Are you ready for some football?

The rigors of training camp are over and the Packers have their final 53 ready to do battle next Sunday in Philly. I can’t wait! This season is the most highly anticipated season since 1996. The Packers of ’96 were playoff tested and went on to win the Super Bowl with a young Brett Favre at quarterback. The 2010 Packers are Super Bowl favorites without even having won one playoff game. Go figure.

The Packers have the best young quarterback in the NFL in Aaron Rodgers, a great receiving core and an emerging star in tight end Jermicheal Finley. The Packers will never be a running team but have a solid starting running back in Ryan Grant and a improving Brandon Jackson behind him. I used to hate Jackson but the kid showed up big time this preseason.

If you are looking for a weak spot it would be the Packers’ defense. Even though they were the NFL’s second-best last year, three regular season games and one playoff game defined their year – awful! They could stop the scrubs like the Bears and Lions but not the Vikings, Steelers or Cardinals. In all those games they had no pressure on the QB. I think they will improve on that this year.

Why you ask? Why can they improve with the same players they had last year that didn’t produce? Hate to be company line but how can guys like B.J. Raji, and Clay Matthews not be better? Raji is right at home at nose tackle and Matthews is going to be a premier pass rushing linebacker in the NFL for a long time. I think the Packers’ defensive line is going to be a dominate force.

Next Sunday we will finally see Charles Woodson and Tramon Williams play for real, which will cure a lot of ills of the preseason. At safety Nick Collins looks solid as ever and newcomer Morgan Burnett looks better than Atari Bigby ever did if you ask me. I can’t wait to see this defense play with all it’s guns on the field. Kevin Kolb better be ready, the kitchen sink might be coming.

I was a little surprised at the final cuts but the fact that several of the released players were snatched up means the Packers have some good players on their team. Props to Ted Thompson for building such a solid team. I couldn’t name a player cut by the Vikings or Bears or Lions. I may be wrong but I doubt many of them got picked up.

Finally, game week is here. Let’s get it on!

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  • Rocky70

    Great write-up, Al ………. Like the optimism ……….. The O will score many, many points & the D may very well complement the O enough to see GB in Dallas in February …….. Look for some aggressive calls from Capers against the Eagles ……. Kolb will wish he were on the sideline watching by halftime ………. My early prediction is GB 38 Philly 17……. The first win of 12 or 13 in season 2010 ……… Let the games begin.

    (Also looking forward to the demolition of BF & his ViQweens on Thursday …….. Look for BF to be limping by half & maybe not even able to finish the game)

  • iccyfan

    Drew Brees has to be licking his chops for Thursday given the Vikes only have three healthy CB’s on their roster. I predict we’ll see alot of four-wide with Colston, Meacham, Lance Moore and Devery Henderson. I don’t see how the Vikes can keep up with their depleted WR corps – expect to see a heavy dose of AP as the Queens try to shorten the game…

    I look for the Packers to win by ten; Kevin Kolb will be a fine QB before the season is over but I expect he’ll turn it over a couple times before he gets his feet beneath him.

    In any case, one could hardly ask for two better games to start the season!

  • Monty

    The fact that the Packers had a record 5 players cut claimed by other teams shows that they had some depth to their team, but to consider putting Greg Jennings or Travis Williams in the mix at return man is insane. I dont understand why the team cant find a legit return guy that can also play another position. We’ve always had someone that was capable of breaking one, but this is a joke not having a legit return man to help the offense have good field position. I do think the punting will be better (not sure it will be as good as if we had kept Jon Ryan) but it has to be better than last year. Lets see how long it takes Ted to fix the nickel back situation with a vet and to find a legit return man. It seems we have to suffer through Ted’s stubbornness each year until he learns his lesson. Last year it was the O-line and its 51 sacks, this year it will be the return game. I hope your right about the defense Al, no way we can play like we did last year if we are gonna beat Butt Favre.

  • Monty

    A must read Packer Team Report very deep and insightful to the 53 men calling themselves Green Bay Packers……;_ylt=AoHrR1_8sw.8CdOWHAD4a_hDubYF?slug=teamreports-2010-nfl-gnb

  • I_Luv_Brats

    Packers 37 Eagles 17

    • jimmyus333333

      I believe the score will be closer, or a loss because fumbles, penalties and poor field position caused by ST play.

  • 4205

    I like the optimism, and I agree the Pack will score about 30 points, but I figure defense will allow a couple touchdowns along with a special teams return so Philly ends up with 24 – the difference being a late turnover created by someone out of the ordinary – say a Raji hit!

  • Quick read of PHI sports pages and blogs reveal their game plan in a nut shell. To beat GB you have to control the lines (duh!). Run the ball down their(GB) throat; ie, ball control, because we(PHI) cannot win in a shoot-out with them. “The key to the game will be if we can score a couple of times on STs and give Kolb a short field to work with.” I think this will be the game plan of every team, early, because nobody will convince Favre that he can’t beat AR in a shoot-out. Talk about playing to our strength. Our front 7 will annihilate anyone who tries that strategy.
    Some have questioned the move of Matthews, but 9 out of 10 QBs roll right when chased out of the pocket. We will collapse pockets. If you don’t roll right you backpeddle, win-win.
    So, now the criticism develops for using Williams, Jordy, and god forbid Jennings to return. Why the hell not? Williams is above league average as a PR and so is Jordy as a KOR. WR is one of our deepest positions on the team – with way above average talent. Yeah, someone might get hurt, but its not the gunner who takes someone out of a game, its the pile.
    The Pack’s not holding back this year, we’re going for broke. Damn the torpedos! ETC.

  • Sheesh

    All this national attention maeks me nervous!!! Everytime I look at someone’s predictions it has the Packers winning the Super Bowl. We shall see if we are worthy of all this prasie soon. Don’t overlook the Eagles…this game could be closer than people think!!!

    • Why, other than “any given Sunday”?

  • Pierre

    Not having Jenkins, Matthews, and Jones playing in the defense during much of preseason becomes a question mark in their first start together against PHI….as they could be a little “off” trying to get going at full throttle. Kolb and their receivers will test the secondary with above average speed…hopefully they will limit the damage and make some game changing plays. Burnett and Shields will be tested however they have the coverage speed to stay with the Eagles’ receivers. Rodgers and the offense should keep the pressure on the Eagles defense and hopefully put up enough points to pull out this opener on the road—but it may be a see-saw barnburner.

    • PHI made their QB switch way too late. As of Sat. they were still setting their roster and trading people out for, you guessed it, draft choices. Thats not re-tooling, thats re-building. As to 3 starters not playing in the pre, they would only have played into the 2nd qtr anyway and they are not rookies.
      Someone earlier said we’re coming in w/ fresh legs – to counter “a little “off” trying to get going”. Talk about fresh legs, did the front 7 even play against KC, I don’t think so.
      The O doesn’t have to game-plan for this one, just do their thing. Alot of down the middle to Finley, deep to Jennings, and crossing to DD until someone can take it away. You know the OL will hold. The D should constantly interupt the timing of the passing game and nobody will run against us, not this year, not even MIN….!

  • Monty

    because we havent won in philly since 1962…and we’ve had some pretty good teams since 1962, but hey even the Cardinals got lucky so maybe this is the year…thats why they play the games…..

  • sammy

    Are you ready for some football? What kind of question is that? Packers 38 Eaglettes 24.

  • Larry

    L/T — you’ve had too much coffee/something this a.m. We can’t afford to lose Williams/Woodson/ Jennings and to put any of them back there is dumb in my humble opinion. I’d much rather give up the 10 yards per return with our offense jugernaut than risk injury to any of the 3 above.

    Nelson will be adequate and average with a little blocking fron the KO/PR team. I guess its the reason we have 3 FB’s and 4 TE’s to begin with.

    We have what we have and I think the “don’t screw this up mode” is much more realistic to the “damn the torpedos”

    Injuries is the most likely train wreck that destroys this season. Let Rocky return kicks..he’s expendable.

    • Well, Larry, I see your point but I think its worth the risk. Caviat-we’re only talking Jennings and Woodson if Williams or Jordy gets hurt, and even at that its just a thought not a plan. Hey, we’ve done it before, don’t get weak kneed. By the way Jordy and Williams are above the usual 5 and 20 on returns, and will have better blocking this year.
      Injuries and luck play a bigger role than roster in my opinion but to compare to 6-10 which happened, I’ve said it before, because of injuries on the OL, we now have depth.
      C’mon guys, this is not an average team – this is a very strong team. Don’t take my word for it – read. Those guys aren’t even writing about us because they have seen us, ’cause the press doesn’t come to GB, but because they are Pol-parrotting what other staffs are saying about us.

    • No, no, no, let full monty return kicks.

    • Rocky70

      Tim Brown was the major PR for the Raiders the first 8 years of his career ……… “In 2002 he passed Gene Upshaw to become the Raiders’ all-time leader in games played with 224. He also set Raiders franchise records for receptions, receiving yards, and punt return yards.: ……. He never got hurt returning punts ………. Where does it say that a PR or a KR are more prone to injury? ……… While you’re at it, name a few? (excluding Blackmon)

  • sammy

    The year we won the SB with Favre, I was at the season opener in Tampa. We dominated that year with most points score for, least against. We were dominate. We lost 3 games that year because Reggie was hurt with some other injuries to key players. We obviously have the offense, hence, I predict 38 points on Sunday. However, our defense will have to be much better than last year if we are going to make it to and win the Superbowl. Just my humble opinion. My fear is the special teams and defense…2/3rds of the game may be subpar….and if you don’t think special teams is important, remember who the Superbowl MVP was that year of 1996?

  • Rocky70

    Happening as I post this …………….

    ” Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back and All-Pro kick returner Clifton Smith is visiting with the Packers in Green Bay today, according to his agent Jason Lamont Dillard. ”

    Should know before the day is done ……………

    • Rocky70

      Smith was cut by the Bucs when they picked up Lumpkin off waivers from the Pack …….. Has had two concussions in two years landing him on IR ………

    • Thanks for the info. Glad to know they’re still looking.

  • Lets just put all this doom and gloom, 2/3 subpar talk to rest. Very simply, is this a better team than last year or not, if not, whyso?
    Looks like we have more depth on O and nobody is really taking shots at the O so put it aside.
    The D looks better to me. Like it or not the DL is better w/ Pickett at DE and Raji in the middle and Neal/Harrell as backups. Your nuts if you think Harrell is not a monster when healthy. The Titan game last year convinced me. In any case Neal is an upgrade from Jolly or the Pack would be all over the NFL to reinstate him sooner.
    The LB corps is way better with Jones than Kampman and Matthews can now line up anywhere. Added to the LBs in that crazy 1 or 2 down linemen in obvious pass situations are Williams and Woodson who each can blitz with the best. Didn’t do much to help the DBs other than Shields and Burnett who are both speed upgrades if nothing else. Hell, we were in the playoffs last year with only Collins and whomever back there and Bush as the nickle. So convince we are not better on D.
    Suggest you re-scan the 53 roster before challenging that the STs are not better than last year. From the gitgo we start with more speed and more in the TE/LB force. I repeat, you don’t have to score on ST, just protect and let the O take over.
    I would only be concerned about the coverages and the penalty factor, but they’ve been working on that all pre and here comes that increased speed factor. We are better than last year in all phases of the game and we still made the playoffs with that lousy team last year.

    • Rocky70

      Actually, I thought the Pack were pretty good last year too ………. Add Bulaga, Shields, Zombo, Burnett & Neal to an already solid roster & you can’t help but have an improved team ……….

      The critical & negative comments are coming from people who are only protecting themselves against disappointment ……….. You know, lower your expectations ……… Then you won’t be hurt ………… Unfortunately, you also lose the full euphoria that comes with success.

      • Well, you just cannot simplify it any more than that, Rock. BTW are you going to return kicks?

        • Rocky70

          I would but I don’t travel as well as I used to …….. Plus, I BBQ alot during the NFL season ….. Hate to cut into that.

    • Rocky70

      That’s quite a declaration on your part …….. I’m sure no one will attempt to change your mind about your own self analysis ……. You are correct ……. Optimism does not make it true …….. Neither does pestimism ………. Optimism just feels better & is actually better for you, health-wise.

  • gbpackattack12

    WHO DAT WHO DAY WHO DAT SAY DEY GONNA BEAT THEM SAINTS!!! Go Pack Go, Go Pack Go. Im ready for some f’n football. God I cant wait to see Brent lose a limb, and i cant f’n wait for finley to put up 150 week one with atleast 2 tds. The world doesnt know whats coming folks. Teds delayed 5 year plan has been created with perfection. Who dat who dat

  • Scot

    One word says why the team will be better on ST this year than last: Masthay. He is head and tails better than Kapinos. That alone should improve our special teams. Field position is every thing. Pin Philly inside their ten Tim!

  • mel e mel

    Clifton Smith got caught in a numbers game down here in Tampa. He is like Allen Rossum.
    The bottom of NFL rosters is so strange, Tony Moll will be the Ravens week one starter vs the blitz happy Jets MNF. Just imagine our starting Tackles could have been Allen Barbre and Tony Moll. Thank you Ted for seeing the light!

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Just my thinking, but I wouldn’t put T. Williams out there on punt returns til after week 6 and we’ve got some good depth again.

    I see they’re taking away Bush’s Highsman (spelling???) Trophy. Maybe they could take away the superbowl trophy while thye’re at it, from the T.R.(tuck rule) Patriots from that year???????????

  • Kevin

    Too bad Havner was cut…I loved his versatility and ability to score touchdowns. Could have saved a roster spot as he played both sides of the field. Oh well, sometimes you lose a guy you like during roster cuts. I was glad to see Shields and Zombo were able to play their way onto the team. Should be a fantastic year!

  • packer_bob

    Personally, I feel as optimistic about our chances this season as I have in the Rodgers era. Let me break down why.

    First of all, Rodgers is the real deal. Whatever my past givings may have been, and I still think management bungled the turnover, but he has proven to be not only an accurate QB with the arm strength to burn you down the field, but more importantly to me, the type of guy that can withstand the hits to be a starter week in and week out. Given his injury history in limited playing time his first few years, this was my major concern esp. coming from a very spoiled point of view given the fact that Favre never missed a start in all those years.

    Secondly (with the injury caveat always front and center) our O-line is in much better shape starting this year than last. We have proven guys up front. Hopefully they’ll last, but even if a guy misses some time here or there, we have Bulaga as help. Rodgers posted great numbers last year even though he had to run for his life half the time. A more set line, and more experience on his part as far as holding the ball too long, should mean we are in way better shape all the way around.

    I’m a little concerned about our depth at RB, but frankly, with the passing options we have running the ball should be our “off speed pitch” and game closer when we have the lead. Again, with the exception of the always unpredictable injury bugaboo, I think Grant and Jackson are enough of a complement.

    Major concern: the DEFENSE. We feasted on chumps last year, a lot less against really good O’s. I love TO’s as much as the next guy, but the reality is great offenses don’t give them up often enough to compensate for your inability to stop them. I haven’t posted much on here lately, but the bottom to me is if the D doesn’t play to a high enough standard, this could be the second coming of Lynn Dickey et. al. where we put up tons of yards and points and go 8-8. That’s not a prediction by the way, just a statement. I haven’t seen enough of the starters on D to make a blanket opinion. We’ll see when the games start counting this week.

    The Bears look worse (it is only pre, but let’s face it, they look BAD), the Vikes are not even close, at least going in, to the team that could have went to the SB last year, and I don’t care how much tougher the Lions are, they are nowhere close to being able to compete for the division.

    All this SB talk has made me nervous, as I’m sure it has many others. But if the defense can do anything, and the ST can at least help here and there, it’s more than just a pipe dream in my estimation.

    And that’s the first time I can say that since 2007!

    • Before the start of the 2007 season we weren’t expected to win our devision.

    • Rocky70

      Good analysis …….. I especially agree that both the Bears & Vikes seem to have slipped since last season ……… And the Lions, although better, are still the Lions ……….

      As much as I enjoyed Lynn Dickey, he really is not close to AR in talent ……… Dickey’s best year in GB was probably 1983 when he threw for 4400+ yards & 32 TDs, but he also threw 29 INTs the same season ………… Dickey had the same issue as BF, never took care of the ball in critical times ………. AR has much more than just a strong arm, he’s also smart & well coached ………. Also, AR has a vastly superior supporting cast (overall & depth-wise) ………… Mostly, the rules of football have changed since Dickey …….. AR is the type of QB that fits the ‘new’ rules imposed on defenses.

      • Steve Cheez

        I thought a big part of Dickey’s difficulties was that he got the snot beat out of him every week and he couldn’t outrun my crippled grandma (and don’t get me wrong, I love Dickey).

        • Rocky70

          That’s true too …… However, he was the high-point of the 70s & 80s ……. Shows how down that 20 year period was.

  • Monty

    I was gonna stay quiet until after the game on Sunday, but this is too good…..

    Good Article “Ted Sign a Damn Returner Already”!!

    just want make sure Larry and Rocky are informed since I believe in Freedom of Speech

  • We could take this “specialist” need to the extreme to calm the furor. Every team, I think, has a LS, K, and P. Next we go to (2) injured who will not dress(you pick the position, in this example it doesn’t matter). Next we need a 3rd dn RB who can speed outside or catch in the flat. Probably should have an extra TE or FB who can come in on 3rd dn to block if we’re going to pass. Oh, lets put on that 3rd QB some think we need too ’cause no way we win when AR goes down. We really should have a pass-rush guy in passing downs like DAL and SF did with guys like Haley. Don’t forget a “rotation” guy or two for the DL. OK, I give up on a nickle guy and a dime guy; thats too extreme even for me, who wants a guy for every conceivable need. Shoot, I forgot a PR and a 2nd KOR (need two back there). Ah, add a “gunner” also. Before you know it you’ve got 20% of your roster devoted to the peripheral and no backups for the base 22. What to do, what to do? Hell, I guess I’ll just leave it up to MM/TT/MM I’ve got other more important things to do today. Yeah, forget about it.

    • Steve Cheez

      Maybe they should expand the roster to about 80…

    • Steve Cheez

      I could probably even find a way to justify putting me on the team.

      • Well, if you can verticle 36″ we could use you on the FG protection team.

        • Sammy

          I guess I have to take back my analysis of you Larry Tex, you are not as intelligent as I gave you credit for. I will point out this year in each game how important special teams are. We could have had our playoff games at home last year if our special teams would have controlled field position and reduce the block in the back call on 60 percent of our returns. There were three games we lost because of poor ST play. I will not go into that now as it is a new year and hopefully sodumb has got it corrected. I am optimistic and can hardly wait for Sunday.

  • PackerPete

    yo rock, dont downgrade Lynn Dickey’s talent level or his arm strength. Do a little research before you run him down as an average Joe, Im not gonna do your research for you and print a LD biography here, go look it up.

    BTW, he proved himself much much tougher than either Favre or Rodgers to this point, look it up.

    He also had a phenomenal supporting cast at the skill positions including Paul Coffman at TE, Lofton and Jefferson at WR and Ivery and Ellis at RB, both above average runners and receivers out of the backfield.

    As for the 29 ints, with that D even when the offense was clicking he still had to play from behind and take more risks than usual, coupled with the more DB friendly rules, that accounts for the ints without playing the BF-IamGod card on LD. He was NOT BF attitude -wise. He was a Great teammate and team player.

    • PP, right on, except I tho’t JJ a bust here, much like Hadl. I’d go so far as to say that we would have been OK, even with that D, if JJ had come thru. You know, a good defense is a good offense, we could run out the clock then.

    • Rocky70

      I liked Lynn Dickey …….. I don’t have to look up anything ……. I was there & saw for my own eyes ………. (Can you say the same?) ……….. FYI, in 1983, Ellis was the leading rusher with 696 yards, Ivery missed 8 games with an injury, Loften led all receivers with 58 receptions & the Pack was ranked 26th in TO ratio (-19) …….. In other words, they turned the ball over 19 more times than their opponents.

      The Pack finished 8-8 in 1983 because of two reasons ……… Their D sucked & LD threw 29 INTs ……… I never questioned Dickey’s talent or toughness, just his decision making ………. Of course he was a great team-player ……… He is still a Packer through & through, even today.

      Please read more carefully & stop misstating & distorting what I post ……

      • Steve Cheez

        Do we miss bitching about the player-not-to-be-named so much that we have to go back 25 years and fight about Dickey? How ’bout we fire up the old Isbell-Rote debate?

  • Packer’s Advocate

    How’s Kampy doing in Jax??? Caught a little of the beginning of a preseason game but didn’t look like he was out there. Figure I’ll try to catch a game or two if I can. I like Kampy….class act. Enjoyed Lynn Dickey alot also. Had my cousin come to catycism class and lie about some cattle being out and we were needed. Turned out to be the 48-49 (I think) Monday night shootout w/Washington that we got to watch. It was awesome, just hope we don’t have to go to hell now………………….

  • packer_bob


    You’re right about 2007, perhaps I wasn’t very clear. I’m not trying to say I thought we would go to NFC championship game in 2007, or even win the division, prior to the season. We had a rally at the end of 2006 that I thought boded well for 07, but that was it. That team caught me by surprise as much as anyone.

    What I meant was there was a certain point in 07, for me the late game victory over the Chargers, where I was convinced that team had the ability to do something big, defined as a late playoff run or even (gasp) getting to and winning the SB. I’ve never felt that way since. I’m not predicting anything, as I feel I got caught up in pre season hype last year just to have my hopes dashed, and I have the doubts listed in my post above.

    This team, if a few things click into place, can be as good as any in the league. That’s a big “if” and they always are, but I’m just saying this is the first time the Pack and SB belong in the same sentence, without being a pipe dream, since 2007.

    • What did it in ’07 were some early breaks, the 4-wide scheme was working and Grant was a big addition out of nowhere. Not to mention a good D-line rotation that disappeared the next year. I agree that this is our best team since 2003 and we have a legit shot at home field where we would dominate.

  • packer_bob

    For the record, I wasn’t trying to derail the thread into a side debate about LD. He was the best we had in that time, and he was surrounded by a lot of talent. I think we can all agree he is a beloved Packer.

    The main point was that I hope all of our offensive firepower heading into this season gets some help from the D and ST, unlike the 84 Pack. Despite our #2 ranking last season, getting run over by the Bungles at home, twice by Minny, the Steelers and the Cards still leaves me wondering just how good our D is.

    That was the only comparison I was trying to make.

  • Pete H

    Here we go boys….season ready to start for real, so I am ready to contribute again for real. I only have one question about the cuts……how in the hell did Jarrett Bush maje the team again

  • Sammy

    I guess I have to take back my analysis of you Larry Tex, you are not as intelligent as I gave you credit for. I will point out this year in each game how important special teams are. We could have had our playoff games at home last year if our special teams would have controlled field position and reduce the block in the back call on 60 percent of our returns. There were three games we lost because of poor ST play. I will not go into that now as it is a new year and hopefully coach Sodum has it corrected. I am optimistic and can hardly wait for Sunday.

    • Rocky70

      ” There were three games we lost because of poor ST play. ”

      You’re not “NFL Smart’ enough to draw this conclusion so it really is best you don’t try to explain your reasoning ………… I’m sure AR getting sacked repeatedly in last year’s losses had nothing to do with it ………… Get a clue.

      • Sammy

        You have narcissism so great that you have no credibility…and besides, I wasn’t talking to you. I know more about football than you do about your own penis. I just don’t spend my whole day on my ass trying to pontificate a useless point. I am brief, concise as I work more hours in a day than you have I.Q points. Go get a LIFE and I already gave YOU the clue.

    • Rocky, I believe Sammy’s right that ST’s affected games. Tampa Bay is an especially egregious example. All water under the bridge now. I think our ST’s helped embarass the Colts in the pre-season game and cutting Blackmon shows we’re going to be stupid.

      • Please enlighten us Mark on the physical condition of Blackmon. Evidently you have some knowledge that would indicate he could come back soon and help us. Also, I’m confused about your Colts comment.

        • Boy, that was a typo!! I meant we’re not going to be stupid. Very sorry.

          • My sincere apology for being so flip, but yesturday not a good one starting with the coffee.

    • Now, now, Sammy, lets not revise history. I’ll give you Tampa because of the blocked punt TD, but Rodgers had a INT run back for a TD too. In the CIN game they shut down Jennings with cover 2 and a safety on him all game. We had Barbre and Colledge at OT and AR was sacked 6 times. We only ran the ball 14 times, Collins was knocked out of the game and we were totally out coached. Big Ben threw for over 500 yds, enough said. That leaves the two with MIN. In the first game we drove twice for scores and AR was intercepted both times on our 1st two posessions. Favre was lights out in the 2nd game, and played his best game of the year at MIN. So don’t come in here and imply that we lost three because of STs. You don’t know your facts. The total impact would be debateable anyway. I supposed you were not impressed with our 7-1 finish, even with those lousy STs. In any case we know we’re a hell of a lot better at ST this year.

  • monty

    Right from the Ole Green Bay Gazette

    Packers haven’t won in Philadelphia since Nov. 11, 1962.

    chew on that Packer Fans…..

    • Good Lord, I hope MM doesn’t put in any of those teams that lost there.

  • I_Luv_Brats

    that’s true but did this Packers team play every year in Philly since then?

  • Monty

    I dont know if Lombardi played there again, Im sure we’ve had teams we thought could win over that span, but you know when the Cardinals went to the Super Bowl two years ago, it was the first time since 1947, talk about a dry spell, so anything is possible…Here’s to AR and the gang breaking the streak and going 1-0!!

    • With Favre gone none of our guys were even born in ’62. More like it, Monty, you sound like a Packer fan. Heres some instant courage for you. How do you improve an 11-5 team? First, you don’t start the season 4-4! How do you prevent that? You improve an already great O by: Increasing your OL depth, you make it Finley/Lee instead of Lee/Finley, and you start your starters at OT. On D: you insert Raji at nose and keep Pickett in at DE, flip Matthews to the left and start Jones instead of Kampman, get rid of Jolly in any way (Neal will prove better anyway). Yeah, I’ll say it, replace Bush at nickle w/ Shields, and while we’re putting in new guys go with Burnett at S over Bigby even if B is healthy.
      That leaves the ole bug-a-boo, STs. Well, how about a new, improved P to start? Don’t kick FGs from the right hash (hee, hee, couldn’t resist). Add a little speed on coverages and no penalties. On that last one, its been a major focus in camp and will be much better. Thats it.
      KISS! Its a wonder to me how so many of you are discounting the last 8 games last year and concentrate on only the Cardinal game. You keep forgetting the lessons learned in that game, these kids were not experienced enough to handle that kind of pressure.

  • Rick

    Push the Pause Button everyone.

    We have a great offense with a lot weapons.

    Defense is good and may be great. Highly ranked and almost all pieces are back plus some improvements.

    ST now has a punter. Better quality on kick and punt coverages, plus solid returners.

    HEALTHY is what we need for the SB.

    Brett’s last year here we had almost zero injuries and a fantastic record until the Giants in the Playoffs.

    Miami had an almost amazing run of no injuries for 14 weeks and went from hot garbage to a playoff team in one year.

    We have the pieces ready to go. A little luck in avoiding the injury bug, this can be our year.
    With a decimated secondary we made the playoffs.
    With a leaking sieve of an O line early in the year giving up 30 sacks, we made the playoffs. With one of the youngest teams and limited experience, we made the playoffs.

    Stay healthy and the Packers are one tough frickin’ team.

    Now lets go play some damn football!!

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Could there be a chance, just a bit, ever so slightly, that your a teeny weeny bit obsessed w/this Philly, 1962 thing, Monty????? But I see what your saying, in that good teams can and will make a statement here and there. Here’s an opportunity for the Packer’s to make a statement for the year, though not necessary, in my mind. I don’t think the Pack’s mindset set, though, is to be dominant early on. I think they’re probably hoping/relying on the offense to keep the team afloat/solid til the rookies get some experience and reinforcements return in the form of Harris and Bigby on defense.
    Anyone who wants Jolly gone, I’d say he has been a solid player for us and bats down alot of balls even if he doesn’t get to the QB fast enough sometimes. This helps to keep the QB thinking about throwing lanes and deflections for INT’s, if nothing else!!! And he’s solid in the run…… This is only strike one.
    I’d have thought Blackmon would have gone on PUP also, Mark. Perfect way to keep him and see how things are going til his return and then make a decision. Maybe they’re done w/him or maybe they just want him back sooner than 6-9 weeks??? Things worked out for us w/Tausch last year.
    Lastly, there’s just something I’d like to see the Packer’s HQ do. Considering the large amounts of money that goes to players salaries, I can’t imagine they’d break the bank digging up a couple hundred $K more at the end of the year, if deserved. Even though I realize they can’t get money back when a player under performs, I’d still like to see them reward someone like Woodson for his DPOY award or CM3, if he could have gotten the RPOY award. Coming up this year????, could maybe be Shields…. I can imagine his salary for the year is pretty small and IF he plays well and alot, it’d be nice to see them come up w/a little something for him. Or for that matter, a little something for anyone else whose alot more deserving than what their contract gives them. I can’t imagine it would do anything but help a little in future contract negotiations, if the team is looked at in a highly respected fasion!!!!

    • Rick

      I guess Blackmon failed physical.
      PUP will not help. The knee is not healing well. Injury settlement and let him decide if it will rehab or further surgery was the fairest action. If he does show improvement we can invite to show up and show what he has left in a private work out.

      Woodson has performance and probowl incentives in his contract. CM3 had two escalators kick in for number of snaps played and sacks/tackles. He also recieved an in camp bonus and everyone on the team that went to the playoff loss received, I believe, another $30K.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Wwwwwhhhooooooooooooooppppssss!!! Almost forgot my prediction for the game, before I head up NORT w/father and my brother for a long weekend and lots of fishing, and of course,some beerz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    With the Eagle’s having a “fairly, kinda, sorta” of a rookie QB, it’s gonna take some time for him to learn how to win, don’t care who you are. So…………. Packers 38-21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rick

      the gasfasggagagagebbf strikes again LOL

      • Packer’s Advocate

        Looks like you probably got that letter for letter, Rick!!!! Impressive, did you look it up, LOL!!!!!

        • Rick

          Nope I am fluent in half drunk old Wisconsinese.

          Its a family thing 🙂

  • Last look I saw was Pack giving 3, dumb; 1st game jitters I guess. But, I don’t play points – just up or down, win or lose. This is a win. We take Div. Playoffs, yes. NFC title, most likely. Win the big game, ?,. Doesn’t matter to me anymore re SB simply because my team has been there 4 times and the trophy is named after my coach. Love the franchise, thats all that counts. I think it will prove out that this team has been built for the era its in, but regardless its the best one, certainly since the mid-nineties.

  • I_Luv_Brats

    I believe #4 was a major reason why the Packers couldn’t win in Philly. The Philadephia Curse stops this Sunday!!

    • Rick

      Philly…there a bunch of battery throwing Santa haters. 🙁

      We can’t lose to them, think of Christmas and the tiny elves.

      As Princess Leia once said…”Save us MM, your are only hope.” 🙂

      • Rick

        Oh and the cheat for 27 yards on 4th and 26 too NO LOL 🙁

  • Rick

    and they cheat…

    gosh I wish we had an edit button sometimes

    • ……and yet you can do gasf————! Since I’m clueless as to what that means frontwards or backwords I assume its upside down.

      • Rick

        Monty says:
        September 3, 2010 at 8:31 pm


        Report this comment Reply

        Rick says:
        September 4, 2010 at 8:56 am



        if you say it backwards

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        I_Luv_Brats says:
        September 4, 2010 at 10:38 am
        Forwards or backwards…..what does that mean? LOL

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        Rick says:
        September 4, 2010 at 11:18 am

        gasfas = old wisconsin for warm beer and cold brat for breakfast

        ggagaggageb = the noise you make when you almost hurl and then swallow it back down

        bf = the intials of the name of he who’s name is not spoken

        I believe what he was saying I just woke up and had a gafas and almost hurled when I thought of Brett Farve.

        Now what I said was

        I thought of Brett, threw up in my mouth a little, and then looked for something for breakfast

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        • Rocky70

          What are you …. like 15 years old …… or something.

          • Rick

            I was not the one that typed the gibberish originally.
            Just having a little fun Rock. You know… har, har and that

  • mel e mel

    Monty I am with you, we need to block Chuck Bednarik. Stop Steve Van Buren and contain Lance Retzlaff 🙂

    • Don’t forget the dummys let REGGIE get away…….!!!

    • ICDogg

      Um… that’s PETE Retzlaff

  • I_Luv_Brats

    was there controversy with the 4th and 26??? I don’t remember any

    • Rick

      The Packers’ coverage, a Cover 2 package, broke down. Linebacker Nick Barnett, who was responsible for shallow coverage of Mitchell, decided to bite on the tight end. Inexplicably, Darren Sharper, who was partially responsible for deep coverage of Mitchell, played past the first down marker positioning himself for an interception rather than preventing any catch in front of the marker. The only player that was close to making a play, Packers’ safety Bhawoh Jue, was playing the sidelines as is customary in Cover 2 defense and was too late to prevent a catch or first down.

      No controversary, we just lost the fairytale ending. You realize that the Panthers went to the SuperBowl instead of us. Brett would have had his second ring and would have retired on top or maybe one more year and still be a Packer and NFL fan favorite instead of a Sears commercial punchline.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    News…… Woodson about to sign a new deal??? Otta here…..enjoy the game everyone!!!!!!

  • Rocky70

    Per Charles Woodson ….. (After signing a new $55 mil contract extension)

    “ I mean, we’ve got it here,” Woodson said. “We’ve got the players to get it done. We’ve got the coaching staff to get it done. It’s all going to rest on our shoulders, on the players to go out there and get it done. Our mission as a team is to get there and I think we can do it. ”

    Gotta give TT credit ……… He knows which UFAs to sign & which ones to avoid ……….

    • Rick

      True, our own to be UFAs have been the best

  • packer_bob

    Congrats to Woodson! He deserves it, not just for D Player of the Year last year, but for the fact that he has been big time ever since he got here! He just plays his heart out and makes big play after big play, and I love the idea of him ending his career with us. (Hopefully with a SB win.)

    It’s epecially satisfying thinking about how we were the only team that would offer him a big time contract after he was supposedly washed up in Oakland, and how he really didn’t want to come here in the first place.

    Another Packer convert, and I agree, a contract well earned! I definitely give TT credit for this one, most of all for recognizing his remaining potential in the first place. Woodson is a big time play maker and speaks for himself on the field and off, but this is the feather in TT’s cap since he’s been here.

    • Steve Cheez

      I remember when we signed Woodson, I couldn’t believe we would blow that much money on a washed-up hasbeen bad apple like him. Boy am I glad TT was smarter than me.
      Compare that to Joe Johnson.

  • I_Luv_Brats

    Thanks for that breakdown Rick. All I remember about the game is that reception….I don’t remember any of the details.