Thompson drops the ball on this one

You all know I’m a Ted Thompson supporter, I like the the team he has built that has been to the playoffs two of the last three years and should make it again this year. But the Packers are not going to win a Super Bowl with John Kuhn at running back, so Thompson’s failure to land Marshawn Lynch for a measly 4th-round pick is inexcusable and the biggest mistake of Thompsons’ tenure in Green Bay.

Today the Vikings traded for Randy Moss and all of a sudden the Vikings are the division favorites again. Had the Packers’ gotten Lynch, that would not be the case. Thompson is afraid to make the big move that will get his team over the hump, instead it appears he is happy just being competitive year in and year out while staying well under the salary cap.

Thompson’s popularity has never been high and if he starts to lose supporters like myself, it might be the beginning of the end for him in Green Bay. I’m not ready to jump off the bandwagon, but I am extremely disappointed. Like I said, this team isn’t going anywhere with the running backs they currently have on the roster.

The Vikings have mortgaged the future for one year, which I don’t think is a good thing to do either, there has to be a happy medium there somewhere. Moss is 33 and judging by the first four games might have hit the wall that some receivers do about that age, but my guess is this trade will reinvigorate both he and Brett Favre and the Vikings’ offense will suddenly come alive. Bad news for Packers’ fans.

Favre has looked awful so far this year but we all know Brett and like Moss, he plays when he wants to play, my guess is he wants to play again now. Moss will become the sixth player to play in 17 regular season games if he stays healthy all year, as he will have missed both teams bye weeks. He will become the second player to play in back-to-back Monday night games.

Unless Thompson has something bigger up his sleeve, which is doubtful, the Packers may have lost the division title on Oct. 6 without playing a game. Until Thompson goes “all in” the Packers are likely to stay pretenders instead of contenders. I don’t understand it.

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  • gbpackattack12

    sad, pathetic day by the Pack

  • Lew

    Have to admit I was hoping the Vikes would make a rash move and trace for Vincent Jackson. Wouldn’t have helped. Favre, Peterson, Moss, etc looks pretty scary.

    But at least we will have our 4th rd pick. At some point you need to go for it.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    T.R. Patriots should have at least gotten a 2nd for Moss.

    • Rick

      No other bidders to drive up the price

  • Scot

    Now I’m not so sure GB will win the division. Moss always was a headache for us. Unless Thompson trades for Jacobs, or someone similar, I feel this season could just fizzle out. I don’t think Nance is the answer, and we have no idea what to expect from Starks. Unless you have a legitimate threat at running back, opposing defenses will key in on Rodgers. I hope Rodgers likes running, because he could become our leading back soon! If Thompson gets nothing done for the RB position by Oct 19th. I will no longer be a supporter of his. Not getting a young Lynch or someone equally effective will prove to be a huge mistake, and a superbowl lost. I hope I’m wrong, but I find it hard to believe we can just keep winning with that combination. My only other thought is, how about we insert Quinn Johnson into the halfback role?

  • Packfan6161

    Marshawn Lynch Would not have helped the packers at all. He is overated at best, with all of the off field issues surrounding this guy i’m surprised you would want this guy any where near wisconsin let alone playing for the Pack. The bills organization want to get Rid of him and the city of Buffalo wanted him rode out of town on a rail, I feel this is a bullet dodged.

    • Oakland wanted to get rid of Woodson and Moss. Anyhow we get to see how it works out for Seattle and ourselves.

      • Rick

        Woodson was not one strike from a 1 yr suspension.

        The Raiders players gave up on their coach and his put down ways. BIG BIG difference.

        Lynch also was not the first defensive Heisman winner in the last 25 years like Woodson. he was not heisman finalist.

    • andy

      That is rediculous. Probowl player. When a team is that bad…yes, they are currently on a hunt to go 0-16 this year, nobody looks good. ill give u anouther player: Lee Evens – a player that will never be recognized for his amazing ability bc he plays for….oh ya, the bills.
      and week 2 – marshawn looked good against that very good pack D….. this was just stupid.
      enough of your garbage.
      TT makes me sick.

  • Regarding DET game, and CHI to a certain extent, the O was disorganized in the 2nd half. AR goes from a rating of 153 to 53? Regardless of what is sent in he has the charter to change at scrimidge. No excuse IMO for not going to a faster dink and dunk like Hill did. I fail to see a TT imprint on that and I am not going to let the players off the hook yet.
    You guys have now set the table, how easy; we lost the SB, NFC, Div, take your pick on Oct 4th – Rubbish…..!

    • monty

      Why do I feel like Ted is becoming Ronald Regan in his second term? Does Ted stay awake during the day? lol…well no since in complaining, Seattle has Lynch, Minnesota has Randy and Butt, we have John and Brandon. Now word out that Barnett is out for the year, Detroit lost the game but we made our season that much harder with losing two starters and good ones at that….if we had lost Hawk or #55 (cant think of his name right now) Bishop not that big of a lost, all of a sudden we are having trouble finding players to suit up on D. Uncle Teddy and Cousin Mc Fling (you all liked that one ha) seem to not be worried so why should I be worried. Im just a fan, I dont get paid to make decisions on how my team is built and made (yeah I heard that in the back THANK GOD LOL), so Im gonna stop bitching and just enjoy the games. If we win its a win for me if we lose well one less game with Mc Fling cuz I think if he doesnt do something this year me thinks he’s gone. Go Pack!!

  • sammy

    Larry, Larry Tex and other sensitives…when we say TT has an ego, call the coach Fatass or McLardy, or McFling (love that one), it does not mean we are not hard core Packer fans. Just the opposite, it really hurts, SO BAD, to watch the poor play calling, coaching decisions, and TT’s reluctance to fill in a few holes to put us over the top….a 4th for Lynch?…I would have been happy with a 3rd or maybe 2nd round draft pick. GB has a history of “taming” thugs by example and expectation as NE did with Moss….OH SHIT, I guess Moss is a Viking now. Who do we have back there to help Woodson???????!!!! (the one player TT took a chance on with character concerns). In sum, ‘eff you if you are offended by our rants….you should be at my house, with my brother and son on Sundays if you really want to hear some colorful language….the 82 inch Mitshubishi is in danger of assault if the Packers don’t make some moves!!!

    PS: As always, you are all invited anytime you are in Sundevil country!

  • Bob

    I like how TT has built this team from the draft, but when you have an injury on your team like we have with Grant, that you can’t predict and you have a chance to fix the problem with a 4th round draft pick? and you don’t take it! common TT do something or this might just be the final nail in your coffin. Very disappointed that He seems to be content with where we are as a team 🙁

    • Rick

      It is not a fricking 4th round draft pick you guys.

      Yes THIS year it is a 4th AND…

      TWO years from now it is a conditional 3rd or 2nd round for a productive season.

      That means it is equal to a mid to early 2nd round pick this year on the draft pick trade value charts.

      That is alot when the guy is one screw up from a 1 year suspension.

      TT chose to run with Nance that is almost to speed in our system after a few weeks crash course and Starks that is available to show us what he showed in camp in a few more weeks of the PUP list.

      So we use Kuhn as a battering ram between the tackles and Nance as our everydown back and B JAx is back in his comfort spot as 3rd down back. Fresh legs for all and the battering ram attack does work in the cold weather that is coming soon.

  • PackFanStuckInMN

    A few thoughts on this…

    First, the euphoria here in Minneapolis is sickening. You’d think they have already engraved the Lombardi for the Vikings and the trade has yet to be officially announced.

    Second, unless Moss can play either offensive tackle position, the Vikings passing offense is going to struggle. Deep threats like Moss aren’t much of a threat if the o-line can’t pass block for more than two seconds.

    Third, slightly disappointed in not making the move for Lynch. However I don’t think it’s the end of the world. Everyone seems to be pointing at the second half of the Lions game as the barometer for the Packers offense. Three turnovers look bad. But let’s look at them…

    Nelson coughs up the return. Can’t blame that on Rodgers & the offense.

    Rodgers’ first INT. Not sure show to explain that one. Looked like a bit of miscommunication between him & Jennings as it looked like he was trying to throw the back shoulder stop.

    Second INT is ALL on Jennings. Rodgers threw a PERFECT deep ball which went right through Jennings’ hands and the defender made a great play. Wouldn’t say that’s an accurate reflection on the offense.

    The offense on the last drive is the offense every other team should be afraid of. Detroit’s D was still fresh as Detroit owned time of possession & their strength is their front 4. GB moved the ball as we all know they can. Yes, a more consistent running game is preferred, but it is not the end of the world.

    My concern is special teams which has been beaten to death around here. Can’t argue that the punting game & return game are concerns. Not worried about Crosby right now as he has been lights out except for the blocked FG.

    Also worried about the secondary for the next couple weeks with Burnett out & not getting Bigby & Harris from PUP until after week 6. Martin looked terrible against Detroit & was responsible for Megatron’s second TD. Woodson had great coverage & Martin flat out blew it.

    People look at the yardage given up by the Packers’ D & indict them for it. I seem them in the same light as NO last year. Give up yards, but create turnovers. They also do well at knuckling down in the red zone (see 2nd half against Detroit).

    So, everyone can quit going all Randy Quaid in Major League II on the Pack. In my opinion, it’s not as dire as people would like to believe.

    • AATP

      Excellent assessment – good read – I completely agree… Two has beens hoping to put all their eggs in one basket this year hoping to get that one big game which will never come cause the two premadonnas will blow it one way or the other and they’ll be blaming each other before the season is over. Moss gave up a play and Favre got intercepted or vice versa. I personally could care less at this point – makes great headlines and gives Vikes nation something to feel good about until they see that it makes no great difference to a team that is hurting along the offensive line. If Moss was going to make that big of a difference wouldn’t he have been able to do that with one of the best QBs in the league right now in Brady?

  • Fair enough, Bob, your right; if we suddenly take a nose dive, injuries or not, they both should go. My loyalty is to GB, not MM and/or TT. I, too, would have gambled on Lynch, while recognizing I have no intel as to why we were not in the running. I have heard, however, that Moss would not have come to GB a few years ago, Favre or not. I’m sure he now feels that MIN is a hell of a lot stronger than we were those years ago. I agree, he is right. Why do you think he went to NE, duh? I’m holding out that the D is in worse shape than the O and thats where we need the help. Chalk it up, again, under the heading of what we dont know. Especially in the trainers hangout.
    Thanks for the invite Sammy, but given the fact that a ‘eff you came with it, I’ll pass.

    • sammy

      Sensitive, sensitive, sensitive……Lombardi would have told you to “Toughen up.”

    • Woodson didn’t want to come to the Pack either but that worked out OK. Moss was under contract and went to where Oakland traded him.

  • Skyler

    How can people like the way TT build this team from the draft. Jackson has been around for 4 years and management must have known by the second year that he was not an even down back. With the NFL being so physical and injurys are happening more, depth at each position is critical. There are plenty of number 2 backs during the off-season we cause may signed. Our number 1 RB get hurt and now we our in trouble. It is the job of a GM to build a strong team foundation.

    The same thing will happen if Rodgers goes down. I think Flynn is progressing but there is no way he is ready to run an NFL team.

    But we have a strong foundation at TE and FB……

  • PFSIMN, you’ve got it! I’m sure you get what I get here in Aggieland(DAL,DAL,DAL). And I have to read about Sherman every damned day in the local press…………ugh.

  • sammy

    Stuck in MN….I was there for four years buddy, I feel your pain. Just remember, those Viking fans are fair weathered big time. The first sign that they don’t make the playoffs this year or next, the fans go ice fishing, Mall of America, and the local channels will blackout the games as they cannot get fill that sh*t hole of a stadium. That is when it gets fun to live there as a Packer fan.

  • Jay

    I do not know why I am bringing this up again, but there is now a rumor about the Packers going after RB Deangelo Williams of the Panthers. Well, actually it is not even a rumor – it is more speculation and opinion that the Packers need to go after a RB like D. Williams. Here is the link to the article if you are interested:

    I must be kidding myself to think that Thompson would do it though after not getting a deal done for M. Lynch. But I can hope, can’t I, that maybe Thompson will do something to improve this team, especially the running game.

    However, maybe it is the defense that Thompson is looking to improve, especially in the defensive backfield considering all of the injuries. Is it possible that Thompson is working on improving the D with some type of trade or move? Who knows!

    One more thing – do you think we will see Dimitri Nance this week @ Washington? I am ready to see what this kid can do. Is he ready and does he know the offense yet?

  • PackFanStuckInMN

    Larry & Sammy… on my second tour here (97-2002 and since 2008). The fans here are ridiculous, but comical at the same time. Tried listening to PA this morning on KFAN & could only stomach it for 30 minutes. Usually his homerific rants are fun to listen to, but today was just too much.

    Benefit of being here… listening to “Fan Line” on KFAN after a loss. Granted you can stream it on line, so I guess it’s not really a benefit of being here as it can be heard anywhere.

    It’s interesting to watch the Vikings go “all in” this year & mortgage their future. What happens when this happens again…

  • mel e mel

    Lived in Mn 20 years I am personally happy they have moss because if they dont get it done you can pack their bags to LA! If they dont beat the Jets they pretty much have to run the table to catch up. By the way as Patriot the Jets found a way to contain him.
    Big picture I would rather face Moss on Vikes (with no other threats) than on the Pats with Welker and Brady. I also have no more venom for TT because everyone is on that bandwagon. TT has built a good team, thats his job.
    MM on the other hand is out of excuses. Take 1200 yards of any Offense and it becomes less effective simple math. Allegedly the excuse on Nance is that he missed a blitz pickup. Jordy can drop the ball, Tauscher cant block the average DE, Not too worry we have John Kuhn.
    We are going to see nothing but nickel and dime defenses until we have NFL running backs.

  • 5 O’s Kid

    Very good post. I am not a TT supporter but I just want the team better. We are so close adding a couple pieces could put us in the Super Bowl. I still think we are a better team than Minnesota but we have to act on some of our weak areas. Ted needs to pull the trigger on getting a running back.

  • Tollsforthee


    1. Lynch hasn’t gone over 100ypg this year. He wouldn’t have been enough to punch the ticket to Dallas in February.
    2. Moss can be shut down. He didn’t make a single catch against the Patriots.

    Calm down everyone, pop some popcorn. Things are just getting more interesting. We’re still 2 games ahead of the Queens and tied for the division lead.

    How much did Julius Peppers help the Bears on Sunday night? Just sayin…

    • Lynch was playing on the worst team in the league. I think a couple of their O-linemen were our castoffs. And, no threat of a pass which surely benefited Grant.

  • mel e mel

    PS Calvin Johnson is still the best receiver in the division.

  • Jay

    Well, here we go again. Now Deangelo Williams is the hot Packer trade rumor. I seriously doubt Thompson will do it, but I do think Deangelo Williams is a better RB than M. Lynch. I do like what it says here about Williams having no character issues, is a great teammate and is a smart football player. Here is the latest:

    DeAngelo Williams to Packers?
    UPDATE: Wednesday October 6, 8:00 am

    The Panthers are listening to the Packers and the two sides are still talking players & picks, but the Panthers want to see what happens with their next game against the Bears before their bye week. If they lose the Panthers would be 0-5 and a deal is likely to happen IF the two sides can (1) agree on compensation and if (2) the Packers can sign Williams to a new deal that would keep him a Packer beyond the 2010 season

    According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the dialogue is good and going in a very positive direction.

    Keep an eye on James Jones during these trade discussions as a possible trade chip. The Panthers need another WR opposite of Steve Smith (and would allow them to move Branden LaFell to the slot when they go 3 wide) and Jones could be a key figure in a potential Williams deal.

    Now that Marshawn Lynch has been traded to Seattle, I was told by a source with knowledge that the Packers never really desired Lynch and wanted Williams all along because Williams has no character issues and has a reputation of being a great teammate and a smart football player.

    • Wikipedia on Williams is pretty impressive.

    • Scot

      Wow. I would love it if this comes to fruition. Williams is a better back. Don’t let us down on this one. Ted. Please save our chance at a superbowl.

    • Steve Cheez

      Are you just trying to get us all excited again?

  • roy jamison

    I understand the frustration, but at some point you accept TT for what his ideals are and appreciate them or stay frustrated. If you don’t make contigencies for injuries then you suffer the consequences. I’m still giving them a chance to make adjustments. As for Lynch and Moss, they are both apparently pains in the ass albeit talented. Let’s see where we are at in 3 weeks time then assess.

  • jimmyus333333

    Wow….Finally a blog post looking at TT’s responsibility.

    I’m impressed.

  • Let me count the ways: (2) RBs, OT(not 100%), OLB and ILB, (3) DE, (4) CBs, and (2/3) Ss walking wounded; that could be destructive to a team and maybe could prevent a 3-1 or 3-2 start.

  • Jay

    It is always interesting to read what the fans of other teams think of the Packers. Found this New Orleans Saints fan forum today and all the talk there is about the possibility of Deangelo Williams going to Green Bay. They are scared of that happening, saying Green Bay would become the instant NFC Super Bowl favorites. Anyway, I have posted below some of their comments.

    “My friend who lives near GB just told me that they are discussing a trade that would send Williams to GB in exchange for LB A.J. Hawk and a WR, probably James Jones. Not sure if there is a link somewhere, but just wanted to let you guys know.”

    “That would make Green Bay very dangerous. I’m not a fan of Green Bay getting better.”

    “I am 50/50 on this. I would love that Williams would be getting out of the NFC South, but anyone besides Green Bay … or Dallas!”

    “Man I wish the Saints could snag him. That move would instantly make GB a better team, and they are already a really good team.”

    “No, I am not for D Will going to GB. We will probably see GB in the playoffs, maybe the NFC Championship game. I’d rather deal with the Packers and Brandon Jackson or whoever else they have personally than dealing with Rodgers and that GB passing game and D Will running the football for them. No way would the Saints win a game like that.”

    “Williams would make green bay very dangerous. we are probably going to meet them in the playoffs.”

    “This would be terrible for us. Green Bay is probably the only other team in the NFC with the potential to be elite. Williams would help them immensely and immediately.”

    “I’d rather him stay in Carolina than go to Green Bay, I have a feeling if we make the playoffs were going to have to face the Packers. If they don’t have much of a running game when we do then that would be a huge help, because right now it doesn’t look like we have much of a run D. If he is traded to Green Bay they are going to very tough to beat.”

    “With Williams, Green Bay would be SCARY GOOD!”

    “I think this move would put GB over the Saints as the best team in the NFC. Saints can’t stop the run or really run the ball very well. If GB had home field advantage throughout the playoffs, the run game becomes more important, and an NFCCG at Lambeau would heavily favor the Pack.

    All the NFC teams with a potential elite status have their weaknesses.
    Saints- run game, run defense, maybe motivation
    Green Bay- bad O-line, bad run game, questionable coaching.
    Vikings- old QB, injuries, broken spirit, bad coaching
    Cowboys- bad o-line, bad coach

    Deangelo Williams going to GB does three things.
    1. makes GB running game go from very weak to very good
    2. makes the run blocking aspect of the O-line look real good
    3. and makes the Head Coach and OC’s job much easier.

    This move would easily make GB the favorites for the NFC and the Super Bowl, IMO.”

    “About the only thing worth trading Marshawn Lynch for is a six-pack and agreeing that the Bills have to cough up bail money when he is thrown in jail. On the other hand, the Packers getting Deangelo is not good for the Saints or the rest of the NFC.”

    “Carolina runs for 98 yards a game this year, and that’s with Williams. I think they’ll be 0-fer come trade time. Owner not making money, damn sure not spending it. NO talent on team. No free agents brought in, no players kept. No money spent. I think this trade will definitely happen. And that’s kind of scary if he goes to Green Bay.”

    “We don’t want him going to GB. Give GB a running game and they will play action us to death…look what an average Ryan did. I would hate to see Rodgers with a running game.”

    “It very well could happen. DeAngelo’s odds of being resigned at the end of the season are next to nothing since our dear owner is trying to show the rest of his pals in the NFL that’s he’s toeing the line ahead of the CBA negotiations. Like when he had the team blown up to impress his fans among the other owners. We have a crap team with a lame duck coach and an owner who seems to have lost interest in fielding a winning team. For Williams’ sake I hope the deal happens soon. He’s a classy guy and one of the league’s best running backs. Put him with Rodgers and the Packers are Super Bowl bound for 2 to 3 years in a row.”

    “If the Packers get Williams they’ll most likely be in the NFC championship game, and the Saints will be at home watching them win the Super Bowl?”

    • Skyler

      Good article… Hawk is not going anywhere with Barnett and Chiller possible out for a few games or the season.

  • Jay

    I love this quote from a Saint’s fan:

    “About the only thing worth trading Marshawn Lynch for is a six-pack and agreeing that the Bills have to cough up bail money when he is thrown in jail. On the other hand, the Packers getting Deangelo is not good for the Saints or the rest of the NFC.”

    • Packer’s Advocate

      This D. Williams I’m not too familiar with, can he make peple miss and have some wiggle??? I’ve felt since the draft that this was a better type back for what the Pack do. While Grant has had some holes you could drive a truck through for some of those big runs, he hass trouble w/o decent blocking and can’t make them miss much in the open. I haven’t seen any holes like that for the other RB’s this year and haven’t seen the Pack trying really to do anything too much w/the run game. So I don’t know that the guys we have, can’t get it done, but like I said at draft time, I’d like to have seen the 2nd rounder get used on a lightning quick and fast RB to round out the offense (or CB). I think if this guy is good, TT had better nab him!!! Sometimes it’s the message it sends to the team more than the player even. That becomes a statement to the team, that shows them the Packers are serious. It brings a certain mood you want in a locker room. And the Vikes did just that, we should counter w/this guy. It’s the right move, I can feel it, so long as you all aren’t bitching should he get injured or something. Anyone notice the lack of batted passes w/o Jolly and those are usually good for an INT or two every year. Still don’t think we can use him??? TT has a lot of players needing signed coming up. Hope they use the uncapped year to do it. I’m sure they’ll wait a bit yet to gather their data.

      • monty

        He scored 4 touchdowns against us the last time we played Carolina. If Ted does the deal, then he has more brains then I thought. I dont see why we have to give up JJ though, give them BJ not JJ. While he fumbled against the Bears, he’s still better than Nelson as the 3rd receiver…….

  • Since this was first brought to our attention at 11:19 this AM, does it come under the category of “things going on that we don’t know about”?

  • Jay

    As much as I would love to see this happen, let’s remember that this is all rumor, speculation, opinion, guessing, etc, etc about Deangelo Williams coming to Green Bay. But I am beginning to see and hear more and more about this, so maybe something is in the works – but who knows. I do think that Deangelo would be a great fit for the Packers – fast, strong, good receiver, and smart – we will just have to wait and see if it happens. But I am hopeful!

  • Jay

    Clinton Portis will be out 4 to 6 weeks according to

    Redskins RB Portis out 4 to 6 weeks with groin separation Wire Reports
    Updated: Oct. 6, 2010 at 04:33 p.m.

    Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis is expected to miss four to six weeks after being diagnosed with a third degree groin separation, coach Mike Shanahan said Wednesday.

    The injury will not require surgery, Shanahan said.

    Portis said Sunday that he felt a “pop” in his groin before leaving the Redskins’ 17-12 road victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. His playing time already was on the wane with the emergence of Ryan Torain, who was promoted from the practice squad two weeks ago.

    Torain ran 18 times for 70 yards and one touchdown against the Eagles. Portis has just 195 yards on 49 carries this season.

    “When you lose some players during the season, other guys have to step up,” Shanahan said. “Obviously, Ryan –- he has had a little playing time and we’ll see what he can do. And Chad (Simpson), we’ll get a chance to evaluate him. Those two guys will start off as one and two.”

    Torain took all of the first-team reps in Wednesday’s practice, according to the team’s official website.

    Portis missed the last eight games of last season after suffering a severe concussion in a helmet-to-helmet hit.

    Shanahan said the team would go into Sunday’s game against Green Bay with three running backs. When asked about re-signing running back Larry Johnson, Shanahan said, “We have a few options relative to people who have been here and who are out there (as free agents).”

    The Redskins signed two rookie running backs Wednesday to provide depth: Keiland Williams, whom the team released Saturday to make room for wide receiver Brandon Banks, and Javarris James, released Tuesday from the New England Patriots’ practice squad. James is the cousin of former NFL running back Edgerrin James.

    Simpson, a third-year pro, signed with the Redskins on Sept. 22.NFL RedZone

    In other injury news, quarterback Donovan McNabb injured his quadriceps during Sunday’s fourth-quarter 18-yard scramble, but he said he wouldn’t be limited, Comcast SportsNet Washington reported.

    Shanahan also said rookie left tackle Trent Williams, who has missed the last two games with knee and toe injuries, was limited in practice Wednesday.

  • Larry

    Thanks for the DC update…we still have a game to play no matter who Seattle/Minn sign. I still think TT has put together a playoff team…a runner would help get us deeper.

    IMO a 3rd round pick for a trade is NOT mortgaging the future. Last I knew we get 7 picks and with TT 7 become 11. Don’t forget we’ll have the extra 4th? for Kampy. We’re also needing less l as the replacements for Cliffy and Tauscher are probably on the roster (Baluga and Lang).

    Williams is older and has more miles than Lynch but would be a nice pick-up. The bars been set at a 4 (with a 5 or 6 next year) maybe Williams is just a 4 (older). Historically Carolina is a run team and been very good at it. Buff has a terrible O line so Lynch was sharing carries and finding the sledding tough…he could have helped.

  • packer_bob

    Good post, Al. I first got wind of the Moss to Minny possibility last night on ESPN, and was hoping this was just idle speculation. Instead, by 9 this morning I’m headed to Chicago and it’s being confirmed on sports radio.

    Obviously, I don’t feel that we should have been in the running for Moss, although prior to the 2007 season I felt it was big mistake. We need a RB, but it does highlight the frustration of watching some teams in your division make big FA moves while we constantly seem to stand pat. It’s like fighting with one hand tied behind your back.

    To highlight my disgust, the sports talk guys for CHICAGO no less, point out how even though the Packers have been a trendy SB pick, point out how shitty we looked against Chi and Detroit. Then go into a discussion about how Ron Wolf (“who is a legend” the announcer goes on to say!) made FA moves to supplement his draft. Disgusting to hear this discussed on Chicago sports talk!

    Now maybe some of you get it—those of us unfairly put in the TT hater camp were more “disappointed” as Al put in his post and I put in the discussion about Lynch yesterday, before this bad news about Moss came up today. (And you can dream on about Moss having hit the wall, Al, he’s about as spent now as he was coming out of the Raiders, which is to say not at all. The guy is going to play if he feels appreciated, pure and simple.)

    • AATP

      That’s a big BIG if – it’ll take one interception and Favre saying he didn’t play through or alligator armed one and the appreciation is all over with… That will be the end of that honeymoon…

  • 4205

    I guess we know why the Lynch for Hawk didn’t pan out….if Barnett and Chillar are both out for an extended time there are other issues to deal with….maybe TT does have more information available than us folks in our Lazy Boys….

  • Scot

    No way does TT trade Hawk if Barnett goes out, or if even stays banged up in the lineup. Not too confident Chillar is coming back. Probably will bring on Obiozor, knowing Ted, or Francois, if he’s still on the practice squad. Trading for Williams would make my week, though.

    • Skyler

      Obiozor is with San Diego

  • mel e mel

    You could argue that Deangelo Williams is the 2nd best back in the league. I say give them Jones and that will fix the offense. Williams would force single coverage on Finley which is suicide for a defense. This going to sound outrageous but getting Deangelo Williams would fix all the injuries on Defense. It wouldnt matter what the defense did!

    • Scot

      As long as we have the ability to score on offense (with Williams added), it would help combat all the defensive injuries.

  • Deep Calf Bruise

    I agree with Al.

    Low risk high reward in Lynch.

    But Ted, he didn’t drop the ball because he never had it.

  • Deep Calf Bruise

    “You know what, the politically correct answer is we’d just go to fight with the guys we have,” Packers cornerback Charles Woodson said Wednesday on the nationally syndicated Jim Rome radio show. “But whenever you look on TV and you see breaking news and you see a team making a big trade like that, yeah, … we would welcome that.”

    Dude is NOT happy.

  • Doug r

    Barnett out for season

  • monty

    What the heck is a “three degree” groin spain, boy I could make all kinds of jokes with that one…and he heard it go “pop” ha….ok well that helps a little for sunday, but there is still mcnabb to deal with and we did lose Barnett for the season, guess we get more of “The Hawk”, if only he could play like Mathews what a D that would be. Sorry to be so hard on ole Uncle Teddy, but I grew up when the Packers didnt just win games, they dominated them, yeah Lombardi Years….and we had the players, we didnt just think we could win we KNEW we could win, thats what I want again, I want to be Dominate!! There are no more dominate teams cuz of FA. Oh well, like I said, Im just the fan, lets get it done Sunday!

  • Skyler

    TT should copy want the Patriots have done for years to build their roster. The Patriots are a very well oil machine… Get Moss, give up a Four round pick. They trade Moss and get a third round pick. This is the type of horse trading that needs to go on in the Packer organization. This is one of the reasons this team has been successful for the last 10 years.

    • Also NE isn’t afraid to make trades or pick up veterans.

  • Doug R

    I just watched Marshawn Lynch in an interview and he sounds like an extra in a Cheech and Chong movie. Can see why we passed. Our backs averaged 4 yds per carry last game but we only ran 18 times. Seems if we have one bad run, mm abandons for the next 20 plays…great running teams often get stuffed but stick with it and break one occasionally. I think part of the problem is unbalanced play calling. We can certainly upgrade rb and I hope they do but there is no silver bullet out there.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    It’s getting time to crunch some numbers w/all the injuries piling up. OK, from last year we were missing Kampy(IR, now gone), Spitz (he’s back now), Harris(PUP) and Bigby(PUP). This year it’s Grant, Burnett, Harrell, Jolly, (Harris and Bigby so far) and I’ll assume w/second opinions coming, Barnett and Chillar. That’s 9 and almost 10 starters we’ve been having to work around. For this year, (not counting 2 missing starters still from last year) that’s 4 starters and 2 almost starters form our 45/53, that ‘s 10%-15% attrition already at just 4 games played (or including Harris and Bigby that’s 6 starters and 2 almost which puts us upwards to 20%). We’re at or above last seasons total already and way over if counting Harrell and Chillar (and Bigby and Harris), at just 4 games. I think it’s time for Murphy to talk w/Goodell. He needs to point out that our injuries are starting to add up and since the NFL appears to have no intention of following through w/the Williams’ suspension,then he needs to cut short Jolly’s and let him get back to football. TT is going to have to look at some outside players. Adalius Thomas might be an option to look at for inside LB. Harris and Bigby should help the DB spots when they come off PUP, though there is no way of know that for sure. I’m thinking we still could be a top 10 defense but w/a couple more injuries, it might not be because our depth is obviously now gone. I think we’re going to be riding our offense to the SB if we make it. Go along w/AR and do what we do best (passing game) and let the rest work itself out. Need to add that D. Williams guy and also it wouldn’t hurt to put in the backup LT’s to play a bit whenever possible. If the injuries stay to a minumum from here on out and we aquire a couple of the right players, we’ll still be OK.

  • Rick

    Go PA !!!

    Yes to speaking with Goodell on Jolly’s behalf.

    Yes to bring Adalius to see what he has in the tankas an ILB.

    – I would also bring in Mark Anderson to look at what he may be able to do as a pass rushing OLB in the 3-4, as well as edge Pass rush DE in nickel and dime formations. He is a quick burst only guy so line him up and let him roar. Not much else but we could use that in CM3s old spot to help switch with Zombo and be a pass rush threat.

    Yes to speaking with Panthers on Hall. He is an older RB so whether we resign him becomes the issue. The trade negotiations will be interesting as they will want equal to a 2nd and we will want to give closer to a 4th.

    Yes to playing a series or quarter with O line getting a breather. I just don’t want to ruin continuity though either.

  • Skyler

    If we loss Barnett for the season, we are in big trouble. He is the leader of our Defense. Our Defense was not that good intil he was back in the lineup. In fact, our defense ranking and our record overall last year was due to him in the lineup.

  • Rick

    Maurice Simpkins is in the house!!

    My dirty little secret made it from the practice squad!!

    As long as he does not break down we have another crazy Zombo story here. He was incredible at LB for the Green Bay Blizzard. An absolute freak. I loved watching him in IFL.

    I can not wait to see him go down field on special teams on Sunday. He will hitand hurt someone. I hope Shields is back this could be fun on ST for a change.

  • Kevin

    The problem with the pack is quite simple. McCarthy, TT, Murphy are all pussys. Enough said. It takes balls to win a superbowl somthing vince and ron understood.

    • Reid

      Wow, great post, Kevin. Very insightful.

    • Rick


      CATS is not a musical anymore!!

      In an amazing scandal now coming to light, it turns the key decision makers in running and coaching the NFL Green Bay Packers are cats dressed in human suits. Yes felines, those furry little critters known for purring and rubbing on your leg have been running and coaching this NFL team for almost 5 years. A source named “Kevin” alludes to the fact that this scandal of concellment may actually go back to the Ron Wolfe and Vince Lomardi days. Also “Kevin” elluded that the cats masked their identity by having “balls” a known plaything of Dogs every where to throw off suspicion and actually may have in the past led the team to a Super Bowl win. Also this explains Ted Thompson’s wanting to be rid of a former player Brett Farve, a known dog lover.

      Brett Farve was unavailable for comment as he had his cell phone down his pants and was giggling while texting.

  • Pete H

    hey guys, thuis is way out of left field, but I have a question from the past. Who was the Packer who lit up that Buffalo Bills guy on a fake punt back in the 90’s…and when was that. Thanks

  • Corky DeYulio, Geneva, NY Packer Backers

    I was at the Lion game-our annual visit to Lambeau. I have always supported TT but this time I was not in full agreement on his passing of Lynch. I live close to Buffalo and after hearing more about his character I am supporting TT’s decision. Lynch was involved in a hit -and-run, drug charges, a sexual assault accusation, had a restraining order placed against him, and stole money from a police officer’s wife. Once again, let’s give TT some credit for his decision.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Don’t suppose the Vikes had a choice in getting Moss. Butt probably told them to or he’d be retiring for the 3rd time in 4 years…. Not a bad move. Obviously it’s for 12 games cause they aren’t giving him a new contract either. See how it plays out. They could be 1-6 in a bit.

    • Rick

      It is rent a player for 1 year using a 3rd round pick for the Vikings. I am not sure if that is a great idea.
      The Vikings will redo Moss’s last year of contract (this years) with a no franchise tag so he is free to go to the highest bidder after this year.

      • Reid

        I can’t wait to see the posts about how we should get Moss in 2011.

        • Rick

          OMG I hope not 🙁

      • Reid, you won’t get any such posts. That train has left the station. I would have been happy to get Lynch but considering TT’s MO he will pass on anyone who isn’t a bargain. He’s strictly a bargain basement shopper. So I’ve given up on expecting any help that costs more than a grudging 6th rounder. Matthews must just be the exception that proves the rule.

  • Doug R
  • A couple of insightful comments have been made of late regarding the (soon to be?) eighteen game regular season and the impact of injuries. A month ago I opined that I could go along with the eighteen less two (pre) but you would have to expand the roster for two reasons. One, not enough time in the pre to evaluate at NFL speed and two, the injury factor.
    Kind of related is a comment Bortz just made that is akin. The players and mgmt (and obviously the TV people) will go along simply because of the extra income generated. Bortz’s comment had to do with baseball adding another inning, up to ten. Simply to sell more hot dogs and beer but it is the same logic.
    I’m not committed either way but it would put a heck of a lot more money in the cash flow.

    • Rick

      * Long Post *

      To settle the money and contract dispute the NFL ownership will push 18 games with a lesser percentage to players so they have more return on capital. The players pool of money will actually stay the same as it was last year. The ownership will argue that the it is the same number of total games the players were able to be played in as before ( pre- and regular season).

      The players will gain a better participation from both their union and the league for increased medical and health benefits for “veteran” retired players for a longer period if not even for life.

      Also a rookie salary cap to go with a hard cap both high and low so less money goes to rookies until they prove themselves and more has to be spent on veterans.

      An increase in roster size or a better IR system may be instituted so a player may come back late in the season if healthy will be the icing on the cake.

      It will all hinge on 18 games season and players taking the adjusted percentage. Everything else makes sense to both sides.

      It has to get done. As the only team that reports income we dropped from 20 million profit to less then 5. The last salary cap year was about $128 million with a floor of $112mil.

      Green Bay turned a profit which included participation in a playoff game ( away but still the team received participatory money ) and was almost $11 million under the cap and we turned only a $5 MILLION PROFIT. If we had spent the cap limit we would be in DEBT $6 MILLION DOLLARS. This year is uncapped and we resigned our Tackles and others to take advantage of the capless year.

      Do you think we are going to make a $20-30 Million profit all of a sudden or lose money??

    • LT where is that cash flow going to go. It’s going to come from the fans and every dime possible is going to the owners. The shortened careers and second rate football that will come with decimated rosters are inherent. The only way to make this work to benefit the sport would be a real developmental league where enough new players can be discovered and brought up to NFL speed. Say 16 teams with 35 players each. Cost, less than $100 million depending on local support. Anyone care to go to a Wheeling Ironmen game if there’s are players who’ll be brought up to the Steelers the next week?

  • CheesyD

    What is up with this?

    Favre sending pics of his Johnson to a female reporter? Will we see a Big Ben type of suspension for Favre?

  • Well, Mark, I would not make a billion dollar (or any other amount) investment w/o a return other than to stroke my ego. Rick’s analysis shows why I continually harp about the bottom line – especially in Green Bay. In any case, you’re both right; and I have to admit I probably would not go see the Ironmen or watch them on TV.

    • Thanks, LT. My thought is 1 AFC and ! NFC team share a club with contributed players. Any street free agents available to be brought up based on a coin flip then alternating claims.

    • It costs money to develop players and I think it would do better than B league basketball. Maybe they can find a formula that works.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Interesting that, even as this “Butt emailing pics of his cock, etc” came out several months ago, it took a game w/the Jets and the NYC media to actually try to get it out there. I say try, cause I don’t see ESPN and NFL Network giving a shit, as they were more than happy to dish on Big Ben, Tiger Woods, Pac Man Jones and anyone who makes them a story. Goodell, the self proclaimed NFL cop whose cleaning up the NFL, wants nothing to do w/it. Then again it seems anything purple or Farve is off limits (guess he and Goodell are bigger than the NFL). He’ll leave it til Buttt retires same as the Williams’ boys as he continues to suspend the players he feels like. He’d probably ask the refs for calls for the purple if he though he could be sure that it wouldn’t get leaked. Butt in our ring of honor…..NO THANKS!!!!!

  • mel e mel

    Brett is obviously guilty or he would have sued the woman for defamation. This is old news but if anyone pursues this story they will lose access. The NY media dont care. Notice how you never see Belichek interviewed on ESPN, they investigated his cheating and they will never interview him again.

    • Gee, I would have thought that he would have been suspended for “conduct detremental”, etc. Perhaps Goodell hasn’t seen the pics – on the other hand how would you know its his? Initials tatooed?

      • Reid

        I guess the could swab it for Chilly’s DNA?

        • Steve Cheez

          Couldn’t you just look for the third nut?

  • Doug R

    Best comment on pft:

    “That WAS too Favre’s crank in the picture. I recognized Chilly’s hand!”

    • Rick

      Must have been cold while shooting the picture…

      • Packer’s Advocate

        I’m not so sure that wasn’t Goodell’s hand………!

  • Packer’s Advocate

    And why would the Jets bring it up, w/the funny part being is that some are treating this like it is new news, just fabricated by the Jets before the big game, when it actually came out months ago). Oh yeah, why the Jets. They had to go through all the media shit and came up just shy of fines and sanctions from Goodell for some cat-calls and what have ya to a female reporter in their locker room. I can understand why they might be a little adjitated that Butt is emailing pictures of his cock to a female reporter and Goodell doesn’t want to hear about it, Favre doesn’t want to talk about and the national media doesn’t want to report it……………………….. Kinda reminds me of some of the great Packer fans on here who drink the Favre kool-aid. They care so much about the Pack that everything TT and MM does is shit, but it doesn’t seem to irritate them that our starting DLman (Jolly) has to set out he year as the Williams are in their 3rd season still not having served their suspension. How can you not be pissy over that if your a huge Packer fan??? Then again TT and MM are the biggest idiots ever but they expect the Packers to win every game by two or three TDs. Guess that says a little about their intelligence!!!!

  • iccyfan

    Well allright then; been out on the road traveling this week and stop in to see what the conversation is about Moss. No Moss, but too much Favre. I’m not going back further for fear of what I might see…

    • Rick

      Highpoints of previous 80 or so posts for iccyfan
      Sammy said:
      Larry, Larry Tex and other sensitives…when we say TT has an ego, call the coach Fatass or McLardy, or McFling (love that one), it does not mean we are not hard core Packer fans. Just the opposite, it really hurts, SO BAD, to watch the poor play calling, coaching decisions, and TT’s reluctance to fill in a few holes to put us over the top….a 4th for Lynch?…I would have been happy with a 3rd or maybe 2nd round draft pick. GB has a history of “taming” thugs by example and expectation as NE did with Moss….OH SHIT, I guess Moss is a Viking now. Who do we have back there to help Woodson???????!!!! (the one player TT took a chance on with character concerns). In sum, ‘eff you if you are offended by our rants….you should be at my house, with my brother and son on Sundays if you really want to hear some colorful language….the 82 inch Mitshubishi is in danger of assault if the Packers don’t make some moves!!!
      PS: As always, you are all invited anytime you are in Sundevil country!

      Some posts later Mel e Mel said:
      Lived in Mn 20 years I am personally happy they have moss because if they dont get it done you can pack their bags to LA! If they dont beat the Jets they pretty much have to run the table to catch up. By the way as Patriot the Jets found a way to contain him.
      Big picture I would rather face Moss on Vikes (with no other threats) than on the Pats with Welker and Brady. I also have no more venom for TT because everyone is on that bandwagon. TT has built a good team, thats his job.
      MM on the other hand is out of excuses. Take 1200 yards of any Offense and it becomes less effective simple math. Allegedly the excuse on Nance is that he missed a blitz pickup. Jordy can drop the ball, Tauscher cant block the average DE, Not too worry we have John Kuhn.
      We are going to see nothing but nickel and dime defenses until we have NFL running backs.

      Around post 60 Jay added:
      Well, here we go again. Now Deangelo Williams is the hot Packer trade rumor. I seriously doubt Thompson will do it, but I do think Deangelo Williams is a better RB than M. Lynch. I do like what it says here about Williams having no character issues, is a great teammate and is a smart football player.

      and few post later Jay said:
      I love this quote from a Saint’s fan:
      “About the only thing worth trading Marshawn Lynch for is a six-pack and agreeing that the Bills have to cough up bail money when he is thrown in jail. On the other hand, the Packers getting Deangelo is not good for the Saints or the rest of the NFC.”

      Kevin posted and called MM, TT etc. pussies of which I wrote a stupidly amusing reply
      And we were discussing the 18 game season pros and cons just before it flips to the newer posts.

      You sir are all caught up. 🙂

      • iccyfan

        Thanks, Rick – no way I was sifting thru 95 posts if a high percentage of them involved BF’s issue, which is kinda old news anyway. If you want to read an interesting story about athletes chasing tail, this week’s Sports Illustrated has a chapter from a new book on Mickey Mantle…

        I wonder why Sammy & his brother (paul) feel the need to mention the size of their television screens? What’s “McFling” mean?

      • Rick

        Uncle Teddy and Cousin Mc Fling

        AKA TT MM

        • iccyfan

          I know who they’re referring to but the cultural reference doesn’t mean anything to me. Is Cousin McFling a character in some cartoon or a SNL skit I missed? Seriously, I’m not that old; or is it I’m not old enough? I did a quick Google search on “Cousin McFling” and it returned nothing…

          Let me in on the joke guys!

          • Rick

            Just a purely made up name inspired by the thread and the crazy that is our collective mind. 🙂

  • Packer’s Advocate

    I’ve only a few days to have fun w/this cause I can only imagine the kool-aid drinking Butt buddies will take the same approach as Goodell, Butt and the national media and that’s just to keep this all quiet as possible til the game comes and goes on Monday night, then wait for it all to be forgotten…..

  • Doug R

    How can this story not be all over ESPN and the NFL Network? It’s amazing how much control the NFL can exert when it wants to quash a story. Now that the audio tapes are out there, my guess is this story will explode on the i-net and they won’t be able to contain it. Are they going to do the “Deanna cheering in the booth” on Monday night? What a joke.

  • Doug R
    • Rick

      I hope he gets a 4 game suspension for personal misconduct.

      • Packer’s Advocate

        There was the story by K. Siefert that it was weird seeing Butt w/his arm iced and positioned in a way that you couldn’t not miss seeeing it, for his media question and answer the other day. Especially since he doesn’t ice his arm. My guess, distraction for the reporters to help keep them from questions about him sending a certain lady pictures of his cock. I can’t imagine that all the Butt buddies couldn’t help but go online and take a look also.

      • Rick

        His arm was injured by Deanna punching him saying, ” You idiot!!”

        • packer_bob

          Did he send her pictures of his 3 testicles as well?

          • Rick

            That is not a third testicle….it is the top of Chilly’s head. He has his nose buried so far up Brett’s ass you see that his head is mistaken as a testicle.

  • Late response, Mark, to the development league post. I didn’t mean to imply that I don’t agree; I do. Wouldn’t affect me much down here ’cause its all college and high school.
    As usual, however, I’d have to be convinced of the $#s. Like always GB is never flush with money, and if we ever bring in a worthwhile FA (ala Woodson) it most likely will deplete the reserve (ala REGGIE). I do know we did not have much, either in cash or players after the Reverend left except Brett, and w/o him we would not have been much ’97-’05. Not that I ever cared much for Sherman, but he WAS left with a team somewhat like Bengtson when St Vincent left.

  • Corky DeYulio-Geneva, NY Packer Backers

    Way to go, Brett. Way to dsrespect your wife who was just getting over her battle with cancer, your children, and your grandchild.
    More strories are surfacing about Favre solicitng other woman besides Sterger for sex. He just keeps showing how low of a character guy he is.
    What is the Jets’ organizatin doing giving out employees’ numbers without their permission?

  • roy jamison

    Good article on Desmond Bishop. Hope he comes up big tomorrow.