Bring Green Back

Whether or not the Packers draft a running back in this year’s draft, I don’t see any reason not to bring back Ahman Green.

We all know Green is not a long-term solution in Green Bay at running back, but I think last year he showed that he can still play and at a very high level.  His punishing style of running is what I’ve always loved to watch.  He makes DBs earn their tackles and often breaks loose because of that style.  Having Green is a great insurance policy, and I believe having him present also helps push Grant to perform better as the starter.

The Packers will surely pick up a RB somewhere in this year’s draft, but I very much doubt we’ll get a superstar, and current backup Brandon Jackson isn’t getting the job done.  Until our new draftee running back is broken in why not use a guy we know we can trust?  A veteran like Green will have a thing or two to show younger players at his position also to help them improve.

Green is the Packers’ all-time leading rusher and is a dependable, hard worker.  At his age, he does not demand a high salary at his position.  He loves Green Bay and has a great appreciation for the fans.  He doesn’t suck.  He knows the system.  He’s got a batman tattoo.  All good reasons to bring him back.


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  • monkeon

    Totally Agree

  • CheesyD

    I think I’d prefer Westbrook over Green.

  • Cody

    No, Green over Westbrook. But only because Green has the batman tattoo right kevin! lol

  • Steve Cheez

    Westbrook is one hit away from being a vegetable.

  • Rick

    On Packers and remaining FA signings.
    Westbrook is the better back then Green but he will not clear medically.

    On punters. Weatherford the Jets punter had a small surgery and is a FA. The Jets brought in another punter because of the injury. He would be somebody I would sign to challenge for the job and Weatherford has a big frickin’ leg to on kickoffs if we want to dump Crosby and find a more accurate kicker.

    On Trades and Draft

    Miami gives up a 2nd this year and a conditional but assumed 2nd next year for Marshall from Denver. A heck of a move. The should mean the Ginn experiment is over and will be cut. I doubt anyone want his salary escalators from his rookie contract. Chicago could make a move for him as a FA.

    For those scoring at home on the draft
    Pick #11 in second round is now
    Denver Broncos (From Miami) Brandon LaFell, WR LSU

    Gotta head to work.

  • roy jamison

    Yup, lots of conjecturing on the draft. One interesting article in the KC media had their GM, an ex-Patriot guy, passing on an OT…because the Pats never picked an O guy high… and going another direction, possibly with Berry the DB. Each team has it’s own strategy, and some teams…like the Pack, haven’t been so dynamic when picking the O-line in the first round. Mandarich, Michaels etc. Plus, these days when you pick a number one guy, a team almost is forced to play them immediately because of the high salary. I’ve never predicted correctly what TT would do. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes with a rb, cb,lb or… ol! Having said that he might draft Tebow, develop him and spin him off for two first rounders!

  • Rick

    Put down the whiskey Roy 🙂

    “draft Tebow, develop him and spin him for two first rounders!”

    You are right there is a lot of bluffing and poker faces when it comes to what the teams will really do and what they are thinking. That is why I find it fun to coldly look at the draft set up a general board and then slowly see what teams draft habits have been.

    The fun with this year is there is a lot of talent that would normally be end of first round that will be available deep into the second round. And good second round talent available down into the third. from 5th through 7th it is a crap shoot of who you liked vs who is left.

  • roy jamison

    LOL, you can’t beat the Rev. Jack for conversation Rick! BTW, nice picture of our man Dorsey “scouting” Dez Bryant. I guess he has “issues”. Could those “issues” be worse than Pacman, T.O., or Santonio Holmes?

  • Rocky70

    ” 23. Green Bay Packers — OT Anthony Davis – The Packers are stretching the skills and careers of Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher to their logical conclusions with their high-voltage offense, but more consistent pass protection is needed. Davis does have work ethic and conditioning concerns, and that’s the only reason he’d be available this late. When you look at his agility in pass pro and power off the line, Davis could be a steal if he puts it all together. ”

    My guess is that by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week everyones’ predictions will be an OL for GB in round 1 …………. Which OLineman is the only question to be answered ………… For those of you not yet in the “OL Camp”, you still have a few days to legitimize your boards.

  • Kevin

    Give it a rest Rocky. We all know you are picking an OT, you’re a genius, and everyone else is stupid.

    If you ask me, Ted Thompson is hard to predict. He tends to go for the best player available in his mind, regardless of need, and I think that is what he’ll do again this year. Perhaps that will still be an OT, but there will be a lot of players available that do not play OT that Thompson may think are a better value.

  • jonnyfootballhero

    I think TT will pick a CB for the 1st rd pick. I don’t know who exactly, but that is my prediction.

  • Rick

    @ roy – As the great rev. Jesse jackson says…. I kid , I kid

    @Rocky – Davis is good choice. I will say that if we did pick at #23 an OT he would be the best pick probably on the big board.

    @jonnyfbh – CB is tempting. Did you have someone in mind?

    Let me pose to you a question. With the #23 rd pick Green Bay picks…

    A) Anthony Davis OT – Rutgers
    B) Devon McCourty CB – Rutgers
    C) Sergio Kindle OLB – Texas
    D) Nate Allen S – USF
    E) Tim Tebow QB – Florida…. I am kidding on this last one, I hope 🙂

  • sammy

    Boring, Boring, Boring…………

  • Rocky70

    Per Kevin:

    ” Give it a rest Rocky. We all know you are picking an OT, you’re a genius, and everyone else is stupid. ”

    Welcome back, Kevin ………. Your 2nd post in 2010 ………… At least under your “Kevin” ID ………..

  • Rocky70

    @ Rick

    A) Anthony Davis OT – Rutgers
    B) Devon McCourty CB – Rutgers

    My choices in order …………. The rumours surrounding Al Harris is that he won’t be ready for game 1 ( PUP? ) …………. Some are even suggesting his career may be in jeopardy ………. TT’s hand may be forced especially if the decision makers lack confidence in Pat Lee ……………. I’d hate to go into season 2010 being only one injury away from a very shaky cornerback situation.

  • Rocky70

    Per PFT:

    ” Though they’re wisely not talking about the back end of the potential transaction, G.M. Gene Smith has made it clear that the Jags are looking to move down from the No. 10 position ………… They’d like to add more picks, since they don’t have a second-round selection ……….. ”

    Time for TT to be bold & draft an elite OT ………… Colledge was a 2nd rounder & Spitz was a 3rd rounder ……….. Both in 2006 …………. A few seasons later & both are fighting for a job …………. I like Veldheer in the 2nd but would much rather have Bulaga at #10.

  • iccyfan

    Rocky swiveled his hip beautifully in and out of a backpedal that’d make NFL scouts swoon…

    Charles Brown and Bruce Campbell are out and he’s inserted a CB into his possibilities…

    FTR, you’ve now staked out the exact position many of us have held for the last month…

  • Rocky70

    @ iccy

    Try reading & drawing some logical interpretations instead of just trying to personalize this discussion …………… All I’ve done is respond to a multiple-choice question posed by Rick ………… I’ve presented different scenarios because the different scenarios exist in any draft …………. What I think will happen in this draft hasn’t changed since the end of season 2009.

    Charles Brown is not out ………….. Bruce Campbell is not out ……….. And Bulaga is still my choice with a move up in round one …………… Just read the lines as they’re written ……… Reading in between the lines will only confuse you even more than you already are …………… PB & Iccy – the masters of rewriting posts in their own words.

  • Rocky70

    CB Kyle Wilson, Boise State keeps getting mentioned in the same sentence as the Packers at # 23 ………… Interesting analysis.

    ” The bonus with getting a guy like Wilson is that GM Ted Thompson can add an accomplished returner to the special teams group and still be able to use him as a corner. He has experience in both and won’t need extra training learning how to return. The Packers have shied away from smaller corners. They only have two who are under 6-foot and both are 5-11. Their shortest guy is 5-10 safety Derrick Martin, who has played corner elsewhere.Even so, it’s hard to imagine Thompson passing on a guy with this much talent in two areas, especially if the offensive tackle selection is spotty. It’s just a matter of Wilson getting to the 23rd spot. ”

    Iccy ……. So you are completely clear on this post ……….. I have not changed my predictions by mentioning another option ………. Clear enough ? ………… I can dum-down my posts even more if it will help.

  • snyz

    #1 most pointless blog conversation: who we’ll draft
    #2: anything to do with justin harrell.

    still, i understand it’s a slow time of year for pack news, with zero free agent signings likely, i suppose we must lament over the draft. i will miss wasting an entire saturday and sunday in front of it, i’m not sure about this prime time thing.

  • iccyfan

    Way to put me in my place, Norman Einstein (in homage to Joe Theismann)…

  • Steve Cheez

    On the plus side, we’ve gone this whole thread with no mention of BF.

  • jonnyfootballhero

    I still think that TT is picking a CB in the 1st round, but I’ve finally decided on who that pick will be. I’m thinking Patrick Robinson from FSU. He has great size and speed to come in as a Nickel and quickly work his way into the starting lineup if Harris can’t make it back or if Williams doesn’t progress enough. I think he’d be a great fit for the Packers.

  • Larry

    TT trades down from 23 collects-2nd rounders and get CB, LT and OLB in round 2/3. Gets a B- grade from pundits but a A grade for value. For GB only the OLB position and nickle corner are up for a change of starter no matter who they draft (unless the top 2 safety’s drop). Great value in round 2 and 3 and that’s where Ted will spend his time.

  • Rick

    @ jonnyfbh – A good pick. Last year he was one of my top CB picks before last year at FSU. He really had a bad year and was burned a lot in coverage. I lowered his grade and now have him as a 2nd rounder but he has size, speed, fluid hips, plays bump and zone coverages, and is a snappy dresser (jk). You are also right that if you draft him with idea of working him into the rotation that will probably be the best way to help adjust him to the NFL level. Good call.

    I think he will be available later like early to mid 2nd round but I would not be upset with his being drafted by TT.

  • Rick

    Now this is something my fellow draft buddies and have been bantering around in emails. Will the new “split” in draft days allow for an increase in trades with teams resetting their big boards.

    Traditionally the beginning of round 4 which starts day is where the most trades occur each year. Everyone has a night to see who is left and reset the values. Many teams have traded to have the top spots in the 4th. As silly as it seems, draft value points are paid over the standard value chart to allow teams to move the top of the “second” draft. I think a team like the Rams with the 1st pick in the second round might see some activity that would not normally be there in tears past.

  • Rick

    correction – round 4 which starts day two

  • Steve Cheez

    Doesn’t round two start day two and round four starts day three?

  • iccyfan

    Larry Says: April 17th, 2010 at 7:24 am
    “TT trades down from 23 collects-2nd rounders and get CB, LT and OLB in round 2/3. Gets a B- grade from pundits but a A grade for value. For GB only the OLB position and nickle corner are up for a change of starter no matter who they draft (unless the top 2 safety’s drop). Great value in round 2 and 3 and that’s where Ted will spend his time.”

    Which two safeties are you referring to? Berry is #1 on everybody’s board, but there seems to be a difference of opinon as to Taylor Mays and Earl Thomas.

    After reading myriad opinions as to what the Packers will do, I’m more confused than ever. Trade up or trade down; neither would surprise me. I personally hope we stand pat and draft where we’re slotted…

    Is there a “value” edge pass rusher to be had late in O’Brien Schofield of the Badgers? What’s the status of his injury / recovery? Will he be ready to play in Fall, 2010?

  • iccyfan

    Is Rocky70 actually Wes Bunting of the National Football Post? Wes Bunting has elevated Charles Brown to the #2 OT prospect on his draft board, behind only Okung – pretty significant departure from all the other “experts”! He has the Packers taking Charles Brown in the first and Dexter McCluster in the second. If they were to go that route, I hope they’re looking CB (maybe Amari Spievey) in the third…

    Is Wes Bunting a known Packer fan? He sure seems to cite them frequently in his writings….

  • Rick

    @Steve Cheez – Normally Round 1.2 and 3 Day one and round 4 thru 7 on Day two was the tradional draft breakdown. This one will be different which is why we were thinking that maybe there may be more trades at the start of round 2 beginning day two, like there normally was round 4 on day two