Tonight was a good, good night

Preseason games rock! The Packers destroyed the Indianapolis Colts 59-24 tonight in game that was great to be a part of. It doesn’t mean a thing that this was the most points the Packers scored in a preseason game since 1938 nor that they beat the defending AFC Champions, it was just fun to be there and fun to watch.

The Packers didn’t really dominate in any phase of the game and the Colts laid down in the second half but it is always fun to put up 59 points in a game. Aaron Rodgers had to overcome a slow start but was as hot as ever once he got in the groove. The guy gets better every game and I’m not sure who was the best QB on the field tonight, A-Rod certainly held his own.

The Packers’ defense actually looked a little better I think, even though they gave up a two play drive to start the game. The Colts led 7-0 with 14:38 time remaining in quarter one. Amazing! The Packers tied the game two minutes later and the shootout was on. The Packers did fall behind 17-7 but there was never any doubt Rodgers and Co. couldn’t get back in it. And it didn’t take long as the Packers led 28-17 by halftime.

The Packers’ defense and special teams looked the best they have all preseason. The defense finally got a little pressure on the quarterback and had some turnovers, and the special teams scored two touchdowns. The Colts’ defense isn’t very good and if this was a regular season game it would have probably ended 38-35 one way or the other.

I hate to admit it again but backup QB Matt Flynn looked great again tonight. I could not have been more wrong about the kid. Maybe the performance of Graham Harrell has sparked Flynn a little, whatever the case, he proved again he can move the ball. Speaking of Harrell, his performance tonight would make him a long-shot to clear waivers and end up on the Packers’ practice squad. I think the Packers should keep three QBs this year. Better safe than sorry. Prepare for the worst and it likely won’t happen, or so it seems for me.

Even with the impressive performance not many roster positions were cleared up. The backup running backs sucked, meaning three fullbacks might be the way to go again this year. Linebacker is still up in the air, but seeing A.J. Hawk playing late in the third quarter with the scrubs doesn’t bode well for him. Other than Clay Matthews and Nick Barnett, I don’t think I like any of them.

Nobody on the offensive or defensive lines stood out either way, even though I thought Marshall Newhouse looked solid at left tackle in the second half. I really like that kid and I doubt he would clear waivers either, and even if he does with his namesake he won’t last long on the practice squad without being offered a job. Here’s hoping they keep him, the more depth on the left side the better.

You can now close the book on the Packers’ starters until opening day in Philly, next week in Kansas City will be a cameo at best. I would love to see the starters play a half to keep them sharp but that went by the wayside years ago. So, on a side note, why would the players have a problem with playing 18 regular season games? Do they like not playing for two weeks prior to the season opener? But I digress, next week in KC will all about final roster spots.

Throw out tonight’s 59 points as fast as you can, the second Peyton Manning left the game the Colts quit. Could be a long year in Indianapolis. Hopefully it is a long year in Green Bay, as in still playing in February.

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  • Mel E Mel

    Morgan Burnett, you cant teach speed! Sam Shields!

  • TRIP

    A-Rod better do something similar when he comes to my town week 1. I’m amped.

  • This was fun from the opening kick where Blackmon lost contain to the int. by Shields. Even though Grant got KO’ed and he and Jackson both fumbled I liked the commitment to the run game. Pressure by our D-line is really a great sign and Chery not only returned a punt for a TD he made a great fair catch, where has he been. The ST’s did a lot better, even Bush made a play. As usual the last pre-season is a waste so we’ll have to wait till 9/12 at the Eagles to see some very live bullets.

  • Larry

    With Harris probably going to PUP-Williams needs to step up. The young CB’s have taken alot of criticism but Manning didn’t hesitate to throw at Williams. TT needs to be looking!

  • Scot

    Finally, some signs of life from the Special Teams! I say sit Blackmon next week and let’s see the Chery kid do some more work. I would be willing to cut Swain if Chery can do that on a regular basis.

    Zombo! Causes a fumble! Love that guy. I hope he just earned his roster spot. I think he could be that other pass rusher we’ve been looking for. Keep him McCarthy. Cut Obiozor instead.

    Sam Shields gets yet another intereception. Keep him, too. He may not be able to return punts, but the kid knows how to get interceptions. He’s coming along nicely.

    Morgan Burnett had one pick, and should’ve had a second. Kid could be another Darren Sharper in the making. I don’t think Bigby is going to get his job back. Peprah looked good on Special Teams.

    Rodgers is just so fun to watch. Man, is he good or what? He’s so calm and poised in the pocket. Finley is a beast. Driver was on. Woodson was everywhere. Collins broke up a couple of key long passes.

    Just Harrel didn’t look very good. I don’t know how he’s going to stick. The guy was on the ground half the time. I wonder if his back flared up again. We need to find another DE somewhere. Raji looked decent. Neal is coming along nicely.

    • Makes more sense to cut Blackmon. He’s had a bad camp and what he did two years ago doesn’t help a struggling ST.

  • jimmyus333333

    That was impressive.

  • Rocky70

    As long as Blackmon is healthy, he is the PR ……….. Chery returned a punt at garbage time long after the ‘real’ football players had left the game ……….

    Zombo, Shields, Burnett & Neal (Even Newhouse) look like they will not only play a role in 2010 but will also lower GB’s roster age again ……….

    It would be nice if TT could do a little wheeling & dealing & bring in another RB or OLB ………. Besides Barnett & CM3, it’s nearly impossible to predict game 1 starters at LB ……… Why was AJ Hawk playing late in the game with the reserves? ……… I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

    • Rocky you must have missed the tough fair catch Chery made. Against the real players Blackmon went against he did nothing. Did you see him get beat on the opening kickoff? Maybe he;s still not healthy but this year he;s a wasted roster spot unless he shows something. Alot of guys could be on the trading block, anyone know how Spitz is doing?

  • Mel e Mel

    Burnett will not face a tougher challenge than Payton Manning. The only issue is his tackling. If he has to make a lot of tackles the D is trouble anyway. We got pressure on Manning with ALL of the starters out! Favre, Warner and Big Ben routinely exploited the middle of our Defense last year. Now the safeties have the range to prevent that.

    I have one issue with the scheme. Trgovac and Capers stress that “our Dlineman dont fly upfield” I have to ask why? I realize that it prevents long runs but, it also hurts the pass rush.
    With our offense scoring being#1 vs the run becomes moot. Teams are going to abandon the run. See SF game, last year. I like the scheme overall but its extremely dependent on OLB generating the pressure. On another note Poppinga started and did nothing again, is anyone surprised?

    • Reid

      I agree with you on that last one Mel. Poppinga must be one heck of a locker room guy because he doesn’t do SQUAT on the field.

  • SN

    Finley looks unstoppable.

  • Darryl

    Pop seems to be at the end of the line. Zombo is simply better. Barbre + Breno also need to pack their bags. There isn’t much time left to make things right.

  • Rick

    Zombo is growing on me.

    That is really odd to type 🙂

    • Packer’s Advocate

      Growing up, I’d get home from school and watch “Dr. Max and Mombo Show”. We could have our own “(fill in the blank) and Zombo Show”!!!!

      • Rick

        LOL LOL 🙂

        • Packer’s Advocate

          Maybe “The CM3 and Zombo Show”. Anyone missing H.R.Puffnstuff?? Witchiepoo and of course, that high pitched talking flute!!!

  • jake c

    I am very optimistic about the season, but at the same time, our pass defense is going to be nagging an otherwise solid team. I don’t want to see shootouts every week. Here’s hoping Harris can come back and be productive, otherwise I fear we will be in trouble down the stretch.

    I love Jermichael Finley…sure hope he doesn’t turn into Javon Walker. I’d say more but I’m busy at work…go Pack go!! Just found out I will be at the home opener against the Bills, absolutely cannot wait!

    p.s. Great to see Sidney Rice to go down, even if it does ruin my fantasy team

  • oddball

    Wow. Just wow. I am so looking forward to this season.

  • Mel E Mel

    No Matthews, No Jenkins still got pressure. No worries on D, even Oline. Funny how Colledge can play well when his job is on the line. I hope he never takes another snap at LT. I would rather Newhouse play in an emergency.

  • Jack in Columbus

    The comments on TV last night were interesting. They kept talking about how MM has been building an offense around large bodied TEs and FBs. This IS a physical game, and I like the mismatches that our large bodied TEs and FBs will be creating all season long. 12-to-88 will be there all day every day.

  • The concentration on this blog has been the concern on D and STs. I’m not in that camp yet because we have yet to play the D that will start the season.
    My bigger concern is the O. Yeah, a problem of riches and who to trade, PS, waiver, or just plain cut. 80 to 75 easy; 75 to 53 tough, we’re going to lose mighty fine talent – decisions that are bound to hurt us in the end, can’t help it.
    I think trimming the O will be the toughest decision MM and TT have had since they’ve been here.
    I’ll go with cutting to 4 the WRs. Finley is a WR in a TE body so I keep the 5 TEs and 3 FBs. Unusual, yes, but its power football through the air and that’s the league trend. Finley has proven he can line up in any receiver position and we cannot expose Quarles to any other team. I realize the arguements on Lee and Havner but we’re going to spend a lot of time in the red zone this year and that makes the 5th WR expendible.
    Same goes for punting side of the ST equation – how many punts do you really think we’re going to make? I’d be willing to bet that most of our punts will come from penalties than lack of 3rd down conversion.
    There just has to be a lot of trade talk going on and unfortunately there is not enough talent out there for us to bring in better than our own. Looks like we will have to settle for a lot of extra draft picks next year.

    • iccyfan

      I’m a buyer of your jumbo receiving package featuring two TE’s and two FB’s, but I don’t really see how that mandates Quinn Johnson remain on the roster of 53 (nor Havner for that matter) other than to guard against injury. I’m also not buying the Havner as a two-way player argument; we do not want to see him as an ILB!

      I don’t pretend to be that knowledgeable – just thinking about how the Packers could maximize retention of the talent we have accumulated while still setting things up for the future. Quarless / Crabtree, Newhouse, Zombo and Shields strike me as having more long-term potential, while likely not hurting us short-term, in comparison to Havner, Barbre / Giacomini, Poppinga and Bush.

  • iccyfan

    Damn – I go away on a blessed no-technology vacation for a week and miss the board blowing up with roster speculation! I love it – Rick gets a big thumbs up for his yeoman’s work. I’ll throw in a couple thoughts.

    I like the Spencer Havner story as much as the next guy, but I think he’s odd man out in the TE battle where only four survive – jack of all trades master of none. Donald Lee is steady and a clubhouse presence; Quarless is the future when Finley reaches FA and Crabtree blocks better (as well as taking Havner’s spot on various ST).

    I just can’t see Quinn Johnson making the team again this year. Kuhn is versatile and Korey Hall a special teams wiz. QJ is Breno G in the backfield; roster size of 53 doesn’t allow the luxury of keeping one-dimensional players…

    I posted back on 8/1 that I thought Frank Zombo would make the team, based on what I knew of him from college and early TC notes posted by the prescient Bill Huber. I’ve always liked Brady Poppinga, but he may be on the outside due to Zombo, his contract and roster needs that involve keeping a #5 WR or a tenth OL. I’ve thought since the beginning that Newhouse was a lock (and Rick – since when is TCU a “small school”?)…

    Watching this unfold is just a blast – who could have imagined, with an almost intact 11-5 roster returning, that low draft picks and UDFA signings could provide this much competition?

    • Rick

      take a look at the roster per LT, iccy and a little liberty from Rick

    • Rick

      Just call me “MR BCS” otherwise known as no love for TCU and Boise State



  • OK, Iccy, I’ll go along with you on the D, but give me my O senario (I really don’t think it will happen my way either – caviat). Did you see those goal line lineups with 2 TEs and 2FBs? My way gives a lot of injury protection in those schemes as well as excellent ST people.

  • Rick

    LT you have a very intriguing idea on taking just 4 WRs on active but I have a tough time believing MM will take less then 5 WRs due to injury, I also can not think the Pack would take less then 5 DBs. The wild cards are Bigby and Harris when they come off PUP. Do we keep or cut… may just depend on how healthy they are vs. how injured the Packers. Right now Lee and Underwood are not impressing me as either 3rd/4th DB or nickel back but what do you do?

    I am torn between Lumpkin and Porter for the RB Prac. Squad spot. I choose Porter because he is the younger but both seem to get hurt. I may say take Chery or West as a WR Prac Squad player instead.

    This is roster only, not a depth chart.

    Packer Roster
    53 active + 8 Prac. Squad + 2 PUP + 2 IR
    QB Aaron Rodgers / Matt Flynn / Graham Harrel (Prac. Squad)
    RB Ryan Grant / Brandon Jackson / Quinn Porter (Prac. Squad) / James Stark (IR)
    FB Korey Hall / John Kuhn / Quinn Johnson
    WR Greg Jennings / Donald Driver / James Jones / Jordy Nelson / Brett Swain / Charles Dillon (Prac. Sqd)
    TE Jermichael Finley / Donald Lee / Andrew Quarless / Tom Crabtree
    LT Chad Clifton / Marshall Newhouse
    LG Daryn Colledge / Bryan Baluga
    C Scott Wells / Evan Dietrich-Smith
    RG Josh Sutton / Jason Spitz / Nick McDonald (Prac. Squad)
    RT Mark Tauscher / TJ Lang / Chris Campbell (Prac. Sqd)
    LDE Ryan Pickett / Justin Herrell / CJ Wilson
    DT/NT BJ Raji / Anthony Toribio / Ronald Talley (Prac. Squad)
    RDE Cullen Jenkins / Mike Neal
    OLB1 Clay Matthews / Frank Zombo / Cyril Obiozor (Prac. Sqd)
    MLB AJ Hawk / Desmond Bishop / Alex Joseph (IR)
    MLB Nick Barnett / Spencer Havner / Robert Francois (Prac. Squad)
    OLB2 Brandon Chillar / Brad Jones
    LCB Charles Woodsen / Pat Lee/ Sam Shields
    RCB Tramon Williams / Brandon Underwood / Al Harris (PUP)
    SS Morgan Burnett / Charlie Peprah / Atari Bigby (PUP)
    FS Nick Collins / Derrick Martin
    Special Teams
    K Mason Crosby
    P Tim Masthay
    LS Brett Goode

    • Rick

      We keep Havner. He play both ways anyways. You can post him as a TE or MLB.
      Zombo makes the regular roster and “POP” pinga goes the the weasel.

      • Rick

        Talley should be on the RDE line not NT line…sorry.

    • We should try to trade Lee and J. Harrell(he’s on the ground too much). Otherwise I like your lineup.

      • Rick

        If we could get someone helpful or decent picks, I would be up for it

    • iccyfan

      I don’t remember where I saw it, but just this morning I read the Packers have kept only 9 OL for nine of the past ten years. That means you likely need to shed one additional OL position from your roster. Something I read suggested whomever loses the backup center job, ED-S or Spitz, is possibly on the way out. I’d agree with that – we don’t need two backup centers who can also move out to guard, especially if we’re gonna keep back-up tackles who can move down to guard. Maybe ED-S could still be stashed on the PC?

      • Rick

        Thank you iccy,I actually was the one to post that article.

        Would you agree that Clifton and Spitz suffering injuries last year proved that with a bad O line Rodgers is an able and fine QB. But with a good to great line he is a beast. Keeping an extra lineman this year to keep away the the drop in performance from the injury gremlins with the quality of Offensive weapons we have is very very important

        Having Spitz able to back up C/G; Lang backing up RG/RT; Baluga backing LG/LT and Newhouse backing up LT; EDS is our #2 Long snapper and is a better C than G backup — we really have some solid depth almost 2ranks deep.

        Just an FYI. I also do not think we can hide EDS on PS because he was on active roster to for all of last year and is not eligable.

  • Rick

    I like the fact that we have almost every starter spot settled.

    It is just a final toss up on the OLB spot, Punter, and kick/punt returner.

    It is far more fun discussing which back up might make the practice squad versus the we are keeping 3 FBs for what reason discussion we had last year.

  • Rocky70

    Chillar has looked terrible this camp & in the pre-season games …….. Popps has actually looked like the better player ………. We’ll see what the coaches think at final cutdown which is next Saturday (9/4/10) ………

    If Starks is close physically, he’ll go on the PUP ………. From everything I’ve read, GB may go with 4 WR to allow for more flexibility elsewhere ………..

    Otherwise, this roster is much better than your initial attempt ………. Now, add a trade possibility & see what you come up with ……… I’m thinking that TT/MM are not happy with the RB position & may look elsewhere after final cuts or via trade ……….

    • iccyfan

      Starks on PUP vs Injured Reserve is an interesting argument. Per Wiki, a player placed on PUP can attend team meetings and rehab, but he can’t practice with the team. He’s on PUP for a minimum of six weeks and then can practice for three weeks before they have to make a decision on him going active or released. If they place him on Injured Reserve, he can’t practice with the team either, but it does protect him from being pilfered by another team. I guess I favor PUP, just in case we need another RB after week six. If we don’t need him, we can probably put him on the practice squad without fear another team would snatch him, given he hasn’t played in a year and a half…

      I haven’t really seen anybody questioning whether or not Desmond Bishop’s spot is in jeopardy. If Zombo wins a job at OLB and they keep Pops as Rocky suggests, Chillar could be moved back inside, making Bishop theoretically expendable.

      I haven’t read anything on the premium site I subscribe to suggesting the Packers will go with four WR’s. As of 8/25, the prescient Bill Huber is still prognosticating Darryn Colledge will not be on the final roster…

      Lastly, a couple thoughts on Marshawn Lynch. You say he’s a proven hoodlum and he does have multiple documented scrapes with the law, but I’ve read some positives as well and he can’t be a complete tool if he got into CAL. He rushed for a thousand yards and caught almost fifty passes in 2008, so I’d take a shot on the guy if he could be acquired for something we can adequately address via our current roster of riches (Colledge, Bishop, any spare TE, Bigby, Harrell – heck, give ’em A.J. Hawk and his $11M albatross of a contract). My goodness, if Cedric Benson can be turned around the rest doesn’t need to be stated, and a Grant / Lynch tandem would be incredible. If Lynch or Coe College’s Fred Jackson aren’t available, oft-injured Ronnie Brown is said to be on the market…

      Only one thing is for certain, TT will likely go a different direction than any of us predicts, but that’s why he gets paid the big bucks.

      • Rick

        A very interesting thought on Starks. I thought he would be out past week 6 though which means we are prolonging the inevitable IR tag.

  • Rocky70

    Brad Jones will start opposite CM3 & Blackmon is your PR (If both are healthy) …….. No one has stepped up & taken their starting jobs away ………. I’m reserving my analysis of Zombo until he plays against all 1st stringers all the time ………. His resume is still only a few big plays in a couple pre-season games …….. “Pre-season “stars” have a tendency to dim once the games count …….

    • Rick

      True on Zombo. He has done well with preseason. I hope he is like Jones and just keeps working his tail off all season for us.

  • Its my way of thinking, too, Rock. I would not be surprised to see that #3 RB actually be a FB and the #5 WR a TE. Looks to me to be a year of inovation and “contrary to common belief” lineups. Last year Capers experimented with strange formations and I think they will do the same on O this year. I’m reminded of Lombardi when he said (paraphrased), “I don’t care if they know whats coming or not, if properly executed they can’t stop us”.
    I know injuries will happen but we are in much better shape than ever with the O backups.
    The D has not yet even “game planned”.
    Contrary to the last couple of years’ pre-seasons I think the teamthat starts against PHI will be a totally different team with the same people…….! D and O.
    Look for a significant increase in red zone performance and stats.

  • Larry

    Can’t see 5 TE’s under any scenario…I think the reason Chillar/Popinga moved around was to cut Bishop. Are 3 FB’s the best we can find for our 53 given a safety and CB will be on PUP come week 1. If there is an undoing to the 2010 season it would appear to be on defense. 5 TE’s, 3 FB’s won’t help.

    Also, A. Green is sitting there as a mid-season add needing only a week to prep if an injury occurs. He certainly would get as many yards as a FB at HB.

    • If you still have concern for D and ST and your PUP is correct, you’re damned tootin’ I go with the extra big bodies, because I think the STs need more help than the D.

  • roy jamison

    That game was as others have so well said..Impressive. It’s hard to contain the thrill of watching crisp execution while also knowing these games don’t count. But, it is worth noting that the draft has to be most inexact when guys like Zombo and Shields weren’t picked. Almost head scratching strange.

    • Zombo; South African singer or profissional hockey player, or Green Bay Packer? Central Michigan eh, wouldn’t be the first to come out of nowhere. Greene likes him and thats good enough for me.

      • Steve Cheez

        The thing I love most about Zombo is his name. So far, I’ve heard:
        Hey, Zombo, Zombo italiano…
        Frank Zappa…
        That guy that reconcitions the ice between periods…

  • Packer’s Advocate

    I’m all for putting as many on PUP as we can (there’s no limit, is there?) . IR loses them for the year. That buys us time to keep and try some players we’d hate to let go. And a team can change alot by week 6-9. Not to mention, if things are going a little rough, getting Harris and Bigby back at week 6 could be the shot in the arm we may need and if things are going real good………. those guys will be a dose of confidence. A nice boost before the Vike game can only help also. I’m expecting a smack down at Lambeau this year!!!!
    Ahman Green is on their speed dial I can only imagine. And w/Finley WR able and w/Havner LB able and w/Kuhn HB able, they could come out numberswise then at 3 TE’s and 2 FB’s if listing them under the other spots. And looking at things from a trade perspective, we won’t get better players or high picks but if we can accumulate some later picks and package them together, we may be able to move up into stud territory next year. We’ve got depth now, now we need more studs.

  • Guess I was wrong that Buluga would start at LG because he was athletic enough to pull and help the run game. Colledge has a lock.
    Bengals theory interesting – threes a crowd at WR vs our Fab(5). Still holding out for 4 TEs and 3 FBs though.

    • Self reply; one of those TE is in the slot making him the 5th WR. Problem is do you put DD on the right side?

      • Rick

        Switch him up. With DD, Jennings and Finley able to be in the slot we can cause havoc.

        I would love to see the multi looks we can give by adding another TE and pulling the FB from a basic I formation to. Last year the key was Lee in probably a run or play action. Finley in pass play. Now with TE depth we can put Quarless in the line up and really mess up the defense.

        News says Harris may not be on PUP whicj means active roster.
        Porter looks to be cut or IR’d

    • Rocky70

      Bulaga will be wearing his helmet at all times on the sideline ………… The one consistency about the play of Colledge is his inconsistency ………… If/when Colledge has a bad game & the result is AR on his backside ……….. Look for Bulaga to be the answer ……….. I just don’t have alot of faith in a five year vet who at times still plays like a rookie.

  • Rocky70

    Per BF:

    “I don’t know. I have no idea, really,” Favre told King. “My ankle just seems to get easier to sprain. I know everyone thinks the New Orleans game killed me, but it was bad before then. Now we’ll see if I can make it. My mind’s telling me one thing, but my body’s telling me something else.”

    Seems like BF is already lining up excuses when his 20th season goes south …….. All the indicators point to a major ‘fall from grace’ for BF & the Vikes …….

    • One thing for sure Rock, w/o him they’re dead. Peterson just can’t do it alone and the Favre caper has delayed their development of a long term QB. Talk about the “win it all now, Baby” theory.

  • Rick

    The Vikings have a solid defense that brings good QB pressure helping their slightly weak secondary.
    One of the best QBs with a history of making regular WRs looking extra ordinary beacause of his throwing ability and ball placement for the receivers to make YAC.
    A solid Field Goal kicker and punter and a decent returner.

    In the NFL, they try to adjust each team to be 8-8….

    I feel the Packers and Vikings are above the line and the Bears and Lions are below…

    Injuries and plain out luck can twist this season into a pretzel however. Favre, hurt or not feeling great, and the Vikings can drop to a 6-10 team. Great for Packer nation but we need to never overlook them.

    Since the 70s to current the Vikings have been my rival team to hate not the Bears. Every time the Packers had a chance to do something it always seem the Vikings were there to mess it up. Other then their last second lost to the Cardinals ( Long live Josh McNown ) that put us in the 03-04 playoffs we have been screwed by them.

    I will take losing to them twice for a Super Bowl win. The reality is the Packers need to take this division over and trash the Vikings not once but twice to show that we can take this thing all the way to Dallas in Feb.

  • Mel E Mel

    Chad Clifton is not going to have a 16 GP/16GS next to his name so Bulaga, will play at some point. Sid Rice may not play either game for Minny so advantage Pack. Its funny to see team blitz the daylights out of Favre because they no longer have a deep threat.

    MM said Jason Cherry will handle all returns vs Chiefs. Hopefully he can win the job. Blackmon is too fragile and no one else is consistent.

    • Rocky70

      GB also said they clocked Chery at 4.29 & 4.32 ……… Another speed guy ……… Sounds like Blackmon has had a set-back …….. Can’t practice ………

    • Rick

      True Rocky. I heard Blackmon can’t go. Hopefully Chery can work well with the ones.

  • Rick

    Do we trade Lee for picks or maybe DB help from the Bills like LarryTex brought up or do we keep Lee and cut Herrell?

    What about Spitz, trade or keep?
    My vote is keep as you never want to lose a solid O or D lineman with out very very good reason. You can’t grab a good one out of thin air.

    • Agreed, for the most part, Rick. But Harrell has, what, a week and a half to solidify a roster spot or he will be cut. At this point I keep Lee unless there is an offer we can’t refuse. I don’t really want more draft choices with a young veteran base 53. Now I’d rather have a player in for a player out and keep our base 7 picks for next year. If within a year the league goes to 90 in the pre and 2+18 games I think the draft goes more than 7 rounds as well, we’ll see.
      Same for Spitz, although I like the way the depth on OL has developed. We know from a couple of years ago what its like to only have starters that we can depend on.

  • Scot

    Glad to see McCarthy is giving Chery a chance to do all the kick returns agains KC. I hope the kid goes the same route as Desmond did.

  • My imagination or what? I’ve seen several pics and clips of Quarless and Finley side by side and Q looks a hell of a lot bigger to my eye. Yet the tape has him and inch less while only 5lbs heavier. Anybody seen them side by side in person?

    • Rick

      Objects from Penn State are bigger than they appear….. LOL

      • Heh, heh; Thought that only applied to Linebackers!

  • Rocky70


    Go ahead …… Trade Donald Lee …… If Finley should happen to go down early (it happens), then our TEs are an ILB, a rookie & a blocker ……A position of strength suddenly is a liability …… The TE position is strong because of Finley AND Lee, not the other three ………..

    GB has SB potential ………. A 2011 5th round pick will do nothing in 2010 to propel the Pack through the playoffs ……… When an NFL team is in the position GB is in, you don’t trade away your depth ……….

  • Packer’s Advocate

    I read/see Hawk is in w/the 3 and 4’s some. I wrote a while back that he needs to play like a shooting star for a while vs. lingering on as a brown dwarf for a long time. Maybe he’s in jeopardy of losing his chance of even being a brown dwarf.
    Gotta say, everytime TT picks a player in the 2nd round that makes you go who??????, we don’t say that for long!!! Looks like he may have snuck another one in Neal.
    As for who they keep and let go, I’m thinking they’ll go w/more veteran players if the think the SB is a possibilty and younger guys if building. It’s important to have players like Wells to put in if Spitz goes down, as we found out.

  • Larry

    Can’t agree with Rock about a Lee trade…One way or another a good TE will leave, and a young good TE is better than an older good TE (and cheaper by about 1.5M) in my book. Besides an additional 5th round pick and a 4th rounder gets you a third. Wasn’t Burnett a third??

    Lastly, Lee has a track record which makes him somewhat known around the league..the others are “unknown” and less valuable as trade although not less talented..teams will wait for the waivers for Crabtree or Quarless/Havner but MAY not wait for Lee.

    I guess we’ll see in a week.

    • Rocky70

      If Finley goes down & D. Lee is traded ……… Who’s your choice to start at TE? Havner, Quarless or Crabtree? ………. Most of the TE playbook would have to be tossed to accommodate any of those three ………. The playbook stays the same with D. Lee ……….

      It’s difficult to comprehend the infatuation some fans have with future draft picks ……… Especially, low-round picks ………..

      • Re above Rock, I think the time for extra picks is over. We’re through rebuilding. Frankly, since I like our LBs, I’m thinking trade for a #3 CB somewhere for one of our WRs. But, ala, when we got Harris he has to be a good, real, guy that just can’t break into somebodys lineup.

        • Rick

          Now that is an interesting idea. We have and excellent 3 and 4 in Jordy and James. If there is a good nickel DB somewhere on a team that needs a good WR we would be win win.

  • Rick

    IF we trade Lee, I like the earlier observation that player for a player or a decent pick (3rd) is the way to go or we keep them all.

  • Larry

    I’m guessing a couple of players find their way to PUP or IR in the next few hours. WR is the most likely cut right now.

    To reply to Rock the answer is probably Quarless in passing situations and Crabtree for blocking although it seems both are OK at either. Don’t disagree that the playbook slims with a rookie TE but certainly not eliminated and both made plays in PS. Obviously if Findley isn’t injured then 3 or 4 TE’s will sit a bunch. Unless Lee rates above Nelson or Jones.

    The obvious answer is to draft more footballs!!

    • Not that I think we’re going to punt a lot, I don’t. But TEs are special, LBs are special, DBs are somewhat special, and WRs are really too valuable to be special. We are going to KO a lot so the DBs do become more special w/ their speed factor. As for receiving either Ps or KOs, hell bigger bodies maybe, but looks like we’ve got more speed this year at least.

  • iccyfan

    CB just got a little dicier when the Packers acknowledged Al Harris will not be ready for the season opener by placing him on the PUP list. He can continue his rehab and attend team meetings, but he can’t practice. That’ll leave him rusty when he’s added to the 53 somewhere between weeks six & nine. Underwood has a bum shoulder and Lee has been underwhelming in pre-season, so much so that Bill Huber is predicting they’ll keep Jarrett Bush over him when it comes to cuts. Nooooooooooooooo – the sky is officially falling and here’s hoping Teddy can use some of our surplus talent to land a nickel or dime corner…

    • Michael Legat

      If there’s a silver lining re: the Harris news, it’s that our first six opponents aren’t exactly passing juggernauts.

      The only two in the top half statistically (Eagles 10th, Redskins 16th) have engaged in starting quarterback musical chairs this offseason.

      The Bears (17th) QB is as likely to score us six as his own team.

      Miami (20th) is due for a big step forward this season, but I doubt Chad Henne carves us up Farve/R-berger/Warner style.

      Detroit (21st) has a promising QB-receiver corps which we didn’t see at full strength last year and is maybe the passing team I’d be most nervous about, but until proven otherwise, they are still the Lions.

      Buffalo (30th) has been as hopeless the last decade as the Lions, with the only difference being they win, like, 6 games a year instead of 2-4. Trent Edwards seems like a pretty smart underrated QB, but doesn’t have a lot to work with.

  • roy jamison

    I’m wondering if we might still see a deal to add an extra cb and rb. We got plenty of TEs and maybe an extra lineman or two.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    About what I was expecting/hoping for in the first round of cuts. Harris will be a vital cog in the SB run. Need to take no chances w/him. The last 6 games are more important than the first 6.

  • Mel E Mel

    Every team keeps 4 or 5 core special teams players. With Bigby and Harris going on PUP, its a virtual lock to keep JB (for special teams). Also this can be a blessing in disguise especially for game 1. Andy Reid will probably try to force the ball downfield, and abandon the run. That should play into Capers hands. Williams should be ready to go, Burnett has more range than Bigby.

  • The Seahawks traded their starting corner and top return man for a conditional draft pick. Probably between a 4and a 2 depending on performance. TT has to keep his eyes open for a trade because opportunities are there. And, don’t say it’s impossible, that’s how we got A. Green and Grant.

    • Rocky70

      A. Green & Grant ……… That’s two in ten years or so …….. Anyone else? ……….. It takes two willing teams to consummate a trade & that trade has to benefit both teams ……. Josh Wilson’s status as an UFA after the 2010 season played a major role in the trade ……….

      At the same time ……… I would have given up what the Ravens gave up for him ……….. GB won’t need all of their draft picks over the next year (or two) or so ………. Not when undrafted free-agents keep making the team ………..

      • iccyfan

        Al Harris for a second rounder

        • Steve Cheez

          I hate to bring it up, but how ’bout BF for a first?

      • Rocky70

        I’ll give you Al Harris but not BF ….. The ‘Favre Fiasco’ is in it’s own category …. Happens only once every 100 years or so.

  • First off, I hate the idea of giving up a WR. However, we have got to run more 2 TE sets – its our ultimate strength on O. The D is a tad behind and could use somebody at every spot but nose and safety. We could use another DE, an OLB, or a really good #3 CB.
    I know our 3rd and 4th WRs could start on over half the other teams in the league, and while the thought of getting rid of our home grown assets, it sometimes has to be done – for the ultimate objective. I’m confident Burnett is the real deal and look for more from Williams, but we do need help on in nickle and dime.

  • iccyfan

    Jets release Laverneous Coles? I’m not suggesting the Packers put in a waiver claim for the smurf, but was this expected or a big surprise? “Name” players don’t get released in the first round of cuts….