Packers-Vikings Game Blog

Dungy likes us, I don’t. Here we go!

7:33 PM:  The high point of the game probably comes on the first Vikings’ drive. 3-and-out for the Packers’ defense.

7:34 PM:  Fumble on the first play. Wow.

7:36 PM:  Our best running play is the quarterback scramble.

7:37 PM:  Now a no gain and a false start. At least we are consistent. We always make the same mistakes.

7:39 PM:  I’m also on Twitter tonight at @packernet.

7:39 PM:  Rodgers with his first ever red zone interception. Turn it off folks, this one is in the books.

7:44 PM:  Favre is toying with the defense. Another 3-and-out. My guess is the next time they have the ball the deep pass is coming. No way Rodgers can overcome the worst pass, if that is what you call that, of his career. Three runs and a punt would make me happy.

7:48 PM:  Thanks to a slip the Packers get a first down at the one, and promptly lose four on a run.

7:50 PM:  A little tease, Packers take a 7-0 lead. Good for the TV ratings for sure.

7:53 PM:  Another special teams gaff. 7-7 shortly. How does Slocum have a job? I wish McCarthy was my coach. I could do nothing all day long and never have to worry about getting fired. Of course, I couldn’t actually do that, but apparently Slocum has no problem with it.

7:58 PM:  Vikings moving the ball with ease. Packers can’t stop the run at all, and as usual no pressure on Favre.

8:01 PM:  7-7. Won’t be watching this much longer.

8:08 PM:  Same old Packers, big yards in the first half. If they don’t get a touchdown here they have no chance.

8:12 PM:  14-7 Packers. Same M.O. though, so don’t get too excited.

10:24 PM:  It was a good run. We hung in longer than I thought we would. Who do you think will replace McCarthy? I’m hoping for Chucky. I doubt Cowher would come here, but money talks. It will be interesting. I wonder if Thompson even gets to make the selection? Could be a complete house cleaning.

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