World Champion Green Bay Packers!

World Champion Green Bay Packers! I can’t stop saying it. Finally the bad taste in my mouth from Super Bowl 32 is gone. The Packers won the Super Bowl in thrilling fashion and have now become one of the NFL’s elite teams and will probably be there’d for some time.

With Charles Woodson and Donald Driver watching from the sidelines quarterback Aaron Rodgers carved up the Steelers’ defense to the tune of 304 yards and 3 TDs. With the exception of several drops by the receivers the Packers played a near flawless game. Nothing came easy for the Steelers all day and their three turnovers were the difference in the game.

The Packers won the Super Bowl with 16 players on injured reserve, and had many more lost games to players like Cullen Jenkins, Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews. Next year the Packers will get back their starting running back in Ryan Grant and starting tight end in Jermichael Finley. The pieces are place for a long run.

For now though, all we to worry about is what street to name after head coach Mike McCarthy and who will be the Packers opponent on the opening Thursday of the 2011 season. Looks like it will the Bears if you look at our home opponents next year. The only other possible opponent would be New Orleans, which would pit the last two Super Bowl winners against each other.

I’m going to enjoy this one for awhile, though. World Champion Green Bay Packers!

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  • dave76

    Your title says it all Al, World Champion Green Bay Packers! How sweet is it considering the difficult road of adversity they traveled to bring the Lombardi Trophy home. This team has the potential to be the start of a dynasty for the Pack. But for for right now, let’s enjoy the highlights and memories of SB 45 that will last a lifetime. Well done Packers!

  • Martin

    WORLD CHAMPS! What a ride this year has been. Congratulations to TT and MM and all the Green Bay Packers coaches and players. I am going to soak this win in all summer long…


  • I_Luv_Brats

    This year’s schedule looks pretty easy. If I had my choice of matchups for opening night, I’d take Chicago.

  • You said it about that bad taste leaving your mouth after the Superbowl 32 loss. I whole heartedly agree! I feel like a piece of my soul was ripped out when we lost that game. Now, it feels like it’s been restored.

    Now whenever I think of football in the offseason, I can think about what I witnessed this season: something truly amazing. This team came over so much adversity to win a championship, we should count our blessings, and thank the coaching staff for a remarkable job of keeping the team focused, even when the chips are down. Now that McCarthy is a SB winning coach, what player wouldn’t want to play in this organization? Funny how a title can change your outlook on everything.

    I held a SB party at my house. My friends and family said they had more fun watching my reactions to the game than watching the game itself! But, they appreciated my passion for the game, which was nice to hear!

  • Deek

    It seemed like a big weight was lifted from my chest after Williams knocked that ball from #17. Packers are the World Champs! But after the adrenaline rush over I thought of the events of week 15.

    Packers lost to NE and they needed NYG and the Tampa Bay Bucs to lose. NYG and the Phil Eagles were tied with 16 seconds on the clock and DeSean Jackson ran a punt back for a TD with NO TIME on the clock for a 38 to 31 WIN!

    Tampa Bay was winning 20 to 17 with about 1 min in the game and the Lions went down and kick the tying field goal. The Lions then kicked the winning field goal in OT!

    Now the Packers “ONLY” had to win the next 2 games to get into the play-offs and you know “The Rest of the Story.” It feels good to be lucky for a change!

  • Monkeon

    To be honest at 8-6 I did not see this coming, what a wild roller-coaster ride this season has been !!!!

    GO PACK GO!!!!

  • A day or so before the game a few guys pondered as to who was going to be the “surprise” star of the game. Looking at the stats, and even with the drops, hindsight has to choose Jordy by a long shot. What balalance this team has.

    As to the new topic of the day – I go along with the Bearse. I think these guys are going to come out smoking next year because they all seem to have that hungry look in their eyes like they have something yet to prove. I suppose having 16 guys on IR would do that to you. Meaning, those that finished the season on the 53 are not going to want to give up their seat on the bench to anybody coming back.

    As I mentioned previously, our prior SB winners were pretty long in the tooth and by contrast this team is so, so young. Key elements will have to be replaced at CB and WR, and we need an upgrade at Returner, but man if a dynasty can be had given the CBA situation we sure are in good shape.

  • packer_bob

    Oh, what a feeling! World Champs!

    I said to my wife going into the game that I was happy to be in the SB at all and that I was not going to allow myself to be crushed if we should unexpectedly lose, like I did after that Broncos loss. What a bunch of bunk! If Roethlisberger had managed to mount the comeback I don’t think I could have taken it!

    But I guess the game ended the way it should have, with our D on the field. I was at the game we lost to the Dolphins earlier in the year, and if you had told me then this was going to happen I would have started sizing you up for your straight jacket. How wonderful for the team to come together at the right time and bring the Lombardi trophy back to Titletown! 13 doesn’t seem like an unlucky number right now!

    AR was spectacular and we received so many contributions from unexpected players all through the season and the playoffs. We could definitely be a dynasty type team going forward but that is a conversation for down the line. Congrats to the organization from TT on down, the wonderful coaching staff from MM on down and of course the players! For now let’s savor this championship!

    Way to go Packers!

  • Larry

    At some point we could talk about which on the end of year roster aren’t going to make the grade in 2011. If you ASSUME 3 draft picks make the 53 then only 50 current players stay at GB. Walden, Zombo, Driver, Tauscher, Chillar, Poppinga, Johnson, Bush, Crabtree, Havner? What about Jolly, Harrell, and Green? Hawk has a $10M number in 2011 and Barnett has been injured alot over the last few years.

    I’m one who wants to trade James Jones…He just not consistant enough IMO. If Woodson moves to safety opposite Collins then where does Bigby fit in. Burnett vs Peprah vs Bigby vs Woodson?? and I think there’s two more safeties out there as well.

    I really like Cullen Jenkins..but his contract is up and Mike Neal is waiting. What if Jolly took Picketts spot–do we lose anything?

    I suspect a new LT is in the works at some point in it Bulaga, Lange, or a draft pick?

    If we thought TT had it tough building the much grief will he take as he wittles it down from nearly 70…(current 53 + 15 IR + Jolly) to 50 + draft keepers.

    I’m so over the superbowl..can you tell!!!!

  • Pierre

    Packers should look to trade James Jones and Nick Barnett (& a draft pick if needed) to the Arizona Cardinals for WR Larry Fitzgerald. With the best vertical passing QB in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers, having receivers who will catch the ball consistently and make plays on his amazing , accurate passes is of paramount importance. Getting Fitzgerald would make the Packers offense unstoppable and would have them capable of winning consecutive Superbowls.

  • Larry

    Hell Arizona needs DL..package Pickett, Harrell ,J. Jones, and Barnett for Fitz…we would still have Green, Jolly, Neal, Bishop and one of the 5 best WO opposite Jennings. Put Driver in the slot and we could cut every RB and FB and let each GB QB throw 50 times (even Harrell might get 20 or so) LOL.

    The other guy I like is Vincent Jackson and he’s definetly leaving SD.

  • Pierre

    Rodgers already knows Larry Fitzgerald and Jennings has been working out with him the past few off-seasons. Fitzgerald is a quality individual and outstanding wide receiver that would certainly make Green Bay’s receiving corps far above any other team. They also need to unload a number of players just because of the present roster size. Rodgers is the best pure passer right now and going forward; get him one of the best receivers and no team will beat you. Build the depth of the OL and DB through the draft. Give whomever (out of all the depth) to get Fitzgerald and the dynasty in Green Bay is cemented!

    • I had the same thought after seeing the young WR”s drops and DD having more injuries this year.

  • Larry

    Like the thought Pierre, I just don’t think Fitz is leaving the desert but Jackson IS leaving SD. Denver may switch back to a 4-3…would Dumervil be available?

    I really like this time of many possibilities/speculations!

  • Larry

    Another thought…could Fitz be pried loose if Flynn were part of the deal? That one keeps you up at night!

    • TRIP

      This speculation is already getting good!!!

  • TRIP

    What a great season… through mounting injuries and nearly missing the playoffs. Hats off to our Defense, who kept us winning games when we only scored 17-21 points, Aaron Rodgers, a good leader and competitor, Mike McCarthy, who is proving to be the winner that Mike Sherman wasn’t, and Ted Thompson, who has an eye for talent.

    With all the injured players coming back, we have a lot to look forward to next year, if this team remains disciplined and confident.

  • Anybody want to spend a chunk on FAs this year? Looks like most think we have some tradeable merchandise.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Jesus Christ…… Larry and Pierre, you guys on dope???? We arleady have our Fitz for next year and he’s called Finley. Maybe you can give it a week before cutting/trading all the players who won us a SuperBowl and just enjoy it. I think we all know exactly how this will work out. Glad I’m not TT.

  • Larry

    Hey PA, are you addressing the message to JC, me and Pierre…is the big guy now posting here! See what a SB can do for you!!!

    I’m not in Wisc so once the game ended its time to look forward to 2011/12. The point is…with 70 on the roster (including PS and IR) why not look for a splash guy to make the team better. There are probably 10 guys that could start on lesser rosters that can’t or won’t make the team next year.

    Close your eyes and dream of Finley/Jennings/Fitzgerald or Jackson/Driver and Nelson spreading out against any defense or add an elite corner to a secondary with Williams/Woodson and Collins and Shields in the nickle.

    We are so deep we just can’t keep everyone…let’s MAKE A DEAL!!!

    • Packer’s Advocate

      There’s only one ball. And you know your wasting your time. There’s team dynamics and the salary cap to blend as well. There’s only two spots needed for next year. (stud LB opposite CMIII and KR/PR) (and maybe a nifty RB) TT’s hands will be full trying to trade as many guys and draft picks this year as he can for picks in 2012. We just don’t need anyone. DL as an example….. Jolly, Neal and Harrell will be back next year. CJ Wilson, Wynn and Greene showed they can play. We already have our WR’s and and adding Finley to it. They all want their share of catches. And you know TT is not going to do it, so why bother.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Let’s put it this way…….. TT has 7 picks in the draft this year that he doesn’t even have room for on the roster. He get’s to add last year’s draft picks to the team from IR also, in Neal and Burnett. He has a Super Bowl team already w/o the 16 IR players so there’s no damn reason to screw w/the team by adding some big name we can’t afford…… Nelson already has shown he can put up 130 yards the same as Fitzgerald could. Now add Finley!!!

    • Nelson and Jones might improve, they are still fairly young but the guys are right. We have a lot of players who are going to be overvalued because they’re SB champs. We should use them to get picks or better players. Their value will never be higher. TT traded Corey Williams to get a high pick so I’m sure he at least explore the possibilities.

  • Larry

    Buzzkill!!!…we also might need to groom a LT assuming Baluga stays on the rt. I’m not sure we won’t try to upgrade at RB. Another CB could be used. The point is there is a list of improvements to make and we have some talent to barter or we’ll lose it anyway to roster cuts!

    You also seem to forget that TT likes his team young. So upgrades to aging vets is ALWAYS in season.

    Lastly, unless there’s a new CBA we won’t have anything to talk about anyway so I’ll keep throwing out ideas for taking!

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Sure, I understand. It makes for something to yak about during the off season. LT will become Bulaga, RT will become TJ Lang. Clifton and Tausch could play a couple years on the backside and would still win us a Super Bowl. They’d be fine for 10 games, probably not 20. Sitton has RG covered and we’ll see what happens w/Colledge. We’ve got a couple we can develope in Newhouse and Detriech-Smith???, another one I can’t think of right now and Wells is good for a while. Spitz in there somewhere??? RB w/Grant, Starks and Jackson. FB’s a plenty, as well as being loaded w/TE’s. DL is deeper than shit. 4-5 LB’s coming back from IR to add to several we already have. Burnett adds to the S position along w/our starters and to find a spot for Bigby…….??? A couple starting corners we already have in our studs Williams, Shields and Woodson. Lee, Bush, Underwood etc. in waiting…… P and K covered!!! TT needs to stock pile draft picks for 2012 and beyond. And/or package a couple together to get a couple studs in the need area. We’re in the begining of a possible dynasty. We’ve just gotta go out an do it. O, I forgot QB……… Rodgers is a stud.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    And my origal point was that some of these guys who just won us a Super Bowl won’t get to be here next year so lets appreciate them for what they’ve done, which is pretty spectacular if you ask me, and not start the process of replacing them so soon……..

  • Larry

    There’s the spirit…

  • Reid

    We need to have more than 53 players or 70 players in training camp because this year has proven that this is a tough league, people get hurt, and you need viable back-ups. You never know who’s going to tear an ACL, etc. during the pre-season and we need a lot of extras. Also, who knows what success does to some people. They may come back overweight, out of shape, get arrested, fall down stairs and crack their head open, car wreck….whatever. You have to plan for contingencies and can’t rely on those exact same guys still being those exact same guys again. Plus, why not bring in some picks to compete. The idea of competition is a HUGE reason why we were able to overcome the injuries this year. Never get complacent….but, lastly, I agree – LET’S CELEBRATE THIS SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!

  • Packer’s Advocate

    On another note……….. Is Aikman the anti-christ of the Packers??? Seems he always wants a penalty against them. I’ve noticed it in a few games this year.

    And the refs, that was a pretty tough start to the second half. Pretty weak holding call on Crabtree but that could have made up a a weak call against Pitt, but the facemask…….. how is it thay keep calling us for penalties we didn’t commit? How can they see it if it didn’t happen?? They need to quit anticipating that a penalty happened and call what they actually see!!!

    Agree Reid, and we’re not going to be able to trade every thing away so we’ll have to pick some. Last year the dogs were at the gate waiting for TT’s dicards, though and I hate to see other teams scooping them up!!

    • Rick

      He has always hated the Packers. His coverage has been sub par since the Giants game. He has been on every game of the Packers winning streak. Maybe we just have to put up with him for the victories 🙂

  • Pierre

    Fitzgerald’s addition as a receiver would be great for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers going forward the next 5-6 years. Jones is known by more announcers as having the reputation for dropping a touchdown pass per game. Driver is in the twilight of his career. Finley has a lot of skills and potential at TE however he has missed more time than he has been on the field. Can he stay healthy? Packers’ strength is their passing game with Rodgers throwing the ball all over and especially down the field. Fitzgerald would be a TD machine with Rodgers throwing to him. Let’s be realistic…Packers have a surplus of quality players, and can package some to get some even higher quality players to take full advantage of this window of opportunity with Aaron Rodgers at the helm. Rodgers has won games despite the frequency of drops and uncaught passes, however they have probably lost games because of them also. Have seen Rodgers put his hands up on his helmet far too many times after throwing a perfect pass that doesn’t get caught. Just makes sense that if they can improve this recurrent issue and bring in a superb wide receiver…since they need to unload an excess of talented players (or cut them)…that this would be one excellent option that should be explored.

    • Packer’s Advocate

      Has merit, but I’ll just sign off til next week and you all can speculate. There’s alot to speculate about……….. Think I’ll go have a beer for Nance, Wilhelm, Greene, Walden, Briggs, and the others.

    • Rick

      No real reciever change needed. What we have is one of the best groups and they know the system and the QB knows them.

      Now Nnamdi Asomugha is interested in signing with GB and playing for a champion and with Woodson – a great friend of his.

      He will be a boatload ( 10-12 Million per year) but with a more cap friendly extension of Hawk’s last contract year we can cut about 5.5 Million free. Tauscher retiring should freeup another 3.4M. It will be tight but doable

      With Tramon and Asomugha at CB and Shields at Nickel you then have Woodson and Collins at Safety with Burnett and Peprah as back ups you have one of the best back fields in the league.

      That leaves GB focus on an OLB to play on the outside across from CM III, a PR/KR specialist and maybe a change of pace back.

      This is a draft best available and see who sticks kind of year.

      • Rick

        I am assuming no CBA in place by draft so no player trades are possible.

  • AATP

    Thought I would repost this just in case – luckily I wasn’t one of the unlucky folks that lost their seat at the game…

    • Thanks for the pictures Chris! Those are awesome! World Champion Green Bay Packers!

    • Great photos, thanks.

    • Rick

      Photos look great. Thanks for posting them.

    • dave76

      Thank you for the pictures! Awesome shots!!

  • No! We have our stable of WRs with Jordy able to step in for DD when it happens. Fitz has all the makings of a John Jefferson trade syndrom and that was a bust. Can you imagine what could have been with Lofton, Jefferson, Dickey, and Coffman? Didn’t happen because there was only one football. Sad too, because just like you guys laud Fitz, JJ was Lynn Swann caliber and just as acrobatic. He is too expensive to risk.

    • Rocky70

      Some of the younger dudes here just don’t get it …… GJ, Fitz & Finley would be a fiasco …. Plus, an outsider getting paid the most (Fitz) ……. Will never happen …… AR will throw for 30+ & 4000+ in season 2011 …… Does it matter who the leading receiver is ? …….. Put your ‘fantasy games’ away ….. This is the real world of the NFL ……

    • Rick

      Agree on no WR trades.

      If there was a single player we would like to trade for here in GB it would be Steven Jackson from the Rams. Purely a fantasy mind you, he is not available but is one of the best all round RB in the league.

      • Maybe too much milage.

  • iccyfan

    Interesting discussion. Other than the Yankees and Red Wings, what professional team has won a championship acquiring all-stars from other teams? I can’t think of any team in the NFL where this has worked, though many have tried. The best teams in the NFL right now all follow the draft and develop model (Packers, Patriots, Steelers, Colts, etc.).

    Depending on who retires and who leaves via free agency, there simply aren’t many needs on this squad. This leaves Ted with amazing flexability come draft time; trade up or trade that #32 for 2012 picks. I’m always disgusted at how Belicheat accumulates desireable picks; I’d love to see TT do that with picks and extra parts that probably won’t have a home due to the development of others. It is such a great time to be a Packer fan!!!

  • Larry

    Can’t agree on the no change receiver mentality. JJ’s contract is up and he wants to start AND be paid. He’s not going to be here in 2011 IMO. TT wants young talent so even though DD caught 50 balls, he’s paid like a #1 receiver and is 35?…I smell pay-cut or waiver. TT likes to draft WR also. Tauscher won’t be back IMO. Clifton moves to backup at 7.5MM??? MY wallet screems NO!

    Zombo and Jones will battle out the OLB position. We’ve got a ton of money invested in LB’s and both get sacks. We’ve got one too many ILB IF we keep Chillar on the field for passing downs and pull a MLB. Hawk is the guy with the $10M pricetag.

    CB/KR gets acquired by trade or draft. Jenkins is the hardest decision…like his brother….he’s very good but can’t stay on the field.

    Pickett is worth alot on the trade market. Nose tackles are VERY desirable. I think we should sign Greene and get younger and cheaper. Jolly and Neal will battle for the open spot with Raji at the nose and Jenkins being kept. TT loves to draft big bodies on both lines.

    Even IF Woodson stays at corner for another year we really need a good developmental CB with Shields. Anyone here think Bush and Lee can hold up game after game?

    I predict we’ll turnover 8 – 10 players from the 53 we started the season with…or ended the season with. Take your pick.

    • Rick

      JJ contract is up but what value does he have? Everyone saw him play lights out in the Atlanta game and dropsies in the Eagles, Bears and SB.

      He will be paid at best like a #2 probably a #3 and he has his best chance staying where he is as DD won’t last forever. He is a Packer as long as he wants to stay.

      The rest of the stuff I have strong opinions on but till I see a CBA and cap system everything is behind hot air as we don’t know what to use to even speculate.

      However no speculation on this…


  • Packer’s Advocate

    Nelson and Jones will spend this off season working on their pass catching focus. They know they need to work on it and MM will tell them, just in case they don’t. I think we’ll be impressed.

  • Rocky70

    GB has, what, 8 draft picks ……. Seven or eight make the roster in 2011 (That’s TT’s way) ….. There’s your addition ….. The subtraction is the difficult part …… Spitz, Colledge, Crosby, Jenkins, BJ, Bigby, Peprah, Kuhn, K. Hall & possibly AJ Hawk are all up for a possible change of teams …….

    Depending on exactly how the new CBA finally falls, some pundits believe that as many as 500 free agents may hit the market ……. Add to that, there are also many who believe that the 2011 draft is extra loaded because of the many underclassmen declaring …….

    The ‘power changes’ in season 2011 could rival the changes that occurred when the NFL & AFL merged way back in the early ’70s ……..

    IMO, this is not a good time to be talking ‘dynasty’ ….. Alot will change in the next few months …..

    • Rocky70

      Although, it is true, that GB is far better off than most NFL teams ……

    • Rick

      You are right. A glut of FAs can drive down market prices as well as a possible rookie slotted pay system might actually mean not breaking the bank on early first rounders.

  • Mel E Mel

    Its funny Nelson and Jones didnt seem to drop passes when Finley was healthy. I believe that will be the case when Finley comes back

  • Mel E Mel

    THE CBA actually helps the Packers in the Jenkins scenario. Fitzgerald, can not play for the Packers, he is a MN native and former ballboy for the Vikes. His father is “sportswriter” in the Twin cities. He would need to swear an oath of loyality or something. After the #4 situation there needs to be some kind of law.

    • Monkeon

      Gilbert Brown used to be a Viking…he is now forever a Packer.

      All this talk about who is gone is a bit premature.

      Ted should go back and look at the 97 season and SB XXXII for a lesson.

      Clifton is back unless they can find someone better. Current Roster OL doesn’t seem to cut it. You HAVE TO protect AR.

  • Reid

    Isn’t Will Blackmon still on our roster (IR)? He was a pretty good return man.

    • Pierre

      Heard that Blackmon was on the NY Giants roster at the end of last season.

      • Rick

        You correct. IR on the Giants.

      • Reid


  • Pierre

    Packers are NFL Champions and deservedly so…yet they barely squeeked into the playoffs this year with the collapse of the NY Giants in the last 8 minutes of the Philly game. They lost 6 games and were in a lot of close games against mediocre teams. Miami, Detroit, and Washington beat them. With their defense being number two in points allowed it is the offense that did not put teams away. Still believe that improving the receiving corps to enhance Rodgers’ passing skills is something that will help them the most as they look to repeat next season. Their schedule will be more difficult and every team will be targeting them on their schedules as the team they want most to beat. They will need to improve their pass catching ability to get through the gauntlet of teams gunning for them next year and have their offense scoring more at will. Detroit and Chicago are both getting better defensively, with the pass rush, so OL will need to be improved also. Thompson should be able to get the quality players they need to improve this team offensively so they will be prepared for the challenge they will face next season and defy the odds of past champions not making it back to the SB.

    • Packer’s Advocate

      Chicago is close to running their QB out of town. A couple bad games and watch out!!!

  • dave76

    Interesting posts to read. Just heard from my brother-in-law, whispers of DD possibly retiring as a champion. Not sure of the source or how much truth there is to it, but due to the leg and ankle injuries this year plus his age, who knows. Hope not, but seems Nelson and Jones are itching to move up spots plus Swain is young at 25 and Finely is back next year.

    3 players,IMO, that will not be back are Bigby, Barnett and Tausher. With all the guys from IR returning next year and the talent we’ve discovered, I see no room for them. Hopefully Jolly has learned his lesson and now has his head screwed on straight, he will regret missing this season for the rest of his life. He would improve our D line and help to make it brutal for opposing O lines.

    And lastly, Fitz has made it known to the Cards he wants Kolb as QB. If he leaves Arizona, it won’t be to GB and I think we are just fine with our WRs. I think we may see a double TE set of Finley and Quarless next season, so we have plenty of receiving weapons for Aaron to pick apart opposing Ds next year.

    But for now, Packers are the Champs and it feels great. Parade was fun to watch!

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Apologies to Larry and Pierre. By the looks of things, a couple days after the Super Bowl, it’s next year by everyone. Astounding. A whole year of stuff, draft, 20 games etc., and two days after the Super Bowl it’s all over…….. Shit, you’d think they’d at least celebrate it for a lousy week!!!

    • Packer_Bob

      I’m with you PA. These posts are thought provoking and somewhat fun to read, but I’m still celebrating! A mortician couldn’t get the smile off of my face!

      Plus it’s kind of hard to talk seriously about off-season moves when we don’t know what a new CBA is going to look like or if and when we are even going to have a “next year.”

  • Larry

    Sorry PA..this “NY car” is not equiped with a rear view mirror. Always forward!! Besides, the season is great but I prefer this part of the year. I’m a closet GM!

    Looking forward to Rick’s draft analysis…if I remember correctly he appears to be the draft guru of the repeat posters..last year I think he got 3 or 4 correct.

    I really think that TT will sign an impact FA this year…NOT in the first week but with a glut of players he may finally get the KR we need from the FA class. I think Edelman is available from NE. If I’m right he would not be a bank braker.

    • Rocky70

      Rick is a “draft guru wannabee” …… His last correct pick was …… ah ….. ah …… well, maybe he’ll hit on one this year …….. Wait, now I remember ……. Rick’s last correct pick was Justin Harrell ….. Still need to fire TT & Rick for making that lame pick …..

      But I do agree ….. The season’s over …… Time to plot out the next few years …… I have a feeling this off-season will be extraordinarily unique & interesting …….

      • Rick

        Wow. Who pissed in your cherrios Rocky? I actually hit on 5 first round and 4 second round. Better then Mc Shay and Kiper you jerk. Also I did not pick Justin Herrell

        Rick Says:
        ” Harrell was some one I had picked to go to the 20th in the second round. Not sure why we reached for him. ”

        You are welcome to post your own draft if you would like Rocky. I would love to see your thoughts. However Iccy and I brought up Bulaga as a draft pick shorlty after the Packers/Cardinals play off game. I mentioned Kindle as another shot for a OLB with blitz ability. Well the Packers drafted that spot to CMIII and I am very happy for it.

        Also 15 other picks were with in the round and 4 picks of were I had them meaning that MY big board was not that much different then 32 GM big boards in their war rooms.

        Packer Pete was great on later round GB picks.

        • Rocky70

          You just have no sense of humor, do you ?

          • Rick

            I do have a good sense of humor, but the draft guru wannabe comment sounds more like a slur than a joke. If I took it the wrong way then my fault.

    • iccyfan

      As much as I enjoy Rick’s input, I’m pretty certain Packer Pete (or maybe Pete H) was the fan who correctly predicted multiple Packer draft selections. However, Rick was one of the earliest to discuss Brian Bulaga on this site…

  • Reid

    Larry – I think you should come out of the closet.

  • Larry

    Hey big fella—thanks!!! Can you play LT.

  • Larry

    Rocky..I find it humourous that you would render an opinion on draft accuracy…the infamous “bank on it” arrived on the scene last year preceded by a wrong pick and admittedly I was irrate at not drafting a corner leaving the fate of the GB secondary to the likes of a x-receiver FA named Shields.

    Off-season comings and going may be speculative at best but it sure beats rehashing the Favre scenario for the umteenth time.

    and at last we can put the “Is Rodgers elite” question to bed!!!! PS.. so was Marino!! LOL

  • roy jamison

    As Jackie Gleason used to say, “How SWEET it is!!!”

  • Will Al Harris and Johnny Jolly get rings?

    • Rick

      Harris is a Dolphin but Jolly is in a weird legal issue and is not part of the team due to the suspension. The NFL and NFLPA do not have a rule I see to cover his position.

      My opinion is that since he is not considered a member of the team for salary, player count or anything – he does not even get credit for this year as a player under contract; I believe he is excluded from a ring.

      • Harris was still a Packer up until the PUP list cut-off ended. I say we give him a ring for all he’s done for us, and contributed to helping our seconday develop.

  • Have looked at our WR highlight films until I’m goofy. However, one cannot escape the game that their MVP D guy and Arod played all day. Frankly, AR made him look silly. Almost every completion there is #43 at least 5 to 10 yds away from the catch. Gotta tell ya, as much as I have alway liked Rodgers, he, more than any other game I’ve seen this year, put on a clinic. He would have had a 400 yd day w/o the drops. Gonna be damned hard to replicate that performance.

  • Rick

    Since we do not know what is going on with the CBA other than cancelling meetings I have been using my down time from work to review underclassmen for next year’s draft. I check my regular sources and found a weird way to to market yourself to the NFL and world.

    Go check out redshirt sophmore Johnny Mcentree’s crazy youtube video. I saw a link on a draft sight yesterday and it already had 30,000 hits. I showed my buddy tonite and now it has over 2 million!!

    go to youtube and type in johnny mac trick shot quarter back posted by hardcore huskies.