If Packers QBs Were Star Wars Characters

From Pete in Hudson, WI:

I was thinking about our favorite QBs and something dawned on me:

Bart Starr = Yoda.  The old pro, cool under pressure, almost serene in nature. Knows the force (football) better than anyone, former Jedi instructor (Packer’s coach). Now wrinkled and old.

Brett Favre = Darth Vader.  Started out great, but even then was reckless and on the edge. Killed a bunch of Sandpeople (Favre disappointed NY Jets Fans) before turning to the dark side (Vikings) after being seduced by a Sith Lord (Childress) who ultimately meets his doom at the hands of the Jedi/Rebellion (Packers). Vader was the one that actually destroyed him (Favre’s bad play caused him to be fired). Will some day end up next to Yoda in the row of glowing former Jedi (Packer’s Ring of Honor) after he is redeemed.

Aaron Rodgers = Luke Skywalker.  Started his training later than normal, but quickly became very powerful. Was instructed by Yoda (Bart Starr). Helped to destroy the Sith Lord (Fire Childress) but did not actually defeat him directly in the end. The Jedi/Rebellion (Packers) won the ultimate victory by destroying the 2nd death star (Won SB XLV). Beginning of a new era of galactic peace and prosperity (New Packer’s Dynasty).

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  • Rick

    So are you saying that CMIII is a wookie and Woodson is Lando??

    • Monkeon

      And Remember … ALWAYS let the Wookie Win!

      • Rick

        LOL 🙂

  • Packer’s Advocate

    I was just think’in…………… My 45-17 prediction wasn’t too bad considering there was no way to figure in all those drops and losing three starters in the 2nd quarter (Shields, Woodson and Driver) for the rest of the game.

  • TT as R2D2, a robot to the outside world who’s a stalwart ally of the Jedi behind the scenes? Us fans as C3PO, always running around complaining at every bad turn to be the comic relief.

    • Rick


  • Monkeon

    If Favre is Darth Vader and AR is Luke then MM/TT is Obi-Wan Kenobi.

  • Mel E Mel

    I actually think of this season as Godfather PT I. Especially the scene where Al Pacino is having vengeance against all his enemies while becoming Godfather.

  • Larry

    Interesting comment from Tent Dilfer on Cam Newton…”scouts will be slobbering” I didn’t watch Auburn at all last year. Is he that good or is this another great arm-below a bad head QB ala Ryan Leaf or J. Russell. Any thoughts on whether this could be the Vikings next signal caller at 12 and whether that would be good or bad for GB?? Certainly we know as a rookie they’ll be a learning curve to the WC system- always is.

    • Marty

      He’s another running QB. The good one is Ryan Mallet.

  • Miller

    Darth Vader is the most charismatic and interesting Star Wars character. Favre would probably feel complimented being compared to the “Dark Lord”

    Rodgers is an ideal Skywalker. A perfect Packer boy scout. Eager, conscientious, hard-working, mistake proof, brave-hearted and enormously talented.

    …and boring.

    Just once I’d like to see him win a game in the final seconds. The superb GB defense won the Eagle, Bears and Super Bowl games with AR on the sideline.

  • Rocky70

    Star Wars ?? ……. A football blog morphs into a “high-school study hall” within days of a GB SB ‘V’ ……. It’s going to be a long off-season if the ‘kids rule’ ……

  • Read speculation that Manning (IND) stands to get contract in neighborhood of 20-25M. As great as he is and can run the “no huddle” like no other, I cannot pay anybody that kind of $$. How do admins get into that kind of situation? In business I always felt, and practiced, that a top employee was worth whatever he could command in a competitive market, but it was company policy to have your successor groomed and that was part of the job responsibility for getting that top salary. Is sports so different – just because of the life expantancy of the job itself? I don’t get it.

    • L-T, you can groom all you want. The Eagles tried that with Kolb, the Cards with Leinart, etc. We are really spoiled into thinking it’s easy.

      • On another note, it might have been a good thing #4 or Montana didn’t mentor their successors.

    • Well, maybe not in today’s world, but keep in mind I’m from the Bart/Brat days and Bratkowski was a hell of a lot better QB than people gave him credit for. I thought Kolb was a keeper, agree on Leinart, but we had a lot of success here during the Favre days doing that.

      You probably know more about the Montana/Young relationship than I do, but I thought Young’s problems were with the 49ers more than w/ Montana. Frankly, I’d coach-up the hell out of Flynn until we were sure he’s not starter type. I hardly think Arod would consider him a threat to his (AR) job.

  • Larry

    LT, I agree with you but the market is what it is…leave some seats empty and the price will come down. I’ve always felt that I didn’t want the best of anything on the team…give me the 4th best QB and the 5/6th best WR/RB. Too much money is paid the best leaving little to build support. Indy has always had the “best QB” one SB win..and one loss. Look at PM playoff record 9-10 I think!

    NE seems to have QB 1A but no stars after that. Maybe that’s why teams look at NE with envy as they compete year after year. Look how much GB saved by switching to AR from BF…that money helped extend Williams/Jennings and others. It paid for 2 rd 1 picks in 2009 and kept Woodson on the team.

    Football is such a team sport, I struggle to put $20M in one guys pocket!

  • Rick, this is kind of aimed at you. While trying to see if I could justify another #1 at OT in the upcoming draft I stumbled into the ’05 (Aaron Rodgers) draft. #13 OT Saints, Jammal Brown, since traded to Wash for a 4 in ’11 and conditional in ’12, looks like a future as a journeyman. Next at 19 Alex Barron a bust w/Rams, since traded to DAL for a LB. Not very well liked in DAL due to constant holding calls. Chris Spencer drafted 26 as C by SEA played sporadically at OG for 2 years as heir apparent to C when that guy retired. Now the regular center.
    But, the cream of the crop at 32 (PAT), OG Logan Mankins, All-Pro, in such a contract squabble he wants out of NE, no less. Tough to find a home for a guy like that who wants to break the bank and you’d have to give up very high picks and treasure, either for salary or added to deal or both.
    Finally, to my question, which has to do with the possibility of a Bulaga type pick who paired with B could be book end OTs forever. Unless, of course, they are so good and all-pro they might suddenly want to break our bank to keep. Is there an OT out there thats worth a #1 at 32? I’ve heard a lot of good things about the kid from Wisc, is he a #1?
    I know you’ve said you’re leaning OLB or DE, but aren’t we loaded there w/ the IRs coming back that we really don’t have to draft that high for guys that might come in as backups rather than a starter like Raj and CM? Curious about your study details.

    • Rick

      I posted this to iccy a couple of threads ago and i still hold to it

      “Rick says:
      February 12, 2011 at 11:12 am
      This draft class is deep with Dline line men at DT and DE but light on quality OT and NTs. It takes 3 years for Olinemen to develop generally other then the top couple of players. I would prefer to see GB consider what we have and only draft Olinemen in the later rounds. I think Defense early. The quality is there at 32nd pick.

      Pickett is over 30, Jenkins may be able to be resigned maybe not ; what are you getting with Jolly when he comes back- is he game shape at all; Neal was hurt- will he stay healthy or is he a Harrell ; Green is a big body that gave depth but he can not zone blitz or drop in cover, We used him because he was a load to help give Raji breathers- is he really the guy we want on the line?;

      I guess I would see this as a BPA draft. Because of that Defense will have greater value where we are picking. Obviously just an opinion. I finished my top 750 Big board but I just don’t have the heart to look at updating my mock’s with the CBA being unknown and the rules on FA up in the air.”

      So I feel we draft best available and that probably will be a defensive player. Especially since FA may not occur before the draft due to the breakdown in the CBA.

      I don’t know whom we will resign, for how much, at what cap cost, what amount is the cap, is their a rookie slotted salary, etc.?

  • Hey, popped into my mind, what will those who thought TT decisions were ego based think of his ego now?

  • TT had enough ego to stick to his convictions. He’s made some terrible mistakes that wiped out our O and D lines but held fast to his M.O. I’ve only seen 3 times he’s made a swerve. After the 4-12 season he brought in two big time free agents(at cut rate prices). After #4 left him with no backup QB he over reached for Brohm and before we found Grant over reached for Jackson. Trading up for CM111 was out of character but he had an extra pick in the #4 trade.
    When TT didn’t sign our guards and took #12 instead of immediate help I thought he was trying to get rid of Sherman and start rebuilding. Either way it all worked out to our benefit. He’s kept our core players and found superior coaches. He has a great opportunity this off season to trade over valued players we don’t have room for. It’s going to be exciting watching the wheels turn.

    • Rocky70

      You must have invented the word ‘hindsight’ …… Nearly everything you mentioned as ‘mistakes’ are long after the fact …… It’s easy to point them out ……… Now ……..

    • Gee, Rock, I thought every single one of those moves to be a good move—at the time. Rivera and Wahle overpriced (proved later) themselves off the team, Brohm and Jackson had legitimate college credentials to be no. twos, character is often proved by results. I should think the ego debate would have ended when he let Brohm walk.

      • Rocky70

        Agree …..
        GMs can’t bat 1000 ….. Yet fans expect it ….. TT has always said you make the best decision you can & then roll with the punches …… He’s doing fairly well at this point, I would say ……

      • I don’t think TT cares too much about credentials. He hasn’t used a high draft pick on an RB before or since and there were a lot of good players that came off before Brohm.

        • Rick

          Brohm was groomed from High School and College to be a pro QB. He just choked on the big stage and Flynn didn’t.

  • ben

    So Don Majkowski is… Bib Fortuna? 🙂

    • Rick

      Late but funny Ben