have plenty of weapons on offense and they don’t need one more person to take catches or carries from the others. The Packers really need their offensive line to improve if they are to win more games this year. 3rd and 4th and short have to become close to automatic.

  • Al, you might be onto something with Vick. He served his time and we could drop him faster than Tim Couch if he didn’t work out. I can’t see him screwing up the locker room or PETA picketing Lambeau Field. As far as being disappointed in Matthews, I was really disappointed in Rodgers his first exhibition season. It takes time with rookies, sometimes years. Thompson wasn’t much help his first year. I think it took James Harrison, Defensive MVP, four years just to be able to start.

  • Larry

    The only issue I take with your backup points is the implication that Doug Pederson was a proven veteran. Seems to me that DP was a career backup and not unlike Hasselbeck (until traded) and others who sat on the bench for yrs until released or traded. Sobeit with Flynn and Brohm. The same, to some extent, even applies to Rodgers. I see the identical senario with F and B as with so many of the young guys who came in behind BF. They’re not going to replace Aaron, but will have the benefit of QB school for a few years learning the position. As I see it we were more than extremely lucky for about 13 years that no one had to come in and replace BF. Vick? There are probably (3) people in the entire world that could force me to become a Bear fan if they were to become associated with the Packers. The top guys from N. Korea and Iran come to mind, but Vick would be the third, rehabilitation or not. I don’t think he’s made full repayment to society yet!

  • Tom

    Vick in any uniform would be bad, but Vick in a Packer uniform would have me becoming a soccer fan.

  • BTSills

    “No” to Favre but “Yes” to a convicted criminal?

    You guys have no class.

  • Pack4life

    Ray Lewis is accesory to an actual Homicide, Leonard Little killed a person, plus too many drug offenders to possibly list. Not only does Ray Lewis play he has commercials on NFL network. How is that for justice? Vick has paid more than the all the above offenders combined so come off it. Vick would be ideal at #2 but he would need to play another position. The ultimate for TT to kick BF for his little stunt sign Michael Vick.

  • BTSills

    I am embarrassed to see the hostility you Packers “fans” show to Favre, and then see you same “fans” clamor for convicted felon Vick to grave Lambeau Field.

    You guys are a disgrace to the Packers fans (and players) I grew up with.

  • BTSills

    that should be “grace” not “grave”.

  • Pack4life

    What about the open hostility Favre has for this organization? Actions speak louder than words. Anyone who suits up with the purple IS THE ENEMY real packer fans know this. The same goes for Ryan Longwell and Darren Sharper even though Darren is no longer with the purple. Favre used the pronoun “we” referring to the queens how digusting!

  • Larry

    No rancor here if Favre plays for MIN. He’s got a 40 year old arm and 40 year old legs. For several years he has not been able to finish the season beyond the first 10 games without going into the “desparate” mode. He has been making bad decisions for years especially with the game on the line. He is exactly what you’d expect of a prideful “has been” who is out to get even. I can’t believe that any other team in our Division cares one way or the other if he plays, and some probably would like it because of his tendencies and the fact that it puts MIN off another year in their quest for a franchise QB. Just look around; CHI has young QB and RB, also GB and DET. There is no doubt that BF will have “flashes” but he cannot put a full season together at even a journeyman level at his age, no way. Even if he had the physical capability his HEAD would override his body with an inoportune pick. You cant take the past accomplishments and records away from him, but he is just a shadow of his prior self and even now you can hear the doubt in his comments. I think the Pack would be much better off knowing the BF tendencies than giving their other QBs another year of seasoning under fire. I think the MIN organization is nuts for even considering him, unless, just like the NYJ its just to sell tickets……………!

  • Larry, I agree. And, if Childress is stupid enough to leave him in when he loses it, I predict he’ll be fired like Mangini.

  • Roy Jamison

    Al, I am surprised that I agree with most of what you have written. I would imagine there are a lot of folks turned off by Vick, but he paid his dues as far as I know. The cost to find out what he has left is minimal and I don’t think there is any question he would be a big upgrade on what we’ve got now. Grossman, if I recall was consider by Wolf when he was a GM. He would also be an upgrade. I don’t know why the experts thought Brohm was going to be NFL ready. And you might throw in Sage Rosenfels who probably will be available when Favre signs.
    As far as Matthews and Raji, I don’t really want to say anything about those guys till we see them in action.

  • Roy Jamison

    this is a piece from and from it you can understand why the Viqueens are such big losers!
    The piece is entitled what I hate most about the green bay packers. I’m only disappointed we only ranked third.

    “3. The fans. Can you say “cult” ? I thought you could. I mean, in Minnesota, it is a choice, you either are a huge Vikings fan, or you don’t care that much. Have you ever met anyone from Wisconsin who is not a wild-eyed Packers fanatic ?? I haven’t. They make the Jonestown, Guyana Jim Jones cult look like a meeting of the National Sceptics Association. “

  • Rocky70

    Good post Larry. Everything you mentioned is true & can be compared to BF in 2005, 2006 & 2008. However, 2007 is a different case. Although BF even faded in 2007, he was pretty much a QB under control who played within himself. If Chilly can get him to do the same in 2009, the Vikes could be the team to beat. The question comes down to this. Is BF (under control) a better option than Sage or Jackson ?? He could be if he’s willing to manage the game & let Peterson be the focal point.

  • JeffN

    I don’t care what Vick does as long as he is not a Packer. We have our backups in Flynn and Brohm. MM will train them well and they will become excellent backups. Rodgers does not need any motivation. He is self motivated.

    I don’t care what BF does. What he does next is his decision and we have no control over what he decides to do so let’s continue to move on as fans like we have been doing.

    As long as Clay Mathews is ready to go in the next month he should be fine.

    Good to hear Thompson is doing well. Always nice to see a young guy start coming into his own. I think the Kampman thing will fade away as the season get’s closer.

    I agree Spitz could be the best O-lineman. Sounds like Sitton will be as good of RG as Spitz. We will see tho. If things fall into place with the O-line then look out this offense will be one of the top in the NFL this year if that happens. Big if.

    All in all I think we have a good team. It’s on the coaches and players to perform now. Let’s hope all these good players and coaching staff have the chemistry together to become champions.

  • Roy Jamison

    I think Al is right about these qbs as I mentioned before. I don’t think these guys are the second coming of Detmer and Brunell. You can have a little comfort if the qb goes down with a running back like the Vikes have. You don’t need to rely on passing as much. But, when you continue to roll the dice like we have the last 16 years, eventually you are gonna lose. Koren Robinson had problems too, but helped out in a need area. To continue to throw stones at Vick or anyone else who has paid the price is ridiculous. Football is a performance based business. You need a solid backup at qb and we don’t have it. In fact, I’d be willing to bet our backups have the fewest starts of any bunch in the NFL.

  • JeffN

    Starts don’t matter. How well you actually play when you get in the game is what matters. Rodgers proved that to us all last year. Brunnel and Detmer were decent back up QBs and Brunnel was a very average starter. They were never anything special. Same goes for Brohm and Flynn at this point in the their careers. Don’t really see any big deal with the backups that we have. I’m not throwing stones at Vick just saying I would rather keep what we have than roll the dice with a guy who can’t really throw the ball. In Green Bay’s offense you have to be able to throw the ball if you’re the QB not run with it.

  • Roy Jamison

    Starts don’t matter? OK, then we better get two more guys that have less starts than these two guys and they would probably play better than what we have. Rodgers was in the system for over 3 years and had at least displayed some good play in exhibition games. These guys haven’t been in the system that long and haven’t displayed anything except that they are, (so far) inept. As for Vick, he is one of other guys like Grossman that could be part of the solution. Even picking up Jeff Garcia would have helped till we get someone better. Here’s an interesting story from last year after various qb injuries. Of course, the one that stands out is Matt Cassel. I don’t think we have anyone close to him as a backup.

  • JeffN

    Flynn and Brohm are backup calibur guys with a lot of upside. Nobody is saying they are anything all that great YET. They are backups, that’s all, and that’s what we have for backup QBs at least until those 2 guys develop into something more. Vick doesn’t fit our system. Our system is based around the Fab 5 so the QB has to throw the ball a lot. Vick may have a strong arm but who cares because he can’t hit the broad side of a barn. Green Bay is a pass first team. Vick belongs on a run first team. The shoe just doesn’t fit.

    I don’t think there is anything carved in stone saying that you have to have a veteran as your backup QB. Although I agree a veteran backup QB is a situation that can work well and also a young guy as a backup QB can work well also. Tom Brady was a rookie backup in New England at one time, Brett Favre was a 2nd year backup in Green Bay at one time. If Drew Bledsoe never get’s injured maybe he wins 2 of Brady’s 3 super bowls or maybe all 3 (side thought). There are examples boths ways and both ways can work well. MM/TT are going with the young guy approach like they always do. No surprises there. Although I can see people’s unrest in unproven players, there are new unproven players emerging as stars every year. The NFL is NOT about what you have done it’s all about what you CAN do.

  • ScottS

    I haven’t done the research but I’m pretty sure that Favre has played and beaten every team in the NFL except for one, the Green Bay Packers. I don’t believe any QB has played and won against every team in the league. Maybe that’s his goal, to be able to say he beat everyone.

    Personally, I’m disappointed to find out Favre thinks a loyal fan base can be tossed away like garbage. I think it shows a complete lack of respect for those of us who made him the hero he was. Without fans he’s just another guy with a good arm. He’ll never get the same respect and outright adoration from Queens fans. They’ll be clamoring for Sage after Favre throws his first pick to lose a game.

  • zach

    Hamstring strain on a 22 or 23 year old athlete, in practice, is something to be concerned about. What does that say about a teams conditioning?? Or an individuals??

    Hopefully it was just a fluke thing and he will be ready for action in no time. I want to see this kid play.