Different locale, but same story

I almost laughed out loud the first morning I turned on the local sports radio show when I woke up in Tarpon Springs, Florida two weeks ago. I could have swore the guy on WDAE was talking about Ted Thompson and the Green Bay Packers. The fact that the Bucs let Santonio Holmes go to the Jets for a measly fifth-round pick put the local morning man over the edge. Talk about a home-away-from-home feeling. It felt like Groundhog Day.

Dan Sileo, the morning guy on WDAE simply could not believe the Bucs not only refused to grab Holmes but was livid with the Bucs lack of activity in free agency. They simply are not trying to win, much like the way general manager Ted Thompson is perceived here in Green Bay. Cracked me right the f?*#, uh, cracked me right up.

If I was a Tampa Bay Buc fan I would be worried too. Unlike the situation in Green Bay where Thompson has built what appears to be a perennial playoff team in his  five years as general manager, the Bucs are doomed to failure since firing the two guys who lead them to greatness; John Gruden and Bruce Allen. Packers’ fans can feel secure knowing Thompson and head coach Mike McCarthy aren’t going anywhere, there won’t be a rebuilding project every two years in Green Bay.

This week is Thompson’s week to shine, he has built this team through the draft and has been pretty damn successful so far. But the stakes are higher now that the Packers are once again a playoff team. Getting to the playoffs now better be a given, advancing in the playoffs must be the next step. Another draft like last year’s and the Packers might even have higher expectations.

The week I spent listening to the Tampa-St. Pete sports guys made me appreciate the men we have in charge in Green Bay more than ever. The Packers’ off-season really starts this week with the draft. Now we go.

I’m back baby!

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  • Steve

    I’ve noticed the TT bashers have been disappearing during this offseason.

    The Pack only needs a couple of pieces to make a deep run. However, the years schedule will make last years look like a cake walk…..

  • Pete H

    I was a TT basher and I have long reversed my opinion, and said so here. I still do think however, that there is some room in the TT style for a greater influence outside the draft. He has done a pretty darn good job in the draft, and even outside of it when he has gone that route, but part of their demise last year was having only unproven youngsters to fill in for injuries. Their offensive line is the first case, the secondary is the second point and Brad Jones is third. Good quarterbacks blew that team up because the replacements in the secondary were subpar at best. They also lit us up because there was no pressure from Kampman’s side once he went down. The offensive line….I don’t think I need to explain to anyone how raunchy they were in Clifton’s absence, as well as the decision to simply go with the young piece of shit. He was eventually forced to go get a veteran…a former Packer, but a vet none the less. There is still an argument to be made for stepping up a little more to complete the team

  • Larry

    We don’t need 8 draft picks…just 3 solid pieces to complete the puzzle. LT, CB, OLB and only 2 of those will “start” if good enough, the OLB and corner (nickle or otherwise). Hopefully Ted will grab those 3 either through draft or post draft trade. All other starters are in place.

    I posted before I think he’ll trade down but I’m hoping he doesn’t…just 3 pieces!

  • PackerPete

    to get three pieces, you better draft 8 players.

    high draft selections do not mean solid players, just starters due to investment.

    better to get a couple throws of the dice to hit the mark.

  • iccyfan

    I love this! Every year I spend way too much time reading and watching the “talking heads” touting this player and that. When the Packers turn comes up, I yell at the TV hoping TT will hear me and draft Jamon Meredith or Mike Mickens, because they’re FIRST ROUND talent to be had in the fourth round! Then TT will draft a Nick Collins or Greg Jennings in the second round and I’ll (along with Mel Kiper) go “who?”…

    It really is so pointless to speculate on who Ted wants; we just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.

    As for the “three pieces” argument, the most recent mock draft (seven rounds on the main page) has the Packers selecting 3 OT’s, 2 CB’s and ZERO DE/OLB’s…

  • Steve

    I’ve got to agree the O-Line performance has been dismal at best. With all the draft picks taken in the last five years, one has to wonder if it’s talent, or a question of coaching. In addition, not a big fan of the cut-block approach. Give me a huge, Cowboy’s size line any day…..

  • roy jamison

    I agree it’s like being a hampster on a wheel trying to figure out what TT will do. I don’t think the experts have ever nailed his first round pick except for maybe the Hawk pick. It is interesting that the Pack has three number one picks at linebacker on the roster. With the 3-4 it makes sense to stockpile above average talent there.