Schedule looks good

My first take on the Packers’ 2010 schedule is a good one. It’s an even mix of home and away games and includes three Sunday night games and a Monday night game. The Packers will be on national TV six times including two home Sunday nighters. Wow!

It looks like another 11-5 season at first glance. I think a good start will lead to some rough times when the Packers play four-of-five games on the road in late November and early December. I figure they will lose three of those games then close out with wins over the Giants and Bears in Lambeau.

I don’t mind opening in Philly, probably a good time to play them the first game with their new quarterback. With about six weeks to prepare for him, Kevin Kolb  won’t know what hit him. Pull of that win and with games against the Bills and Lions in the first four weeks the Packers should be 3-1. In the second quarter of the season I think the Packers can do another 3-1 leaving them 6-2 at the midpoint.

The second half will be a little tougher with only three home games, well four if you consider Ford Field in Detroit a home game, which is almost is. 11-5 wasn’t enough to win the division last year but I think it will get the job done this year. Can’t wait for it all to get started. At least we have the draft this week to carry us over for a while.

More to come…

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  • PackerPete

    r u saying the Pack is going to lose in Lambeau south??

    4-0 at first quarter pole, providing that Capers doesn’t fall asleep in Philly.

  • monkeon

    There isn’t a team on that list the Packers CAN’T beat.

    However, I am still worried about our O-Line and D-Back situation

  • Rick

    I still say we were an 8-8 team last year with a soft schedule and we lost a stupid game to the Bucs but pulled off a couple of big wins and finished 11-5. We overachieved.

    Now our 3-4 scheme is on tape for OC on teams to look at. But we have another year in the system and hopefully we can stay healthy. Health is huge. We were down to what , the 5th and 6th option on CB at the end of the season. That is not going to get it done.

    I will watch the draft and mini camps before I project.

  • Three Lakes Terry

    It is a difficult schedule. Those last 2 games are going to be chilly ones which I hope will help us. I have 15 yd tickets high on the Packer side and cannot use them for the opener against the Bills. I would like to trade them for 2 tickets in the other package for the Lions game 2 weeks later. If anyone is interested call me at 715-546-8306. Go Pack!

  • I’m really bothered that we could have gotten Leftwitch for a 7th round pick, He’d probaby be a lot better than Flynn in an emergency or at least give him needed competition.

  • BTW none of the mocks have us taking a QB. I don’t think we have any kind of backup so that position could use some help.

  • Pack4life

    Mark we couldnt protect Aaron Rodgers who has a laser delivery. Leftwitch has the slowest delivery out there. Not worth a 7 round pick.

  • Steve Cheez

    3LT- I’ll trade you straight up, Stockton Ports, any game, right behind home plate! I’ll even throw in a plate of garlic fries.

  • Rick

    @Steve Cheez (and Garlic) , the garlic fries almost had me but no 🙂 Sorry bud.

    @Mark – Flynn has had two nfl QB camps plus knows the system so he is a better QB then almost any off the street. We have the kid from Harvard as our third QB. If we were going to do any QB we would go after the Sam Houston State guy on the Giants squad. If they practice squad then we will sign him. Brett Rohmer I believe was his name.

  • iccyfan

    Rhett Bomar was the QB dismissed by Oklahoma who ended up at SHSU. If anybody wanted him, he spent most of last season on the Giants practice squad. I don’t really know why I’ve kept track of him, other than the “name” and the Oklahoma backstory of taking money from the booster…

  • iccyfan

    I love the projections showing Jimmy Clausen to the Vikings for so many reasons.
    #1) It keeps them from improving their defense with selection of a CB in Round 1;
    #2) It’ll make Favre angry and likely to play until he’s 45;
    #3) If Favre starts slow, stupid Viking fans will clamor for the kid to play;
    #4) The Vikes will likely let TJax go, burning a second round draft choice;
    and best of all,
    #5) Clausen sucks – how do you get sacked by NAVY with the game on the line?

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Won’t be long now………………… Who ya pickin’ Rick????? I’m going w/whoever is the best pass rushing LB available. It’s a need and a QB can’t pick a poor secondary apart if he’s on his back!!! Though, I expect them to take a CB in the second. I’m thinking TT goes after a LT next year, maybe packaging a few picks together to move up or look for some team’s extra.

  • Lew

    My only disappointment is that the fucking Milwaukee tic holders get the cowboy game for the 2nd year in a row. How does that work? At least their other game is detroit.

    No idea what to expect but I also hope the queens take clausen

  • Rick

    PA – I agree TT picking an OLB. We are at the right draft spot to get one and probably both Hughes and Kindle will be available. My pick is Kindle if both are available.

    I have been thinking about Chris Cook CB instead of Parrish Cox CB/KR in the second roundbecause of Cox’ s baggage. I still am picking Parrish but thinking.

  • Pack4life
    4 teams between 10-15 Looking to move down get er done Ted!

  • Dan

    Please let the pick be Buluga. Let him protect Rodgers blind side for the next 10 years.

  • Dan

    Excellent, Bulaga is the pick. Hope he continues the tradition of Iowa players doing well for the Packers.

  • jonnyfootballhero

    Good call Rocky!! TT didn’t even have to trade up to get him. This reminds of the Aaron Rodgers pick. Great value for an excellent player who unexpectedly falls to the Packers.

  • Pack4life

    Its funny how things work out. I was against Baluga until the Iowa bowl game vs GTech. Derrick Morgan was one of the most highly touted pass rushers in college and Baluga totally shut him down. The great thing he doesnt have to play immediately.
    Now TT is playing with house money the rest of the draft.

  • Rocky70

    The ‘no-trade up’ for Bulaga is a pleasant surprise ……….. Bulaga is already an NFL-ready player ……….. He’ll play before Tausch at RT & eventually slide over to LT when Cliffy goes down …………. Hate to predict injuries but Cliffy been cut on too many times to start & play a sixteen game season.

    Hey Rick ………… Maybe Sergio will last until #56 ……….. LOL.

    Now that TT didn’t have to trade up to draft Bulaga, look for GB to trade up in the 2nd or 3rd or both …………. They’re already young enough & simply don’t need all 8 of their picks.

  • Rick

    Rocky – Good call on Bulaga.I doubt Sergio will last but we will see who wants to move up and around.

    Iccyfan – Wow…who thought when you mentioned him back in Feb after we discussed Big Ten and SEC O line that we could get him at our #23 pick. Good call to.

    Does anybody think the Rams got stuck with picking Bradford?

  • iccyfan

    Rick – All the more reason nobody should pay much attention to the mock drafts after pick #9! I can’t recall any recent mock that had Bulaga slipping past San Francisco’s #17 and I’d been conditioned to think that was ridiculous. When San Fran took Anthony Davis, I began to wonder if there was a chance, but still didn’t expect it. When Dallas traded up into New England’s spot, I thought, “here we go; Dallas didn’t need to do that to get Dez Bryant cuz we weren’t gonna take him – they’re gonna take Bulaga”. When Dez Bryant was announced, our celebration began!

    As for tonight, I’m really torn about trading up. While it’d be nice, I don’t think Ted needs to trade up in Round Two to get a player who can help us this year. I saw one mock recently that had Charles Brown falling all the way to us in the second round. I wouldn’t mind seeing us “pull a Jacksonville” and pick our two tackles of the future in one draft! If that doesn’t happen (unlikely), Chris Cook, the giant Hillsdale OT or Koa Misi should be there for us.

    I’m really not convinced the starting LOLB isn’t already on our roster with competition between Jones, Poppinga and the oft-injured Jeremy Thompson. I’d like to see them go with a corner or another OT in round two; whatever they don’t get in two they go for in three.

    If Uncle Ted happens to read these boards, my last wish for this draft is the acquisition of CB Amari Spievey in Round Four – trade up to get him! I hate the Iowa Hawkeyes but I’d be thrilled to come out of this draft with two of their players….