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Here we go!

7:44 PM:  Defense gets an early sack by Zombo but look shaky.

7:49 PM:  Packers got robbed by a bad whistle on a fumble but a missed field goal saves the day.

7:55 PM:  Three plays and the Packers are in the red zone! Get six now!

8:04 PM:  Packers took the 7-0 lead but as usual a special teams mistake gives the Bears great field position. Defense is going to be tested tonight!

8:09 PM:  Charles Woodson having a bad, bad night!

8:10 PM:  There is the Cutler we’ve come to love and adore! Pick in the endzone. Should have downed it though.

8:16 PM:  Three-and-out for the offense though, thanks to no running game at all.

8:17 PM:  Cutler is ripping up the Packers’ secondary. Pressure not quite getting home.

8:21 PM:  Horrible play by the Packers’ defense on 3rd and 15. The defense won’t stop them, they will have to stop themselves, which they have doing pretty well so far.

8:24 PM:  Defense held that time though, Jenkins with a huge sack. Backed up inside the 10 again. They better get some first downs this time.

8:33 PM:  Packers moving right down the field, Driver is amazing! Holding penalty probably means a field goal though. Big mistake by Daryn Colledge.

8:39 PM:  The guy can kick a 56-yard field goal but can’t kick a kickoff in bounds! Special teams will end being our undoing tonight, hate to say it. Bears will get 7 here now for sure.

8:43 PM:  Three-and-out! Holy cow! Of course the Packers follow that up with 8 penalties on the punt return. Frickin’ ridiculous! I wish I could do my job as bad as Slocum and make 100-grand a year.

8:53 PM:  Now the punter line drives one to Hester – just trying to give the game away. First and ten Bears at the Packers’ 12!

8:57 PM:  Touchdown Bears thanks to our special teams. The beginning of the end.

9:27 PM:  Nice little drive here, a TD brings mo back to our side.

9:29 PM:  Penalties and special teams! Now a holding on Sitton. Another drive stalled.

9:33 PM:  Rodgers goes 9-9 on the drive but the Packers get nothing thanks to 2 holding penalties and a blocked field goal. Merry Christmas Bears. This game is over folks.

9:41 PM:  Bears take the lead. Sad way to lose this one. Rodgers is playing great.

9:44 PM:  OK, I jumped the gun but they will probably get it on a turnover anyway.

9:50 PM:  Two more penalties and then a bad play by Driver, a delay of game penalty (no. 12 and still in the 3rd quarter) – punt her away gentleman.

9:53 PM:  Devon Hester. Special teams killed the Packers tonight. Slocum should be left in the ghetto of Chicago. See you tomorrow.

10:10 PM:  Yeah, I’m still here. Rodgers has taken the team on his shoulders. Can the defense back him up?

10:16 PM:  Guess I should have turned it off. Oh well, the Packers will have the last laugh this season when they win the division title. I can’t wait until they lay down and rest all their starters when they face the Bears again. Bears win tonight, and they are better, but the Packers are clearly the better team in the long run.

10:20 PM:  Tie game. Moving over to Twitter. Catch me @packernet.

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  • just saying

    I hope our defense can last through this game

  • 4205

    All four tight ends active…sort of strange

  • AATP

    So maybe running IS overrated… LMAO…

  • Luke

    Cutler always looks like hes about to cry

  • Luke

    back them up back them up…..way back way back!

  • just saying


  • Luke

    still dont know who cutler was even intending to throw to

  • just saying


    • just saying

      Was a little excited and spelled THANK wrong SORRY

  • Doug r

    One more score and we put these clowns away- cutler is already on tilt

  • Brian

    what is ahman green doing these days? Help!

  • Doug r

    Give Clifton credit – warrior

  • Doug r

    Ahman green is playing for the omaha nighthawks in ufl – Jeff Garcia is qb and robt ferguson is wr

  • just saying

    We need some help ASAP

  • Doug r

    Special teams!!!

  • just saying

    We need a new punter ASAP

  • just saying

    Our packers looking like they are falling apart?

  • just saying

    I feel sorry for Aaron he made 2 good throws that could have been TD and the players could not catch them WOW

  • Doug r

    How many years of st breakdowns do we have to endure? Just an average punt and we are up 10 at half

  • packer_bob

    Jesus Al, you are one weak Nancy! “The beginning of the end.” WTF?!

    I didn’t like it either, and am flustered yet again with penalty and special teams mistakes. Yet we gave nothing to the Bears offensively other than the short field TD at the end of the half. I’m not too worried at this point.

    We don’t turn the ball over the rest of the way and play to half of our ability, we win this game!

  • Good thing he made the tackle, bad thing an easy TD. At least we came out ready. This game is a tossup because neither team can run the ball and Jackson can’t get it done.

  • packer_bob

    BLEAH! A well executed drive comes up empty thanks to more penalties and another poor special teams play!

    Who the hell was on here a few weeks back talking about how ST didn’t matter?

    Come on D, we need a TO!

  • packer_bob

    Al, I’d hate to ever go to war with you.

  • 4205

    how stupid do they have to be

  • Good news he kicked the ball a little better, bad news he kicked to Hester. Typical Bears game. I guess they found their ST and we’re losing ours.

  • just saying

    It’s time to fire some people

  • just saying

    MM needs to get this team under control

  • just saying

    I hope we can win this game but the way things are going it will be a miracle

  • Doug r

    He just wasted a critical timeout!!!!!

  • just saying


  • Skcusrekcap

    Hahahahah… you guys suck… you fans on here not the Pack

  • AATP

    Bears still suck!!!!

  • Skcusrekcap

    what the hell was that?!!!

  • Doug r

    Why did he challenge?!!!!

    • Pete H

      seriously…what an awful decision…..and I would have liked another look at the incomplete interception

  • AATP

    What a friggin mess this team was tonight – ST’s were horrible, OL was a mess, D was a mess – Bears didn’t win as much as the Pack beat themselves… Ugly ugly ugly – we let them hang around at the half and I had a very bad feeling at that point – sucks…

    • Scot

      Yes, the Packers truly beat themselves tonight, with the Jones fumble being the turd on the ice cream.

  • 4205

    What a joke – poor coaching, terrible special teams, key turnover, and pathetic officiating – it took them all, but the NFL kept their major market team undefeated.

  • Brandt

    I have never been so mad after a loss. The Packers just gave them the game stupid ass penalties and another dumb ass challenge by McCarthy how stupid can you be. They could have stopped the clock with 40 seconds if he didn’t throw the red flag. MM should stick that flag up his ass. Taushers holding was ticky tack and should have been a touchdown. That whole game sucked.

  • I’ve seen this movie before. A lot of ints. dropped or overturned by penalties. So many penalties. Even so we win the game with an NFL caliber starting RB. We’re not going to beat any good teams with Jackson. Someone on this board, I think it was Rockhead said ST’s aren’t very important.

    • AATP

      Well unfortunately STs made a 7 point difference in the game…

    • Scot

      Exactly, Mark. We’ve seen Brandon Jackson do nothing for two games now, Thompson. Trade for someone!!!!!

  • Pete H

    MM and his discipline………..why did he keepn Slocum again?

    • Scot

      Can we now fire Slocum? How can Masthay punt the ball directly toward Hester? Good God, man, get a brain. Why on earth did Slocum not talk to Masthay before he punted the damn thing? It’s almost like GB WANTED to lose the game.

  • Abraham25

    Sad day in Packer land. Hopefully this is a wake up call.

    I didn’t listen to post game but I bet “we need to get our house in order” was said. For the past fricken four years. Slocum should have been shown the door two years ago. Chicago was clearly not the better team today but the score is all that matters.

    This is not the end of the world but it shows all the weaknesses that we have and some we shouldn’t. Wow, I’ve never seen a crazier game. I’m still trying to take in what I just saw.

    • AATP

      The biggest weakness I see is the mistakes… Our defense was doing the work but giving up yards in penalties… Our offense was moving the ball at will but the holding penalties kept sticking at 2nd or 3rd and long – which we converted quite of few of those. Finley and CMIII are monsters no matter how you cut it and that touchdown pass to our rookie TE shows how much we would miss Finley if he went down for more than a couple plays…

      STs are killing us obviously – did you notice that the Bears never started inside their own 40? Their drives were 60 yards or less the entire game… The Bears offense was piss poor and our defense was doing it’s job until late – where it was still doing its job but the flags were killing us. The Bears got all the calls and all the bounces so we were doomed since we let them hang around after the half. Upsetting as this loss is, you can bet the Packers will come out shooting and shooting hard next game… I expect the Bears to lose to a hapless Giants team next weekend and we should roll over the Lions… IMHO…

  • packer_bob


    James Jones fumbles away a victory, just like he did at home in 2007.

    But there is plenty of blame to go around. I ask again, who was the a-hole a couple of weeks ago on this board that said ST didn’t matter. Missed Fg, return given up for a TD in a close game. Game set and match.

    I still think we are way better and they got lucky in a home game. Bitches.

    But they are king of the NFC at this point.

  • Reid

    This makes me sick….and James Jones needs to learn how to put the ball away. How many times is this going to happen to him?

  • packer_bob

    Why oh why am I still complaining about penalties and ST play?

  • Packer’s Advocate

    I should’ve been a ref!!!!!!!!!! Just have them pay me for whatever stupid shit call they want, tuck rule, PI, I don’t care. Just mail me my check two years later. They wouldn’t want the publicity and neither would I. It’d work out great!!!! No one would be looking for fraud two years after the fact. I’d be a rich man by now!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4205

    Penalties are part of the game and they say they are trying to be even, but it wouldn’t have taken much – to even this one out (if you can Burnett at end of game, the call Jennings getting wiped out on the hail mary at the end of the 1st half) – (if calling chillar on block in back, call the hold against Martin at the point of attack on hester’s run – it was obvious, or the push between the 5 and the 4 on chillar’s back at the same time). If calling hold against GB call them the same way on Chi (lots of shoulder pad grabs not called). Still if Jones holds on to the ball – or it rolls out of bounds like it did for Olsen in the first half. the result is different (or could have been – probably something else would have been called). The better team did not win – which keeps more fans interested I guess.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    I haven’t seen the highlight reels from after the game , but I’ll take a quick look tomorrow. I can only imagine that they’ll just show the run for the score to win the game and not the INT that was gifted to the Bear’s that put them in position for it. ESPN and JJ’s NFL Network are pretty simple fuckers.

  • tumbleweed

    This is year four of Rodgers starting and we’re 0-1 in the playoffs and just lost to loser Jay Cutler. I don’t like where we are one bit. Rodgers seems to lack fire. He’s just too complacent.

    • CheesyD

      Blaming this game on Rodgers being too complacent? Holy Moly…

      Not sure what game you were watching…

      • TRIP

        tumbleweed must not have watched the game at all… lol

    • Scot

      Geez. Rodgers was the only guy who doesn’t deserve criticism from last night’s game.

  • TRIP

    I couldn’t have said it better, Cody. lol

    • Cody

      Yeah, Sorry about that Al, really I am. 100% emotion talking there…

  • TRIP

    Overall, great game, horrible way to lose, horrible discipline with the penalties that negated INTs. However, I love that this came Week 3 and not Week 13. So many people are singing the Packers’ praises and we can’t let that get to the head. If you don’t come ready to play, mentally and physically-prepared… you will lose. And now, hopefully, we’ll win.

  • Skyler




    • Scot

      If Singletary can send a message and fire a coach during the season, so should McCarthy. Slocum is not worthy to be on the team. Let’s get a running back! Geez Thompson, get a fire under your butt!

      • CheesyD

        I was surprised Slocum was even brought back this after the dismal performance last year. He’s picked up right where he left off. Fire him. Fire him now.

  • Monty

    Gee where did I hear ST would be a problem this year…Gee where did I hear that Brandon Jackson has no action Gee…..oh well Im in the same boat as all the rest of you. I got to see the first half (0:930) here. We can cry all we want about the punter, but watching the replay of Hester, it was poor tackling again. Jones fumbles more against the Bears its seems, he has to feel pretty low right now, blocked FG again ST, and penalties all the Coach’s responsibility. TT needs to trade or buy a running back, no way Jackson comes even close to 1000 yards. Hes OK as a 3rd down back, but forget running him….when Kuhn is your leading rusher two weeks in a row…ok….time to upgrade. Cant win if you cant run the ball. Sloppy Sloppy….there went 6-0 facing the Queens.

  • CheesyD

    Well, quite the game.

    #1 – The obvious is the 18 penalties. Come on, man!

    #2 – Coach McCarthy has no clue as to when to throw (or not throw) the red flag. Please take it away from him.

    #3 – Has anyone seen Marshawn Lynch?

    #4 – James Jones keeps making mistakes. Big ones. I’d rather seen Jordy in that role.

    #5 – Good game by Rodgers, Finley, Matthews, Kuhn, Jennings, Driver.

    #6 – No way the Be*ars are the better team. We gave them that game on a platter.

    #7 – Forget it and move on. 15-1 still sounds good. : )

    • Scot

      Jordy Nelson should be promoted to number 3 alright.

  • jimmyus333333

    This was a frustrating game…

    Same reasons we lost were the same things that needed fixing from last year team but wasn’t addressed by TT in the offseason.

    Don’t think improved ‘pad level’ will fix it this year either.

  • Paul W

    Talking points:

    It’s a conspiracy…The refs are against us.

    Big market team vs little market team so the league needed the BMT to win.

    Even though they lost the Packers are a better team.

    It’s a free country and your entitled to your opinion but “the refs screwed us” is right out of the sports fans handbook of excuses. I would love to see this coaching staff deal with the undisciplined play because it’s been going on for quite a while. I won’t hold my breath.

    If you believe there is a conspiracy that the NFL needs the big market team to win why do you watch? You might as well be doing something more constructive. (Actually that might be good advice for all of us)

    In the stat that matters the most, wins and losses, the Bears are currently the better team. It sounds rather hollow and bitter to say after your team of choice gets beat that they were the “better team”. Again right out of the sports fans handbook of excuses with Vikings fans being a prime example after last years NFC championship game. No they weren’t and no the Packers are not the better team until they beat Chicago or are ahead of them in the standings.

    The Packers are a very good team but they are not without flaws. It would be a shame if the typical standing pat response to these flaws is taken and it winds up costing a potential super bowl caliber team.

    • CheesyD

      I agree that blaming the refs in this game doesn’t cut it. 18 penalties is just embarrassing. However, I do believe it is acceptable to declare the Packers the better team despite getting the “L” last night. Even to the casual observer, the Packers were clearly the better team. Reading the reports this morning on ESPN, FOX Sports, Yahoo Sports, etc… the consensus is clear. Yes, the Bears are 3-0 but the Packers are the better team and will come out on top of the NFC North. As for the Bears… even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then. Doesn’t make it the biggest and baddest squirrel on the block.

  • Jack in Columbus

    I did not see a single penalty called on the Packers that I thought was outside the rules. I did, however, see a LOT of holding by the Bears’ O-Line that was not called. That said, we did not lose this game solely because of penalties. We lost because the other team outplayed us when it counted. Packers 4 of 10 on third down. Aging OTs whiffing on their men. Sitton fails to pinch and lets his man block a chip shot field goal. The punt coverage unit doesn’t cover. There is plenty of blame to go around (except maybe to ARod, who played very well). This team’s personnel … and play … is not all that different from last year’s — is this a surprise to anyone? Not me.

  • CHI will not win Div w/ STs and GB will not lose Div because of STs. Firing Slocum will not correct Goode from wiffing on Hester in the middle nor Mashey (or whatever his name is) from out kicking his coverage.
    What, 17 penalties (how many yds did we have taken away?), from A to Z (yeah, Arod to Zombo, how apropos?).
    Finally, we all knew BJax can’t cut it, but you don’t fire MM because Jones’ strip doesn’t go out of bounds, and you don’t fire TT because Quarles doesn’t catch the TD costing us another 4 points.
    Dejected and disapointed, yes, but not disheartened. We were 4-4 last year before the surge. I say blame this one on the fact that Pickett, Raji, and Jenkins were gassed in the 4th, simply because we had no rotation due to the injuries. That sums it up for me!

    • Good point about the D-line rotation. I guess that’s why we used the psycho package so much. If we hadn’t wasted a roster spot on Harrell we would have had Toribio and a better D-line. I also agree it’s a long season and there’s time to to get better including getting some players healthy. Cant wait to play the Bears at home last game of the year.

    • Jack in Columbus

      Quarless did not cost us any points. Rodgers scored a TD on the very next play after his drop.

      • I thought that was the FG, oops!

  • jimmyus333333

    We are 1 more quarter of Michael Vick away from being 1-2 this season.

    When you stick with young guys year-after-year, and cut your vets and Probowlers, what do you get? Missed assignments, poor tackles, more penalties, more fumbles, missed coverage, poor special teams play…

    And then when you have more penalties then points in a critical/divisional game…and when you regain your lead as the NFL Penalty King for the 4th year in a row, it’s not an accident or misfortune or something that “we need to work on” anymore.

    Sometime soon, more fans will start to figure this out.

    • Hey, Jimmy, plenty of penalties called on our veterans last night……!

  • Skyler

    Why do we have 4 TE’s and 3 FB’s???? IMO, we should have 2 TE’s and 2 FB’s. The other three positions should be 2 additional running backs and one true returner. Plus, with 4 solid wide receivers, we did not need other. That position should have went to the defensive line (Toribio).

    This position management by TT will be a huge factor this season. Aaron, Charles, Clay, Cullen, Nick, BJ, Nick B, Brandon, Donald, Greg, JerMichael will need to give two quarts of blood. It is a lot of pressure to put these guys.

    Be smart….. get a First and Second down running back and a true speedster for a returner.

  • Scot

    If Ted does not trade for Lynch, or some other high powered back that defenses are forced to respect, and if McCarthy does not find a way to straighten out all the Special Teams problems, then their heads will roll. Fans can only stand excuses for so long, and they will demand changes. I hope Mark Murphy will not just stand idle on these issues. Sometimes it take a little nudge from the top to push mules to do better.

  • Paul W

    I can talk all day long about how the team I root for is better than the team/teams I root against. But what is it that makes them “clearly” better? Potential? Hyped up talent? Awesome pre-season stats or inflated stats from non-competitive games the last couple of years? Because in the games that really mattered last year (The Viking games and the playoff game against Arizona especially) that potential and talent didn’t produce a win. And winning is what ultimately defines what is a “better” team. Right now the team that is winning is the Bears and for me or anyone else to say that they are not going to win the division is just speculation flavored with green and gold bias

    I can talk a big game all I want about how great the Packers are but until they produce winning results that match the big talk then I’m just flapping my gums.

  • Sammy

    Many of you scoffed at me when I stated in preseason how important special teams are..especially Rockhead 70. I said I would count the games lost, in large part by, poor special teams play. 3 last year….1 this year already. Not solely, but a large component to last nights loss. I didn’t sleep a wink after that game…shit!