On to Atlanta

The Green Bay Packers are moving on. The Packers beat the Eagles in Philly for the second time this year, finally achieving success in a city that has not been kind to the Packers in years past. With the win the Packers head to Atlanta to face the Falcons with a score to settle.

In week 12 the Falcons beat the Packers 20-17 in a game the Packers lost more than Atlanta won. A fumble by Aaron Rodgers inside the one, a boneheaded non-challenge play by head coach Mike McCarthy and the usual special teams gaffe after a tremendous late drive by Rodgers and the offense tied the game. Even the defense did not play up to snuff allowing Matt Ryan to complete 24 out of 28 passes.

But more on the Falcons later, lets look at the win over the Eagles first. Rodgers and McCarthy may not want to admit it but it was a huge win for the franchise, they needed to take the next step to restore faith in the team that refused to be held hostage by a player, contrary to popular demand. There were no rings handed out yesterday, so we are not over the hill yet, but at least we can see the top now.

It was big for Rodgers, who was becoming known as a stats guy and not a quarterback you can win with. It was big for McCarthy, who won’t admit it but has to feel he had to prove he can win without #4 at quarterback. It is big for the franchise because it shows that a small market team like Green Bay can compete with the big boys given the current NFL system. Maybe that helps in the negotiations between the players and the league over a new CBA.

My concern going into the Philly game was overconfidence by the Packers. It did not appear they were overconfident, maybe the opposite at times looking at the four fumbles they committed. Dom Capers’ defensive game plan for Michael Vick was a thing of beauty, Vick was rarely given the opportunity to get out of the pocket and when he did there was somebody there to keep him for going up field. He did throw for 292 yards but you can live with if he’s not running all over the field on top of it.

Vick is truly one of those guys you can “only hope to contain” and the Packers did just that. Offensively the Packers were one dropped pass by James Jones away from blowing out the Eagles. Take a 28-3 lead into the half and get the ball first to start the second half – 35-3 and it’s over. Even 31-3 and it’s over. Because of Jones’ drop, coupled with Rodgers’ fumble, the Eagles stuck around when they shouldn’t have. The Packers won’t get away with that in Atlanta.

Last week I was glad the game was on Sunday and not Saturday but this week I’m all for the Saturday game. The Packers have to be fired up knowing they finally broke through and probably want to get back on the field as soon as possible. They all said they wanted another shot at the Falcons six weeks ago and now they got it.

Let’s get it on!

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  • @dev_eq

    We Will Extra Point!!!

  • TRIP

    Finally, a post without Brett Favre’s name in it. Great.

    I honestly believe that this is the NFC Championship Game. I believe we go to Chicago and win handily (I think turnovers would be a factor), and I can’t believe the Seahawks really make it that far. So, if we can pull this out, its on to Dallas, in my book!

    We made critical mistakes versus ATL the first time around and lost by 3. Even bigger that that, they played solid football and we were as one-dimensional as they come. If we come with a hint of running game, create and not give up turnovers, with our solid D, I think this will be won by 7 points. Packers 27-20

    • My key to this game is getting Turner low. All I really remember about that game is the DBs having him contained but bouncing off his waist and thighs. The guy was a truck that day.

  • Al your hostage reference reminds me of two previous hostage attempts. One by Sharpe prior to a playoff game (and I don’t turn the other cheek, so he will never make my all-Packer team) and Javon (glad that ego was kicked to the curb). GB never should have given in to Sharpe but really had no choice. Fate had a way of evening that out shortly thereafter, however.

    • jimmyus333333

      BF was locked out of Training Camp. He showed up on time.

      Don’t think the metaphor fits.

      • Tollsforthee

        Ah, no, he didn’t ‘show up on time’. He came in on Family Night, which as all Pack fans know, is a week into training camp. He hung around and talked with McCarthy that evening, if I recall correctly. I was there for that Family Night in Lambeau, and remember it well. Rodgers didn’t look too good, threw some poor passes.

        Wow, you really like to revise history in favor of your boy, there, eh? There’s a reason Favre is detested by the majority of Wisconsinites. Many if not most initially sided with Favre, because, well, who really cares about the administrative types like TT or the coaches?

        Reluctantly, most people eventually sided with the organization as Favre revealed ever more deficit-laden character issues.

        Now, if you listen to talk radio, he’s at the lowest point of his public perception. Eventually, he’ll get his number retired, go into the HOF, yada, yada.

        But you, jimmyus333333, have got some pretty skewed takes on the whole situation if you don’t think Favre was NOT holding the organization hostage.

      • jimmyus333333

        I was there. He showed up on day one.

      • jimmyus333333

        sorry, man. Your right. Aug 5th.

  • mel e mel

    MM DOM Capers Study the Tampa tape. 2 Deep all game. Tackle Turner win!

    • Shields out, maybe, because ATL will go two TE and White all day w/ Turner trying to duplicate prior game. While that is a great formation in the red zone we can stop it up field. I see Capers going a lot of four down linemen. Keep in mind Green and Walden were pretty new in the twelfth game. Also, I think Jenkins was not in good shape.

  • Mark Troy

    If Jones would have made the catch and TD b4 half, it would have been 21-3 not 28-3.

    • AATP

      I think he was referring to that catch and the lost fumble by Rodgers which could have been turned into 14 points…

    • Yeah, and Jones’ block on the corner might not have resulted in Bjax’s TD either. Thats the enigma with him, talent up the wazoo, size, speed, toughness, v. concentration.

      • dave76

        I say keep Jones. DD could very well be in the twilight of his career, another year or two?

  • Larry

    Interesting part of Atl game 1..Ryan completed 24 of 28 but for less than 200 yards…Obviously a dink and dunk stategy. To stop that we may have to press at the line with deep cover. ATL personnel not known for speed so that may work well. All GB cb’s can play press and when we blitz with Woodson, our safeties can cover also.

    I’m thinking Woodson sees a lot of TE coverage which can mask a blitz very well. O line for ATL is average, I’m looking for Jenkins to make a play!

  • Pierre

    Packers still need to use their offense to put away an opponent, like Belichick does in NE. It should not have come down to needing an interception to seal the win. The offense should have gotten first downs until they ran out the clock in the 4th quarter and not played so conservatively on their last possession. Rodgers should be given the opportunity to throw in the last quarter and not just run the ball and punt. It’s all about approach; they need to drive down the field as if they NEED to score on that last possession of the fourth quarter and not just run the ball, punt, and give the opposing QB the chance to come down and win the game. Play action would have worked great in that situation and Rodgers and the passing game is still the strength of this offense. MM got too conservative and tentative against Philly in the last quarter and he needs to keep the offensive pressure on the opponent by continuing to trust the passing game. Play to win; don’t play “not to lose” as the approach, till the end of the game MM. Got away with it against Philly (sigh of relief) but it will become more of a factor as the games get even tougher.

    • Packer’s Advocate

      Just heard the exact same thing from my bro over breakfast!!!!

    • Agreed. We have to aggressive the entire game offensively in order to win. Every point is going to count in this one, no matter if we’re up by ten or thirty. Keep going at ’em until the sixty is up. This is one and you’re done after all. No live to see another day. And no calling the same play two plays in a row. And how about using Kuhn as a decoy instead of telling everyone, hey we’re going to hand it off to this guy, so put as many guys you have on that side of your defense to stop him. Try a fake handoff or something else!!!

  • jimmyus333333

    All the fun of the season is over. Reality check time.

    I’m afraid of this game, but I we deserve to play it. ATL was one of most complete team we faced all season…(them and NE).

    Dimitroff is a rock star, and turned the team into NFC powerhouse in 2 years.

    This game will be a TT/MM measuring stick. Are we for real, or are we just another team in the middle of the pack.

    With Dom leaving (presumably to Denver), this could be the closest we could be to the SB for the next couple years.

    A lot will be learned by the outcome.

    • Didn’t really think you would have any fun if we advanced, j3, you’ve made your true feelings towards this team known many times and there is no way you can talk your way out of it now even if we went all the way. You’ve been afraid of every game so why would we expect anything else? Very gracious of you to cede we deserve to be here.
      As to your final wish, that Capers leaves so you have some assurance of your predictions – I don’t think so; I say he stays.

      • jimmyus333333

        Oh, man…I really hope Dom stays.

        Correction, LT…as for this team in general, Dom has proven to be the missing noodle I don’t see in TT/MM soup.

        TT will always be average, and MM is an incompetent HC & a mediocre OC.

        Dom hides all that with what he can do every week. He’s the team’s MVP.

      • I think we ALL would like to know your measurement system and what data you base your conclusions on. How do you degrade MM when he fired Sanders and wanted to convert to the 3-4? MM wanted Capers and TT got him and then went out and got the players to play it. We’re in the playoffs 3 out of the last 4; how do you eliminate that fact when you evaluate them. Would YOU fire MM, and if you did, who would you replace him with? Would YOU fire TT, and if so who would you replace him with? C’mon man, back it up! Enough of this “but I really want them to win” crap. Please, give us your solution, so we can get behind you.

      • jimmyus333333

        Ok, LT. I don’t want to degrade this down to a shouting match, but I’ll respond.

        Bottom line is that I don’t think TT/MM have what it takes to get us to the SB…EVER. In fact, I believe they flub up so much with poor or incompetent decisions, we appear to be mired in
        mediocrity. So, from my perspective, as long as they are around, we will never go. Feels like purgatory to me at times.

        You think we are already there. I am holding out.

        This is the basis of my post and I see a deeper importance of this game this weekend.
        It’s taken over 3 years and now we have the first true opportunity we’ve had since when we were within an overtime of the show.

        We all know that TT/MM and BF will always be connected with what happen in 2008.

        Last year, BF went out and took MN to the same place last year, 1 year ahead of TT.

        So, today..here we are.

        Go ahead, TT/MM…, prove it. Win the game. Here’s your chance to remove the albatross once and for all.

    • dave76

      Ditto here, Capers is here for a while. Don’t kid yourself Jimmy, TT also realizes Dom is a critical piece of a SB puzzle. Might even be a focal point for TT during the offseason.

    • Rocky70

      Give Jimmy 3 shoes credit for at least not completely disappearing ….. He’s still willing to post even if his argument continues to lose more & more of its credibility ….. His final argument may very well be that GB could have won the SB by 2 TDs instead of ‘only’ 10 points if only TT/MM knew what they were doing ….

      The winner of GB/Atlanta goes to the SB against NE or whoever can defeat the Pats in the AFC in the next two weeks ….. Bank on it …..

  • Larry

    Denver has had or will have interviews with 2 OC from other teams and John Fox. Latest update did not mention DC and they’ve gone offensive with the coach historically. You would think Elway would be more interested in offense also.

    Sorry J3 but Denver doesn’t look like a fit. Your comment of a loss indicates that GB is middle of the pack seems silly also. Win or lose, there are 14 IR players and Jolly coming back next year to a team that has been very competitive with the best in the NFC. This team is elite…but not healthy and it may yet be SB bound.

    GO PACK!

    • iccyfan

      Your second paragraph nails it but J3 doesn’t care about that; he once again confirmed his primary interest with this comment:

      “We all know that TT/MM and BF will always be connected with what happened in 2008.”

      None of that matters to 90% of Packer fans, nor does last year’s Viking squad. J3 can hang onto his Brett memories of glory; others will remember him as a prima donna who divided fanbases / locker-rooms, brought down coaches (Mangini, Childress); abruptly ended seasons with poor decision-making and carried a “me-first” attitude right to the bitter end. Bottom line – he doesn’t matter today and he won’t matter again until five years have passed and he’s ready for HOF induction. Will he make amends with the Packer organization and fanbase prior to then? Remains to be seen but I’m not holding my breath…

      The only thing I would add to Larry’s note of elite status is that we’re still relatively young and improving. I know we’ll lose some players in the offseason, but the depth that has been uncovered should make for some incredible competition come camp next summer! Improve the OL thru draft or free agency and somehow acquire a professional kick returner! Retain Capers and priority free agents (Jenkins, Hawk or Barnett), get healthy and continue to develop the youngsters. That’s really all we need to be competitive for years to come…

      Now we can move onto my dream scenarios. C-Wood moves to safety like his long-lost cousin Rod and TT signs Nnamdi Asomugha at a discount to start opposite Tramon. We draft the huge Wisconsin OT in the first, scatback LaMichael James to return kicks in the second and later Casey Matthews to start opposite Clay. 🙂

      • Oh, man, I share the dream re Asomugha. His numbers way down and dropping, because nobody will go his way. 29 6-2 210 either S or CB, fast. His last signing was 16.8, but probably would get QB #s like maybe 100 over 6-8 yrs. I’d take the gamble, long term; think Woodson. Not only that, think Collins and Woodson at safety. Shoot, we could even rotate with Burnett if anything happened to either because I think B can play either slot. Downer is I’ll bet he is franchised which makes me wake up.

        • jonnyfootballhero

          From what I understand, Asomugha can’t be franchised. I highly doubt that TT will go for him. Just not his MO to go after high priced FAs. I’m thinking Dallas or Washington will pick him up for huge $$.

      • Rocky70

        Think ‘concise’ for your next post …… Thanks.

        • iccyfan

          Think “glass houses” prior to your next post……Thanks.

          • Michael Legat

            Ah, great. Rocky70’s crawled out of his hole. The one downside to the Packers on a winning streak.

  • Larry

    Iccy your smokin something really good…keep it up. LT good news for you too, he can’t be franchised..its in the contract. How dumb is oakland to allow this contract in the first place. Must be related to Washington (Haynesworth).

    • First off, I know less than what I don’t know. Here is what I do know. 1) This all started w/ a comment by Herrera (a senior exec) in which he stated that they (OAK) WILL void the contract due to certain performance goals not met. 2) It is a three year deal, signed in ’09 for $45M. 3) The contract contains an agreement that they would not put the Franchise Tag on him. 4) You’re dealing with Al Davis. 5) As of mid-night last Aso has not been waived, released, nor has the contract yet been voided. 6) Per your Business Law course refer to the four corners rule.

      Here is what I think. 1) OAK hoisted a trial baloon to test market interest. 2) Per 6) above the whole would be voided, not able to cherry pick certain clauses. 3) If the contract IS voided Aso’s veteran status would allow HIM to declare FA status in accordance with the existing CBA. 4) Nothing will be done until a new CBA is signed, because changes in the cap, etc. have a major impact on this situation. 5) OAK will never just let him walk away with nothing in return. 6) They would franchise him in lieu of a contract, re 4) above.

      In sum, I’m just reacting to the fact that if a contract is voided its voided in all parts and OAK retains first rights. I cannot believe that Davis does’t have an ace up his sleeve. Still, whats his legal track record against the NFL? About 0-4?

  • Rocky70

    Sign him !! …… Trade him straight-up to Cleveland for Joe Thomas ….. Insert Thomas at LT ….. Bulaga at LG & Lang at RT …… Trade Pro-Bowler Chad Clifton along with Ryan Grant + cash to Arizona for Larry Fitzgerald …… Trade James Jones straight-up to the Rams for Stephen Jackson …. Jackson would provide great back-up to JS ……. Make it happen, TT …..

    It would be a glorious 2011 season !!!
    Wait a second …… There’s no 2011 season ….. Nevermind.

    • Rocky70

      Above ref Nnamdi Asomugha ……….

    • Dammit all Rock, I was just going to call TT to lend my support for the deals you called for. And then you let all the air out of the balloon. I’m going back to bed to continue that dream.

  • Jeff

    There going to play in 2011 , only a fool would believe they are going to give up money on both sides for a whole year.

  • Skyler

    This is what Jason Cole (Yahoo Sports) thinks about MM –

    “Among the eight coaches remaining in the playoffs, Smith ranks No. 1 and well ahead of Packers coach Mike McCarthy, who at 11-16 in such games ranks last of the eight. In fact, McCarthy and Green Bay are 0-2 against Smith’s Falcons, both losses by three points”

    I know this guy is only a writer, but he has been on the mark on a lot of things over the years. Let hope Cole is wrong and MM out coaches Mike Smith.

    • Jeff

      Well , Matt Ryan is 0-1 in playoff games.

    • Jeff

      Cole needs to realize that the playoffs are a whole different game and the more experienced teams in the playoffs normally win and that is the Packers in the NFC

    • jimmyus333333

      I’m sure Cole understands that.

    • dave76

      Matt Ryan hasn’t even won a playoff game? Wow, someone else that wears #12 already has..Hm…

  • mel e mel

    Nnamdi cant be franchised. Pay him aj hawks money. Release Hawk.

    • Steve Cheez

      Don’t think we could get Nnamdi for Hawk $$.

  • Skyler

    This is one reason Cole thinks Mike Smith is rank high amoug Coaches –

    “The Falcons’ attention to detail shows up in some very meaningful statistics. Atlanta ranked in the top three in the NFL in time of possession (second at 32:47 minutes per game), third-down conversion percentage (third at 47 percent, including a league-leading 112 conversions overall), turnover ratio (third at plus-14), fewest penalty yards (second at 598) and fourth-down percentage (first at 73 percent). As a result of the third- and fourth-down success, the Falcons also led the league with 1,097 total plays run on offense. Those rankings are reflective of a disciplined, smart team.”

    It would be nice to see MM display these stats at same point in his time with GB. With all our injuries, I believe most credit for our record and playoff appearance go to Capers.

  • Ratpack

    Last week i had posted saying the only concern i have for the game against the eagles was Andy Reid against MM. I am on the same boat this week as MM still has not convinced me yet that he has what it takes to be a complete game calling coach, he can be out coached and gets too conservative in his play calling at times which can cause game changing momentum. Lets get a couple of defensive touchdowns and a ST score and maybe the whole world will be a better place to live.

  • mel e mel

    If we cant beat the Falcons MM is a poor coach. Raheem Morris of Tampa played Atl 2 games within 1 score with a 2nd year QB and 10 rookie starters. The one lights out advantage ATL has is ST. MM publicly stating he doesnt know who his return man is in the 2nd week of January. This is borderline incompetent. The Falcons Oline are cheaters plain and simple Clabo and Dahl 2 of the dirtiest players in the league. I wish that Jarius Wynn or C J wilson could goad one of them into an ejection. ATL gives up 4.6 yards per carry, enter James Starks!!!. Legarrett Blount had 100 yd game on them and he is .20 slower than Starks.
    I believe Atl is a poor matchup for Zombo because they force you to beat them with athleticism rather than power (see Tampa). Tampa found a way to limit Roddy White when their best corner (Aqib Talib) was out. They also found a way to slow Gonzales. AJ Hawk has to play out of his mind this game. He was a large culprit last time. The D will have to force at least 2 turnovers to take Turner out of the gamplan. Cant afford any ST errors.

    • What? Zombo and Hawk? Zombo had like 3 tkls, 4 asst, and Hawk had 4 and 2 with one for a loss. Bishop lead the team with 6 and 4.

    • Jeff

      The Packers do not have to force turnovers to win this game , it is the Falcons who must force the Packers into turnovers ( atleast 3 and maybe 4 )
      If the Falcons do not play a clean turnover free game they have no chance.

  • Have not read the “Contract” but its my understanding that the agreement was voided when he did not reach certain goals stated in the agreement. Hence, if the “Contract” is voided then any clause regarding a no franchise agreement is also void….! Thats where it comes in that Davis snookered his agent into beliveing that he cannot be franchised. The further snookering comes in, then, that since he was the highest paid CB in the league his $$ would drop to the level of the next highest paid CB if franchised. Therefore, his only recourse would be to sit out if Davis put the tag on him. If Davis did that they would have to renegotiate from scratch in any case. He is not a clean FA, OAK still has rights. Again, thats my understanding.

  • mel e mel

    The wrong thing to do is to base a linebackers performance based soley on stats, i.e. tackles. AJ cant fight off blocks period end of story. There are dozens of linebackers that dont get paid anywhere near his money that can continue to miss tackles and get blown out of plays.

  • Larry

    Not true LT…contract terms apply both seperately and aggregately..in this case the contract stipulates no franchise tag and is binding.

    On time of possession…If we had M. Turner we’d be positive too…a running game gives you that..if Starks get 80 yards we’ll be neutral. If he gets 100+ with 4-5 a clip we’ll win the ToP. Once we lost Grant and didn’t replace him with an effective runner we virtually conceded ToP…we’re a quick stike,big play offense. I don’t see this as coaching but a pure personnel move, but I digress.

    GO PACK!

    • I’m no lawyer, but to my knowledge contract terms only apply to a contract in force. Therefore, clauses within do not apply when no contract exists. Herrera also said nothing will probably be settled until there is a new CBA so maybe its all moot anyway.

  • Larry

    As you noted this will play out.

    I’m interested to see what MM will call on the goal line. Will Starks get the call or will he play fake. Starks is getting alot of press and it may make him the perfect decoy on the goal line. Fake right, naked bootleg to the left on 2!

    • ATL, to date, best balanced team in NFC. Hard to point to a weakness to plan against but the one flaw is this: Even tho they are 10th in rush D, they allow 4.6 per carry(some where in the 20s). A 4-3 and they are not big up front-263,295,296, and 260 across. Bjax was our #1 and averaged 2.6. Bring in Starks w/ a 70+ and a 120+ game behind him and result COULD BE more conversions on the ground. Also, more time off the clock.

      As it was we had 4 out of 11 to their 4 out of 12 3rd dwn conversions even with their superior run game out of Turner. Turner got 110 but Ryan was less than 200 passing. Damage was in red zone w/ two TE sets. We had more firsts 22-19.

      So, it seems to me that, while we’re asking a lot out of a rookie, we bring a lot more balance on the O than last time. Also, they are dealing with a horrendous work schedule and xpo problems in prep for this game, + the new Starks factor they did not have to deal with last game. Think positive j3, monty, Kev, and MeM.

      No punt returns for either team, and while Weems had a 4 KOR, Shields had a 37 yarder.

    • jimmyus333333

      Hurts being the 6ths seed, but this is the true money game for the NFC.

      We’ll see, LT. Looking forward to it.

  • Larry

    6th seed was best scenario out of 4,5,6. I would rather the team play Atl now not after a brutal mid-January Bears game. At Chicago the elements may dictate the game particularly the passing game, in a dome you do what you do with the best team winning. No wind, snow, ice.

    When we get by Atl we’ll have our chance in the snow and cold. Besides we don’t catch well in the cold! After Chicago we’ll have 2 weeks to prepare and HEAl for the SB. I see this as by far the easier and safer route giving GB the best chance to do what we do.

  • jimmyus333333

    I hate it when MM chimes in on what the defense “needs to do” to play better. I don’t hear Dom telling MM what he needs to do on offense.

  • Ratpack

    Here is a question I have for everyone. Now that A-Rod is considered one of the new elite quarterbacks in the league does this mean he will start getting the facemask penalty or roughing the passer penalty called? Or is 1 playoff win not enough?

    • dave76

      Good point. I hope he does because he’s taken some that weren’t called. We’ll see soon enough.

  • Ratpack

    Here is another question (I have alot). How many times will it take to get an illegal hands to the face penalty to Clay Mathews before one is called? Maybe if he would loosen up the chin strap alittle and his helmet would come off more that may inspier the referee’s to throw the flag more often.

  • It just dawned on me that this is a great weekend to play indoors. We might play 2 of our next three indoors. We are a good indoor team.

    • jimmyus333333

      Would that be ATL this weekend, and the first two pre-season games next year in GB?

      I didn’t know they released the preseason schedule yet….

      (just kiddin’, LT)

  • Rocky70

    Give Atlanta the TOP & Turner his 100+ ….. It won’t matter …… Atlanta’s DBs will be sucking wind trying to stop GJ, JJ & DD from burning them on every possession ……

    Atlanta will burn & be ‘gone with the wind’ after GB puts a thrashing on their tired asses ….. Bank on it.

  • Kevin

    The long awaited return is here. Finally we got the big playoff W. So, what’s the next step? Hopefully we run Atlanta on our way back to Solider field to beat the bears. Rodgers finally has a place in GB packer history with a playoff W. Hopefully he has a few more up his sleave or his his oversized helmet!

  • dave76

    Iwill say this: If we get a close to repeat performance from Starks, the Falcons are in real trouble. Watch Rodgers rip apart the DBs of Atlanta if we can get 120-140 yds on the ground. I also loved the screen play to B-Jax that resulted in a TD, great play. We must also protect the ball better than we did with the Eagles, too careless last game. If we get our balanced attack, I say we win by 10 and revenge will be sweet! Aaron Rodgers seems to be full of confidence, as he should, at this point. Go Packers and lets get the job done!

  • mel e mel

    Larry I am very positive. Run the football with James Starks screens to BJax take all the starch out of John Abraham. Matt ryan will throw picks if you take turner away.

  • Larry

    Glad to see the Rock back…GB beats Atlanta….see you at the bank!!

    • Larry it’s like the swallows returning to Capistrano, the Pack wins a couple of games and there’s a Rocky sighting.

  • jimmyus333333

    I don’t want to see anymore bone-headed ST play, or another false start from Bulg on third and short.

    I’m probably more worried about ST’s then anything else. We have it in ourselves to miss kicks & tackles, blocks in the back, fumbles…

    • Gee, j3, I don’t mind a penalty on 3rd and short at all. We’re much more comfortable at 3rd and long and don’t have to hear all the flack about missing another 3rd and short.
      You know its like the argument that everybody who eats carrots dies, therefore carrots kill. I really don’t care what down we get the first from – just keep moving the chains.