Back to practice – random thoughts

The Packers are practicing indoors and while field looks great they certainly can’t practice much special teams in that facility. That might be a good thing, though, as they will not have any negative thoughts to take into the game.

OK, I take that back. Tim Masthay is actually a huge reason why the Packers are in the Super Bowl, I hope he gets his work.

I could be wrong but I get the feeling the Steelers think this is a done deal. Is that good or bad?

While I think this year’s Packers are as good as the 1996 Packers, I just don’t think we have that Reggie White-type player. The Steelers might have that guy in Troy Polamalu. That scares me.

It is possible, however, that Aaron Rodgers is that player, we just don’t know it yet. I know you all thought I would say Charles Woodson here, but with what Rodgers has had to endure since becoming a starter, I think getting that monkey off his back is a bigger motivation going into this Super Bowl.

I do feel good about the way the Packers have handled things since getting to Dallas. Media day was a breeze and while  I may have bitched about the practice facilites, the Packers haven’t.

DVR is the best invention since TV itself. Especially when your team is in the Super Bowl.

PTI rehashing the same old crap about Favre. Ridiculous! Who are the Vikings playing this week?

26 weeks of Packers’ football, I love it! Let’s make a habit of it.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Go Pack!

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  • AATP

    The reason the Steelers have that swagger is because they’ve won their share of SuperBowls and have only lost one of them and that was a long time ago to Dallas. So considering many of the players that won the last one are still on the roster they truly believe they are the better team. What’s on our side is that this team is so young that they don’t have any pressure on them to win. With the Steelers having like 25 players on the team that were in their last SuperBowl it may give them experience but it also adds pressure. For the Packers, they were the last team that believed they would be playing for the big prize 6 weeks ago and yet, here we are. I think they are just oblivious enough to be able to actually pull this out and pull it out big. I think they’ll be amped up at the experience but I really don’t believe they’ll feel the same pressure the Steelers will feel when they take the field. I think they’re playing mental games with themselves to get themselves in the right mindset to even play against us come Sunday cause I don’t think they’re as confident as they play themselves up to be… I think it’s a big show – throwing out the underdog card and Harrison playing the “chip on my shoulder” card about the fines and the whole Flozelle Adams thing (win one for the Gipper!)… I think they’re a little scared. I think the Packers run away with this one after half time to be honest…

    • AATP

      Oh, and I don’t know why, but I think Big Ben Raplisburger gets hurt in this one – I think we blow up that new center and he gets one around the ankles or CMIII wraps him up with his arms pinned and bounces off the carpet face first – I just think Ben gets hurt in this one…

  • Erick

    “Stadium scouting: Most of the Green Bay Packers were off to Highland Park, a local high school, for practice Wednesday. But punter Tim Masthay, kicker Mason Crosby and the kick returners got 45 minutes inside Cowboys Stadium, practice time in there the rest of the team does not get.”

  • Larry

    Their O line will be the issue for them. Average at best with Pouncey they’ll struggle with his replacement. We could see our D with opportunities for picks IF we can control the run early. Pburgh will come out running to allow the O line to settle in and protect Ben. We need to get 3rd and long to force their hand. Look for TE dumps to move the sticks.

    In 2009 we had 5 sacks and a chance at 5 more. We’ll get our pressure and opportunity!!

    GO PACK!

  • Packer_Bob

    Wow, that poll on the front page is an interesting question. Lovie Smith has caught a lot of flak for kicking to us in the championship game in the Chi media, but I’m not sure there is a right answer. Sure it backfired on him, but when you have confidence in your defense I understand the thought process of pinning the other team early and having the ball first in the 2nd half. Our having the ball to start the 2nd half was the nail in the Falcons coffin in Atlanta. (And the poll is almost equally split 33/33/33 so there is no consensus amongst the great minds of Packernet either.)

    I caught MM’s press conference this morning and somebody asked if he felt this team was built to compete for the long haul, as in years to come. LOL! What kind of question is that? He and this team are getting ready to compete in the biggest game of their lives, and you ask him about the future?

    I expect some goofs on Media Day but God I wonder what some of the press are thinking sometimes.

    Al, we may not have a Reggie type player, but we may be more talented across the board on D than that team. We definitely don’t have a Desmond Howard type player; hopefully one can surface if just for one day on Sunday as the Steelers have shown some weakness on return coverage. I will chime in more on the game itself when it gets a little closer but to me it doesn’t appear that we have stubbed our collective toes on any of the SB hype so far. I fully expect us to be prepared and ready to go on Sunday.

  • just saying

    I’m starting to get nervous I really hope the packers win this game

    GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iccyfan

    I just can’t wait for gameday to arrive! In looking at the Steelers results this season, I feel great about the Packers chances to prevail. The two teams they played with dynamic pass-first offenses, New Orleans and New England, both had great success and won by double-digits. Brees and Brady both went over 300 with 2 & 3 TD’s respectively and neither team had a 100 yard rusher (though Green-Ellis did a serviceable job at 18-82). New Orleans had virtually nothing for rushing and very little from their TE, so production from these spots is not a necessity. NE got three TD receptions from rookie TE Gronkowski – is it time for Andrew Quarless to step up to the podium? Let’s give Jermichael some incentive to work hard this off-season…

    At the very least, the Packer offense is in the same zip code as the Patriots and Saints, and there’s little doubt the Packer defense is superior to either. As I’ve said repeatedly over the past 1.5 weeks, I like this matchup!

    On a personal note, I just scheduled a business meeting in Green Bay for next Tuesday! I’m hoping to attend the Celebration at Lambeau Field but have no idea what it entails to get in. If nothing else, I’ll walk to the stadium and take in the atmosphere! I’m sure there’s a Shopko around GB where I can get some Superbowl merchandise! Keep the faith…

    • Packer_Bob

      Cool Iccy! I have Monday off but there is no way in hell I can be in GB on Tues. Good luck and I’m sure it will be a special day regardless!

      You make very good points about the Steelers vs. both NO and NE. Brady seems to tear their ass up every time he plays them, so why shouldn’t we be able to? I oscillate back and forth between us losing a close one to winning by 7-10 to outright running away with this game as I toss it back and forth in my mind. Bottom line, none of us knows what may happen, but there is no reason to think we can’t have at least as much success as NO and NE, and we have a better defense.

      Thinking about the Steelers defense can make them seem scary, but your post puts a pretty good perspective on it. Hell, the Cardinals probably beat them a couple of years ago without that mistake on the goalline. The Steelers victories in the playoffs were against the Ravens (nobody’s idea of high powered O with several key mistakes thrown in to boot) and the Jets (who they almost let back in) team that we shut out in NY.

      Great post!

  • I heard something interesting on the radio today. The announcer said he’s picking the Packers because Vegas is 7-0 when picking games involving the Steelers. The Steelers only loss – they picked the Cowboys to win that one. And, of course, they’re picking GB to win this one. Seems like a great omen to me!

    Matthews is our Reggie White. I believe he will have more sacks than White one day.

    Rodgers loves playing in the dome, so I believe we can do this! Let Rodgers wear his lucky shoes and tear ’em up!

  • dave76

    This is a very special Packer team we have been watching this year, a team that has had to fight uphill the entire way to the SB. We have overcome an amount of injuries that would have sunk any other team. Unknown guys have stepped it up at the right times, allowing the Packers to discover (and us too) how talented this team really is. Winning 3 straight road playoff games against division winners, has been a thrilling postseason to watch. For me, this team is a little more special than the team of 96′ because of the adversity the Packers were able to overcome, plus we had home field advantage in 96′.

    Aaron had a great game against Pitt. last year with 383 yds passing, 3 tds and 0 ints. I honestly see him doing the same again this time, indoors will certainly work to Aarons advantage. Once we spread their D with our WRs, I think their DBs ar overmatched. Quick strikes will keep the ball moving, especially since we are so dangerous after the catch.

    Our D is much improved over last years collapse when Roth had 503 yds, he’ll never see that again this time. Our D line, IMO, will have too much push with their O-line being battered. Plus we know Dom will have some great blitz packages to hammer Roth. With the Lombardi Trophy on the line, I say we hit Ben as hard as we can from whatever angle and just keep doing it til he can’t get up! Peppers tried it last week and if the Steelers have an opportunity, they will do the same. Get Ben!!

    Packers 30, Steelers 17. Lombardi Trophy comes home and the fans go crazy!!!!

    • iccyfan

      When Big Ben threw for 503 last season, we had Jarrett Bush, Derek Martin and Josh Bell patrolling the defensive backfield, plus we gave them FIVE first downs with defensive penalties. We know we won’t be seeing JBush or JBell lined up solo on Mike Wallace and it’s doubtful we commit five penalties total (knock on wood), much less give them five first downs on them. I hope they’re hanging their hats on that game, because this one should play out much different…

      I’m with you Dave; I see a double-digit victory where we don’t have to wring our hands and gnash our teeth at the end…

      • Packer’s Advocate

        The refs scare the shit out of me………. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Pitt run Ward into Shields several times for some PI’s. The refs tend to side w/the vets and more-so on a first year guy. They gave the Bears the first game w/a PI for a chip-shot FG. And it wasn’t a very good call!!

        Hope the Pack’s planning some big plays off their “bread and butters” There’s a couple sweet ones I’d like to see.

        Lastly, 503 yards on our #1 D last year???????……….. I think that should be a little motivation for our D in this game. And I hope our O is game planning for 50.

        • Packer_Bob

          For what it’s worth, the referee of this game is Walt Anderson. His only game featuring the Packers this season was the blowout win against the Giants that started our current streak. The Packers had 3 penalties that game.

          There were some worries in the championship game was the main ref was the same guy that hit us with 18 penalties against the Bears the first time, but those worries turned out to be pointless.

          We seem more disciplined now, so let’s hope it continues and count on the officials to do their job and call an even game.

  • Reid

    We will only lose if we beat ourselves with turnovers, dropped passes, penalties, or missed field goals.

    • That goes for any game.

  • Pierre

    Picked BJ Raji (pre-season) to be a force on the Packers defensive line this year. He will continue to cause havoc in this game (along with Jenkins and Matthews) enough to cause some turnovers and get more chances for Rodgers and the offense to score points. Packers’ secondary will contribute with this also. Offense cannot have the long, lackluster periods of not scoring points as it did against Phi and Chi. The GB defense preserved those victories; would not want to see them loose the Superbowl by going conservative if they get a lead. MM needs to have Rodgers play the WHOLE game like they need to get a score with each possession! Packers have a good offense, they just need to trust it and keep it in high gear till there is no time on the clock.

    • Packer_Bob

      Amen! Pedal till the medal until the END!

  • Dan

    I’m enjoying hearing the various reports of the Steelers activities. They are reminding me of the Packers team that lost to Denver in the SB.

    As for impact player, I believe Woodson is that player. Many times Woodson has come up with a big play to save a game. He’s had an extra week of rest. When opponents throw to his side of the field, he’s intercepted many passes. When opponents look to the middle or opposite side of the field, he’s come up with sacks. In addition, how many times have we watched Woodson strip a ball while making a tackle.

    Woodson lost out on a SB with the Raiders because of the “tuck” rule. Clearly Brady was pulling the ball back, Woodson knocked it loose. Woodson has that hunger that Reggie had when he came up with 3 sacks in the 4th quarter.

  • Pierre

    Concerned that Eric Walden is hurting and probably not able to play the OLB position as he has been a big part of the past 5 game run. Zombo will have to get ready quick and step up his performance for the defense to keep up it’s overall consistency in pass rushing and stuffing the Steelers run game. Look for the Steelers to come out and try to ‘hit the Packers in the mouth’ and push them around the field with their running game. If they can withstand the initial Steeler energy and dominate at the line, they will have an excellent chance of winning this game… and if Aaron Rodgers plays at his highest level, I can see tha Packers being able to win going away.

    • AATP

      He’s only a pain killing shot away from playing one last game for the season… Walden will play – I really doubt anyone that’s hurting isn’t going to be so amped up to play that they wouldn’t do everything to get in the action…

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Three thoughts to throw out there today…….

    First, I’d be nice if all the Packer fans at the game get themselves green terrible towels. Then when they wave them and the Steeler fans wave their gold ones, it’ll be a sea of “green n’ gold”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wouldn’t it have been great if one of the reporters could have stepped up and had a “priceless” moment instead of all the same ole crappy questions. Imagine during Frazier’s press conference this morning, a reporter ask “Was Ben able to find himself any drunk nineteen year-olds out at the bar last night???”.

    Last, say all you want, but it really does pay to plant one in the head of the opposing QB and knock him out of the game in a big game like this. Is it right???, no!!! But take a $10K fine like Peppers received and subtract it from the extra $40K the winner of the SB receives and a ring that’s likely worth $20K and that player is still ahead a trophy and $50K!!!!! I think the NFL needs an “even-steven” rule. It’d be a shame if Rodger’s takes another hit like that and had to go out, but the Steelers got to keep playing w/their starting QB.

    • Packer’s Advocate

      Guess I meant Tomlin, not Fraizer or whoever is their coach.

      One other thought……… easy to appreciate TT when you think about what we’d be stuck with having to watch if the Cowboys or T.R. Pattys were in the SB. Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft would have their face in the camera ever second they could………. puke!!!!

  • Dan

    Going to be fun watching the Packers (America’s Team) receiving the Lombardi in Dallas’ stadium.

    Big Ben has played terrible in the SB. When Steelers win, it’s because other teams aren’t prepared for their defense. Rodgers knows this defense as well as any QB in the league.

    Only way Packers lose this game is if Packers lose a couple key players or have a special teams collapse.

    • Dan

      Also look at Steelers record this year when they played elite QBs. Sorry, but I don’t count Matt Ryan who chokes in big games.

      Brees (305 yds with no running game) and Brady (350 yrds) exposed the secondary.

      Rodgers has proven he’s an elite QB and will put up 300 yds on the Steelers.
      Rodgers plays best on these turf surfaces.

  • Have not had anything to say worth while since at my stage in life the end is usually anti-climatic. Getting there is always most of the fun.

    However, I couldn’t help notice a couple of things about the PIT OL. A third string Center, and would you believe it, Flozell Adams starting at RT? Talk about scraping the bottom of a used up barrell. Adams cannot get through a game anymore without at least two trips and three holds – can you imagine Woody running around him all day? His fouls are not all called anymore simply because they’re not effective anymore. Thats why Dallas got rid of him, he just can’t hack it. Changed my whole attitude!

  • Ratpack

    My Super Bowl MVP pick is….. wait for it….. wait for it….. JAMES JONES! 126 yards recieving and 3 touchdowns.

    • iccyfan

      I’m on board with your selection in honor of Max McGee (#3 to Boyd Dowler and Carroll Dale), but I think it’s more likely to be Jordy Nelson. Either of them would be additional sweet redemption for TT; Jones was the third-round draft choice that many felt should have been traded for Randy Moss and Jordy was a highly criticized second round pick when most felt we were already loaded at the position (which we were).

      Jones had some interesting comments this week, namely “lots of people in this league know I’m a #1” and “nobody grows up wanting to be a #3”. I could see JJ supplanting DD as the #2 next season (if he can hold off Jordy), but he’s not likely to be #1 in GB so long as Jennings is around. I can’t imagine such quotes are going to play well with management considering his penchant for untimely mistakes, so he’ll likely need a big day in Big D if he wants to “get paid” by the Packers. My “gut feeling” is that we’re probably about to watch JJ’s final game in a Packer uniform and I’m actually OK with that. Jennings, Nelson moves up to #2, Driver drops to #3 and Swain moves up to #4, with a new rookie assuming the Swain role. Couple that with the return of Finley and continued development of Quarless, and the passing game rolls along without a ripple…

    • dave76

      Fun debate Ratpack. I’m going with the obvious and probably popular choice of Aaron Rodgers. I think he will bounce back from his “off game” against the Bears and light it up like he did last year against Pitt. I feel our D will give Rodgers plenty of opportunities and we can slowly tire Pitts D. Good guess with Jones though. Remember Jerry Rice and his MVP performance of 11 catches for 215 yds. I,m so ready for this game, the extra week of waiting is slowing the days for me. Enjoy our SB win everyone
      veryone. Let’s get it on!!! Go Pack!!!

      P.S.My second guess is Clay with 2 FF and 3 sacks. Maybe overly optomistic, but the Pitt line is really hurting so why not?

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Looks as if the Pack better practice the “bust Ben’s knee” play to keep the game even should one of the Pitt players come in w/an obvious cheap shot for the knock out. Pack may want to send that footage of Harrison along w/Kemateau’s cheap shots during the playoffs to the refs as well. I just want to see a good game and at the end someone will win. The Pack better make no mistake though, the Steeler’s will be physical. They better have that mind set going in.

  • Pierre

    Mike McCarthy should get coach of the year for the job he has done with this Green Bay Packer team, with all the injuries. Ted Thompson, General Manager of the year…with all the talent he has packed onto this team to get them to this point. Great group of players in their attitude…for the most part… on this Packer team; be kinda difficult rooting for someone like James Harrison of the Steelers! The interesting thing is Green Bay has actually found better players at some of the positions where replacements have had to come in. This team is built to compete at the playoff / championship level for quite a few years to come, there is no doubting that!

    • dave76

      Good points Pierre. Agree 100%.

  • Ratpack

    Al, I think it would be cool if you would come up with pre-game speech as if your the head coach of the Packers. As for all of the Packer Net Groupies, if you were given the opportunity to talk to the team in the locker room before they take the field Sunday night what would your message be and how would you get the team fired up and mentally prepaird for the biggest game of their lives. I think it will be fun to hear what everyone would say. I will have my speech tomorrow. Are you scared? I’am not.