Media day in the books

Well, it looks like the Packers made it through Super Bowl Media Day with no further controversy, so now the focus shifts to the game. The Pack returns to the practice field tomorrow but what kind of practice they get is certainly in question.

Because of bitter cold weather in Dallas the Packers will likely be practicing in a high school gym while the Steelers practice in an indoor facility on the TCU campus. The Packers got the short end of the stick on this deal, much like the way the whole season has gone. Just another obstacle to overcome I guess.

The Packers appeared downright jovial during the proceedings today, which I think bodes well for them as the week goes on. This certainly was not a team that was uptight or worried about the magnitude of this game, which is kind of surprising considering how little playoff experience this team has. It was good to see.

The Packers are a confidence bunch, and I think if they can withstand an early Steelers punch or two they will be just fine. I think Pittsburgh comes out looking for the early knockout.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow with the practice field issue. Talk to you then.

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  • Scott

    How fun is this!

    • Buffalo Jim

      Amen Brother!!
      70 years and I have never been more excited about a football game!!

  • Steve

    I don’t think that the Packers got the short end of the stick on the practice facility.

    I included this link not because of the story, but so you can look at a picture of where the Super Bowl winning team will get to practice.

    Go Pack Go

    • AATP

      Exactly Steve, the high school football facility they are practicing in down here rivals many college and pro practice facilities… Highland Park is where all the very rich people live and football here is not just a game – remember Friday Night Lights? Football is an institution down here for High Schools and the best teams in the state get the money for the best facilities. Highland Park is definitely in that genre… Trust me, Green Bay probably got the better end of the deal on this one.

  • Rocky70

    Al …..Wouldn’t worry about where the Packers are practicing ….. The ‘high school gym’ is not your normal HS facility …… Check out this link & pic ……

  • The Pack brought ice and snow with them from Green Bay, a good omen. Maybe Lombardi and Lambeau are watching us, helping us. Maybe Vince’s ghost was stirred up with that new broadway play. How fitting would it be for Broadway to have the Pack win it all now.

    As far as Media Day goes, it’s just interviews folks. We have veteran guys who know how to handle this stuff. The team knows they have to block the silly crap from their mind and not get caught up in the hype. Play your best football, when the time comes. You have sixty minutes to put all off this stuff to rest for once and for all. If every GB player plays for sixty full minutes, stays sharp all sixty, and wins every battle on every play that they can, we will fly home with the Lombardi once more.

    And what was up with that dude wearing the furs who was talking to Driver? He sure wasn’t interviewing him. Weird. And just like the mushroom he is, Thompson stands way off to the side trying to avoid reporters as much as possible. Come on, Ted, embrace this a little. You’re one of our leaders.

    • wow

      Did you ever think we would be saying that TT is one of our leaders this has turned out to be an amazing year for the packers and the fans

    • iccyfan

      I read an article someplace yesterday that but for the snow in Texas, Ted had planned to leave for a day or two and join his scouts at the “Texas vs the Nation” college all-star game. Later in the same article, they noted that Ted & Scouts will begin their annual “rating prospects” meeting on Tuesday. When the reporter asked Ted if he’d postpone the beginning of this meeting to ride in a championship parade, Ted responded, “if they tell me I have to…”

      While there are still a couple haters popping off on other sites, you’re not seeing many “albino barn owl” references these days! Maybe people are realizing he doesn’t care about his image one iota but he’s definitely committed to doing what he thinks is best for the franchise. In short, I don’t find it surprising that Ted was off to the side at media day – it’s not about him and that’s refreshing in today’s NFL…

      • AATP

        I have to agree with Iccy on this one… I’m kinda glad TT stepped aside and let the boys that play game enjoy the lime light… This is their time, not his… He built the house and these guys get the pleasure of living in it and sharing that with others IMHO.

  • monkeon

    In regards to the poll…they ALL need to have an MVP type day. Not just the players listed.

    And make note…any player performing like Gabe Wilkins in SB 32 can just not bother returning to Wisconsin.

    • iccyfan

      I don’t think any of them have to be named MVP for the Packers to prevail, but if James Starks is MVP, the Packers won big!

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Great, I posted today on the previous post……… To shorten those three paragraphs, the O-line did it’s part in getting us through the playoffs and now in the Super Bowl, I believe the D-line needs to win the line of scrimmage and the Pack wins . Picking Pack 45-Steelers 17!!!

  • roy jamison

    I hope PA is right on the score. The Steelers secondary would have to be asleep to have that happen, altho anything is possible.

  • Rick

    Just win it.

  • Corky DeYulio-Geneva, NY Packer Backers

    The Packer organization and A-Rod kept their mouth shut about Favre’s reluctance to help the Rodgers. They showed class and now the ugly truth is rearing its ugly head. Even the players have hinted how they felt about Favre at the end of his career in Green Bay. I am sure that the young players didn’t llike the way Favre was not helping their future qb.

    • Steve Cheez

      “That’s not my job…”

  • Larry

    Anyone here wanting to see the hurry-up offense from the Pack? It might catch Pburgh unaware at least causing a time out.

    • AATP

      How ’bout an unprecedented on-side kick to start the game – why not mix it up a bit 🙂 I’m thinking MM iw going to be just as amped up as his team and won’t make any unprecedented calls early in the game.

  • Rocky70

    I know it’s a competing blog but these pics are just too good to be missed …… Come on Al, GB’s in the SB ……

  • Anybody’s nerves’ shot? I’m not sure if I’m going to make it through the whole game if it’s close. I bearly got through NFC championship. I just hope they play all out the entire time, no matter how far ahead we get. I don’t want any miracle comebacks.

    • AATP

      I know mine are – want a win if I’m gonna be there – would make it oh so sweet.

  • If we manage to beat the Steelers, I have a headline: Dynasty Denied.

  • AATP

    Hey AL, will there be a place to post pictures of SuperBowl after the game? I’m going to be there and want to share my experience with those on the site… Do I just send them to you? Maybe I’ll just add a link to Picasa in the Website block in these entries once all is said and done… Win or lose guys, no haters once the game is over – I don’t believe any of us could have predicted where our boys will be playing this Sunday based on the posts from mid-season 😛

    Win or lose I’ll be posting pictures…

    • Steve Cheez

      Be there for all of us, AATP.