Packers-Steelers game blog

5:30 PM: Can a person be any more nervous?

5:31PM: Damn! Bad move to start if you ask me. Take the ball and score!

5:36 PM: Good start, three and out.

5:38 PM:  Scary start. We need to settle down.

5:43 PM:  Damn, that was a dropped pass with Super Bowl pressure all over it. Jordy should have caught it. Guys will be open though, no more misses!

5:50 PM:  Feeling each other out. I am getting more nervous by the play. AR needs a big play right about now. Confidence is high.

5:55 PM:  Grinding it out. Starks! But that was a bad time out. Got momentum and we can’t get a play off?

6:02 PM:  Wow!

6:03 PM:  Packers lead 7-0!

6:10 PM:  Packers lead 14-0!

6:11 PM:  I have too many distractions. I do not feel good right now.

6:18 PM:  I know we need to stop them this drive though.

6:24 PM:  We are getting TDs, they are only getting FG. But right now the pressure is on the Packers’ offense, we need to move the ball.

6:27 PM:  We need a drive here, even if we don’t score, we have to take take command.

6:31 PM:  I think I am sitting amongst idiots. We are in big trouble.

6:41 PM:  I would love to have the ball again, come on defense!

6:49 PM:  We think we got the game won already. This is playing to lose, we better not let them get a touchdown.

6:53 PM:  Defense playing well, one more play.

6:55 PM:  Woodson out? This is not looking good, have to hold them to three. Nope!

7:36 PM:  Things are not going in the Packers’ favor right now, but we lead by 11 and can turn this around in a heartbeat. One more TD may be all we need. Confidence is high.

7:49 PM:  I think somebody will make a play. The new Packernet is confident. We are not going away.

7:54 PM:  The new Packernet is trying to stay positive, but losing Woodson is going to be tough to overcome. A great year though no matter the outcome.

8:30 PM:  I’m not scared.

8:34 PM:  The defense has done it all year, they will get it done one more time. Big Ben might press a little now, we might be able to get another interception.

8:42 PM:  Big Ben to Wallace for the TD. 2-point conversion good. It has to be dramatic.

8:48 PM:  The new Packernet is trying hard, we can still do it I think.

8:52 PM:  Nice pass by AR, good run by JS, need a first down or two.

8:55 PM:  A TD wins it!

8:56 PM:  It comes down to the defense again. I think I feel confident. I think.

9:03 PM:  I think we can do it.

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  • dd

    I hope driver is ok

  • dd

    come on packers PLEASE PLEASE get us this win !!!!!!!!!!!

  • dd

    Can we please STOP #7

  • Half time, relax!

  • Ratpack

    Bush and Lee need to step up big in the second half if Sheilds and Woodson are done. Bush is sick in coverage. He needs to stop being so interested in what the qb is doing and just pay attention to his man. The Steelers are going to pick on Bush and Lee in the second half.

  • dd

    I hope tonight will be a good night for my packers!!! WIN

  • dd

    woodson out I’m worried

  • dd

    Jones need to be hit upside his head for not catching that ball

  • dd

    This is a bad time to start falling apart come on packers get it together

  • dd

    come on packers FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

  • dd

    This is starting to piss me off can SOMEONE PLEASE CATCH THE BALL and hold on to it

  • dd

    this game is starting to get out of hand the packers better get it together fast

  • dd


  • dd

    come on packers

  • Steve Cheez

    Just like all year long, overcoming adversity. I gotta feel bad for Driver and Woodson, though. It’s gotta suck to work as hard and as long as they have and not be able to finish it out. So glad we held on for the win.

  • Steve Cheez

    All we had to do was win six in a row, and guess what, we did it!

  • Steve Cheez

    Nice job on the seats, Jerry!

  • Rick

    Packers Win !!!! Packers Win !!!! It was awesome.

  • iccyfan

    That game was awesome on so many levels, not the least of which is TT, MM & Aaron Rodgers forever shedding the spector which has haunted them for three years! I’ve enjoyed the year gentlemen; thanks for the witty repartee. Let’s hope the owners and the NFLPA can get a new CBA in place so we can do this again next year! See you around draft time…

    • Rick

      Here here 🙂

  • I_Luv_Brats

    WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • just gettubg home from one hell of a superbowl in Dallas! Go Packers!

  • jimmyus333333

    Wow, I can’t believe how many people are totally missing why we won the game. From Mark Murphy, up-and-down the media. It should have been Dom on that stand receiving the Lombardi Trophy, not McCarthy.

    If Dom leaves, that’s it, party’s over. Nothing else matters.

    • Rick

      Celebrating a SB win with a parade is what matters Jimmy. We get a week or so to enjoy before the coaching, CBA, draft and the trying to repeat BS gets started.

      GO PACK GO!!!

      What a chant to hear in the background as the game ended with the Packers as WORLD CHAMPIONS!!

      • iccyfan

        Never too early to start talking about the draft. Ted is supposedly opening draft preparation meetings on Tuesday; when asked if he’d attend the Superbowl celebration, he replied, “if they tell me to”. People bitch about everything TT-related; other sites have threads titled “was Ted drunk?”, ripping him for his post-game comments. I love the guy; all he cares about is getting the best players for the team!

        I’ll open the draft discussion with this thought. Let’s get some help for CMIII at the ROLB position, as the cobbled together Brad Jones, Brady Poppinga, Frank Zombo, Eric Walden & Robert Francois platoon takes up too many roster spots! 🙂 I’m intrigued by Nevada’s Dontay Moch, the WAC’s all-time leader in sacks and tackles for loss; 6-1, 245 with 40 times reportedly as low as 4.25. I only saw him play twice, versus Boise State and in Nevada’s bowl game, but I love the measureables. If he’s there in Round 2 (currently projected to go in third), I wonder if Ted’d be interested?

        Other players of interest: Gabe Carimi seems a natural replacement for Tauscher given we love Big Ten cold-weather linemen. I’ll continue my Bulaga logic from last season and say emphatically he’ll never drop to us! I also don’t think Ted’ll ever use a roster spot on a kick return specialist, but Titus Young of Boise State could play the DeSean Jackson role nicely for us, replacing Driver if he’d opt to retire.

        Last thought – games balls to the much-maligned Jarrett Bush and even more-so to Pat Lee, who’s name I never heard called while playing at least half the game. I’d have thought Hines Ward would feast on JBush & PLee, but it didn’t happen. Way to step up gentlemen!

        • I maybe wrong but I don’t think TT drafts for need. So we’ll get the proverbial best player available. I’d love to have Cliffy play to this level for one more year. He did a great job these last 6 games. Other than a return guy and better OLB to go with CMIII we’re looking pretty good. Especially if our young wideouts can improve.

      • Iccy, we disagree, I guess, in that I think your platoon works given the ST potential there. Obviously if certain players fell, like a Von Miller, we pick, but that won’t happen. Therefore, I’m holding out for the best RB available. I cannot remember any of us being totally satisfied with Grant, we know what Bjax can’t do, and Starks is streaky. Starks being the unknown, really, because the OL as constructed just does not block well consistantly for the run game. Yesterday I saw a couple of hard running, falling forward, backs from PIT run up to the line and bounce out and around when no hole there. None of our guys show that ability to me. Again, I have not completely given up on Starks, but even if he is the real deal he needs a backup IMO.

        • iccyfan

          We do disagree, frequently, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! I’ve come around on BJax; the little bugger should be resigned if for nothing more than his pass blocking and third-down receiving skills. I don’t know what you were watching, but Starks’ six-game audition convinced me he’s our feature back of the future. Throw in the healthy return of a multi-time 1200 yard rusher in Ryan Grant, and I feel our run game is in good shape! Just my humble opinion, but I’m not in favor of spending high round draft picks on RB’s.

          I’m out the door, heading to Green Bay for work – what a coincidence! I’m hoping to get into the Lambeau Field celebration tomorrow at 4pm…

        • Well, you’ve got a point. Starks rushed for 335 yds the last 5 games of the season (playoffs + CHI). That would make him a 1000 yd rusher for a season, but is that enough to balance us out? We’ll see. What surprised me most was that shot where he was standing next to Bjax and he looked like a giant – maybe I should be as patient with him as I was with guys like Bush.

          I’ve had a basic problem with the passing game reliance since the Woody Hayes days in that when the ball is in the air only three things can happen and two of them are bad (sic).

          I think this season would have been a lot easier if not for the Finley loss. Damn, those perfectly thrown drops.

    • Yeah, right, jimbo, 3TD passes mixed in with 5 drops, all Dom! I’d say the O had a pretty good comeback after old Mo had really changed.

      • dave76

        Forget Jimmy boy of many stupid posts! We heard it for Aaron …MVP…MVP…MVP…how awesome was that!! Gotta love it, doesn’t get any better!!! A Lombardi Trophy coming home!!!! Congrats to all the Packers coaches, players and front office who found a way to get it done. Perserverence and hard work prevails in Dallas, a SB for the ages.