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  • jonnyfootballhero

    Looks pretty good for a short yardage guy.
    I’m not feeling too worried about the Packers running game. I’m actually looking forward to seeing how Jackson handles an entire season as the main guy. The pressure is on for him to perform. I hope he’s up to the task.

  • monty

    What happened to that guy we signed to the practice squad? I dont remember his name but I thought he came from the Bengals. This guy looks like Icky Woods Jr with the dreads, but maybe he’s like that guy from Houston that ran on the Colts D for 249 yards…..well I hate to say I told you so, but this was one of the concerns I mentioned before we went into the season, not enough depth at certain positions, RB being one. I feel sorry for the people who had Grant on their FF teams, hope they had good backups. Same for the D-Line. Not having John Jolly hurts after Jenkins hurt his hand. Oh well you do battle with whom you have. Go Pack

    • Reid

      Monty – this statement is ignorant of reality: “well I hate to say I told you so, but this was one of the concerns I mentioned before we went into the season, not enough depth at certain positions, RB being one. ” Name one f’ing team that has NFL starter caliber back-ups at “certain positions”? It’s not possible.

      • monty


        Dallas has three quality running backs, Indy has three number one backs at their colleges, Vikings have quality backups on their D line as does Pittsburg. Sorry, but John Kuhn does not inspire as a quality backup at halfback, fullback yes, halfback no. C J whats his name and jarvis wynn do not inspire me at D End. Look at our D-line when we had Ron Wolf as GM, we had four horses in White Jones Datson and Brown…..Now if we had Jolly Id feel better. We could do better then what we have. My main concern was only carrying two HB’s while we have three fullbacks and four TE’s. Maybe the numbers could have been balanced better. Teams with quality backups make it to the playoffs more often. But thats a “duh” statement.

        • Reid

          And 3 of the 4 teams you mention lost last week, largely due to poor play by their back-ups at “certain positions”. Dallas o-line backups suck and lost the game for them, Vikings obviously have no quality bacckups at receiver, and Indy sure as hell can’t stop the run and now Bob Sanders is hurt (again). Expecting a team to have quality backups in the salary-cap era is unrealistic.

  • monty

    James Johnson is our Practice Squad guy, wonder why they didnt promote him? Must liked something better about this Nance guy….time will tell…ok time for Action Jackson to break 1000 yards….

    • Packer’s Advocate

      We still have a RB on PUP available to us in week 7 too……….. a rookie and real rusty. But hey, football is football.

      • iccyfan

        He can practice for up to three weeks coming off PUP before they have to make a move with him; hopefully he’ll be able to get into “football shape”…

  • mel e mel

    I am not trying to be cute, but if you read Nance’s scouting report “pad level” is mentioned. I think that about says it. He is a very big back for someone that quick. He seems to have very good feet. Quick not really fast seems like ideal guy for system.