Hard fought win coming

It won’t be an easy 14-point win but I see the Packers pulling out a 31-17 game today. It is a just a hunch, but I think the Packers might actually have some success running the football today. Even with going against the 6th ranked run defense I think after a week of being ridiculed, the offensive line and running backs will respond with a good performance.

I’ll be at Lambeau today but will try to send some tweets through. Check me out @packernet.

Go Pack!

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  • Monty

    I just read how bad our running game and Brandon Jackson in particular is. This game today in the weather conditions we play in is exactly why Ive been harping on having a decent, Im not asking for Great, just decent, like 100 yards a game is average but decent. Here’s the quote from Yahoo Sports on today’s game:

    “Brandon Jackson(notes) has carried 24 times for 54 yards over the last two games, and Green Bay has not reached 100 yards rushing in five of six games while averaging 3.5 per carry.” Do the math, that isnt even 3 yards a carry. Yeah I know the O line takes some of the heat but come on….get an NFL quality running back already.

  • Cody

    HOW THE HELL WAS THAT GROUNDING?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?
    WTF REFFS, WTF?!?!?!?!!?
    ok, im not worried yet, but i sure am pissed at the refs and at crosby.

    • Well, you’ve got to see the humor in those two possessions. Just maybe they’re now embarassed enough to take charge and squash these guys.

  • Skyler

    Great Punter in Cold Weather, Right.

  • Ah, right where we want them; now they think they can beat us. Everybody knows we can only beat ourselves…….!

  • There we go, opps, wrong direction, but hold on, time for a offensive holding penalty, yeah, that ought to do it….

  • We will beat ourselves if we keep playing like this. If the 49ers score a touchdown on this next drive, we are going to be in trouble. The Packers are almost playing like they don’t want to be in the playoffs. Do they have a hangover from the Atlanta game?

    • Monty

      Scot you sure you were watching the same game the rest of us did?

      • I wrote this before they started to turn it around.

  • Cody

    not only am i pissed off right now, i am really fking worried. this is retarded.

  • Hey, guys we drove down the field with ease and they cannot do anything against our D. How can SF possibly win this one, relax.

  • Doug R

    We show spark in the running game and then immediately abandon – not even play action pass off of it – binary, either obvious pass or obvious run – mm needs some balanced play calling and we will kill these guys!

  • Who ever (no. thirty something) missed that tackle on Davis should be fined. Oh, never mind we can blame this shoddy play on MM, not!

  • Gotta admit, that TD by Driver was a gem.

    • Driver definitely looks like he’s back.

    • Monty

      hey larry was that you in the stands with the Blonde wig? Fox kept making a thing about Billack’s hat and then they showed some burly guy with a long blonde wig hat on, It had to be you lol…..

  • Wow. I like what I see from James Starks. Finally, we may have our running game back! Hallejuah!

    • Lisa

      I love what Starks did today….good to see a running game, now to just keep it up.

  • Monty

    OMG we broke 100 yards today!! Did you see Bjax on the screens….and checks….hes good, but when he starts from a standing run he sucks…..so Starks can run…so lets hope he and Nance run the ball and jackson can screen it. I was pulling for the Lions….damn Bears…squeaking by again…they should have lost that first game…..so now on to Detroit…with Nance back for the Giants game.

  • CheesyD

    Big win for the Packers.

    Yet another horrible game for the refs. When the hell is the NFL going to employ full-time professional refs?

  • Monty

    The Bears face the Patriots and the Jets in the next three weeks. We get the Lions Giants and Patriots, that last game of the year is gonna be very interesting!!

  • Dan

    Is the following correct?

    The Dec 26th game with the Giants is big because a win gives the Packers the edge on the Giants for a wild card spot.

    Last game likely decides the North.

    • I say Chicago goes 0-4 til the end now.

      • Dan

        Hope you’re right, but keep in mind if the Packers lose any of the next three, the last game of the season will decide the NFC North.

  • Obviously the caliber of the team you are playing has to be taken into account, BUT, the 49rs were no. 8 against the run going into the game. So what happend to make the short yardage so successfull, and should we be surprised? One thing I picked up on was that they practiced it all week.
    On the other hand, Kuhn had made 6 straight 3rd and 1s until the DAL game, but we know what happened at ATL. Yesterday he was 4 for 4 while Jennings got 2 TDs from 3rd and 1. Go figure. Which had more affect, the opponent or the Stark impact?
    Another striking fact is all the hell TT catches for drafting the wounded, and who knows, Starks may just be a one game wonder, but while it sure didn’t work with Harrell (and a #1 is a very high price to pay) maybe the gamble can pay off big time with low round picks based on potential. I’m also anxious to see how Graham Harrell develops. Interesting.

    • I stated “Stark impact” simply because if he is the primary RB it pushes Bjax back to 3rd dn guy.

  • Rick

    Great game. We looked a little lost in the first half and adjusted. Starks was a fine debut. Hopefully he and Nance let the run game continue to come to them.

    Great weekend overall.

    Gotta head out in a few and take the wife to her surgery this morning, should be a piece of cake but I always get nervous.

    Catch y’all in a day or two.

  • iccyfan

    A little piece for fans who criticize TT for building thru the draft and clamor for big free agent signings. This is what happens when you have a flashy GM who doesn’t really know what they’re doing…

    Whatever happened to the Cowboy’s Draft Class of ’09? Five picks have been released: linebackers Jason Williams and Stephen Hodge; defensive backs DeAngelo Smith, Michael Hamlin and Mike Mickens. Four picks cannot get on the field. Linebacker Brandon Williams has been active for two games, two more than the total for offensive tackle Robert Brewster and wide receiver Manny Johnson. Quarterback Stephen McGee has been active for five games but has not left the sideline. One pick is injured. Promising tight end John Phillips went out during training camp because of a damaged knee. The Cowboys are dead last in the NFL when it comes to production from the 2009 draft. Count the ways in which they trail:

    • The Cowboys are the only team that has not developed a full-time starter from the draft.

    Members of their ill-fated class have combined to start only five games. Phillips had four starts as a rookie. Butler made one start as a rookie, in place of the injured DeMarcus Ware.

    Jacksonville, which went 5-11 in 2008, has the most starters from the draft with five. A total of 16 other teams have multiple starters from the draft. That includes leading NFC contenders Green Bay and Philadelphia.

    • Of the Cowboys’ 12 selections in the 2009 draft, only five have appeared in a game with the club: Jason Williams, Hamlin, Buehler, Butler and Phillips. The Cowboys released Hamlin and Williams this season.

    • Kinda gotta take it one step further, Iccy. Don’t know the specifics but I’ve heard ’07 was the worst draft ever, for everybody. We only got Bishop, Hall, Crosby, and Jackson out of it.
      If Nance and Starks are the real deal would we go for roster plug ins or best player?
      Still like the idea of trading up for OLB. Seems to me the end of this season is going to anti-climatic, we’ve gone thru so much hell just trying to get 45 on the field.

    • Iccy, your loyalty to TT is admirable but somewhat misplaced. Having the youngest team has never produced a champion. I think we are out of balance. In the age of free agency we’ve seen SB champs time after time rely on veterans, by free agency or trade, get their teams over the top. Maybe it’s just a coincidence but until TT produces a champion, instead of the uneven results we have gotten, I prefer the Patriot’s model.

      • iccyfan

        Snort out loud! You’re telling me my loyalty is misplaced when on this very board last season, you expressed happiness when Favre threw a last-play TD pass, allowing the Vikings to beat the 49ers! Were you still happy for Favre when they finished 12-4 and we finished 11-5? When you’re a Packer fan, rooting for the Vikings under any circumstances is misplaced loyalty (except when they play the Bears in two weeks). 🙂

        I wasn’t looking for TT-support materials when I found the Cowboy draft article; I was checking out their remaining schedule to see if I might take a flyer on picking up Tony Romo for my fantasy playoffs. Prior to and following the Atlanta game, I expressed admiration for Thomas Dimitroff of the Falcons, who has used both the draft and free agent acquisitions to build a contender. I’m not anti-free agent; I just don’t work myself into a lather every time somebody elses malcontent (Moss!!!) goes on the market. How many Superbowl winners has Moss played for?

        • I think you might be taking my comment about #4’s winning throw out of context. If I’d known that would help the Vkes win the division(they still had the tie-breaker, so that wasn’t exactly a dagger) I’d have hoped it was incomplete. Of course, none of that addresses the rest of my post.

    • Don’t our own FAs count? Don’t you have to look at each of the 22 starters and analize who out there available is better than what we have? If you are looking for backups aren’t our own just as good?

  • Larry

    Building through the draft is a given…adding a running back 8 weeks ago would have been nice. All losses by 3 points….I’m not sure if 1 FA would have made any difference. But we know what the LACK of 1 FA did.

    Starks provided a real spark to the O. Hope we continue to see him and BJax on the swing/screen.

  • Pierre

    Nice win against the 49ers; with the game out of reach, Starks was able to get more rushes and gain more experience against an NFL defense. Looks like he will be an upgrade to the running game down the stretch. Ball security was excellent once again (after the fumble last week costing GB a win against the Falcons). Aaron Rodgers passed effectively again, even in significant cold and windy conditions. Defense gave up only one touchdown and that was due to Collins looking awful on missing a tackle on V. Davis, thus giving up a 66 yard TD catch & run in the last two minutes before halftime. Zombo and Raji each with another sack; Cullen Jenkins with 2…his calf injury is a concern going forward however.

    Next up, need to keep rolling and take care of business against the Lions at their dome. Bears get Patriots after NE has, what should be, an intense Monday night game against the Jets. The Purple People Eaters look like they want to play for T. Jackson as even with 3 picks, they routed Buffalo. They should give the Bears all they can handle the following week.

  • dave76

    Finally we utilized Kuhn the right way. And 1, plow, first down or td, job done. Would have liked to see Starks more than 2 or 3 carries in the first half but overall 18 for a 4.1 average is a great debut. Looks like he has potential! Was that DD or Don Hudson on the 61 yd TD? Couldn”t tell with the throwback. Lions need to be taken very seriously, they have lost 5 games by 5 or fewer points.

  • Larry

    Especially important as it is a divisional game, our last before Chicago in January. Its a gotta win game!

  • Reid

    Seriously, is anyone surprised that Starks was an upgrade over BJax on 1st and 2nd down? My sister might be an upgrade over him on early downs. Remember when Grant was worked into the lineup? Started with a few carriers at Denver (I think) and by the end of the year lighting it up. Let’s pray that’s what we get here with no injury or fumble problems. Don’t overwork Starks, let him grow into it by playoff time and not get hurt. It’s a brutally tough game and he hasn’t had much contact in 2 years. Be patient.

  • Rick

    Starks really did run hard. That extra grunt and wanting to succeed really helped him keep running through tackles. I liked game 1 of what I saw. Now on to the Lions