Finley predicting a big year

Having a unique talent is not always easy, as Green Bay native Tony Shalhoub’s Monk character would say, “it’s a blessing, and a curse.” After some recent comments by Packers’ tight end Jermichael Finley, I’m wondering if the Packers might have one of those Randy Moss, TO type of players – huge talent but always on the edge of being a distraction. I guess it is too early to judge Finley yet but his comments regarding his missing curfew the night before the Packers’ playoff game last year were interesting.

“It was like the FBI when I got on that floor.” Finley said. He also said he got off scot-free because “probably I was too big a part of the game plan.”  I will say the man appears comfortable in his own skin. Wouldn’t have hurt him to say he screwed up and offer to pay a “fine” to a local charity. I have to say I agree with Mike McCarthy for not keeping him out of the game for any period of time, that just hurts his teammates, and McCarthy’s, chances to win the game. I would hope he did indeed at least fine him. Geez, I’d hate to see McCarthy become as bad as Chilly when it comes to coddling players.

Finley at least knows all eyes are upon him as he enters this year after “showing the world” what he can do. He talks about “seizing the moment” in 2010. If he does the Packers will have an offense second to none in the NFL. They are already a top five offense at the worst. Add Finley’s prediction of 100 catches and 1300 yards and the Packers won’t be stopped. This offense brings back memories of the James Lofton, John Jefferson and Paul Coffman offense of the mid-80s. They were never stopped but the defense was so bad many times 40 points or more weren’t enough to win. It was amazing. At least we know that won’t be the case this year with the Packers’ defense coming off a season in which it was ranked second in the NFL.

Yeah, I know they gave up 51 points their last time out, but having that burn in their craw for seven months ought to be a motivating factor not to let that happen again. Even if the Packers drop a little on defense as long as Finley and Aaron Rodgers are doing their thing from the jump off, the Packers will be playing in late January, hopefully in Lambeau Field. My biggest fear about Finley I guess is not his attitude so much as his durability. For whatever reason he doesn’t strike me as the toughest tight end I’ve ever seen, but I suppose the explosive types usually aren’t the bulldogs that guys like The Toolbox – Ed West or Mark Chmura were in the 90s for the Packers. Chewy took a beating some times but always got up, I want to see that from Finley once.

In the end though, I want to know what possibly could have been more important in Glendale, Arizona than being with your teammates preparing for the biggest game of the season? And if it ever happens in Green Bay, give me a call. I’ll drive.

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  • Mel e Mel

    3 time pro-bowler Adrian Wilson on Finley ” He is like Antonio Gates” Chmura was a good player but never had a chance to be the best player at his position. Let us never forget that Chewys transgression forced us to draft Bubba Franks when the pack could have drafted Julian Peterson, Shaun Alexander or Keith Bulluck.

    • Steve Cheez

      Yes, Chewy did transgress, but didn’t he also hurt his neck, so he would have had to be replace regardless?

      • Steve Cheez

        um, replaced…

  • Rick

    Talking about Chewy still makes me feel dirty.

    Next Question…

    With Quarless and Finley (both mobile TEs) in a game as oppossed to Lee(Run Block) vs Finley(Pass) can we disguise pass versus run better and help Grant out? Will that help our ball control offense more?

  • Mel e Mel

    Another running back who can get yards. Grant is nice but there is no way to keep him fresh now.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Finley’s injury is a play that stands out, just like Colledge’s play where he releases his guy to help the C, w/no one to block the guy he lets go, but there may be more to that. I don’t know there blocking plans. Can’t imagine they’d release DL to a RB to finish blocking.
    Anyway, Finley catches his pass on a in route accross the center of the field and turns his head back to where he is running, runs 3-4 steps and gets it right to the legs w/a foot planted. The play stands out cause I remember thinking that Finley never made one move to ready for the tackle. I don’t know if he just didn’t see the tackler or what??? He should have. Bet he learned to look around a little better after watching the tape of that!!!

  • Quarless makes the 53 if he can contribute on STs. Lee stays if we go to 2 FBs. Seems pretty simple.