Can the Packers circle the wagons?

Chris Berman always says that “nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.” With the injuries piling up in wholesale fashion the Packers are going to have to be the new Bills – keep winning even when it seems all is lost. After losing Ryan Grant in the season opener, the Packers lost three more starters last week against Detroit and all three could be lost for the year, Morgan Burnett for sure is, Nick Barnett and Mark Tauscher hold out slim hopes of a return.

The Packers face the Redskins tomorrow in Washington then have the Dolphins at home before they could possibly get back Atari Bigby for help at safety. I don’t expect to see Al Harris or Starks being activated this year. If Bigby can return to form it would be a huge boost to the defense, but it is a big if too.

As far as tomorrow is concerned I think Aaron Rodgers’ words after last week’s game were heard loud and clear and the Packers will be spreading it out and getting the ball to their best players.  I don’t think the Redskins are clicking on all cylinders yet on offense and they won’t have Clinton Portis for the game so the Packers might have a chance to mask their injuries for this week anyway.

I think the offense will carry the day and the Packers will move to 4-1 with a 31-21 win. It’ll stave off the wolves for at least one week.

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  • Portis bigger loss than Grant? Torian an injury clone of Harrell, same history? No Haynsworth, although Harrell outplayed him in our last matchup against him? McNabb, while considered mobile, is no Vick? WAS D 31st? Wow, what a trap, given the Packer mindset of late. I say that not because of the injury tally at the end of our last two games, but the lack of intensity that we went into those games with. Cooley, Moss, and McNabb cannot possibly pull this one out. And yet; with all of the opportunities the GB benchers have to make a statement during this period with so many starters down, I still don’t see the fire. I look at our guys on the field and think of Gomer Pyle walking down a dirt road singing dum-de-dum-de-dum. No passion, with such a great opportunity. A shot for the get TT crowd; Torian was one of those guys available on a PS when we picked up Nance, we’ll see.

  • iccyfan

    I ALWAYS think the Packers are going to win, but with the way the past week has played out it feels like the Packers are the team with their back against the wall. The Packers struggle mightily at home with the Lions and lose several key players during that game. The Redskins go into Philly, knock out Vick and come away with a division road win. If you use last week as a barometer, these are teams headed in different directions.

    The Redskins will dink & dunk, mixed in their power running game and generally try to keep our offense off the field. With backup safeties and Hawk / Bishop in the middle, I see Chris Cooley & Fred Davis having big games for the Skins. The game will be closer than comfortable but I see the Pack prevailing 27-23.

    • I think, for a couple of weeks, I’d like to see us dink and dunk a bit. You know, like, ball control offense and keep the D fresher…..!

  • Mel e Mel

    I dont see how Starks is not in the plans for this year. If we had a real running back on the roster that would be one thing but we don’t. Starks will get a shot because there is no other realistic alternative.