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  • zach

    Well…..someone has to make a comment…..

  • Rocky70

    It used to be that we could count on Packer_Bob to at least make some kind of meaningless post in circumstances like these ……….. You know, something like how great BF looks in his Wranglers or how thankful PB is that he found sensodyne because of BF ………..

    Evidently, the ‘warden’ has curtailed PB over the holidays & his access to the net is limited …………….. Incarceration must be hell.

  • PackerPete

    How is life in the Twink Cities, Rock?

  • Steve Cheez

    Well, there is always BF’s third testicle…

  • Moot argument, men, like it or not Favre is having a monster season and should be considered for another MVP. And……..he is doing it with probably the worst coach he ever had. TT made the right move, everything considered, but we have to be honest. Doesn’t change any of my reasons for wanting him gone from the Pack. I don’t care who he plays for, he can be beat.