Trade Now

Now is the time for the Packers to trade away a starter or two for the chance to really improve the team.  If we have a current starter where the backup is just as good (or could be better with some consistent playing time), why not trade them now for another shot in the lottery that is called the NFL draft.  The assumption being made here is that you will have to trade away a starter to get a significant draft choice in return.

So, who is it that is a starter, could be replaced from the current roster, and still has a reasonable backup to cover the spot in the event of an injury?

1. John Kuhn – After 4 years on the roster, we should be able to expect Korey Hall or Quinn Johnson to step up.  Could we expect a third or fourth round draft choice for a starter like John Kuhn?
2. Daryn Colledge – With competition from Spitz and Lang, maybe this is the time to trade away a starter that is likely not to be a starter for much longer.
3. Donald Lee – Other teams may still see Donald Lee as a starting caliber TE even if Packer fans do not.  Much depends on what Ted Thompson’s view of what seems to be real progress made last season by Spencer Havner.  Is there any doubt that Donald Lee’s career has already peeked?

Somehow the Packers will have to made room for a half dozen new rookies on the roster by the fall.  Why not get a draft choice now rather than nothing during the fall cut down process?


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  • jonnyfootballhero

    I am all for making the Packers a better team using any method possible, but I just don’t think any of those guys have much trade value.
    If I was the GM of any of the other 31 teams, I’d rather take my chances drafting a fresh young player than to trade for a medicore guy that hasn’t done much of anything.

  • roy jamison

    I would be happy to get anything for those guys, but I don’t think any team would offer more than a couple of cans of Bush’s beans for any one of those guys.

  • matt

    Trade AJ Hawk and start Chillar!

  • TRIP

    lol @ roy

  • PackerPete

    lol @ matt

  • Rick

    Kuhn offers a great special team splayer but FB is a low priority postion. No real trade value.

    Colledge- May be worth a 4th or 5th. He is more valuable to the Packers then that though.

    Donald Lee – a solid 3rd or 4th round but we must have two solid TEs. Havner has been good as a third for spot duty but his legal problems and injury mean we keep Lee.

    Our roster is not over burdened right now with high value trade picks unless we give up a starter which I do not see us doing.

  • iccyfan

    I can’t remember a recent trade where the veteran player brought equivalent trade value, other than the Bears stupid acquisition of Jay Cutler. Donovan McNabb for a second is a steal. Brandon Marshall is available for a first with no takers. I’m sure others will refresh my memory with better examples! For fun, I’ll advocate I wouldn’t mind if the Packers were to “package” some of your players and a pick and acquire an established player in a position of need. If the Browns can trade for a starter quality corner…let’s go find that next Al Harris for a second…

  • Of the players we can spare only Hawk, Bishop and Colledge have any trade value. They’re definitely expendable if we draft another LB or O-lineman in the first 3 rounds.

  • Rocky70

    Only way Kuhn makes the 2010 roster is if GB keeps 3 fullbacks again which sounds unlikely ………. Other teams know this so his value in a trade is minimal when he’ll probably be released at some time anyway ………. Colledge has value as a backup in GB ……… I’d still rather have him standing on the GB sideline than a raw rookie who’s a couple years away from playing ………… You want to trade Donald Lee ? ……… You might get a late round pick at best ……….. Then you’d have to use that pick to draft a raw rookie TE as his replacement ………. At least D. Lee knows the plays.

    GB won’t have to worry about making room for their 2010 draftees because TT/MM will use them to move up & move up & move up …………… GB may draft 5 players in 2010 & then only 3 will make the 2010 53-man roster ……….. Rebuilding teams need numbers ……….. GB is not rebuilding.

  • Rocky70

    Chillar will end up outside if B. Jones falls short in 2010 ………… Trade AJ Hawk ? ……….. AJ’s second year in the 3-4 will land him in the Pro-Bowl ……… You don’t trade Pro-Bowlers ………… You can quote me on this ……….

  • Rocky, quote you on trading a pro-bowler like we did with Sharper or that Hawk is going to be a pro-bowler which seems unlikely. He was pretty useless vs the Cards. We seem to have done well against the run when he’s in there but he doesn’t blitz and makes few plays in coverage, much like Poppinga. I would rather trade Poppinga and hope Hawk improves but Poppinga doesn’t have any trade value.

  • Rick

    We will see what happens in the draft. Healthy we can get back Harrell for Dline depth and Lee and Harris for CB and Blackmon for KR.

  • matt

    Could it be that Darren Sharper wants to play for the Packers again?? Could it be?

    He didn’t seem to have love for the Vikings, but he seems excited about the Packers. What are your thoughts?

  • Servius

    I here Darrin McFadden may be available from the Raiders.

  • Rocky70

    AJ is an inside LB ………. His chances at blitzing or going out in coverage are limited ………… His primary responsibility is stopping the run ………. Since GB led the NFL in stopping the run, he must have been effective.

    Per the video link above, Lombardi predicts C. Brown at 23 ………. At least some of the pundits see the need at LT ………..

    Sharper will go where he can get the money ……… I doubt GB will pay him for a return.

  • Rocky70


    2010 Mock Draft Muncher

    Combines several mock drafts into one ………. Looks like LT is the aiming point for GB.


  • snyz

    rocky, i will definitely not forget your AJ hawk will be a pro bowler claim. i’ve grown tiresome of the AJ hawk thread. i won’t say he stinks, but your “top run D” rationale is weak at best. ILBs in the 3-4 who make the pro bowl have to be substantially better than “effective,” which hawk is not. he showed flashes in the latter half of last year, so i still have hopes. but come on, pro bowler?

  • Rocky70

    Check your facts, snyz, before you claim too much wisdom ………… What would it take for AJ Hawk to go from an aternate to ‘full-fledged’ ProBowler ……… I don’t know & I’m sure you don’t have a clue.

    ” The Packers announced that linebacker Clay Matthews was named a first alternate. Orakpo, also a rookie from Washington, apparently beat him out for the reserve list. Green Bay’s other alternates are tackle Chad Clifton, running back Ryan Grant and linebacker A.J. Hawk. “

  • iccyfan

    Rocky70 Says: “Combines several mock drafts into one ………. Looks like LT is the aiming point for GB.”

    Yeah, I’m sure the guys behind “Draft Daddy” and “Draft Dog” have lots of insight into Ted Thompson’s thinking…

  • Rick

    The Steelers are cornering the 5th round draft picks this year. With the Holmes trade for a 5th the Steelers now have 4 picks in that round. With a deep draft there is a lot of Ofensive and Defensive Player they can select and work up to fill in holes over the next few years. With a 2-3 year development cycle for O linemen they can do what I have mentioned the Packers need to do. Draft and develop players and use the practice squad as a development bench.

  • Rocky70

    ” Yeah, I’m sure the guys behind “Draft Daddy” and “Draft Dog” have lots of insight into Ted Thompson’s thinking… ”

    Maybe they don’t ……… or ………… maybe they do ……….. Some of you will be eating ‘lots of crow’ when the commish announces ………..

    ” And Green Bay’s pick in the 1st round is offensive tackle from ……………. ”

    Maybe then all this ‘fantasy football’ crap posted here will cease ………. Time for some of you to be jolted into the real world.

  • iccyfan

    Where exactly did you get the idea you were the only fan prognosticating a first-round OT selection? There are many who feel it’s an area that will be addressed early; if not first then likely second round. Having said that, I don’t think TT will “reach” for an OT if there’s a better value pick sitting there…

  • Rocky70

    Actually, most predicting GB’s 1st selection are going OT ………. I’ve been projecting an OT for months with no conditions attached ………..

    Even you project an OL early with a ‘but’ attached (no reach on TT’s part) ……… Some pretty good CYA on your part ……….. It’s like saying TT will draft ‘so & so’ unless he drafts someone else ………… Some of you should wait until May to make your final declarations ……. LOL.

  • iccyfan

    Where exactly have you put a specific name in writing? I don’t see one in this thread, nor the last…

    I believe the top four or possibly five OT’s (Okung, Bulaga, Williams, Rutgers kid & Campbell) will be off the board by the time GB drafts at #23. If Ted doesn’t trade up to get one (and I don’t think he will), I believe (from what I’ve read) that #23 is too high for Charles Brown of USC. Ted doesn’t draft for “need” and there will be a higher ranked player on his board, be it a CB, rush linebacker or DE. He will either take that corner (Kyle Wilson) or trade down and take Brown / Saffold in the early second. My prediction – Kyle Wilson of Boise State in Round 1. As last season showed, you can never have too many CB’s…

    Let’s hear it Rocky – which OT do you believe the Packers will draft at #23?

  • Rick

    @Rocky – Why are you such a douche sometimes? Your attitude is not fun to chat with. I appreciate your strong feelings for an OT but do you have to be demeaning to others here?
    Can you please express those feelings without the spite?

    I would love to hear your best guess at what player the Packers pick.

    I put myself out there and picked an OLB and picked Sergio Kindle which you thought had to many character issues.

    So what is your pick Rocky??

  • iccyfan

    From Bleacher Report:

    Stroh 147024 “I have no problem if the Packers draft an OT in the 1st… And I think they should draft 2 as well. What Thompson won’t do is reach for one… Brown might be the only LT left in the 1st rd and I don’t think he’s a 1st rd prospect. He isn’t a very good run blocker and he isn’t big enough! Whether he can maintain a playing weight over 300 is very much up for debate!!! Alot of scout think he is at his max, and some think he can gain more… But there is too much unknown about him, IMO, to consider him in the 1st. Personally I hope they can land Brown, Campbell, Veldheer or Saffold in the 2nd and then use a 4th on Tony Washington!”
    FTR, I am not “Stroh” on Bleacher Report, but his conclusion is exactly the same as that I’ve come to hold.

  • Rocky70

    Sorry Rick, but this is not a chatroom ………….. This is a pretty tame blog compared to most ……… Maybe you’re just not up to a little bluntness & directness ……. If you’re looking for a ‘campfire conversation’, you’ll not find it in a blog.

    My pick ?? (For over a month)

    Rocky70 Says:
    March 8th, 2010 at 2:23 pm
    Charles Brown, Bruce Cambell, Bryan Bulaga …………. One of these three will be taken somewhere in round 1 by GB ………. Bank on it.

    Rocky70 Says:
    March 8th, 2010 at 4:04 pm
    Bulaga is my choice ………… GB doesn’t need all their draft picks ………

    Rocky70 Says:
    March 31st, 2010 at 6:56 am
    No doubt drafting an LT in the first round is as risky as drafting a QB ……… Bulaga is my choice but you’re correct ……… Getting him will be unlikely ………..

    Rocky70 Says:
    April 6th, 2010 at 2:53 pm
    Trade up & draft Bulaga …………. Starting line in 2010 ………. Cliffy, Lang, Wells, Sitton, Bulaga with Spitz, Taush, Colledge as back-ups.

  • Rocky70

    To get even more specific ……….. GB trades their 1st (# 23), 3rd & a 5th to move up & draft Bulaga …………… GB uses their 2nd round pick to draft Veldheer ………. If TT could pull this off, the next ten years as a Packer fan is going to be alot of fun.

    Per Rick:

    ” I put myself out there and picked an OLB and picked Sergio Kindle which you thought had to many character issues. ”

    I doubt I said this because I’m not even aware of his character issues …….. I’ll let you go back & reread & then correct ……… Actually, I’ll give you credit for putting yourself out there & picking Sergio ………. It’s just not going to happen because GB likes Brad Jones …….. Teams don’t send players they like to the bench ………. Drafting an OLB in the 1st round would guarantee that this would happen ……. How many NFL teams would start a 7th round 2nd year player over a rookie 1st round player ?? ………… I doubt TT/MM want to create a point of possible contention with a 1st round pick when OT & DB are more obvious team needs …….. Like I said in an earlier post ………. If Jones can’t cut it in 2010, then draft an OLB in 2011.

  • iccyfan

    Rocky – I live in Iowa City and if you went back a number of threads, you’d find I was the first to champion Bulaga’s selection. Of course, that was before his draft stock went thru the roof. If a first, third & fifth would be enough to move from #23 into the top ten selections, I’d be in favor. Unfortunately it’s not and I’m not sure Ted would do it if it was. I’m reading the third round will be full of bargains this year…

  • Rick

    @ Rocky – No campfire but a FAN site and blog where we should be on the same team. I can be as blunt as the next SOB but it generally is not necessary. We are welcome to disagree on the draft pick just not be a prick about it.

    You mention drafting Bulaga many times and say he is your choice but then also say it is doubtful we can get him. I assume that is from how he will be drafted vs. our draft pick number from you last post(more on that in a moment).Then you throw out Bruce Cambell and Charles Brown two talents that are probably better served by us trading down to get in the second round and aquire extra picks. Iccy and I discussed that we would love a stout OT like Bulaga on the Packers. The problem is that since he is one of the top OTs and will cost a lot of draft picks to move up to get that he is not the one missing piece we should blow all those picks on.

    About your trade scenerio for Bulaga in your last post.
    Our 1st, 3rd and 5th = 946 draft points.
    At best we move up to 17th pick at 950 points probably we would be 18 or 19th.
    I do not see Bulaga dropping that far.
    If he is there in the late teens then I am for a move up pick like we did with CM3.

    The real draft numbers are on the order of our #1 and #3 2010 pick and next year #1 2011 to move up into the 5-10 pick range. That is a lot of quality picks to give up.

    As to why you would want an OLB of starter potential vs. Brad Jones.

    Brad Jones is solid OLB from Colorado’s 3-4 system he played in college. However he IS NOT a 3-4 pass rushing OLB. He is more of a run stopper that is okay but not great in coverage. He is laterally slow and slow to turn in the hips. That is why he was 7th/FA projected draft pick.
    The positive is that he proved he is smart and in position and tackles well. That means we can DEVELOP him into a better OLB but he will not be a pass rusher type. We saw that in the last 4 games and the playoff loss.


    We can aquire another strong OLB with characteristics of CM3 to play on the other side. I see that as Sergio Kindle. The beauty is that we really do not have to move up for him as he should be on the board. And Brad Jones continues to develop giving us quality depth and even a runs topper to rotate in if we take a pass rush specialist instead like Hughes from TCU.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Comes down to what the coaches think…….. If they think Lee can be that 4th CB then that’ll affect the way they draft. If they think Brad Jones can get to the QB after a year of learning, then that affects things also and there’s no way we ever see enough to have a clue to those questions. And they don’t know for sure either…… look at Barbre last year.

  • iccyfan

    iccyfan Says: March 5th, 2010 at 8:25 pm
    “This is my own personal little pipe dream; I was all over Brian Westbrook coming out of Villanova and assuming his knees / multiple concussions are not career enders, I’d love to see the guy in a Packer uniform. He’d bring the screen pass back into our arsenal and be a wonderful change of pace to Grant. Plus he’s football smart, would be a great clubhouse presence and would give the fans something to get excited about…”
    Given today’s news, it seemed the proper time to toot my own horn with this entry from six weeks past. Just git ‘er done…

  • Rocky70


    Your point system allocated to draft picks is a guideline ………. Only the media & fans fans add up the numbers & make decisions accordingly ……… GMs very rarely make their draft decisions based on the numbers game you presented ………… Oh BTW, as soon as you resort to name-calling, any argument you may have with how I post becomes moot ……….. Just a little personal rule of mine.

    ” Brad Jones is solid OLB from Colorado’s 3-4 system he played in college. However he IS NOT a 3-4 pass rushing OLB. ”

    AR can’t win the close games …………… Al Harris can’t play zone coverage ………… Jenkins & Jolly will struggle as DEs in the 3-4 ………….. Pickett is best in the 4-3 as opposed to the 3-4 ………….. N. Collins will struggle to match his play in 2009 compared to 2008 because of the switch to 3-4 …………. GB simply does not have the personel on their roster to be a good 3-4 defense …………

    All myths prior to season 2009 ……….. I would contend that stating unequivocally that Brad Jones is NOT a 3-4 pass rushing OLB is premature ……….. Will he match the output of CM3 ……… Probably not. ………… The draft status of Brad Jones is insignificant ………….. Even undrafted OLBs can excell when coached up (ie – James Harrison)

  • Rocky70

    ” The positive is that he proved he is smart and in position and tackles well. That means we can DEVELOP him into a better OLB but he will not be a pass rusher type. We saw that in the last 4 games and the playoff loss. ”

    Brad Jones had 4 sacks in the last five games of season 2009 ……….. If his season numbers were pro-rated for 16 starts instead of his 7 starts, he would have been close to double-digit sacks & 60+ tackles ………… CM3 had 50 tackles to go along with 10 sacks in 16 starts ………. AK had 30 tackles to go with 3.5 sacks in 9 starts.

    I’m not suggesting that B. Jones is on par with CM3 but for one who plays with numbers as much as you do, you’ve avoided the most important numbers that indicate a player’s effectiveness on the field ……….. Maybe we’re not talking about the same player ???

    • Rick

      Since you are still being a douche Feb 2011 and I am rereading these posts I guess I will respond late to posts that you did after we all had switched to the next thread in April 2010.

      Brad Jones took advatage of teams playing doubling against Jenkins and CMIII. You saw similar performance bumps with off the street FA Erik Walden against the Bears in the last regular season game. His sacks were due to the Bears offense trying to take them both out of the game and letting the our other OLB run rampant.

      • Rick