Final Draft Thoughts

Now that all is said and done here is what I think about the NFC North and the 2010 NFL Draft.

The Lions cleaned up. I think the Lions did enough over the three days to move them ahead of the Bears in the division. The Lions got Ndamukong Suh with their first pick and then totally swindled the Vikings later in the first round to grab Javid Best. What the Vikings had in mind we may never know for sure, but it was the kind of decision the Vikings have made for decades and a major reason why they will never win a Super Bowl.

The main reason I think the Lions will surpass the Bears is the Bears simply have nothing. Yeah, I know they have some guy named Peppers, but he is over the hill. With nobody to compliment him, Peppers will be pedestrian at best. On offense the Bears have next to nothing. For the first time in 20 years they might have a QB but the don’t have anything else on offense other than a tight end. They don’t have a running back worth you-know-what and their receivers wouldn’t make most team’s practice squads. Cutler is a prime example of what happens to players who think they are bigger than the team – they get sent to Siberia.

Because of Cutler the Bears didn’t have squat for picks so basically Peppers was their only improvement in the offseason. Chester Taylor is a good role player, but like Forte, not a every down back. The Bears are headed to 4-12 or 6-10 and a fond adieu to Lovie Smith.

The Vikings, like the Packers, drafted according to their status, not many holes to fill so take the best player available. Giving up a first-round pick to the Lions and then moving up later to take Toby Gerhart is more than a little baffling. Why not just take Best? Whether or not Brett Favre returns, the Vikings aren’t likely to return to the NFC Championship game.

The Packers and Vikings are going to battle it out for the NFC North again this year. My gut feeling is the Packers will beat Favre and the Vikings at least once this year. If 2010 is the last year of football for a while, it at least should be a damn good one!

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  • Rocky70

    The Lions still need help but are definitely moving in the right direction …………. The Bears are still pretty hard to figure out ………… Cutler may be better in 2010 or may take complete control as the NFL’s “INT Machine”.

    Thirteen V’s for GB will wrap up the North Division ……….. BF’s starting streak will end in 2010.

    A great Wiki page full of links on all 2010 draftees for all teams.


  • Kevin

    Defensive lines have improved throughout the NFC North. Hopefully that is reason enough for Favre to retire.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Should be an interesting year…….. I know you can’t pass on Bulaga but I’d rather have worried about LT next year. Alot can happen between then and now. We will be a year better on D, at least. We have a stud defensive staff. I have faith in Kevin Greene and would bet he can make Brad Jones into something if Jones has it in him. Otherwise, as we saw last year w/Kampman, the LB needs enough speed to get to the QB in time. If Jones can’t do it, are Chillar, Hawk or Barnett fast enough for OLB??? OLB opposite CM3 is the key!!!

  • 4205

    The Lions had a fine draft, but they have so many holes just catching the Bores is an achievement. The Bores are tough to gage. They have more talent, but Lovie’s effort seems inconsistent as does the bulk of the team. Seem to lack desire and the intangibles. Viqueens and Pack will be pretty even if Frett comes back. If not, I think they will have a tough time in close games until Tavaris comes through a couple times as the Pack did when ARod took over. Why do we have to wait til fall!

  • JimmyJ

    It usually takes 3 years to determine if a draft mattered. For us, this is the year we determine if Jordi’s pick was another TT waste and should have taken DeSean Jackson instead.
    Since we didn’t improve on FA or trades so far, we basicly will have last years team again this year, and with a tougher schedule….making the playoffs could be questionable with the Superbowl definately out.
    Will that be enough to keep TT around after running the club for 7 years?

  • Yep JimmyJ, let’s start talking about firing Thompson. Why even wait for the season to start? The Packers have one of the worst teams in the history of the NFL, it was a total fluke they went 11-5 last year. I’m shocked they kept Thompson this long as every move he has made has sucked. No Super Bowls! He shouldn’t just be fired, he should be shot! Welcome back Jon.

  • JimmyJ

    If it’s not about going to the Superbowl, they why do we do this every year.
    TT has lost all his credibilty across the league with PB FAs.
    He did an excellent job with FAs early in his career with Woodson, and that helped us go to the NFC Champ game a year later, but he is incapable of signing another PB FA.
    If he can’t hit it out of the park every draft to make up for this, we will be first or second round playoff losers every year, at best.
    If you are happy with that, then TT’s your man.
    Good luck with that.

  • iccyfan

    JimmyJ Says: “TT has lost all his credibilty across the league with PB FAs.
    He did an excellent job with FAs early in his career with Woodson, and that helped us go to the NFC Champ game a year later, but he is incapable of signing another PB FA.”

    Until I read it from Andrew Brandt in the National Football Post, I’ll not believe this line of thinking. Brandt has intimate knowledge of the process and every reason to dislike TT (forced out of his job), yet he’s always complementary of the roster moves and organization. I write this mostly in jest, but there is a point here…

    We as fans clamor for the team to sign names we recognize in FA, but there’s generally a reason they’re out on the open market. Why would we sign another team’s problem to a bloated contract? The short-sightedness of some people just amazes me…

  • JimmyJ

    I accept your reply Iccy. I’ll concede your Brandt point for what he chooses to comment on.
    The thing that is lacking with TT is that we are not in the FA game at all! We only hear about our ex-PB’s being signed, and some cases, doing just as well on other teams as we continue to lose more players through attrition.
    Our team is beginning to feel more and more, ever year, like a pre-Reggie, metaphoric “frozen tundra purgatory” when the FAs become available.
    My growing fear is that TT has developed a reputation, either or rightly or wrongly, for not being a veteran FA friendly person, perhaps even by offering low-ball, insult offers.
    So even if we may be in play for someone that CAN help our team go to the SB, our interest in them becomes marginalized due to this perception of his past behavior towards Vets.
    TT has only signed one PB FA in 6 years with us, and that was his first year.
    Anyway, my main post is not about making stupid Sherman-type signings, but to point out that FAs matter in a year when you didn’t nail it in the draft 3 and 4 years ago, as those players are the ones that need to become your core.
    We went 11-5 last year because TT did hit it out of the park in the draft 5 years ago. Without a significant quality move, I’m afraid we might lose, not gain ground this season.

  • PackerPete


    you are out of touch with reality in the NFL in the FA era.

    TT is simply using the system as it favors teams/management and not as it favors the players. sign your own first, then be SMART with your allocated budget for roster including FA. do NOT throw monopoly money contracts at “Names”, pay for play. SMART.

    Note to JJ; think about Pittsburgh… losses of PB FA on a regular basis to FA signings by others for YEARS. always rebounded with competitive team through drafting, coaching and infrequent but judicious FA signings.

    Lets continue on our trip through reality: What two teams have the best record (W-L) in the NFL since the FA era began? Let me refresh your memory… Green Bay and Pittsburgh. No BS, No smoke, No mirrors, No biased or skewed statistics. Wins – Losses. Period.

    Which teams have had mini-dynasty runs? Dallas, San Francisco (on the border of FA era), New England. Check your true history my friend, these teams were built through the draft, lost players after every championship season that other teams invariably overpaid for, but signed their own players who were determined by management to be worthy, and used FA sparingly to fill in holes only as needed.

    The template for successful operations in the post-FA NFL era is out there for those willing to seek the truth.

  • I would think the fan that wants the continued excitement of the big name FA in and out moves, regardless of what it does to the foundation of the team, would support a big city, big money owner team. The reference to the pre-Wolf days is very apropos in that the player who also likes the big city atmosphere will come to GB for only the money. All those FAs that came in during the mid-90s only came for the quick shot at the title and because of Bret and REGGIE.
    Thats not Green Bay, my friends, nor the Packers; never has been, never will.
    If thats what the TT bashers are looking for they’re in the wrong place and backing the wrong team.
    You see, this team today is basically the same team it was when I became a fan 50 years ago. Players who come here and like it (even those who could be making a lot more elsewhere) stay because of the community and the environment. Favre is a great example; he never left because he liked it here – until he let Bus get into his head.
    Pick, pick, pick all you want at your festering sores, but this is the kind of team you get in Green Bay and your carping is not going to change it. I think the 70K fans in the house every Sunday and the other 70K on the waiting list, as well as most on this site agree with me. We kind of like the way this franchise is run.

  • Rocky70

    Wait a second …………. Got to give “JimmyJon” a little credit for his thoughts on TT’s approach to free agency ………. An aggressive TT could have signed anyone of the top 3 free agents in 2009 ………… Albert Haynesworth, Chris Canty or Bart Scott.

    There’s only one problem ……….. Besides all three costing an arm & a leg …………. Albert doesn’t want to play nose tackle & the Redskins are already trying to dump him after just one sensational year that saw him register a whopping 29 tackles in 12 games with no FFs or RFs …………. Bart Scott fared a little better ……… He managed to register 67 solo tackles in 16 games with 1 monumental sack, 0 FFs & 0 INTs ……… Chris Canty is my favorite ……. Eight games played with 8 tackles with a half a sack & 0 FFs or RFs ………. He eventually became the highest paid back-up in the NFL.

    The Pack sure could have used anyone of the three to coincide with JimmyJon’s philosophy of free agency ……….

    All kidding aside ………. Looks to me like TT has a keen awareness when it comes to free agency.

  • Hey, Rocky, you forgot the clamoring here for Fanaca, who the Jets just dumped. Do you really think Peppers is going to solidify the Bearse D? I guess Julius is not a fair comparison tho, because if TT picked him up he would have to play in Matthew’s spot on the right side.

  • JimmyJ

    Hey guys, I can take all your vile. Give it your best shot.
    I like the venting because I am not as sure as you guys are that our team is on the right track and going to be better this season, but rather take a couple steps back.
    That being said, I also don’t believe TT is as great as all you fanboys think he is. He had a good draft 5 years ago, and signed a PB his first year…whoopie! But what has he done 3 and 4 years ago…we have lost better players then we gained…and this is the year we are going to suffer for that.
    I do compare all the Pack GMs with the Wolf years because in the modern era, he did it, FA and draft, to build a contender in 3 years and a champ in 5.
    This will probably rile more of you up, but there is no doubt in my mind that Spielman is the best GM in our division because he built his team like Ron built the Pack.
    On the flipside of that, Angelo is the worst because he can’t draft, and no one can build a contender in 1 year by signing all your FA big names in one season. That’s despirate franchise suicide….and I’m looking forward to beating the bears for many years because of this.
    I know TT will still be there if we have a 10-6 or better season this year since he is a little better then average at running our team.
    So here’s my real question…Will we still think TT can get us to the SB if we go through a 6-10 season this year?
    I believe there is a betting chance this record could happen.

  • jonnyfootballhero

    I got your back Jimmy. I think TT has done a pretty good job building this team through the draft, but I also believe that he could put it over the edge if he’d get a little more serious about bringing in a high priced FA now and then. I will agree with some of those who say that how do we know that TT isn’t trying to bring them in and that they just don’t want to play in GB. However, usually there are leaks saying that “team X” is interested in “player Y”, but I really don’t ever see that happening when it comes to GB. So that leads me to believe that TT really has no interest in bringing them in.

  • Guys it’s a long way to the opener. Give TT a chance to see what we need. Maybe the DL’s can put pressure on the QB, maybe a punter will pan out, maybe Shields can return kicks. One thing is sure, if TT waits as long as he did to fix tackle last year to fix this years problems you can kiss homefield in the playoffs goodbye.(that turned out to be a big advantage for the Colts and Saints)

  • Rocky70

    GB is in pretty good shape heading into 2010 when ‘punter & punt returner’ are considered by fans as being the “problem areas”. ………… Face it, GB is considered a ‘loaded team’ heading into 2010 ……….. How else could a team use all its draft picks to strengthen primarily its depth as opposed to drafting for immediate help in the starting line-up ………..

    Love how fans would like for TT to still bring in a “high-priced FA” every now & then ……………. But never mention any names ……….. Jonny the Hero – Which high-pticed FA did you want in 2009? ……… Haynesworth, B. Scott or Canty?

  • Rocky70

    Per JJ:
    ” So here’s my real question…Will we still think TT can get us to the SB if we go through a 6-10 season this year? ”

    Your attempts to start & continue the demonization of TT is pretty much falling on deaf ears ……….. Most informed fans realize that GB is a team loaded with youth & talent at nearly every position …………. Most informed fans now place the impetus on the coaching staff & players to form an elite team in 2010 ……….. Besides possibly picking up a fringe player here or there, TT’s work is pretty much complete for this year ………….. The focus from this point to game 1 is on the field, not the GM’s office complex.

  • JimmyJ

    Rocky, you want a name? How about making a play for Karlos Dansby instead of just taking a pass. Getting him would have really created reams of fodder for Packer country…despite the fact he’s one heck of a football player with a nose for the ball.
    Anyway, I’m with you, and ready for game 1 today. I hate off season.

    We don’t know if last year was a testimate or an aberration TT’s prowless.
    I’m on the latter side right now…but can be convinced otherwise by performance instead of TT fanboy pundit opinion.

    A competitive 2010 can change my mind.

  • iccyfan

    “The Cardinals and the agent for inside linebacker Karlos Dansby have opened negotiations for a new contract in the hopes a deal can be struck before free agency begins at the end of the month. Agent Kirk Wood met with General Manager Rod Graves during the playoffs, Wood said, and the two have talked on the phone since. Wood said negotiations are in the preliminary stages and declined to discuss details. Dansby played under the franchise tender of $8.065 million last season and is believed to be seeking a deal worth more than the six-year, $42 million contract that Calvin Pace signed with the Jets last spring. That contract included about $20 million guaranteed.”

    The article quoted above is from February before Dansby signed with the Dolphins. Anyway, I was just curious as to your logic considering the Packers are kinda set at ILB with Barnett, Hawk & Chillar, to whom they have already devoted copious amounts of salary cap. Last year with the Cardinals, Dansby had one sack, one forced fumble and one interception in sixteen starts. How would he help the Packers and is he worth $20M guaranteed?

    Read more:

  • Rick

    Iccy – Other than the RFA market this year I did not see much value in FAs. I agree Dansby would not be a major improvement at any amount of money let alone $20M.

    I do think that if we can figure out the punting and special teams issues that we will be okay. The Packers have a solid Oline with some youth for depth which we did not have last year. Also we have more fresh legs for D line and that plus another year in the scheme should help. We have 11 CBs on roster now. I would hope 5 or 6 will prove to be capable. We know Woodsen, T. Williams. We suspect Al Harris, Blackmon. So will the last 2-3 CBs please stand up.

  • JimmyJ

    1) I wanted to give Rocky a name that would improve our team, since he asked for one.
    2) Last year was the first year Dans played inside, and has played outside.
    3) The guy can cover, tackle, is quick, a stud and a ball hawk.
    4) He’s always been a team leader with good charactor.
    5) AJ Hawk is done after this year.
    6) No way he takes the ball away from Rodgers to end the season next year if he’s a Packer.

    (****#6 was the fun one…and the REAL reason I threw his name out there…)

  • iccyfan

    Jimmy – it wasn’t Dansby – it was some no-name corner who blitzed and forced the fumble. I don’t disagree that Dansby is a fine player, but his 2009 statistics do not bear out your “ball hawk” label (1 sack, 1 forced fumble and 1 interception). Sheez, I’m not going to look it up but Hawk’s numbers were probably better than that. 🙂

  • jonnyfootballhero

    I don’t mind when people disagree with my opinion. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. It’s part of being a fan. But Rocky, you are a douche just for the sake of being a douche. Good day!

  • TRIP

    Is JimmyJ really Jon? lol

  • What if: Harrell stays healthy and plays like a #1, Jolly stays on the roster all year, Neal plays as well as Jenkins and Raji, Pickett continues to be a force in the middle, Harris comes in strong and regains his starting role, Woodson is Woodson, Blackmon-Bell-Lee-Williams and Underwood play nickle and dime like Harris did in Philly, Bigby beats out Burnett and Collins makes All-Pro again, Jones provides a rush from the left and Matthews plays like he did last year?
    Or, Aaron plays like Aaron, Grant has another 1200yds, Johnson gets at least 3 every time we’re in the red zone, Starks makes Jackson trade bait, Clifton and Tauscher are healthy all year, Sitton-Spitz-Wells are the new inside and Bulaga-Lang-Newhouse are the real deal?
    Looks like a pretty good team when your worst problem is FGs from the right hash and punt coverage.
    Finally, where would you put a PB, high-priced, FA who comes in for a $10M pay check for a year?
    Which one of these guys do you put down to make room for him? We’re to the point now, roster-wise, where it would take a major injury year like the 6-10 or a total coaching collapse to beat these guys. Which way would you bet on this team 6-10 or 10-6? With a little luck added we’re the Division champs and deeper in the playoffs with the first round bye.

  • jonnyfootballhero

    No Trip, I am not JimmyJ. I’ve already been accused of being Sammy at one time. I only go by one name here. I have no reason to go by another.

  • LT the chances are so unlikely that Harrell will contribute that TT spent a #2 and #7 on his position. Jones hasn’t shown he’s a pass rusher, Underwood?, Bigby? probably not. Special teams, especially returners and punters have a lot to prove. We’re a good team with a lot of work to do to become a legitimate contender and overrating our talent won’t get us there. I like a lot of what’s been done, particularly that we won’t be the youngest team again, so I don’t see another Tampa flop.

  • Rocky70

    Per Mark:

    ” Jones hasn’t shown he’s a pass rusher ”

    But yet he had 4 sacks in the last 5 games of season 2009 ……. How is he not a viable threat as a pass-rusher? ……….. Can you explain your reasoning & not use the ‘real numbers’? ……….. What are you basing your statement on besides pure opinion?

    Jonny the Hero —– All I did was ask you a simple question ………. If you make a general statement without any explanation then your statement is open to scrutiny ……….. Quit comparing free-agency in 2010 to the 90s ……… Two different time-periods ………….. Two different animals ………..

  • Rocky70

    Alot of CYA taking place on this blog …………

    ” I don’t like this, that & the other thing but ……….. ”

    Face it ……… GB is already an elite team & will be for many years …….. Get used to it.

  • Rocky, when we really needed some pressure on the QB in the playoff game I don’t remember Jones being a factor. Maybe you can clear that up for me.

  • Larry

    Anyone know if this Levine kid can play corner….4.43 40 yard dash–193 pounds at 6″ for a safety? Hope he can cover slot receivers better than Bush!!! Interesting he was signed to a 3 year contract as a undrafted player.

  • Arch

    Six years of drafting and still many many holes. How many years does TT need? 10? I’m not sure that will be enough.

    I agree with the inference that by drafting Neal and Wilson and signing the new NT I have to think TT knows Harrell is done. He may also know that he isn’t going to be resigning Jolly and/or Jenkins. I’m sorry but I just don’t see TT making much headway from one year to the next.

  • JimmyJ

    Bravo Arch.

  • JimmyJ

    This ones for Iccy….
    The year before Charles Woodson was a Packer, he had 1 int and 0 sacks in 6 games…plus was injured in 2 of the last 4 years he played for Oakland, with above average stats.

    At the time, I am sure the money we offered him turned some heads.

    And as we can see today, that kind of move was out of TT’s charactor…and one he hasn’t repeated since. I am almost starting to think it was sheer luck instead of ‘football smarts’ that paid off for us.

  • JimmyJ, it was sheer desperation. We just came off a 4-10 season that TT was responsible for. He also signed Pickett who was just as valuable as Woodson but since then only Chillar. When TT is desperate he’s done well like after the 6-10 season. I just want one more year of that effort to get us to the SB. I know he’s capable and his signing of our core players after the season is very reassuring to me.

  • Rick

    TT is going to build through the draft even trading down and look for value over pop. That is the heatlhy cap conscious way. We finished 4-10 and were in cap heck. He signed Pickett as a resonable FA and we flat stole Woodsen because everyone had written him off. Chillar was a solid depth move FA.

    Other than passing on getting into the Randy Moss pool with the Patriots I have not seen us miss out on the big ticket FA.

    Drafting. Harrell has been a no show and AJ Hawk as a#5 draft pick has been solid but over compensated for his production.

    Draft wise many of the players have been on our team or in the NFL. That is a good sign of quality picks. We did not develop O line depth but after seeing the Bengals show how to use the practice squad I hope we do not have that bad of dropoff again.

    We do need to see how the fresh legs rotation helps the 3-4 we run.

  • Just like last year and the year before, Mark-JimmyJ-Arch-jfbh-and others; why are your here? There is a difference between constructive analysis and continued carping. I would think you are Packer fans because of the history, tradition, location, and fans, but you don’t show it with your constant tearing down the organization iplace. Lets see your positive side for a change. The negative wears so thin.

  • Gee LT I’m sorry I don’t share your, over the top, rosiest possible picture of our roster. Like Harrell playing like a #1. I don’t see that as carping. If everything is always so great how do you explain us ever losing a game. There’s a difference between optimism and make believe. We’re definitely a better team than last year but the reality is we can use some help and pretending we don’t will leave us short of my goal of a Championship.

  • JimmyJ

    Sorry LT…your comment really hurts.
    I’m here because I care. Plus, I didn’t discern that this was an exclusive TT fanboy blog. If you only want people to agree with each other, then there is no need for me to try to express some of my anxiety about our future.
    I strongly disagree that our team can get to the SB with TT, but I’m forced to sit back and watch since unfortuately, this was the same mind-set that kept Bart Starr coach for 8-9 years…as history can repeat itself.
    It makes me very sad to do this, so you can take your ball home and not let the rest of us play along in your arena.
    To me, this coming year matters more then any other for TT. I hope I am wrong, and we make it further in the playoffs, but if it does turn out bad (which I believe could happen), we shouldn’t just give TT another pass on his responsibility for it.

  • BTW, the reason I post is because I care. Same as last year and 50 years ago. I will admit that I overreact because I take this a little too seriously, sorry.

  • iccyfan

    Mark – I’m ususally opposed to your positions but don’t doubt your veracity as a fan, due primarily to the fact you are still here and posting. You say you don’t expect Justin Harrell to contribute, but I expect you’d be the first to jump up and cheer if he had an all-pro season. Contrast that with the likes of Matt Hayton, who forecast a dismal season in 2009 and vanished when that didn’t materialize. You and I care about the team but just verbalize it differently. I say, keep on keepin’ on – just open your little grinch-like heart to the possibility TT might be doing it the right way… 🙂

  • Thanks iccy. You’re right I’d love to see Harrell contribute and be part of the rotation.

  • There you go – hey, it could happen! You know after the 70s and 80s this IS heaven, just having a chance……!

  • roy jamison

    Is there any team that couldn’t use a couple more great players? Draft grades usually are made on how many first round picks a team has. They seldom consider how well a team does picking from the bottom instead of the top.

  • jonnyfootballhero

    LT – I am not always negative on the team or T.T. I have stated several times since last season that I think he’s doing a pretty good job. The team appears headed in the right direction and I’m very happy the Pack made it to the playoffs. However, I don’t wear Green & Gold tinted glasses and don’t feel the need to approve every move T.T. makes or doesn’t or to like every player on the team to still be a fan. I happen to agree with a lot of the view points of several other posters on this site such as Packer_Bob and now JimmyJ. They seem to be able to say what I’m thinking in a more articulate manner. I’m not trying to piss anyone off on this site, just share my point of view hopefully without being mugged by others who might disagree. It is possible to disagree with others without being a complete ass. Anyway, I have a good feeling about this years team and can’t wait for Training Camp to start.

  • Sammy


    There is nothing wrong with being accused of being me. I agree with much of what you say. The problem with this site is, if you don’t wash TT’s balls, your not a fan, your hostile, negative, etc. I have been crucified for stating TT handled the whole Favre thing incorrectly, Justin Harrell a bust, Hawk overrated, etc. Kiss TT’s ass you’ll be o.k., be passionate about your views, even if they are negative…Rocky, AL, etc., will accuse you of being a troll.

    A computer program that runs 10,000 simulated games correctly predicted last year’s NFC rankings. This year, the Packers win the division if Favre retires. If he returns, the Vikings win the division. That is for you haters. Sammy is back…well I’ll at least check in once a month until the season gets closer.

    PS. I have also been accused of being Jon, Jackson, Paul, etc. I am Sammy, and have an opinion that will likely not jive with TT ball washers, but I love the Pack…and always will.

  • Reid

    Oh, the off-season. What a wonderful time. When I’m always right and everyone who disagrees with me is wrong and I can call them names like “ball washer” or “not a true Packers fan”. If the season ends up proving me wrong, I can just disappear for a while and then show up about this time next year and be right all over again.

  • JimmyJ

    Totally off topic, and I don’t know if you guys have commented on this before, but how do you feel about what the Packers did to put the fans in seats during practice?

  • Rick

    I still think the nail gun was to much jimmy J…. jk

    What did the Packers do?

  • JimmyJ

    Rick, I have been for several years going up to GB for training camp, and last year they opened their new practice facility which provided seating for the fans.
    I wanted to know if anyone has commented on it, or had thoughts about it.
    All this talk about training camp brought this memory back to me today.

  • I know everyone hates JaMarcus Russell but he’s available, he’s young, he isn’t injured and has some experience. I don’t think it would cost much for us to take a look. He could give Flynn some competition and we have a coach who knows how to develop a QB if there’s any talent there. He does have one thing that Flynn doesn’t, a powerful arm.

  • Rick

    @Jimmy. I don’t really recall practice seating as a previous discussion. There was comments on the barrels and how good Rodgers looked but Brohm looked bad at and where people where seating on bleachers allowed you to see better.

    @Mark. If Russell wants to actually work and play football then he is not a bad idea. We need hunger in the back up positions. That hunger and drive allows a 7th round Flynn to beat out a top ranked QB in Brohm. He went after it. Every mistake Brohm made Flynn was there doing the right thing.

    Now if Russell is hungery and honked off over being labeled a bust so he will put in the time, the work, and the effort to be at his best he would have my vote to come in and try to push out Flynn.

  • Rick

    By the way. The draft year before Russell came out I had him as a mid 3rd rounder. Big arm, like a more mobile Rothelsburger he could stand and deliver under pressure. However he is not mature in looking off defenses and needs 1-3 QB camps to see how he will really pan out. I thought he would be a great 3rd QB for the pack in the 4th round if available behind BF and ARod. A future back up we could develop in case ARod did not step up when ever Farve retired or perhaps trade off like the Falcons did Schuab to the Texans.

  • The only way Russell comes to Green Bay is as a defensive lineman. There isn’t much of a market for 320-pound QBs.

  • Al, Russell got pushed into being a starter before he was ready like Alex Smith. If he were a 3rd rounder where he belonged he might have been a useful backup. People are angry at his salary(rightfully) but he has some talent.

  • jonnyfootballhero

    Everything I’ve heard about Russel is that he has a terrible work ethic and is perfectly happy collecting a paycheck in a backup role. I’ve heard that from several of his old team mates on Sirius NFL Radio. He’s not someone I’d want on my favorite team.

  • roy jamison

    What’s the difference between JaMarcus Russell and a box of rocks? The box is much smarter.

  • JimmyJ

    I guess I miss standing outside the fence and being able to move to where the action is. Just always seems as if it was uniquely Green Bay.
    Especially at the start of training camp in late July, early August….now you kinda get ushered into one spot and hope that the action come to you.
    Didn’t know if anyone else felt the same way.

  • Steve Cheez

    The box of rocks is a little bit more mobile, too.

  • jonnyfootballhero

    Has anyone heard anything about about Brett Swain’s recovery? I was really hoping he would turn out to be a Wes Welker type player. That guy had some speed. I hope he gets it back.

  • iccyfan

    After reading the story on the Canadian free agent WR they signed after the recent mini-camp, I was wondering about Swain as well. It sounds like he has the same skill-set and has been told to focus on special teams. I guess bringing in free agent competition for roster spots of lesser players like Jarrett Bush and Brett Swain is almost a given; such is the life of an NFL player…

  • You cannot question whether an individual is a fan or not a fan if he so declares that he is a fan. I don’t believe in placing degrees of fandom on a person either. However, I can question WHY a person is a fan if they continue to degrade the team. You can’t separate the management from the team.
    To those who reply that they now support TT except for this and that (they all have their own nits to pick) and want the best for the team, that rings hollow.
    It was just a few short months ago that a few, here, were openly hoping the Pack would fail just to get rid of TT and big MM.
    It amazes me that every time a “name” pops up on the waiver wire a contingent jumps right on it and says “bring ’em in”. I don’t know how many people McKensie has working for him, but I’d be willing to bet that they have pages and pages of data on every player in the league and have considered everything we talk about here.

  • iccyfan

    LarryTex Says: “However, I can question WHY a person is a fan if they continue to degrade the team. You can’t separate the management from the team.”

    I’ll respectfully disagree; a person can support the GBP Football Club without supporting each individual component part. When an individual player or member of management is seen as a detriment to the collective GBPFC, a fan has made the emotional investment necessary to voice their opinion on the topic.

    You’ve said several times that you’ll continue to support Jarrett Bush until he’s no longer a GBP. IMO, that’s overly simplistic. Not to compare the two situations, but did you continue to support Mossy Cade until such time as the Packers released him? Did you think Tyrone Williams was a fine representative of what the organization stands for? Your green & gold logic is flawed…

  • JimmyJ

    I disagree with LT, too. If the only litmus test used to determine if you are a REAL PACKER FAN is to 100% agree with everything the organization does, that’s not a fan, but a zombie.

  • Ouch, who said anything about agreeing with everything th organization does? I’ve always come from the side of supporting them, even when I disagree, because I can never have all the facts. But Iccy, thats iccy. Mossy Cade? Oh, man that hurts, might as well throw in Ahmad Carroll too. Couldn’t stand ’em, but you’re right, I did always hope against logic that Carroll could quit holding the receiver. In the end, the team does the right thing (even if we think it takes too long) because the player, himself, plays himself off the team. ie, this could well be the last for Harrell and Bush. Williams (and Lofton) IS a different situation, but totally different than play on the field. Hey, I’m sure most MIN fans support the Williams’; to be honest I don’t how I would feel about that one (again, I don’t know too much about it). Besides, we’ve got enough to worry about here with Jolly.

  • iccyfan

    I hope you’re wrong about Harrell; if anybody has gotten a bad wrap from the fans it’s Justin and I don’t think he can fairly be lumped in with Jarrett Bush (different situations). Bush has now had TWO opportunities to establish himself in a prime role and failed miserably both times. Harrell has “flashed” serious ability in the few times he’s actually been healthy; we both remember the Titan game! Plus he’s gone about his rehabilitation business as a professional and said all the right things. Nobody had anything but well wishes when Jeremy Thompson retired prematurely; why is Harrell treated differently (cuz he’s a first rounder – I know!)?

    I’m gonna side with Thompson again and indicate how excited I am about the potential of both lines this year and those to come; ‘ya gotta build from the inside out. I love Bulaga and Newhouse and truly believe our D-Line could be a serious strength!

  • Me too iccy. As much as I like TT, 2007 was a gamble top to bottom. Harrell(to date, excepting the Titan game), Rouse, Barbre, Clooney, and Harris – nothing. Jackson, Hall, Crosby, and Wynn – marginal. I’ll take Jones and Bishop on my team any day.
    Point is, even given the fact of the injuries, Harrell is lumped in with the group which has not produced like any other TT draft and he did come in injured.
    Gotta love the Pre and all the possibilities…….! Kinda reminds me of the Pre before 6-10.

  • iccyfan

    I thought it’d be fun to go back and look at what some of our resident experts were prognosticating prior to the recent draft:

    Rocky70 Says: March 8th, 2010
    “Charles Brown, Bruce Cambell, Bryan Bulaga …………. One of these three will be taken somewhere in round 1 by GB ………. Bank on it.”

    Rocky70 Says: April 13th, 2010
    “To get even more specific ……….. GB trades their 1st (# 23), 3rd & a 5th to move up & draft Bulaga ……………”

    Rocky the flying squirrel proves once again that even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in awhile. The Packers did end up with Bulaga; thank goodness they didn’t give up our new dreadlocked safety and Robert Newhouse’s cousin to do it. Charles Brown falls to the last pick in the second round and Campbell all the way to the fourth! Ouch says the Rockman – that’s not pretty………

  • JimmyJ

    Wow…To see this article come from the TT butt-boy JS reporters…amazing.

    Welcome aboard the “TT can’t do it” train, LeRoy.