Packers are getting a lot of hype

As we inch closer to training camp the Green Bay Packers are becoming one of the most talked about teams in the NFL. You can’t tune into any sports channel that is talking NFL without one of the commentators bringing up the Packers as a tough team to beat this year. Expectations will be super high when camp opens and I for one am going to really enjoy hearing the hype escalate further as training camp and preseason progress. Opening day in Philly is going to be huge.

The Packers have one of the best teams in the NFL because of the work of general manager Ted Thompson and head coach Mike McCarthy. Thompson has put together one the most talented teams in the league and first-time head coach McCarthy has proven to be the right man for the right job. McCarthy has the respect of his players and a proven offensive system that has seen him turn around Brett Favre’s career and then develop Aaron Rodgers into arguable the best quarterback in the NFL without a ring. Kind of like the best player never to win a major.

This just might be Rodgers year. Since the debacle in Tampa Bay last year Rodgers has become the true leader of this team with a lot of help from cornerback Charles Woodson. Much like the old Reggie White-Brett Favre days the Packers have leaders on both sides of the ball. Woodson recently called Rodgers the best QB in the NFL. The way Rodgers came back from a poor start in Arizona last January was epic. If not for a soft pass defense in that game the Packers might have been playing in the Super Bowl. Believe you me the Packers will not be that soft this year against the pass. One thing about McCarthy, with the exception of special teams, when he says he’s going to fix something, he fixes it.

The Packers have enough talent and enough competition at every position that they should be even better than 11-5 this year. It will probably take 13-3 to win the NFC North, which I think will be the best division in football in 2010. The Packers are the up-and-comers with the youth and desire to win it all. The Vikings with or without Favre can be penciled in for 10 or more wins. The Bears are my sleeper team in the division and they scare the living daylights out of me. I’ve always been a fan of Mike Martz and the Packers struggled stopping John Kitna and Detroit when Martz coached there. If the Bears’ defense rebounds with Brian Urlacher back and Jay Cutler buys into Martz’ offense, the Bears are going to be a beast.

I hate to admit it but I love the Lions’ head coach Jim Schwartz. He has a plan much like McCarthy did when he came to Green Bay and Schwartz will stick to it even if it takes a few years. The Lions have greatly improved their talent level since he became coach and the Vikings might have given the Lions the greatest gift of all when they traded with them in the draft allowing Detroit to draft Javid Best. Only the Vikings could be that stupid. I don’t see the Packers losing to the Lions this year, but that 19-game home winning streak over the Lions might not go much past 20.

Two weeks from Friday we get underway. I’ll be at the Packers’ shareholders meeting the day before. The Packers’ financial statement usually comes out that day but tomorrow the Packers will deliver the news ahead of time and it figures to be bad. The Packers might need a Super Bowl run to keep the franchise alive and kicking. I think it is coming. The Saints won’t repeat, the Vikings never win anything, no team in the NFC West is any good anymore, which leaves only the Dallas Cowboys standing in the Packers way. Seems like old times.

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  • Rocky70

    Good analysis.

    I’m sticking with the Pack winning 12+ in the regular season & taking the North Division …………… I see the ViQweens losing as many as they win ……….. The ViQweens have road games at NO, at Jets, at GB & at NE plus Dallas, Detroit & Miami at home in their 1st seven games of the season ……….. With that brutal start to the season, IMO, the Viqweens will spend the 2010 season trying to just get back to a winning record by season’s end ………..BF’s ‘starting streak’ will end due to injury & sub-par play ………. BF’s last hurrah will not be pretty.

  • 4205

    Rocky – I like your vision, but the Pack just needs to worry about the Pack. The viqueens will take care of themselves and I doubt it will take an ill-advised interception to do the job again this year.

  • monty

    Al, its great to talk up the packers in the preseason, but as we found out last year when the same thing was done, preseason doesnt mean much. McCarthy acts so shocked that the packers had a 50 plus sack season but he contributed to it by starting Barbie at right tackle. Until we beat Farve and the Queens and improve our special teams you can dream and talk all you want, we aint going to the Super Bowl. Now if Thompson had hired Sean Payton perhaps we would be a better football team today. I wonder what Ted was thinking when last night at the Espys Sean Payton and the Saints team were on stage holding the lombardi trohpy….damn, I hired the wrong man in 06!

    • Rocky70

      Sean Payton better relish his days as a SB winning HC while he can because history indicates he will never hold another Lombardi Trophy up at the Espys ……………..

      Of the last ten Head Coaches to lead their team to a SB victory ……….. Four are no longer HCs in the NFL (Dungy, Cowher, Gruden & Billick) ………… Two led their teams to non-playoff records in 2009 (Tomlin-Steelers & Coughlin-Giants) …………… An argument can be made that only Belichick (3 SBs in the last ten seasons) deserves strong consideration for Monty’s adoration but even Belichick hasn’t won a SB in 5 seasons.

      The 2010 NFC Championship game could very well feature GB vs NO ……… Who will you be rooting for?

    • zach

      Jesus eff man….yeah, what a terrible season we had last year….sheesh. Nearly making the second round of the playoffs, barring a no call from the refs….Yeah, we stunk it up big time last year. /sarcasm

      Seriously, all we have to do is shore up a few spots here and there on both sides of the ball, and patch up our ST’s and we have a football team man. Damn right people are talking about us!

  • Rock, you overlooked the fact that its an even year.

  • Thanks for the tip Monty. Guess we all can tune out the season now. No need to watch anymore, we’re not going to the Super Bowl. Just because you hate Thompson doesn’t mean you’re right. Go root for your Saints and the great Sean Payton and leave us alone.

  • jimmyus333333

    Although I want the Packers to do well, and will support them the whole year, I am not as optimistic as Rocky or Al Davis.
    Just looking at past statistical trends, this is what I am observing:
    1) Our schedule will me more difficult this year then last year when we went 11-5, and lost first the wildcard game.
    2) Under TT, the Packers haven’t been able to go to the playoffs 2 years in a row
    3) We have lost better players then we have gained in the offseason.
    4) Any needed improvement into the glaring weaknesses in last year’s team (Offensive line and special teams) has not displayed a necessary improvement during this year’s offseason (although the BB pick will help in 2-3 years)
    5) Draft worthiness takes 3 years, and this is the Nelson/Brohm/Lee/Finley draft. And as long as Rodgers doesn’t get injured (see #4), Finley may probably be the only PB in that draft, as long as his head remains straight, with the rest being primarily utility players…if they still belong to the team
    6) Writing big contracts to our FA’s (ie, Collins) doesn’t always translate into a big year following the “contract year”.

    I could add how some of the teams we are playing this year improved their rosters, but I That’s enough for now…..bring on the vile…

  • Steve Cheez

    Nice article on A-Rod in ESPN magazine. There is somebody who gets it. It is all about continually striving to put yourself in a better position to help the team. The difference between his attitude and the “I’ll-do-it-all-myself” mindset is subtle but huge. Whether we win it all or not, you certainly can’t say it is because of a lack of leadership and preparation at the QB position.

  • Sheesh

    Please… nothing has been done to fix that defence..smelling very much like an overrated team..the offence can be unstoppable at times but that defense is not one of the top in the NFL and who knows about special teams….but as always we shall see!! Can hardly wait but am very nervous about that D!!!

  • iccyfan

    I met Sean Payton back in the mid-80’s when he was the Eastern Illinois QB – his college roommate is a friend of mine. Good guy – he laughed when we suggested our intramural flag QB could probably start at EIU. My only other connection to Eastern – their chemistry building is named after my college roommate’s grandfather. I’m hooked up – if only Sean was our coach I’d be sitting in his box for certain….

    • Steve Cheez

      Or at least an obstructed-view seat to the next Panthers game…

  • Kevin

    Packers certainly won’t be flying under the radar this year, that is for sure. However, I do think they can live up to the hype. There was a LOT of hype about the Packers just prior to the 1996 season, also. I still have a magazine from summer ’96 with Favre on the cover with the title “Super Bowl Bound”. Sometimes analysts can get it right, and I am hoping this is again the year the Packers return to SB glory.

  • olroy234

    Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Johnny…you stinkin’ idiot. Remember what NFL stands for…Not for Lunkheads.

    • zach

      Yeah….thats sucks…Leave the purple drank to Lil Wayne……

  • jonnyfootballhero

    How long before TT sends Johny Jolly to the curb? It really blows my mind that someone could legitimately be making millions of dollars and they’re willing to risk it all on selling/using dope. What the hell?? I’m somewhat surprised that TT hasn’t cut him yet. He’s gotta go.

    • Rocky70

      Looks like Jolly’s year-long suspension has little to do with his court case ……. He hasn’t even been found guilty yet ………… There has to be other drug use infractions not known by the public that has led to an indefinite suspension ………… GB had to know something early in this process ……… Why move Pickett outside & draft 2 DEs? ……….. The next few days should unveil more of the facts.

      TT doesn’t have to kick Jolly to the curb ………… The NFL just did.

  • You’re right Rocky. I thought the D-line moves were made because of Harrell’s problems. Turns out TT did a good job anticipating this suspension and took action.

  • Geez, like Jolly was going to be a major contributor this year. Big deal; more important is the comparison to how the Williams boys were treated – screw the Minn justice system and everybody else in that state, including Faaarve.

  • iccyfan

    Hey, hey, my, my….rock n’ roll will never die, Johnny Rotten, Johnny Rotten….

  • Monty

    All, I am not a Saints fan, nor am I a TT hater. I simply point out that we had the chance to hire the man and passed. It is my hope that TT hired the right coach to get us to the promise land, however we do have some weaknesses that he, MM, has refused to improve. One, Special teams, our 2010 punter will have had no experience in an NFL game, two our return men suck, three our kicker misses important fgs, four we cant tackle. Yahoo’s Jason Cole rates our OL 23 in the league cuz it couldnt keep Rodgers upright last year and Campen is still trying to make tackles out of Barbie and a good guard out of Colledge. Until they get a good OL coach….and Cole rates our DL 18th and now that Jolly is gone, well who knows. But the truth is, the door to the North Division Title goes through Minnesota. Until we beat Farve and the Queens, we are going no where. And remember last year after the preseason Arizona game, how everyone was all Packer hyped? then the bears game came and Barbie couldnt hold his spot and we barely won. Tell me what has changed from last year besides drafting rookies again? Im just saying until we get these problems fixed I dont see us in the SB. TT did not hire Payton because Payton is not a yes man like McCarthy. TT is into total control, its his way or no way. Payton and TT could not coexist, well so far its Sean 1 Ted 0….

    • Rocky70

      Give it up, Monty ………… No ones listening.

  • Mel e Mel

    I think Jolly should sue Jemarcus Russell for his paycheck. If that case hadnt come to light bringing national attention to purple drank… Anyway at least our QB isnt a rapist, but that would only bring a 6 game suspension. Note to Jolly next time plead out when you get a chance. Also dont listen to a lawyer who is only trying to pad his wallet.

  • Steve Cheez

    Could Jolly possibly be any stupider? Screw him.

  • I couldn’t disagree with Monty more. The way to the NFC title is thru GB. 1) Detroit, while improved, is still rebuilding and a couple of years away from contention. 2) Chicago did nothing for their O and added only an aging Peppers to their D; not enough. 3) Minnesota is a question mark. Where did they improve? Childress is still there and they are led by a 40 plus year old QB (?, I’m pretty sure he’ll be back).
    The Pack plugged holes in the DL rotation and improved OL depth. The Pack improved the DBs and now has a TE that can stretch the field down the middle. I do have (3) major concerns: Can Harris play at his pre-injury level? But Williams can do the job if need be. Will Harrell finally contribute? But we’re long past considering him as potential starter material anyway. And finally, Blackmon. He had a very good year in ’08, but if he does not return to that form you don’t win championships with STs. Seems like they (STs) can only hurt you; the Os and Ds win for you, and we sure improved in the trenches where most games are won or lost.
    Thats my two cents worth, at least.

    • Rocky70

      Good analysis, LT.

      Fans & the media are always harping on a team’s ST performance ………… GB’s STs have been ranked low over the past few years but how many games did they actually lose as a direct result of STs? …………. Marginal teams hope for a boost from their STs because their offense/defense are not at an elite level ……….. I would contend that GB’s O/D are at elite levels & the need for ‘great’ ST performance will be marginalized …………..

      Who give’s a rat’s ass if your punter can drop a punt inside the 20 when you’re already up in the game by 34-10 in the 4th quarter ? ………….. Who cares if the Lions return a punt for a TD in a game they lose to the Pack by 38-13? …………

      Why aren’t more teams using starters on STs? ………….. Simple, teams save these players for what really counts …………… The O & the D. ………… Having said that ……… There’s really no reason that GB’s STs can’t have a positive impact in 2010.

  • Rocky70

    Follow-up on the impact of STs on any NFL team ………….

    RICK GOSSELIN of The Dallas Morning News ranks all NFL STs after each season based on 22 individual catagories – His rankings are considered the standard.

    Your top 3 STs of 2009 were Cleveland (5-11), Tampa Bay (3-13) & Buffalo (6-10).

    Another point of interest: Indy (14-2) ranked 28th ………. NO (13-3) ranked 29th ……….. The Pack (11-5) ranked 31st.

    In today’s NFL I weight offense at 50%, defense at 40% & STs at 10% ………… Any boost GB can get from their special team’s play in 2010 will turn 34-17 victories into 41-10 victories …………. However, the final score becomes pretty much meaningless a few hours after a victory.

  • Rocky, I couldn’t disagree with you more on ST’s. They got us over the top in ’97 and ’68 and got the Bears to the SB in ’07. We don’t have to be great but it would really help if we weren’t near the bottom. That is, if we’re serious about a SB run.

    • Rocky70

      NO was ranked 29th in 2009 ………. That resulted in a SB Trophy …………. You cite ’97, ’68 & da Bears in ’07 ……….. That’s THREE instances in over 40 years of time …………. You’ll have to better than that with ‘pure evidence’ to change my mind ………

      Also, do you honestly think GB was going to lose to NE in the ’97 SB if Desmond Howard’s returns never happened ? ………… GB had the top-rated defense & near top-rated offense ………….. That’s why GB was even in that SB.

      Finally, no comments on why or how the top 3 STs (Clev., TB, Buff) fared so poorly record-wise? ………… You disagree without any logical analysis …………. Try again.

  • Of course TB beat us with an inferior team and ST’s were part of that. But you know as well as I do that most games are close and the extra yards that are lost by ST’s could be the difference. We don’t have to dominate, just improve from awful to average to give our team a better chance of winning.

  • iccyfan

    Rocky70 says: “Finally, no comments on why or how the top 3 STs (Clev., TB, Buff) fared so poorly record-wise? …………You disagree without any logical analysis …………. Try again.”

    The preceeding doesn’t merit comment. Quit being so obstinate – Mark is saying an improvement in special teams play could be enough to put this team over the top, much like Desmond Howard’s return in the Superbowl victory (and yeah, I’m not certain we win that game without it). Only a fool would argue an improvement in special teams play is not desireable.

    • Rocky70

      Here’s my quote on GB’s STs.
      ” ……… There’s really no reason that GB’s STs can’t have a positive impact in 2010. ”

      Thanks for rewording Mark’s post ………… The real truth is that Mark inferred that if GB is serious about a SB run, they would have improved ST play ………. My contention is still that ST is over-rated ………. Indy in 2009 is a prime example. …. NO in 2009 is thee prime example.

      Try reading with attention to detail ………….. It would be a positive if some of you had used the off-season to improve your football knowledge ………… But then again ……… Wishfull thinking on my part.

      • Rocky70

        FU – We’re less than two weeks from the start of TC in what might be a very special year for the Pack …………. Some of you need to grow a set before the season begins ……. This is NFL football on an NFL blog ………….. Douse the campfire, quit the song-singing & get ready for some ‘Futball’.

  • Mel e Mel

    N O has a dynamic offense and a good defense. They can afford suspect special teams. IF GB had no inconsistency in the other phases they could afford awful special teams. Hopefully the O line gets fixed and the secondary holds up.

  • iccyfan

    Rocky70 says: “In today’s NFL I weight offense at 50%, defense at 40% & STs at 10% ………… Any boost GB can get from their special team’s play in 2010 will turn 34-17 victories into 41-10 victories …………. However, the final score becomes pretty much meaningless a few hours after a victory.”

    OK, I’m reading with extreme attention to detail! You say in paraphrase, “special teams is only 10% of a game and that’s meaningless”.

    You know, back in college when taking tests, I liked to answer nine questions and leave the tenth one blank, because 90% was an A and I felt confident I’d get every question I answered correct. Duh…

    Again, only a fool would argue an improvement in special teams play is not desireable.

    • Rocky70

      If the Pack can get 90% of the game right in 2010, MM will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the Espys in 2011 ………….

      BTW, ‘meaningless’ is your word, not mine ………… Again, attention to accuracy & detail. ……… ‘Not desirable’ is your word, not mine ………… Again, attention to accuracy & detail. ………… Nice try, but, you weren’t even involved with this discussion so the beating you’re taking is well-deserved.

      • iccyfan

        Rolls eyes and snorts with derision…

    • Steve Cheez

      Good one, iccy!

  • Rocky, you seem to be going off the rails again. Details of your posts might score some bizarre point somewhere but doesn’t help illuminate the dimwitted assumption that awful ST’s don’t matter. And, it’s hardly a private discussion if it’s posted on an open board. So I don’t get how anyone reading it isn’t, de facto, party to what’s been posted? Beating?

  • This is getting ridiculous; nobody said improvement isn’t desireable, the debate is really how much is required. Too much animosity among friends with a common goal.

  • Larry

    Time to rejoin the fray….good special teams gives you the ability and perhaps the lilihood to make a difference in the game….the 96 packers had both a great O and D but the special teams in many games gave the lead or put games away….see SB. It altered the way other teams played. (see Devin Hester)

    Consistantly good special teams will consistantly yield good plays. GB’s special teams consistantly yield poor plays with below average returns and PENALTIES.

    Just stop the penalities and we’ll be much better.

  • Rocky70

    The question really is “How much improvement in ST play is required to advance to the SB?” …………. Examine the SB entrants the last two years.

    2009 – Indy (28th) & NO (29th)
    2008 – Arizona (28th) & Pitts. (20th)

    Interesting note: The Bills have had the top-rated STs unit in 3 of the last 5 years but failed to make the playoffs in any of those years ………….

    I keep reading from PackFans that the key to the 2010 season is improved play from the STs ………… I just don’t buy this & the facts support my position ……….. As much as I’d like to see improved results from the STs, I’d also like to see improved play from the O & the D ………… Improved O/D will get the Pack into the SB ……….. There’s a solid chance that ST play will have only a minimal affect on the 2010 season. ………..

    I have no animosity toward anyone on this board ………. Only irritation when some try to make a point but offer only selected evidence from ancient history. ………. There’s no better time to help adjust the nay-sayers than just before TC ……….

    • Rick

      I agree that special teams does not normally win games. The Bills are proof of that. However special teams stats are prone to over exagerate due to number of attempts. Bad teams have more attempts and better stats then good teams.

      GB needs this years ST to be competitive and more like the Colts and NO. Not to win the game but to stop trying to give away the game.

  • Rocky70

    A few thoughts on the 2010 season:

    **The Vikes will start the season at 2-5 & finish at 8-8 …….. BF will miss a good portion of the season with ‘injuries’ & then call it quits once & for all.
    **Da Bears will finish 2nd in the North Division & secure a wild-card spot.
    **Only J. Sitton will play more snaps on the OL than B. Bulaga in 2010.
    **James Starks will supplant B. Jackson as the 3rd down back & be a major surprise.
    **A. Bigby will be unable to make the 53-man roster. Same with D. Lee.
    **AR will be a season-long MVP mention & win it hands down.
    **GB will win 12+ & advance at least to the NFC Championship.

    • Steve Cheez

      Hope you are right, Rock.

  • Rick

    Rocky – Your argument about how the better teams were lowly ranked in ST has merits. But looking into the source materials cited shows that the bad teams that punted to many times and- racking up punt yardage and touches inside the 20- moved to the top of the list and also those same teams that had a chance to return more kickoffs because their defense allowed a lot of scoring moved to the top – ergo Cleveland, Tampa, and Buffalo are one two and three.

    Better defenses like NO, GB and the Colts were penalized in ST stats because of the fewer attempts. The scary thing is the number of penalties committed by GB special teams versus NO and the Colts.

    Green Bay at 31 showed that unlike the NO and Colts we had a sharp drop off in numbers on returns both kick off and punt versus league average, where as they had fewer attempts. We surrendered a lot of yards and always seem to commit special team penalties that killed our returns.

    Larry is correct. Hester was a threat in 07 because with his defense forcing multiple punts a game he was a threat to take a game over with a score. If he had a crappy defense instead then at best he would have kept the team in the game. Our Tampa game is an example of that. Give up the return for TD we lost, hold him to a big return and FG and we would have won. That would have at the end of the season given us a home game in the playoffs versus the Cardinals.

    Safe to say that special teams will rarely win you a game but bad ST play will lose one for you in the blink of an eye.

    • Rocky70

      ” Our Tampa game is an example of that. Give up the return for TD we lost, hold him to a big return and FG and we would have won. ”

      All you’ve done is replay the game & change one ST play to support your position ……… Although I can’t argue that GB’s STs contributed to that loss ………. The O & the D also contributed ……….. One could just as easily change another play either by the O or D & draw the same conclusion ……….. TB scored the final 21 points in the game …….. One could change a number of individual plays (not connected to STs) & come up with a win for the Pack.

      ” Tampa Bay would take the lead as Freeman completed two 7-yard touchdown passes to tight end Kellen Winslow and wide receiver Sammie Stroughter. Green Bay tried to rally, but the Buccaneers would seal the win with safety Tanard Jackson returning an interception 35 yards for a touchdown. “

      • Rocky70

        Another major cause for the TB loss was AR throwing 3 INTs & being sacked 6 times ………. If the OL had protected AR just a ‘little’ bit better, the ST snafus would have been moot.

        • Rick

          My use of the Tampa game was to support my Hester statement that an inferior team was able to stay in a game becasue they made a big play. I still think it does support it.

          With out that play Tampa would have had to earn the score with their offense. Time ticks of the clock as they try to score and we had the lead. They still could have won, heck the first pass Freeman threw could be deep for a TD but that does not change the reality that a special teams play can keep an inferior team in a game while a bone head ST play or two can flat out lose it for the best of teams.

  • Reid

    My summary is the special teams need to be “solid”. Not turn the ball over by fumbling returns, not commit many penalties which seem to be the norm any more for all teams/games on ST, make a high percentage of the make-able field goals inside 45 yds, have pretty good punt distance and hang time and solid coverage without giving up many big returns. It would be nice but we don’t have to pin them inside the 10 every time, we don’t have to return a bunch of kicks and punts for TD’s, and we don’t have to make a bunch of 50+ yard field goals. Just have solid teams that don’t make unforced mistakes and make the plays they should make. That’s all I ask. The talent we have on O and D should be able to handle the rest.

  • Larry

    Rocky…interesting thoughts….I suggest that Bigby and Burnett will both be on the roster and Burnett will play nickle back while Harris is on the mend. At 4.42 and 6-1 with good hands I can easily see him matching up with TE’s and slot receivers. CB is still a big need in my opinion and Burnett and Bigby can both be on the field for 40% of the defensive snaps.

    I hope Harris sits the first few games and like NB last year is eased into the lineup. Since the early schedule is easier than later in the season it makes sense to get Burnett playing time early.

    • Rocky70

      I like Bigby Version 2007 ……… If he could return to his 2007 form & attitude, he would at the least provide solid depth ………… Unfortunately, his injury issues of 2008 & 2009 & his ‘total lack of involvement’ during this off-season does little to help his status ……… At this point, all indications are that Burnett will play a prominent role in some form in 2010 ………….. If another DB (P. Lee ?) unexpectedly excells during TC & Pre-season, Bigby could be one of the final cuts, IMO.

  • jimmyus333333

    Teams are way closer in talent then Rocky apparently believes and most games will not be blow-outs.
    Because of TT’s relentless purging of experienced vets in key positions, intangibles will cost us a few games again…and this is probably why such things take up so much discussion in this thread.
    If BB plays all those downs on the line due to injury or whatever (i.e., Tauch is the next casualty of TT’s axe)…consequently, this will extend our perennial league lead in team penalties ANOTHER year…a key intangible….and all this “paper analysis” of what should happened this year will become mute.

    • Rocky70

      B. Bulaga could end up at LT, RT or even LG if his transition to the NFL is quick ……… If he’s more effective at pass-protection than any of the present projected starters, he will play ahead of them ………. He was picked in round 1 with the sole purpose of keeping AR upright for years to come …………… My guess is he’ll play because of injuries.

      8 of GB’s 11 victories were by 10 points or more ………… Many believe the gap between the elite teams & the also rans is increasing …………… Even to the point of suggesting changing the college draft to somehow create more parity.

      BTW, a little silicone spray will fix your “3 key” on your keyboard.

  • Lew

    Quote, “One thing about McCarthy, with the exception of special teams, when he says he’s going to fix something, he fixes it.”

    Um, dude? How long have we been trying to replace our Wahle and Rivera? McCarthy has done a decent job, but lets not get carried away.

  • File this under additional things we DON’T know: With minor suspensions and fines flaying all over the league for various behavior, pot, other drugs, etc., Jolly must have been into some serious stuff to warrant a season. Anybody think he’ll be back? I don’t.

    • Rocky70

      The only ‘pass’ Jolly will bat down the rest of his life will probably be coming from his cellmate.

  • If we’re going to talk hype maybe now is the time to predict the schedule and see where we stand. We know our probable roster as well as our opponents. With the caveat that there are always surprises, injuries and upsets here’s what I’ve got.
    Eagles W *(the first game is never a good indicator so this is a hard call)
    Bills W
    Bears W *(they always play us tough and their ST’s are superior so another tough call)
    Lions W
    Skins W *(I like the changes they made so another togh call)
    Fins W *(because we’re home)
    Vikes W *(because we’re home and over #4 jitters)
    Jets L
    Pokes W *(another tough call, glad it’s a home game)
    Vikes L (with or without #4 this is a good team)
    Falcons L (away and we’re not the ’07 Pats)
    49’ers W
    Lions W
    Pats L
    Giantys W
    Bears W
    12-4 plus or minus 2 division crown and possible home field

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Looks pretty reasonable to me, Mark. I could see them winning the Falcon game actually, but will lose one they shouldn’t. Most teams do.

    I could see the Vikes (possibly) imploding this year. A few tough loses early on and if the O-line is giving up pressures on Butt, too much, he’ll go into sandlot football and then will come the INT’s. The back half of the season will sputter away. The “honey moon” year is usually the best one, and it’s over now.

  • TRIP

    Guess who’s from Philly.. and who’ll be at that first game??

    Me, that’s who! 🙂

  • Rocky70

    Couldn’t have said it better myself ………… Hopefully the link works for ya.

    • Rocky70

      Wait for the advertisement to pass.

  • Rocky70

    Just Say’in …………

    ” The last four Super Bowl champions had an average finish of 23rd in special teams, according to a composite ranking done by The Dallas Morning News.

    All four were in the bottom half of the NFL, and Indianapolis (26th in 2006) and New Orleans (29th in 2009) had the lowest finish ever by a Super Bowl champion. ”

    Special Teams ??? ……….. Make or break ………. I doubt it.

    • iccyfan

      Let’s see – in 2009, the Packers finished 11-5, one game behind the 12-4 Vikings in the Norris. Were there at least two games where dreadful special teams play was prominent in the loss?

      “Against Minnesota, Percy Harvin was able to return two kicks for 77 yards and 49 yards. These returns gave the Vikings field position at the 14 and 38 yard line.”

      “Against Tampa Bay, Jeremy Kapinos had a punt blocked for a touchdown and Bucs kick returner Clifton Smith was able to run back a kickoff for 83 yards.”

      I’d suggest that a 23rd place ST showing (average of last four SB Champs) by the GBP (rather than our actual #31) would likely have been enough to vault us into a division title and home field advantage. In the Packer’s last NFC Championship Game appearance year, ST ranked #7. I’m just sayin’…

      • Rocky70

        You’re just guessing again (Replaying games & changing a play here or there to acquire a better result) ……….. Cut AR’s sacks in half for the season & the sky’s the limit …….. Try again.

        • Rocky70

          Just A FU—-

          Against TB, AR was sacked 6 times & forced into 3 INTs.
          Against Minn (Game 1), AR was sacked 8 times including 1 for a safety.
          Against Minn (Game 2), AR was sacked 6 times.

          Of course, if only our STs were ranked higher in 2009, the 17 sacks in the three defeats would have been meaningless …………. Get a clue ………… LOL.

          • Rocky70

            Make that 20 sacks in the 3 defeats as opposed to 17 ………. Iccy, look at the sacks & pressures in those 3 games ……….. You’ll figure it out just using simple logic………… Thanks.

          • iccyfan

            Try to stay on topic – you’ve posted repeatedly that ST’s aren’t important – I respond with a different tact and you go off on a tangent about sacks. You ever wonder why few people carry on debate with you? It’s not because they’re dazzled by your brilliance…

          • Steve Cheez

            How ’bout if we improve special teams play AND reduce sacks? Or does it have to be one or the other? And if we do accomplish both of those, does it mean we can’t have a decent pass rush?

  • Monty

    Rocky until GR actually beats Farve and the Queens dont be saying the North Title goes through GB. We havent beaten the Queens the last three games. We all were hyped last year when the Packers when 4-0 in the preseason, I can remember how everyone had already crowned us division champs. Then the real games started and Barbre couldnt hold the edge at RT and we almost lost to the Bears in the opener. We lost to the Bengals who everyone thought was such an awful team. College allowed five sacks in that game alone. Losing to a previously 0 win team like TB was inexcusable. But that was last season. Our 2010 opener is in a city we havent won in since 1962…1962!! Until we get that monkey off our back and beat the Vikings at least once this year dont be talking championship games to me. Both our lines rely on unproven players. If we have any major injuries to key players we dont have the depth to replace them. And Im sorry while ST might not win you a championship, it sure helps to have a punter who can punt and a field goal kicker who doesnt choke! Im seeing 8-8 for us this year….hope Im wrong.

    • Rocky70

      Negative Nellie strikes again!! …………. For every reason you say “no”, I can counter with many reasons to say “yes” ……….. However, I have a tendency to ignore trolls.

      • Packer’s Advocate

        Sure you were watching the Packers, Monty??? From what I’ve seen over the years, 60% of football is believing you can win. It’s the most important thing!! Losing streaks come when the confidence wavers. If your saying 8-8 w/a fairly healthy team, Id take that bet……. how much????
        The second half of last year, the Packers learned alot of things. They finished 7 of 8 to give them huge momentum going into this year. They learned in the play-off game and even Pittsburg that, “we can put up some serious points!!!!”. They’ve been young but have alot of guys growing up in their system. That fruit is about ripe!!! On defense they were #2. That’s having just learned the new system. Watch out in year two!!! There’s every reason for them to believe and I’m sure they do, I do!!! Lastly, I think they’e added lots of depth. The o-line is deep and Tausch can have the year that it usually takes to get the ACL back to full strength. B. Jones will be the key and I’m hoping Hawk starts throwing the body around and causes some turnovers. Db’s lack depth, though and that’ll be the weak spot, should they get a couple injuries there.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    It would appear that it will be headed towards three years at least, before the Williams’ will serve their failed drug test suspensions, if at all. In years past, they have suspended the case during the football season and guess what, it’s getting about ready to start. The NFL seems uninterested in it anymore. The lawyers will happily drag it out and collect their pay, I’m sure. Kinda sucks for the three who did serve their suspensions and the many others who have since then. The case isn’t that complicated. Our justice system is getting as pathetic as our CEO’s, Banks, Congress/Senate and Wallstreet are sleezy.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Monty, can you explain how we go to 8-8 from 11-5. Your post is short on specifics…… W/ST not so special, we still went 11-5 last year.
    Doesn’t really matter one bit if we ever beat the Vikes, that’s not how the system works.
    And injuries will reak havok on any team. I personally think we’ve gotten real deep except for a couple areas.
    I think from watching Barbre’s run blocking last year, that if he get’s moved inside to guard where he has a small area to pass block in……… w/a couple years of playing, I think he could be a PB guard.
    Guess the questions of camp will be who ends up in Colledge’s spot???? (guessing Rocky70 figures Bulaga) and who survives at TE and FB????

  • Packer’s Advocate

    And from Cheesehead TV’s “Top 40 Packer Blogs”, Packernet checks in at #23. Didn’t have a ranking from last year. I’d say that’s pretty respectable, Admin. Al!!! I could go post on a couple of the top blogs and move you up a couple spots……. Don’t have time to post on all twenty-two.

  • Rocky70


    I have no response to your para-phrasing antics ………. You’re a bore & not worthy of my time & effort …………

    ” STs aren’t important” —– Your line, not mine.

    • iccyfan

      Rocky70 says:
      “My contention is still that ST is over-rated”
      “Special Teams ??? ……….. Make or break ………. I doubt it.”

      No paraphrasing here – direct quotes from this thread. I could continue but it’s long-ceased being interesting. Given how comical I find your puffed-up posturing, I’ll end my participation in this round with a quote from Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon….”

      • Michael Legat

        Good to see that Rocky’s still the same trolltastic flamethrowing bore that he’s always been, suffocating this site with his “wisdom.”

        More than someone like old “Jon”, Rock’s pretty much the reason I stopped posting over here.

  • Like always I tend to think injuries, or lack therof, play the major role in team success after the roster is set. To wit, Blackmon and Harris/Lee (ie; domino effect that elevates Bush to nickle and dime) and the affect to the STs.
    But don’t dismiss the learning factor for these newbies that usually man the bulk of ST lineups. Recent articles I’ve read have been emphasizing the impact of penalties and the improvement we made from the beginning of last year to the end of the year. Along with the aforementioned comment of every year MM stating “we’ll take care of that” for every GB problem, they even brought in Refs for the OTA ST practice sessions. You just have to know the STs will be better even if Blackmon does not come back to ’07 form.
    Such is life in the NFL and most of our roster, while still young on average, are proven veterans now. IE, at least we know their capabilities.
    Lastly, the improvement the Bears and Lions made on paper this last off season are unproven and Minn stayed pretty pat. If Favre stays home (not my prediction) things over there will deteriate fast with Childress in charge. (next NFL head coach to be fired).
    The Div. and NFC championship go thru GB, but then I said that before 6-10 too.

  • Lew

    Is this Rocky’s blog? Come on Al this is not even interesting to read anymore.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Well, Admin Al…………………………….. Went on a tour of Packer sites this weekend after coming across the rankings. Discovered that I like yours best. (and Packer Palace too) It’s not too big or too small (IMPORTANT……… 10 post aren’t enough, but 500 are too many). Simple enough and straight forward and I like that. Though, us posters lack a bit. And you don’t push along the blogs as hard as some do. I noticed on other sites a little better quality of post. Probably on both ends a bit. I noticed it seemed easier to tell the Packer fans from the Butt Farve (or other team) fans on their sites. Been a few on here over the last couple years that have proclaimed to be Packer fans but complain about everything they do or ever did. All in all, looking forward to the season. I’m thinging SB could be in reach but thought that last year. Do think the Pack have put some thought into the Vike games and don’t think Butt Farve is getting by w/o a few sacks this time around!!!

  • Rick

    Green Bay Packers are Blue…

    Get a load of the retro Jersey!!!

  • Roy Jamison

    Espy award for.. Best Drama…for the fifth or sixth year straight year goes to…Brett Favre…you’ll also see him star in more Wrangler and Sears ads I suppose…that’s if he returns for another year…LOL

  • jimmyus333333

    Barry Alverez believed he could have a fine team, but needed 3 All-Americans on the roster to make it to the Rose Bowl.
    I think that number needs to larger then 3 for a Professional fb team to become a Super Bowl champion.
    In 96, we had 5, Favre, Rison, Reggie, Desi & LeRoy….but there were also other near pro-bowlers on that team…Jackson, Hentrich, Timmerman, Levens, Eugene….
    Thinking that this is a numbers game at this point in the season, do the PB numbers add up this year? Do we have 5 sure-fire pro-bowers, and 4-5 near PBs this year?

    That’s what it’s going to take to even get close.

  • Mel e Mel

    Jennings, Rodgers, Woodson, Collins, Matthews, plus Finley, Grant and whichever other reciever emerges. Thats real simple. However I believe subtraction of players like Babre and Harrell (Justin) and to a lesser extent Korey Hall. Hall because there is no way in the universe the Pack is deep enough to keep 3 fullbacks.
    Keeping Babre sends a message that mediocrity is tolerated. Harrell well you know…

    Our oline is the reason we didnt advance in the playoffs last year. (I will address the defense later.) I watched the Cardinals vs the Saints and they didnt even think about the same blitzes they threw at us.

    The Pack needs a ball control element to their game. Grant has too much of of a workload. Once he comes out the game, the entire stadium knows a pass is coming.

  • jimmy, winning teams usually get more pro-bowlers than they deserve. Teams that get a lot of ink get higher numbers. It’s pretty meaningless. #4 made the pro-bowl with the Jets based on early voting, how is that relevant. The Saints had a lot of holes but got by on aggressive play calling and a reliable QB, not great talent.

    • jimmyus333333

      I’m not so much interested in if they ‘make’ the pro-bowl, but have players that play like they belong there.
      I’d say that Favre, Rison, Reggie, Desi & LeRoy all played like that late in the year…with Jackson, Hentrich, Timmerman, Levens, Eugene as the ‘me-toos’.
      …That was quite the team Ron built. It’s going to take some convincing for me with a few games past the pre-season to see if our current lot can measure up to what talent is required to make it to the SB.
      I can’t make that kind of call with the way the roster looks today. Rocky can. Al can. A few of the press can….I think our team is way too young and inexperienced to make the leap we need.

      • With Hentrich and Desmond Howard, point taken. We need to catch a little lightning by trade or waiver wire or we’re the Chargers, because of our return game.

        • jimmyus333333

          hum…of all teams to mention, the Chargers…..Interesting…
          From Wiki
          “Smith was named Executive of the Year in 2004 by CBS after the Chargers reversed the previous year’s record of 4-12 and went 12-4 on the way to an AFC West title. In 2005, the Chargers went 9-7 yet failed to make the playoffs and were criticized for their inability to win close games early in the season”

          Could that make this year a 9-7 year?

          • Just that the Chargers win their division every year, have great personnel and are always the “hot” team and never get to the SB. I expect we’ll win our division, we’re already the “hot” team and we’re not going far in the playoffs with our return game of the last couple of years.