2010 Packers Game Blackouts in the Twin Cities Metro

2010 Green Bay Packers Game Blackouts in the Twin Cities Metro / Western Wisconsin Regions

Per NFL rules, no game can be aired at the same time the home team is playing at home on another network.

The below is a listing all Green Bay Packers games that will be blacked out in the Twin Cities metro / Western Wisconsin in 2010 per this rule.

Week 2: Sun, Sept 19 vs. Buffalo Bills 12:00 pm on CBS [Vikings @ noon on CBS, at home]
Week 6 (maybe): Sun, Oct 17 vs. Miami Dolphins 12:00 pm on CBS [Vikings @ 3:15 on FOX, at home]
Week 12: Sun, Nov 28 @ Atlanta Falcons *12:00 pm on FOX [Vikings @ noon on FOX]
Week 13: Sun, Dec 5 vs. San Francisco 49ers *12:00 pm FOX [Vikings @ noon on CBS, at home]
Week 14: Sun, Dec 12 @ Detroit Lions *12:00 pm FOX [Vikings @ noon on FOX, at home]
Week 17: Sun, Jan 2 Chicago Bears *12:00 pm FOX [Vikings @ noon on FOX]


  • Get a Slingbox and set it up at your friend or relative’s house in good ol’ eastern WI.  Basically the slingbox streams your tv (cable, antenna, satellite, whatever you have) on the web, and you can log in and access it from anywhere.  This is what I’ve been doing, works pretty well if you have decent bandwidth at both the source and where you are watching from.
  • Get DirecTV w/ the NFL Sunday Ticket (cha ching!  expensive…)
  • Go to a bar that has the game on

Bars in the St Paul area I’d recommend:

Others have suggested:

Good luck Twin Cities Packer fans, and GO PACK!

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  • Is the week 12 game possible to be shifted into prime time? I expect they will both be in significant playoff contention at that time.

    As to the December Viking games, I expect they will not be much of a TV draw by then and get dumped!

  • Rick


    I agree slingblade is the bomb. We have an extended family member in Hong Kong that keeps up on all the St Louis Cardinals games almost live. He has a monster external hard drive he uses like a Tivo with his laptop to record and playback too.

  • James H

    I’m a Vikings fan but I am willing to give you an explanation on why some Packer games weren’t televised in the Twin Cities the last 4 seasons. 2006 games @ Buffalo & @ San Francisco, 2007 game @ NY Giants & 2008 game @ Jacksonville did not air in Twin Cities, even though all 4 times Packers & Vikings game times were different those were all CBS Doubleheader weeks. CBS does not want WCCO competing against the Vikings when Fox has the Doubleheader so that’s why Packer games in 2006 vs. NY Jets, 2007 vs. San Diego & 2008 vs. Houston were not shown in the Twin Cities. I know you were probably mad about KMSP not showing the Week 17 Packers @ Cardinals game last season but I think the decision was correct as the Eagles @ Cowboys game was so important to the Vikings. When you look at the schedule each season, look for the late afternoon games that have 3:05 (or 4:05 Eastern) & 3:15 (or 4:15 Eastern), if it says 3:05 (or 4:05) that network DOES NOT have the Doubleheader, if it says 3:15 (or 4:15) that network DOES have the Doubleheader. Week 17 both networks have it so it’s called a Double Doubleheader. Hope that helps you out. I look forward to 2010.

  • James H

    Looking at 2010, your Week 6 matchup vs. Miami will be shown. Vikings play @ 3:15 so WCCO has to show a 12:00 game. On Halloween, both Packers @ Jets & Vikings @ Patriots will be shown since Fox has the Doubleheader that Sunday (They always get the DH on World Series Sunday) but if Packers game goes late, they will leave it to join the Vikings game. I can guarantee there will be changes for Week 12, Fox Doubleheader & St. Louis @ Denver is currently only 3:15 game scheduled. Vikings @ Redskins, Packers @ Falcons & Eagles @ Bears are good candidates, the best 1 of those 3 will likely get the 3:15 spot, most likely whichever Fox protects. Week 17 all games in the Eastern & Central time zones are scheduled for the early kickoff, changes will be made after Week 16.

  • jeremiah

    stupid vikings ruin another day. why don’t they just up and move to LA already!!!!