Big ‘dub’ gets Packers off on right foot

Call it ugly if you must but since I’ve never seen it in my lifetime, I’ll call it a beautiful thing. The Green Bay Packers have won a game in Philadelphia! By sneaking out a win over the Eagles the Packers for the time being avoid the dreaded slow start problem that has plagued them for years.

I know I shouldn’t say it but I expect the Packers to beat the Bills next week in Lambeau to get to 2-0. Of course I thought the same thing last year when Cincy came to town, but Buffalo doesn’t have the horses. If we get to the backup QB next week it’s Brian Brohm. Not exactly Vick.

Amazingly it was the special teams that kept the Eagles at bay yesterday. Jordy Nelson was a beast on kickoffs and every time the Eagles thought they were back in it Nelson ran one back to midfield. The Eagles rarely had a short field to work with that wasn’t the result of a turnover. The Packers’ defense did alright considering they were on the field the whole second half.

Which brings me to the offense. What the hell was going on out there? Aaron Rodgers looked like crap. Three early sacks, one given up each by Chad Clifton, Mark Tauscher and Josh Sitton, must have rattled him – thinking “here we go again.” Rodgers did manage two TD passes on what was otherwise a rough day at the office. Rodgers never looked quite comfortable. I’m not too worried about it.

The Packers have lost running back Ryan Grant for what appears to be several weeks with an ankle injury that looked season-ending when it occurred. Brandon Jackson looked OK in his stead but with Jackson starting the onus is on fullback/running back John Kuhn to pick up Jackson’s third-down duties, which include keeping Rodgers upright. Maybe Kuhn becomes the lead runner on third down instead – Kuhn can catch the ball pretty well, leaving Jackson in his normal role.

The Packers’ defense was hard to judge in this game because of the dynamic Mike Vick brought to the game when the Packers knocked Kevin Kolb out of the game with a concussion. The defense only gave up 321 yards which is not too shabby. They completely shut down Kolb before he got hurt, which kind of surprised even me. Kolb looked horrible. Who’d they have last year again?

I think ugly wins can only occur at home when you are supposed to dominate. The Packers went on the road and beat a playoff team with their “B” game. What is ugly about that? Plus, they got the dub and will certainly not be overconfident coming home this week. Let’s get No. 2 and focus on the Bears.

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  • Rocky70


    Until you clean up this cesspool of posters, I have nothing more to add. …… Good luck.

    • sammy

      Whaaaaaaa, I am Rocky, only my view is right, Whaaaaaa

  • Larry

    Nice to see Rocky pissed off so early this season. Packers 1-0, Buffalo coming to Lambeau and the always humble Rocky sitting out the post…life is good!

  • Monty

    oh Rocky grow up already…if you dont the openness that AL allows on his blog, then go start your own, youre becoming a broken record, geez its a game after all, talk about someone who doesnt have anything positive in their lives. What we are all suppose to agree with whatever you think or say??

    Nice Post AL, I completely agree and dont have much to add….I see the Packers brought Wynn back. They dont have much choice with Grant but to rest him and play who we have, cant put Grant on any kind of “list” for three weeks and bring the guy off the practice squad. They (TT and MM) should have kept another back and one less FB or TE. I know that TT doesnt want to lose Johnson or Crabtree to waviers, its just too bad we have to carry them and not play them instead of having another hoss in the stable of runners. I hope Neal heals soon so he can join the rotation, we really are thin on the D-Line. The play of the O-Line and Rodgers was why I didnt jump on the “Super Bowl or Bust” wagon because the same thing happened last year, great preseason, but when the real bullets start flying its a different story….but hey Im happy with you AL, I think its a sign of a good year the fact that we beat Philly in Philly AND we beat Mike Vick. The last time we played him, he beat us at home breaking our perfect playoff record, so yesterday was a win-win for the Packers. I see a 4-0 start before we get into some of the better teams. Bring on Buffalo!!

    • 1) We have (had) our #3 RB all along, look at the depth chart. Besides Kuhn hits the hole exactly like Grant – just damned straight ahead, running down hill all the way. So now we have two FBs, happy? We don’t even have to change the blocking schemes for him.
      2) I like the new term “dub”. Guess who doesn’t have one? MIN, CIN, IND, DAL, SD, and the NYJ. You can add SF to that group since they were the new darlings of the NFC west with the “re-dedicated” Alex Smith.

      • Monty

        Whats a dub ? oh as in “w” yeah ive heard that one . Kuhn is ok, but I read he didnt have any explosion into the hole (burst). It would just be nice to have one a RB come off the practice squad like that new RB for Houston and run for 250 yards. It just seems every year we struggle at running back, since Ahman Green ran out of gas, thats all im saying. I know Jackson and Kuhn are “serviceable” until Grant returns.

        Thanks for the support, yeah its a challenge maintaining a xplant, had mine (kidney) going on 18 years, so I feel lucky. I thought it was really wonderful for the Packers to do what they did.

        Im sure Rocky will return, as with all Packer fans we just want them to go 19-0 each year and kick ass while they are doing it. I know acquiring personnel for a football team is not an exact science, Im just a arm chair GM like all the rest of the Packer Nation.

    • Reid

      Isn’t Crabtree #83? I thought I saw him on the field quite a bit in 2 tight-end sets. If so, then the statement “I know that TT doesnt want to lose Johnson or Crabtree to waviers, its just too bad we have to carry them and not play them instead of having another hoss in the stable of runners.” is totally wrong.

  • Monty

    Here is something that might cheer you up Rocky. Being a transplant survivor myself, I applaud the Green Bay Packers for making Anna feel special after she got a new heart. There is more to life than football Rocky…..

    • Hats off to ya Monty. I’ve had a Quad and a Triple, but can’t relate to a x-plant. Glad to see you’re your usual fisty self. Not to worry, Rocky can’t stay away. Sometimes I feel like he’s my only back-up.

  • Monty
  • Pierre

    Who thinks Chad Clifton with his chronic swelling knees is going to stop fast, mobile, athletic defensive ends. You can see the writing on the wall. Wait till he has to face Jared Allen. It is not going to bode well for Arron Rodgers. Be ready to play, Brian Bulaga.

    • It was pretty evident last year, even tho we went 7-1 at the end, that Cliffy and Tausch have had it and are on borrowed time. Hence, Buluga. If we can get a sizable lead on somebody in the 1st (6) games you’re going to see a lot of B and Lang. I kinda tho’t we’d go that way w/B in for Colledge in the pre but B was dinged up a little and was still getting used to NFL speed. Always, the speed factor to a rook. I’m resting easier on D with our rooks there so lets concentrate on the O for a bit.
      You don’t draft for STs; you fill STs w/ guys from the other positions, not the reverse. Count on one hand, or certainly under 10 in my lifetime (yeah, all 76 of it) of guys, speaking of GUY, and the rest returners and a couple of FGers. As covered in earlier posts, you can’t dedicate a roster spot in 43 to a returner, a snapper, a FG kicker, (2) gunners and expect depth on the DL/OL and LB. Oh, yeah, the 3rd QB. You don’t get that by eliminating the 3rd FB or 4th TE. So MM makes his picks and tells TT what he wants; makes sense to me.
      The O; it is what it is. We’re ok with Kuhn; like St Vincent said “I don’t care if they know what I’m going to run, if everybody does their job they can’t stop us” (sic). Sobeit, we’ve still got that 5 wide set with 1 or 2 TEs that nobody in the next 5 games will stop. PHI gave it all they had and lost a LB doing it. Heres your depth at FB and TE working, if the new, quicker DEs and OLBs are going to get around C and T.
      Gosh, anecdote from the past: I once saw REGGIE give an OT the underarm move and throw him into the OLB, then he split the OG and the C, next he jumped over the RB kept in to block and got to the QB for a sack, all under .5 sec, honest! Well, maybe it took a little longer, but he did do all those things. A little different now, but is Matthews headed for a big year that is going to help Jones on the other side too?

      • Oops, it was a TE not an OLB…!

  • GB Curly

    Just speaking from my own recollection (which can be unreliable at times), punting was still not great. I remember seeing a bunch of fantastic punts by the Eagles, though. I wish we still had Hentrich.

    Rocky, this may surprise you, but not everyone will miss your commentary. Everyone is entitled to their opinion…try not to have to have the last word all the time, and perhaps you’ll find this a more pleasant atmosphere.

  • mel e mel

    I was thinking about this before Grant was injured, trade a draft choice to St. Louis, for Stephen Jackson. St. Louis is horrible and they would at least listen.

    • You only give us half the deal, MeM. What or who do you give up? Remember, or consider, he is 1/2 of their re-build. Are you prepared to give up more than a #1?

    • Packer’s Advocate

      The way these teams lay around for “sloppy seconds” from the Packer’s cutdowns, may as well use a pick or two (not our 1st or 2nd) to get anything we might require, should the need arise vs. losing them to other teams when getting our numbers down. It’s not the year to lay back if the SB gets within reach. Also becomes a numbers problem for losing good developing players unless the guy replaced goes on IR.

      • Packer’s Advocate

        Whooops……… Just saw Grant is IR’ed. A player signed from some team’s practice squad. Alot of players lost for the year, from that one lousy game, for both teams!!!!

  • sammy

    I’ll take an ugly win, I agree with you Al However, I’m sure we lose one or two ugly also…just like the Lions, was that a bitch or what!

  • Rick

    Packers sign Dimitri Nance from Falcons Practice Squad. 5’10” 219lbs 4.5 to 4.6 speed

    Dimitri nance is a tough inside runner who is rarely tackled for a loss. He possess a thick, compact build perfect for his running style, and has nice vision and balance. He also displays good patience when waiting for blocks to set up and is a threat to catch the ball out of the backfield. Second High School player in Texas High School 5A history to have 3,000 yards rushing in single season. The other was Cedric Benson.

    Has a well built frame with defined arm muscles, thick thighs and calves, broad shoulders and tight waist and hips. Gets into Stride Quickly coming out of his stance, showing ability to pick and slide effortlessly through the holes. Has shown great pad level and natural soft hands catching the ball. More Quick than fast he explodes through the hole well. Will not hesitate to face up against larger pass rushers and shows good aggression and vision as a cut blocker.

    Lacks the second gear to win many long distance foot races, but compensates by taking good angles and showing above average cutting ability to redirect. Needs to show better awareness of stunts and blocking schemes, as he fails to locate the blitz and gets into poor position to make the block.

    Solid blue collar RB.

  • cdk4205


    • Rick

      Is to old and slow to be a feature back in the NFL. Go with youth now

  • 4205

    looked pretty good in flashes last year – would complement Jackson.

  • packer_bob

    Obviously something happened in this thread that got deleted to run Rocky off—-and it wasn’t even anything from me!

    I agree for the most part with Al, anytime you get a road win against a team we haven’t beaten in my lifetime is OK with me. There were causes for concern, but it’s game one. I would be more concerned if they came out guns blazing simply because it’s impossible to sustain that through 16 games and the playoffs. ST’s were a big boost, some big plays made on D; yes AR left something to be desired this particular day but I see no reason to be concerned about him.

    In hindsight, I wish we had more depth at RB as well but there wasn’t any reason to think this was going to happen. Grant had good points, but I think even the biggest Grant fans among us would have to admit we can replace his production. Kuhn didn’t look bad in the 2nd half and who knows, maybe Jackson will step up? I just think running the ball is going to be loosened up by the threat of our passing game, and any serviceable backs will do nicely. I feel bad for Grant though—sucks for any player, hopefully it will not impact the rest of his career.

  • packer_bob

    I would second at least giving Green a look based on some good things he did last year. He may not be able to be the workhorse but why should he have to be? If Jackson isn’t ready now, he’ll never be.

    Green may be able to do something here or there and be an asset in short yardage, that’s all about all we would need anyway. But I’m a sentimentalist, so if there’s any doubts at all go with youth!

    You’re right Al, we should beat Buffalo at home this week and you shouldn’t be afraid to say it. I don’t think Buffalo is analagous to Cincy last year, Buffalo doesn’t have enough firepower. This should be an easy win to take us to 2 and 0.

    • Sammy

      Buffalo may not be analogous to Cincy, but may be more like Tampa Bay that beat us last year. Every team can be dangerous and I hope we do not overlook Buffalo. Packers 34 Buffalo 13.