Lombardi Trophy is coming home

I have read everything there is to read and saw every sportscaster angle there is, kickoff can not get here soon enough. We still have a four hour pre-game show but I will try avoid that as much as possible. I’m ready for the game.

The Packers have survived the hype in what appears to be fine form and are confident and ready to go. The Steelers have that been there, done that mentality and are acting business as usual. I don’t think nerves will be a problem for either team after that first hit.

The Packers haven’t faced an offense like this since Philadelphia, one that can run the ball and has a quarterback who is a huge threat out of the pocket. Vick is more likely to run than Big Ben is, but the longer Ben is running around the longer the Packers’ defense has to cover the Steelers’ receivers, which gets harder and harder with each passing second.

The Packers haven’t faced a defense like this all year. The Steelers are fast and extremely mean, they hit with extremely bad intentions, as their fine totals for the year would attest to. The Steelers will be coming after Aaron Rodgers full force from the opening gun, only by hitting some big plays will the Packers be able to slow them down.

After going back and forth about winning the toss or not I think I want the Packers to receive. The Packers should come out firing and try to slow down the pressure right from the start. If they could hit a few passes and maybe even get a decent James Starks run it will get them going. You can’t ease into a street fight.

I think on offense the Steelers will test Sam Shields early as he would be the most likely to be affected by the Super Bowl pressure. I think the Steelers will try to open up the running game by working the pass first. I think they would like to get a lead and then keep the Packers’ offense on the bench by grinding it out on the ground. The Packers’ rush defense is not the best but for some reason was never tested in the playoffs. The Steelers will test it.

The game won’t be a shootout in the true sense of the word, but I think it will be higher scoring than most people think – Packers 33, Steelers 27. One final defensive stand brings the Lombardi Trophy back to Titletown!

Go Pack!

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  • Brandt

    That’s funny my name on espn NFC north blog is Lombardicomeshome. I’ve had it since 2004 looking forward to the Lombardi trophy coming home where it belongs………I can’t wait!!!!

  • Rick

    I love Football. Nobody can hide on a football field: all your strengths, fears, and weakness are on the field of battle for everyone to see. The toughness is your mind and the grit in your heart will determine how well you play; how much you’re willing to sacrifice for victory. It’s not only the game that I love, but the elevating calm before the storm. Getting your mind in a place that will know no surrender, no defeat. Creating a mental zone to give it everything you have and leave nothing on the battle field. (Leave nothing but the body parts of your opponent, as one of my coaches use to say) I was not the fastest or the most talented but I never was less then the best to myself and my team. I rewarded my team with 10 sacks, the most of a junior in our school history. I never was going to be defeated, even if our team lost. With the game approaching fast, I decided to dedicate this post to my favorite sport. I hope you will enjoy this inspiring and motivating speech by Coach Flowers.


    Go Pack Go!!

  • Rick

    Game day!!!

  • Green Bay needs to bracket Miller like they did with Gonzales in Atlanta. Masthay needs to pin Pitt deep all day (inside the ten if possible). They need to watch out for the screens and short dumps that could hurt Green Bay all day. Our OL needs to have a perfect day, no false starts. Give Rodgers the pocket he needs. I’m anxious to see what kind of blitz packages Capers dials up. Green Bay HAS TO play four full quarters, and be aggressive all four quarters. NO PREVENT DEFENSE. Watch for tipped balls. Don’t let Wallce get those sneaky catches outside. Keep the rushing lanes closed to keep Mendenhall from doubling back. Would it be too much to ask for good returns on Special Teams for us? I hope we don’t have to depend on the game winner from Crosby either. Let’s win by two touchdowns. Jenkins and Raji are the keys to this game, I believe. I hope Jenkins plays phenomenally for his dad, and hopes his dad shows up to the game. Hawk needs to play like he wants a monster new contract from GB. I hope between Walden and Zombo we get enough production to win this game. Quarless needs to catch every ball thrown his way, same with Driver. No dropsies, receivers! If we keep Big Ben in the pocket, we will win this game. We don’t need Starks to run for 100 yards, but I wouldn’t mind it.

    • Scott you mentioned everything except our “prevent” offense. MM predictably tries to run the ball at the end of games when we lead. We simply don’t have a run offense especially vs the toughest run D in the league. I pray he will just run our regular offense all the way through.

      • Yeah. Very true, Mark. We need to keep running the ball the ENTIRE GAME. Also, we need to win on third downs, on both sides of the ball. On offense against Chicago, we were 2 for 11. Ugly. That won’t cut it against the Steelers.

  • dd

    I can’t wait for this game to start I’m so ready to see the packers FIGHT on that field and when It’s all said and done I hope we come out with the WIN



  • Rocky70

    Must see video ……. If you aren’t emotionally into this game ……. This video will get the blood flowing ……..


    • Rick

      A great link Rocky, a great link!!

  • Hmmm, our D is better, thats it and will win the ball game. Our run D was not tested, other than ATL early, because of that fact. Ops were trying to go against our pass D because of what happened last year and they all got burnt. I say CHI D as good as PIT with exception of one Safety who will be taken care of.
    So, I want to kick off and receive at the half. This eliminates the notoriously slow starts we always seem to have on O. It also gives us better field after the exchange on three and out for PIT’s first series. Jenkins, Pickett, and Raji are the difference. Healthy, fresh, and good rotation. Wood and CM will do their thing today, and PIT WRs will not get deep because of up front penetration.
    Remember, this game is four quarters, so don’t panic if we don’t go up by 21 in the first!

  • Larry

    Pittsburgh O line is hurting, we have a decided advantage with our D line and blitz scheme. That should cause some picks by the secondary and a fumble or two from Ben. I’m thinking this game is a 10 point win!

    Go PACK!

  • Rocky70

    GB 34 …. Steelers 13 …… GB has too many playmakers on both sides of the ball ……..Tramon, Woody, BJ, Jenkins, Collins, CM3 & SS …… Big Ben may gain a few yards but will be forced into mistakes ……. GB’s ‘O’ will spread the Steeler ‘D’ wide & AR will pick apart the Steeler DBs ……. Quick drops by AR with slants, outs & dump-offs will keep Pittsburgh on their heels …….. The 4th quarter will be used to run the ball & kill the clock …..

    If you can’t be a Homer when your team is favored in the SB, when can you ? ……

    Take it to the ATM …….

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Pitt gets away w/more holding in the run game than any team in the NFL. The refs have control over this game. Depends on if they call’em. If they get to drag our D-linemen down, then it will be a close game. Of course, I’d say, more-so in the black jersey’s. Not sure if that’s because those are home games or it’s the jersey color that hides it, but they’ll wearing white tonight………

  • UN57

    I believe this will be the start of a long, long run….60’s style!

  • Hours of SB coverage about who needs to have a good game. I’d like to see the refs have a good game.