Baby I like it

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to me Sunday’s win over the Bears was absolutely gorgeous. To hear Brian Urlacher crying like a little schoolboy who lost his candy to the bully was even better. All week Urlacher preached how bad he and the Bears wanted to keep the Packers out of the playoffs, but after the Packers battered the Bears to a pulp Urlacher said “I don’t care, we already had everything wrapped up, it may have been big to them but it means nothing to me.” Sounds like a woman scorned.

Urlacher has always been a dick and it is coming out more and more in his later years, kind of like a certain quarterback who used to play in Green Bay. Urlacher isn’t even the best linebacker on his team and was clearly outplayed by the likes of Eric Walden of the Packers, who had 11 tackles and two sacks to Urlacher’s five tackles. Can you say overrated?

Now that my rant is out of the way I can elaborate on the beauty of beating the Bears. The Packers didn’t just beat the Bears, they beat them at their own game – defense! The Packers beat up and shut down the Bears with a wild combination of blitzes and stout play against the run in holding the Bears to just a field goal. The Bears only got close to getting a TD once and like most of their drives they ended up going backwards at the end. Bears QB Jay Cutler took a beating and each time got up slower and slower.

The Packers got gashed by Matt Forte for a couple of long runs early but quickly adjusted and kept him in check the rest of the game. Of course shutting down a limited offense like the Bears isn’t quite the same as trying to contain Mike Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles, but it is certainly a confidence builder. The Packers’ defense has been insanely good the last half of the season and just simply don’t allow teams to score on them. The most points they gave up since the first Vikings game is 24 to New England and seven of those were the result of special teams letting an 800-pound man run 71 yards with a kick return.

The Packers’ D has pitched one shutout, held three other opponents to three points and two others to just seven points. Good stuff. This is a far cry from last year at this time when the Packers inability to stop the pass was a huge concern going into the playoffs and came to fruition in a 51-45 overtime loss to the Cardinals. This year’s defense is going in to the playoffs playing their best football of the season.

The emergence of B.J. Raji has given mad scientist Dom Capers so many options that teams don’t know what to prepare for. Every week he breaks out a new formation. To think he is doing it with the likes of players like Walden is simply amazing, I mean, you know you’ve had a lot of injuries when you have a linebacker wearing number 93. I thought I was watching a college game there for a minute.

Having said all that I am extremely pleased that the Packers don’t have to play Bears again this week. The previous weeks loser always has the edge especially when they have the game at home. I think the Eagles are much better matchup for the Packers. The lesser of two evils if you will, because we all know the Packers have a long history in Philly and 90% of it is bad.

Another fun week in Green Bay, Fox 11’s Playoff Extra is on again. Life is good for six more days anyway.

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  • BDawes

    Don’t forget 7 more of those Pat points were a pick-6 thrown by Flynn…

    • Brandt

      Same thing I was thinking, take away those 14 and they hold the mighty Patsies to 10. I like the way they’re playing defense.

  • 4205

    If the offense can cure the dropsies the Philly game will be a ten point win – 27-17. If not, it’ll be a field goal at the end either way.

  • TRIP

    I’m still pissed about 4th and 26.

    LET’S GO PACK!!!!

    • Rick


  • Doug r

    This upcomimg game is the only way to excise the demons from last year at az, giants in championship, and especially 4th and 26. It still hurts. Its time for rodgers to join the elite qb’s by winning in a playoff game. Its time for this team to simply dominate the competition in a big game. I have not seen a better defense here since maybe the superbowl team and this one may be better. Our biggest problem is short yardage. I almost rather see 3rd and 6 than 3rd and 1! This team feels a lot like the 1995 team where we were close but needed one more year to finally put it together. Unlike that time, there is no dominant team like Dallas- its wide open and the pack can beat any of them!

    • jump25

      Don’t forget Vick breaking the home playoff winning streak.

  • Is it my imagination or have we underscored ourselves by seven in at least 5 games this year due to drops, fumbles, INTs, or penalty. I know some of those were three point losses. If I’m right we just might be better than we think we are if we don’t beat ourselves. Kinda like comparing the first Bearse game to the Giants game. Shows what we are really capable of.

    • We were definitely better on ST’s than I thought possible. Our biggest flaw now is the run game. If we were even a threat we could dominate. Still MM has to keep trying to keep defenses honest. Maybe Strarks can cause the LB’s to hesitate on the play action if he gets enough carries.

  • Dom Capers is a great DC. But can the immediate impact of Matthews and the quick development of Zombo along with the impact of Walden have anything to do with the coaching ability of Kevin Greene? Seems to me that he has been able to impart his playing talent to those he is teaching……!

    • jimmyus333333

      I’m more confident in Dom stopping Vick, then MM coming up with points.

    • jimmyus333333

      I agree with you with KG. That is one of the reasons I don’t want to see Dom leave, all his assistants go with him, and KG is one of the tops.

  • jimmyus333333

    When Dogs Cry (Based upon the Prince’s classic)
    How can you leave us standing?
    Alone in the open field….(open field)
    Maybe Dom’s just too demanding
    Maybe I’m missed my assign-ment-to-yield
    Maybe Vick’s really a ghost
    He’s never where he stands (where he stands)
    Everytime we try…we are toast
    or this is what it sounds like
    When Dogs Cry….

    • Rocky70

      Jimmy was born with 3 nipples ….. Thus his ID ….. (Or was it testicles?)

      • Reid

        I think it was 3 assholes, one of them serves as his mouth.

  • Pierre

    Besides New England, the Packers are the team other teams do not want to face in these playoffs. They have the talent on offense and defense to be able to put pressure on an opponent from both sides of the ball. If Aaron Rodgers and his receivers execute the passing game at the high level they are capable of, they should score enough to take down the Eagles. Packers have a better defense than Philly and they have a lot of tape on Vick now. (Gotta watch Vick going deep to Jackson on the first play of the game as he has pulled that off several times this season.) Do not see Philly stopping the Packers offense. Would not be surprised if GB wins this game going away if DC comes up with a great scheme to contain Vick.

    • Rocky70

      Agree ….. The Eagles will be realing by 1/2 time ….. Vick is back to his old habit of throwing side-armed & off his back foot …… Accurracy goes down the tubes …… May even see Kolb after 1/2 time ……..

  • Pierre

    …and keep throwing the ball downfield against the Eagles MM, they will not be able to cover Jennings…just try harder to take those long pass plays into the endzone and don’t get dropped on the one yard line Greg!!!

    • You’re not making many friends here, Pierre, with that strategy. I have to chuckle every time I think of Bart Starr going long on 3rd and one. Usually on a play fake up the middle.

      • All set up with the great threat of the run. Starr never missed(that I recall) but at the time, in the NFL, it happened as often as an onside kick. Now we do it often because we can’t run for a yard when we need to.

  • Change of subject: I have nothing but admiration for, and think Arod is great, but have you guys seen some film on this Luck kid from Sanford? He’s an on the money cannon. Better head than Favre, as strong as Elway and Favre while making it look so easy. To the sideline, off the bad foot and on the run; wow. Will he and Harbaugh go as a package deal? Remember Eli and the cry baby refused to go to the teams that drafted them.

    • jimmyus333333

      This is not related to the fact we are playing the Eagles, but to response to your comment about Luck….

      Michael Vick was the best college QB I ever saw ever. Seeing the way he played the Sugar Bowl against FL State in 2000…freakin’ nuts of an athlete back then.

      • Rick

        John Elway
        Matt Ryan
        Andrew Luck

        3 of the best I have seen in scouting, ever.

        No guarantee in this world but wow do they score great. The only three quarterbacks I have rated over 9 ever.

    • Yeah, he is athletic, but his lifetime passing completion rate is just a little over 50%. He is having a career year for him at a 100% QB rating.

  • Larry

    Don’t really see a blowout like some…we had Findley for game one and Quarless is not Findley. Philly got close after Kolb was hurt. We’ll game plan for Vick but we’ll still have to catch him, not easy.

    I agree we’ll get a pick or two especially if we sack him early. The key may be Raji pushing the middle, with a safety/cb blitz. Jenkins would also help immeasurably. I see a Packer win similar to last time 27-24 with the Eagles failing to get an onside kick and Rogers kneeling as the seconds tick away! GO PACK!

  • PackerPete

    Finley, not Findley or Findlay

    Moot not mute

    Reeling, not realing

    on and on and on…

    This is the first and last time I will suggest corrections on this Packers blog, I know nobody likes to see it or hear it, but I just had to say call out a couple of the most obvious errors which actually give different meaning to those that know the English language…

    C’mon Man! Lets step up our game and actually exhibit some basic language skills…

    Go Pack Go!!!

    • Steve Cheez

      Please learn us all how to speech gooder, PP.

    • Haste makes waste; may I edit myself – Stanford.

    • jimmyus333333

      “This is the first and last … those that know the English language.”

      Run-on sentence.

      C’mon, Man!

  • Skyler

    Let’s hope we put forth a running game. The weather conditions are for partly cloudy and temps. in the high 20’s. Even thought weather looks to be a non-factor, a balance game plan will help keep the D off the field and sharper in the 4th Qtr. Keep the pressure on Vick. GO PACK GO!!!

  • Kevin

    All I know Is that Rodgers hasn’t won a or 1 playoff game. Book mark this post he is a choke! I spoke with Al your author or “blogger” to place a bet. I said if Rodgers wins I will never say anything bad about him again! No response of course. Anyway he is at best 3 years away from a superbowl or maybe a playoff win. Other wise I enjoy the lack of vision on this forum with blind support. What really sucks is we got to wait till Sunday to get spanked. Pack will never have the disipline under Mc Fling to win! Once u hacks understand this will make u better fans!

    • Kevin, the last 2 games were playoff games for #12.
      Mc Fling is Mc fighting to keep running the ball lately despite a lack of success or instant gratification. I give him a lot of credit for that. It’s like Jeff Fisher famously said playing an opponent who loaded up vs the run(which was shut down) and thereby got killed by the pass, “you still have to run the ball”.
      I expect a great game Sunday. I can’t predict the outcome but the Eagles’ defense isn’t as good as the Bears’ and Vick didn’t look as sharp as he did earlier.

    • iccyfan

      I feel dumber for having read this…

      Your boy Favre was real classy on the sidelines in his finale, wearing a #4 ball cap rather than official Viking apparel. I’m guessing one of the NFL sideline cops must have threatened to fine him for clothing violations, after which he put a Viking stocking cap on over his ball cap. He became a shameless self-supporter over his final three years and kept it up to the bitter end, yet guys like you still think he’s the bomb. Brett’s gone and Aaron is the face of the Packers; get used to it!

    • ALL I KNOW IS THAT RODGERS is the #3 rated QB in the NFL, without much of a running game. Thats one notch above Vick. BTW Rodgers’ rating is 101.2 while BF is languishing down at 29th w/69.9 with a running game. Oh, gee, I forgot BF has missed time with injuries – good move TT!

      • jimmyus333333

        What was BF’s QB rating last year?

        • Reid

          What have you done for me lately…..

      • Easy, BF 68.4 comp rate, 107.2 QB rating, 11-5 team in playoffs, BF “best year ever”.
        ……, AR 64.7……………, 103.2……………, 10-6 ………………….., 2nd yr starter – not bad?

      • jimmyus333333

        It is really a comment on if it was “a good move”.
        We lost 2 additional games last year because of it, and probably a first round bye.

        The “bad” move was BF coming back to play THIS year…although it makes TT look better that he did.

        I’m just afraid that ARod will turn into IRod (Injury-Rod) next year. I don’t want to see Flynn traded.

    • dave76

      Kevin, See my post below. It might shine a little light in your world of darkness.

    • Skyler

      I was at the playoff game last year. The D was the problem (new to the Caper scheme). Aaron was awesome. Look how bad the line was last year. Favre is a Hall of Famer and his record setting game starts is out of this world. But… AR has the talent and the drive to put up better number that Farve. So far, over two season he has!!!! I believe he gets his first win this playoff. Let’s hope MM has a good play calling formula.

  • Zach

    Lol at thread title.

  • dave76

    I believe this is going to be Aaron Rodgers first of many playoff wins for his career. Eagles scoring D is ranked 21st @ 23.6 ppg. Passing is 14th @ 216 ypg, and rushing is 15th @ 110 ypg. Being that both rank roughly in the middle, I think this could give us an excellent opportunity to get a good passing game going that will benefit the run. I see Rodgers @ 300+ yds for the game which I think can open the running game. With BJax, hopefully more of Starks, and Kuhn for a few, I see us at or a little above the Eagles ave. of 110 their D gives up. Very few penalties and no TO alo need to be a focal point for a win along with ave. ST.

    On our D side of the ball, I see another big day. No 4th and 26 conversion this time, not in Dom’s plans. Our D leads the NFC with 24 INTs and 47 sacks. I hope to see blitz packages like we used against the Bears and hit Vick with force early and often. Then when he wants to turn into a RB, hit him harder.

    In closing, I’m excited to watch Aaron Rodgers now take his place as one of the games elite. He has been a class act from day 1 and now it’s his time to step into the spotlight and start his own Lambeau legacy! Go Packers!!

  • Kevin

    I agree with all of you cats but the point I was trying to make which I didn’t do well, was that I can care less about the regular season it’s fun to watch but real gamers get it done in the playoffs.

    • Perhaps I can enlighten you, Kevin, in your evaluation of Rodgers’ playoff record.
      6 1st downs on exchanges, 2 for 2 on fourth down, 5/11 on third down, but a whopping 19 on first and second down.
      404 yds passing, 66.7 comp. rate, 121.4 QB rating, 493 total yds, 6 TDs of which he had 4 passing.
      All amassed in one game, and you question his status as a gamer? Do you at least think, just maybe, he might have done his share towards winning?

    • dave76

      Nice LT! We also put up 45 pts on the road against defending NFC champs. Can’t ask for anything more from your QB!

    • jimmyus333333

      How many turnovers has Rodgers had in playoff games? Did any of them cost the game?

      • dave76

        I was a BF fan also, but to answer yur question, only a fraction of what BF has had.

    • Well, lets see; 1st playoff game takes us into OT, gets hit on left with a face mask pull after the guy came in clean. Simultaneously gets hit from the right after a missed block and stripped, whereby a third guy in picks it up and walks in for the win. Yeah, that one play did cost us the game. But cheer up, now that Brett has retired for good you can always root for Vick……!

      • jimmyus333333

        I want the Pack to win, but the difference maker will be Dom, not ARod.

  • Kevin

    Yes, that’s all very impressive but the way he started that playoff game wasn’t good. Look at the recent rose bowl game against TCU. They beat us because they didn’t make a mistake. Rodgers is a good quarterback. He is not great yet, he has the potential that’s for sure.

    • dave76

      What’s a good game? 65 points? Obviously you’re not sold on him yet, maybe after the Eagles you will feel different.

    • jimmyus333333

      D76…if we lose, would you feel different about ARod?

    • dave76

      If Aaron lofts the ball up for grabs at the end of game like #4 against G-men and loses it for us, yes.

    • Thats only part of it Dave. Second play in OT BF throws it up for grabs and is intercepted. He only got charged for 2 INTs that day ’cause a third was fumbled back to the Pack. His last game as a Packer and overall wasn’t bad that 0 degree day – 63.8 comp pct and a 99 QB rating; not bad for under 260 yds and 2 (official) INTs.

      • dave76


    • jimmyus333333

      What’s the difference between a MVP or near MVP QB vs one that puts up good numbers?

    • Damned if I know, j3, too subjective and partiality cannot be eliminated from the selectors. Just like the All-Pro squads; nothing more than a popularity contest which favors high population center players. Regardless, nothing can take away the history of the CHI and GB teams.

      Thats why I’m a Packer fan; the proud history, not the current group of players. I can’t figure out why you and Jon and Kevin and others are Pack fans since your “win today, at all cost” would not justify it; not by a long shot.

    • jimmyus333333

      Is it possible that it takes more then just putting up good numbers (which is what you always point) to be MVP? If it’s was only about numbers, then why would Vick be in the running and ARod not?

      There is no doubt that numbers guide the choice, but the player that is chosen has to have qualities that shown he made the most positive difference in their teams performance above all other players in the league.

      • No, j3, you tell me. Records the same 10-6, they are 4-4 at home – we’re 7-1. We’ve won two in a row, they’ve lost two in a row.
        Oh, crap, this is just too easy, I can’t resist. Big market east coast media v. the smallest market in the NFL.

      • jimmyus333333

        It’s not about small market. Woodson got DPOY last year. There more to a MVP player then stats.

        It might have to do with “dramatic” victories. None of ARod’s victories were particularly special. Vick had a couple games this year in which HE made the difference.

        If ARod avoids injuries, and wins a couple of close games in the waning seconds by making huge plays, it won’t matter that he is in the smallest market.

  • Kevin

    I’m sold as soon as we get 1 playoff win. Again being Mr.Regular season don’t mean shit!

    • dave76

      So if we win Sunday, are you positive towards Rodgers?

  • Kevin

    Yep, look at Marino I don’t consider him one of the greats and 20 years from now no one else will either. Every one thinks I love favre that’s not entirely true. He only won one suberbowl. You got to give props to the modern day Brady, Big Ben. Rodgers on the other hand needs this win on Sunday or everyone will be wondering if he can get it done in the playoffs now is the time!

    • Your logic astounds me given only 89 QBs have won the championship – way less if you count multiples. Yeah, Aikman, Montana, and many others. You’re living in a small world (packer, with a small p) if you think people in GB don’t remember the greats of all time. Rather than focusing on yesterday, today, and tomorrow, I suggest you do a little more reading. Marino, not one of the greats, indeed. He was a starter on a NFL team damned near as long as Testeverde, Blanda, and Favre were in the league. If you don’t think people will remember Marino, how do you think Favre will be remembered, maybe just the last three or four years?

      • dave76

        Awesome LT!!

  • Kevin is a Brett Favre gay boy and his comments should be taken that way. He never has been nor never will be a Packer fan. He is only here to get my readers pissed off. I suggest ignoring all comments he makes.

    • 5th-Grade Retort

      Way to go Al! Does Kevin’s mommy wear army boots too? Don’t forget to wipe your Rodgers.

      • Kevin

        Lets talk facts:

        Kevin 0 playoff wins 0 superbowls

        Rodgers 0 playoff wins 0 superbowls

  • Kevin

    I knew I would draw a response from you Al. I’m sorry if being a fan to you means you like everything a team does. As you well know I’m a winner not happy with average results or give people a pat on the back for doing there job which is expected. I have been to over 70 packer games and you say I’m not a fan. I simply point out the things that matter to me the most. Luv u buddy!

  • mel e mel

    Bulaga’s Bad Game, is another indication that Campen needs to hit the road. How come Kevin Greene Can get guys off the street to play extremely well, and Campen cant get a 1st rounder ready??? Bulaga was tenative and unsure of himself, things that dont match up with his college career and scouting report. The line is much more talented and deeper than last year yet still prone to breakdowns. Get Campen out of here!!

    • Monty

      Agreed Mel e Mel. Everyone here knows that Campen played on the WORSE Packer O-line right? He played center for the 0-Line that has given up the most sacks in a season. Special teams is another, but McCarthy seems to be gun shy to let them go. I will give kudos to the D side of the ball. We have some really excellent coaches there, and Im glad K Greene works for us.

      You guys make me laugh (a good thing) with your spelling checks and language skills. Being a teacher, it does my heart good to see you wanting to post correctly.

      You know I was remembering back to 1978, cant remember who the coach of the Packers was, Bart Starr? Anyway, I remember having a bet with a fellow teacher about the outcome of the season for the Packers, I was sure they would turn things around. I think they went 6 7 1 or something like that, anyway I lost the pool and bet. Today, I was thinking ya know, I dont really like Ted Thompson personally or as a GM, but I will give him credit for giving us more talent then we had all those dark years. yeah yeah, dont tell him lol. I dont know what it was about the Packers all those years, but its like they couldnt find anyone that knew anything about football players. I didnt wear a bag, but it was hard being a Packer fan in those days. I hope that this is the year we can turn the corner with the new players coach etc. 2007 really was Favre and McCarthy’s short passing game. That is now history, its time for the current group of Packers to step up and get us lucky number 13. Like many of you, I am wary of Vick. I hope we watched film of the Queen’s game with him and how they pounded him. I would love nothing better than to see D Bishop do what he did to Brady (God that was Sweet), smash his face into the turf legally of course LOL. Im sitting in a German hotel (yea transferred from Japan in November) with no AFN to watch, so I get my fix taken care of on my Apple Laptop via the internet. It sucks but its the best I could do I hope the Pack wins so next week I can see them on the big screen in Brussels at Fat Boy’s Sports Bar….oh yeah baby it doesnt get any better!! Go Pack.

    • Skyler

      Mel e Mel, excellent point!!!!

  • Larry

    Al, your right on target with Kevin..he has no clue! Marino not a great QB says Kevin!!!! Rodgers needs a playoff win to get Kevins approval…who cares about YOUR approval.

    Go play on the Vikings site!!!

  • Kevin

    Hey larry I agree my approval might not mean much. I will say this if Rodgers loses on Sunday you will be hearing from all the media that he can’t get it done in the playoffs. It somewhat has already been started. The QB gets all the glory as well as the blame.

  • dave76

    Desmond Bishop was just given a 4 year extention for 19 million. Another great draft of TT that was discovered through the injury to Barnett. A 6th round steal for sure.

  • Pierre

    Defense wins in the playoffs and the Packers have the superior D. Cannot see the Eagles shutting down the Packers passing game even if the run game provides only a mediocre performance. Packers will win this playoff game on the road against the Eagles (barring injuries to AR / CM3). Time for the Green Bay playoff run to commence… towards their ultimate objective… in Dallas. To the rest of the NFL teams…be afraid…be very afraid!

  • mel e mel

    I am not questioning Rodgers, but I will question MM. No one in the playoffs has bad defense. So thats a given. What separates playoff teams? OFFENSE a Special Teams see 1996! I am not sure MM has what it takes. Can we shut out playoff teams ? We may have to!
    GO Pack!

  • sammy

    Slocum scares me.

    • At least Masthay has come around.

  • I look back at all these posts and see a definite separation between the old timers (with patience) and the newbies (win now, regardless of the future). Well, fact is, it takes time to build a winner. And as far as that goes MM has been in the playoffs three of the last four years with basically two different teams. We’ve kicked this issue around before.

    I’ve got a long memory of the NFL and can off-hand remember only two HCs that have gone to the SB their first year ( Seifert and Gruden) and both of them did it with the team that was built by the guy before them. On the other hand there is a long list of retired SB coaches (like Holmgren, Lombardi) who left supposed power houses that did not come close to the prize the next year regardless of who the next coach was.

    So, how much time do we give a new HC? Can’t say; 3-4-5-6 years? I suppose it depends on how much progress the GM/Owner sees. What gets me is the call for firings. I think there is a learning curve to be considered and why gamble on the new guys needing to learn as well. We’ve done firings, ie, Slocum’s predecessor and Capers’; one worked, one didn’t. Another comparison is Greene and Campen; but how about, for once, consider what they have to work with. Thats so subjective and none of us have the tools necessary to evaluate that. Not as easy as saying win or lose as some like to base every decision on. A revolving door does not create a lot of loyalty. I’m sad to say with all the HC firings this year, it looks like the entire NFL is jumping on this “today” bandwagon.

    • jimmyus333333

      This is not “bandwagon” speak. I’d rather see MM gone then Dom, and do whatever it takes to keep him. MM has cost the Pack at least 3 games this year with poor or indecision during games.

      If Dom leaves, then I agree with you. We lose a lot in the continuity dept. (We would also have lost another 2-3 more games this season without him.)

      If MM is booted, there are at least a dozen other guys out there that can do as poor a job as he does.

      (I would argue that we had a few more chances rather then “no chance” post Holmgren.)

    • I now understand your logic. You have already convinced yourself that MM should be gone, so the playoffs this year hold no excitement for you and you would prefer him to be gone rather than any further advancement.
      It also seems that you would be contented with any one of a dozen guys out there who could do as poor a job as he does as long as he is gone.
      Your last point says it all we have “no chance”. Man, I’d hate to be you! Life must really suck.

      • jimmyus333333

        bad reply on my part. you deserve better. I’ll do better next time.

    • Skyler

      Some super experienced coaches only need a few years to turn things around. Capers is a good example… The Packers defensive stats the last two year are very good compared to what they were under Bob Sanders.

  • Packer_Bob

    Getting back to Al’s original post: Yes, we won a must win game at home, so from that standpoint, I like it too, baby.

    But the hyperbole in the post is a little much. “Battered the Bears to a pulp?” “Beat down?” Maybe I was watching the wrong game, but I was shitting bricks when we were down 3-0 at halftime and the game was tied 3-3 at the end of the third, for fear that we were somehow going to let a Bears team with nothing to play for knock us out of the playoffs. I was nervous to the last drive when the Bears were moving the ball with the potential to score to either send the game into OT or go for the knock out blow.

    Yes, I’m happy we won, but this chest thumping is a little much. Winning 10-3, considering only a Cutler bonehead pick kept it from 10-6, does not meet my qualifications for a “beatdown.” Turn the calendar back another week to the Giants game and I’m with you.

    In a nutshell, it was another frustrating game for the Packers. Yes, we can sing the praises of the D to the high heavens and they would deserve it. In fact, were it not for them this would have been a lost season and they are the only reason I give us a chance to make a run in the playoffs from a wild card spot.

    And for once, the special teams played a very good game. In a field position battle sort of game, Masthay was masterful, we gave up no long returns and actually had a couple of our own. Whether this trend can continue in the playoffs remains to be seen.

    But on a day when it was needed, the offense stalled. If it stalls like it did Sunday, (or against the Lions, or the Dolphins or the Redskins) one time in the playoffs, you can likely kiss it goodbye.

    I’m not saying we can’t do well in the playoffs–I’m saying we can be as good as anybody if we can get all three phases playing well at the same time. (To be fair though, every team in the NFC could say the same thing with the exception of the Seahawks.) It just seems like we have had a problem getting to that level of consistency for an extended stretch all season, and I see no reason to think that last Sunday’s game shows any sign that we are necessarily going to do it now.

    The Packers D has shown they can win a game virtually all by the themselves, in last week’s Bear game and the Jets win on the road comes to mind as well. Let’s hope the O and ST get on board so they don’t have to win one by themselves in the playoffs.

  • Larry

    Kevin, when you lose a playoff game after scoring 45 points someone certainly didn’t get it done but it wasn’t Rogers. As I remember it Warner only tossed 6? incompletions the entire game and unless Rogers plays DB none of that has to do with him choking.

    I fully understand that the QB gets more credit and more blame than deserved but to label Rogers a bust until the rest of the Packer team catches up to his talent is crazy. Philly is going to DARE GB to run the ball by playing nickle and dime all day. Every throw is going to have to be right on target. Unless we can find a running game to force the Eagles to move a safety up, the odds will be stacked against Rogers and yet we’ll be there at the end , hopefully with a victory.

    My beef is you draw the wrong conclusion…

  • Kevin

    Larry, The eagles will not blitz Rodgers because that is where he is the most effective Qb at all times. This game on Sunday is going to come down to our D and special teams play. The only point i was trying to make by stirring conversation is that until Rogers whens a playoff game other people will point fingers at him.

    • And yet, by the same logic as above, regarding Marino, he was never a top flight QB.
      Went to the playoffs ten times, but never won a SB – what a bum, couldn’t win the big one. I’m not so sure how many people, other than you, would “point fingers at him” but I’ll bet over 99% of the football fans in that era would like to have had him on their team – just like Arod.

      • Kevin

        Marino wasnt an elite quarterback got to have a ring. If Miami knew they wouldnt when one with him he would of been trade bait early in his career. I certainly measure players way different than you. I guess you think Karl Malone is the bomb also. This is the NFL (Not For Losers) its take all and win the big one everyyear ,everytime. I met a lot of people who have done shit in there life for 20 or 30 years dosent make them great. In fact most of them are average and could just barely hang on to there respected jobs or postions. I live in Green Bay, Lombardi still means a lot here not this average stuff you seem to think is ok. Whats 99% ok for you is probably 25% to me, you should apply for the special teams job next year you would fit right in.

      • Well, life IS what you make it. Retired at 56, happy for Packer success, was proud to be a GB fan even when our team was down. MMs to date record of playoff appearances tells me he is a better coach than I give him credit for. Your reference to “trade bait” certainly would apply to Favre as well then because they both averaged ONLY 9 wins a year for their careers. Like j3 it must suck to be you, what a downer.

      • dave76

        Kevin, If you really have been to 70 games you must have an addiction to pychological torment. With your eternally pessimistic mentality, there is no way you should put yourself through the torture of sitting through another Packer game. Your points have now become dull as a butter knife and your coments about Marino make me wonder what you are ingesting on the other end of your keyboard. Hang in there, buddy, we’re here to help you see the light. lol

        • Kevin

          Sky box 6038……….All you guys are happy with average thats not me enough said.

          • Kevin

            I would of preferred Elway to Marino anyway

          • Boy, oh boy, oh boy, doesn’t that just figure you’d pick my poster cry baby of all time.

  • Your right, Kev, enough said. Its 4:55 out here and 68 degrees out on the patio, ‘tini time, see ya later!

  • Dad’s skybox 6038. How many Super Bowls do your Vikings have? A big zero! If you don’t like average, why do like Favre, he was far less than average in the playoffs. 13-11 I think. We’ll see where Rodgers is in 15 years.

    • Most playoff starts by any QB(maybe any player) and a winning record. Definitely not less than average Al, you can look it up.

    • jimmyus333333

      He will be out of football for 8 years in the booth next to his concussion buddy Aikman.

      • Refresh our memory again, j3, why are you a Packer fan?

  • Kevin

    Hopefully Rodgers will have a better record Ace

  • mel e mel

    Vs Philly Game one MM ran right at them with BJ and Kuhn. Just add Starks and thats the Spark the Pack needs. Best defense against Vick keep him on the bench.

    • Mel, I completely agree.

  • iccyfan

    Damn – three years removed and still able to incite a riot! I say:

    My my, hey hey
    Rock and roll is here to stay
    It’s better to burn out
    Than to fade away
    My my, hey hey.

    Out of the green and into the black
    They give you this, but pay you for that
    And once you’re gone, you can never come back
    When you’re out of the green and into the black.

    The king is gone but he’s not forgotten
    This is the story of a Favrey Rotten
    It’s better to burn out than it is to rust
    The king is gone but he’s not forgotten.

    Hey hey, my my
    Rock and roll can never die
    There’s more to the picture
    Than meets the eye.
    Hey hey, my my.

    • jimmyus333333


  • iccyfan


    You are our hero! Thanks for understanding our greatness and not letting others forget! It’s not about statistics – it’s all about the championships!


    Jim McMahon, Doug Williams, Mark Rypien & Trent Dilfer

    • Let’s also take a moment to remember the QB’s who started for the Pack before #4: Don Horn, Scott Hunter, Jerry Tagge, Jim Del Gaizo, John Hadle, Jack Concannon, Don Milan, Lynn Dickey, Carlos Brown, Randy Johnson, David Whitehurst, Randy Wright, Don Majkowski, Alan Risher, Anthony Dilweg and Blair Keil.

  • Kevin

    Actually jimmy mac got 2 rings, bears and with pack!

  • Gee. Reid thinks Arod is an elite QB!

    • Reid

      You mean Andy Reid? Not me, right? I think Arod is pretty freaking good and only 1 good playoff performance that leads to a victory from being Elite because this will push his confidence level where it needs to be to become Elite. The only player I would rather have for the next 10 years is Brady, and that’s just because of the first 5 of those years.

    • jimmyus333333

      …”1 good playoff performance that leads to a victory”…

      Yeah, that would help, with the emphasis on “leads to a victory”

    • Hell, he led us to a victory last year; sure wasn’t his fault the scoreboard didn’t reflect it.

    • jimmyus333333

      He had the chance LY.

      Got to have more points then the other team to be the victor.

  • Larry

    Good deflection Kevin, but its just that…If Miami had known Marino wouldn’t win a super bowl…silly…If Miami knew they would’ve built their ground attack and kept Marino. What stopped Miami and perhaps this years Packers will be the one dimensional offense.

    My comment was that Philly will play nickle and dime not blitz. Rogers wil be throwing against extra DB’s all day. Same philosophy as the prevent…the harder you make it the less margin of error Rogers has.

    Elway over Marino…many would accept that…but YOU claimed Marino was not elite…and obviously that just plain wrong!

    Maybe you should go find a champion caliber BLOG and leave the rest of us average folk to our misery!

  • Kevin

    Larry why the hostilty…..buddy….I will give you this Marino was elite in his day while playing in Miami compared to some of the other QB’s he played against. With that being said I dont think not having one any superbowls you can put him up there with the rest. Yes, he is a hall of famer got Miami close for a lot of years but couldnt win the big one. There has to be a seperation when you use the word elite everyone simply cant qualify…at least to me.

  • Packer_Bob


    You are right only insofar as until Rodgers wins some come from behind games and some playoff games, there will always be questions. In fact, even if he wins a playoff game the next question will be why he can’t win a SB. (Assuming it doesn’t happen this year.)

    The same thing happened with Manning and lord knows what people would be saying if somehow the Bears had managed to win in their SB against Indy as Manning would be 0-2 in the Big One. Hell, look at Al, Favre’s 13-11 playoff record and “only” 1 SB title makes him mediocre.

    If you want to denigrate great players (like Marino) because of their lack of championships in a team sport (particularly football, the ultimate team sport) that’s your prerogative. It’s short-sighted and borderline idiotic, but it is not yet illegal to be an idiot in this country, so spout on all you want.

    • Kevin

      I agree with you Packer Bob….but where do you draw the line. Would Michael Jordan been an elite player with no rings or someone who could just score a shit load of points. I think its up to the individual to decide. ( you really think im an idiot?)

      • Packer_Bob

        Clearly it is up to an individual to make his own decision on what qualifies as a great or an elite player. A longer reply is in my next post below but let me apologize for implying that you are an idiot.

  • Packer_Bob

    I think the idea of saying Karl Malone was not an elite player because he never won a championship game is idiotic. I think judging a player as an individual because of results won or lost as a team is idiotic. Most certainly Michael Jordan would have been an elite player with no rings. Jordan didn’t win those rings by himself—ever hear of guys named Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, Dennis Rodman, and Phil Jackson? If management doesn’t surround him with that, his whole career may very well have went as it did for his first 5 or 6 years, meaning sans titles.

    Jim Kelly went to 4 SB’s and his team lost them all. Does the fact that the field goal kicker missed a kick at the end define his status as an elite player? That’s the line of demarcation, if the kick goes through he has a ring and is “elite” but since it didn’t (and since he happened to play during a time when the NFC was dominant and his team had the misfortune to play the Cowboys twice) he wasn’t an elite player.

    I don’t think you’re an idiot—-That was overstatement on my part due to my frustration at both this kind of argument and the segue this thread has taken. My apologies.

    • I have an idea, since we cannot resolve this issue to everyone’s satisfaction lets pick a new topic.
      Which religion is best, and which one does God like best? Maybe off the subject of football but I’ll bet we will come to an agreement. Or, hey, I know, whats the best color?

  • Kevin

    Fair enough gentleman…..Best Packer running back of all time. I like Tony canadeo one of the nicest gentleman I ever met also no his son plays a lot of golf here in GB. 116 games 31TD’s 4,197 yds 4.1 Y/A….. no I agree enough said on the word elite!

    • C’mon, Kev, who ever heard of an elite Italian football player? Besides, he skipped a year of playing just so he could go into the Army in ’45. Not only that, but he was partially responsibe for bringing in those Mafioso guys, Lombardi and Vainisi……….! Nah, I can’t go there.

      • Packer_Bob

        It would be hard for me to pick a best Packer running back of all time as there have been so few good ones in my lifetime and the ones that were good did not have the longevity.

        I also think when one gets into “of all time” type of discussions in football, it is useful to talk about pre and post SB era. I’ll grant even that is arbitrary, but so many great players prior to the more modern SB and television era from say the late 60’s onward simply are unknown and unseen by so many that they simply don’t make the conversation.

        In my lifetime, the best one we’ve ever had was Ahman Green. I am leaving out Hornung and Taylor simply because I am counting them as pre-SB era players and I’ve never seen them play.

        • Packer_Bob

          That first paragraph is hard to understand. What I meant to say is addtionally, it is awfully hard to judge players that played in some instances decades before I was born like Canadeo and “Blood” McNally.

      • You then, really missed the yearly battle between Taylor and Jim Brown. I was very fortunate to have been in the PHI area, in the early ’50s when the NFL became a marquee TV event. Shoot, my folks, back in the mid-west didn’t even have TV yet.

        Browns, Rams(LA), Eagles, Lions, Giants(NYC), and in the late 50s the Colts (Balt., of course).

        Know what? They played in snow and cold weather then! With grass fields, and in some cases baseball field stadiums. Ah, what memories.

        • Packer_Bob

          Yes, I did miss that unfortunately. I am aware of the accomplishments of guys like Taylor (and Brown obviously) but when asked a question about best of all time I think it is difficult to rank someone you’ve never seen play. And no matter how old a person is, there is almost certainly a generation worth of players that they never saw play.

          Stats are almost useless in these cases imo, as offensive stats that were herculean in the 50’s and 60’s are substandard now, especially in the passing game. But take Jim Brown–his record for all time rushing yards was big in the day, but has been passed by how many now? That does not diminish how dominant he was in that era, however.

    • jimmyus333333

      Toss-up for me between Eddie Lee Ivory and Garry Ellis.

  • mel e mel

    Well since Robin Yount didnt win the ’82 series then I guess he is a bum. Forget 2 mvps at 2 different positions…

  • Kevin

    Brewers are a whole lot of Zantac or other depression bills. We are all very spoiled as packer fans over the last 20 years compared to a whole lot of other teams.

    • Kevin

      Mel you sound like a tool. Don’t come over the deep end you will drown!

  • mel e mel

    Actually my pool is about 9ft on the deep end and I havent drowned yet. Anyway the Marino not elite is pure drivel. 1984 he went against a secondary that all 4 starters to the Probowl. He is the only reason the 1985 bears didnt go undefeated. Any Packer fan owes Dan Marino a debt. The go on on about the 1985 Bears enough, can you imagine if they went un .. perish the thought.

    • Packer_Bob

      Great point mel, I never really considered that! Marino did tear them up in that Monday night game. It would suck if the Bears had joined the Dolphins as an undefeated SB winning team!

  • Larry

    Keep backpedaling Kevin, Al may yet keep you on the site!

    • Kevin

      Larry al and I watch away games together doesn’t mean we see eye to eye on everything or at all. I have over come a lot of tough situations in life to have a true winners attitude and life. I’m 37 self made millionaire own a local company in GB. Worked my ass off to get to the top and still not close I guess extremely driven. I agree I may not be the sharpest tool around but I will never give up. Were on the same team how can we play nice in the sandbox togther? I really am trying buddy!

  • Rick

    Can Philly’s D stop the Packer’s Offense?

    I see our Defense doing well but I think giving up around 14 to 20 points to the Eagles is what will happen.

    Can the Packer’s Offense not turnover the ball and convert 3rd downs?

    If so then we should score 30 and a win, if not it is a loss.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    After five years, I thought I’d have an idea whether MM has what it takes. Can’t say I feel he does or doesn’t…..yet! Read somewhere it took Cowher ten years to win a SB. MM gets points for holding an injured team together but the clock will start ticking if that’s as good as he is.
    Playoffs????? The difference between the T.R. Patriots and the Packers is the running game, they have one and we don’t (and a little different style of passing game w/their WR’s timing up in the area of the catch to become blockers). I thought the Packers would be looking just like them but w/a better defense. The O-line better have been saving it for the playoffs cause they stink. Will be a short stint if they can’t run against playoffs teams, playing in playoff mode, at their own field. Don’t know if the O-line is lazy or we don’t have the players, Campen can’t coach or the scheme is a problem but something has to change. Then again, who knows what MM could have up his sleeve, been holding back or has been wanting other teams to see???? We really know pretty little of the whole thought process of the team.
    The playoffs are the “plays” time. A tackle needs to become a tackle and strip attempt. Can’t be content to safely fall to the ground at the end of run or catch. And then there’s the reffing and the PI penalty. Makes pretty much all teams even. The back-shoulder thrown a little short and inside w/your WR aiming to trip over the DB’s legs on the way to catch it is better than a catch every time…………. cause you don’t even actually have to catch it!!! Offense has been looking pretty sad and the D pretty decent. Be intersting to see how it all turns out. Sure would be a feel-good-story if this team of 1st/2nd/3rd/and 4th stringers could bring home the trophy!!!!! Sure wouldn’t bet on it though……….

    • Rick

      MM is a solid coach with a good rep in the league.
      He took the OC hat as well and probably needs to find someone to take that role back.

      D is solid with its coaching staff and Capers in charge.

      ST is a mess and from what I hear the revolvong door of personnel that Slocum has had to work with may mean he stays another year to show that ST is going the right way.

      With K and P figured out, Slocum just has to worry about healthy bodies that know their assignments.

      It Playoff game number 3 for the Pack. The pressure is all on the Eagles.
      They are favored by three at home and lost there last game by sitting people.
      We just need to play solid football and win the turnover battle, and maybe convert a few 3rd downs.

      • Packer’s Advocate

        Good point about his OC hat. Put that on the head of the offensive equivalent of Dom Capers and he could sit back and oversee everything and just enjoy it…… We all could enjoy it toooooooooo….

        • Rick

          Where is Gruden??? LOL

          Seriously I was thinking of Paul Petrino. He went from Arkansas to Illinois and look what Illinois was able to do on offense this year in the Big 10 with a freshman QB and Junior RB.

          Jagadowski was fired as HC of the Omaha Nighthawks. We could look at bringing him back as an O line coach