Super Bowl XLV Champions DVD Review

by Kevin Roth

Call it a case of my expectations being too high, but I am moderately disappointed with the “Super Bowl XLV Champions” DVD/Blu-Ray.  I have now watched it 3 times, and each time I have watched it I remembered more and more moments that I want to remember that were not captured on this NFL Films production.  I’ll be the first to admit that I expected way too much, wanting every great hit, catch, soundbite, and pleasant memory of the season to have been captured.  (I was especially hoping to see those couple of spectacular one-handed catches by Sam Shields and Donald Driver).  I know there was a lot to try and pack in.  But I really think the editors could have done better.  I very much wanted the magic of the Green Bay Packers 2010 season to carry over onto this program, and I feel it fell short.

Adversity, drama, not captured.

If the goal of this video was to capture a basic overview of the season and show clips only of the Packers, to depict them solely as champions destined for greatness, then they succeeded.  But that wasn’t the way it really went down.  I would have rather seen more of the adversity, showing the devastation of the losses the team endured, the injuries, and the strength of the opponents.  The 2010 Packers were not unstoppable, but they grew, gained experience, became motivated, and never gave up.  The Packers played some really good teams, and were able to win some very difficult games.  By the end of the season the Packers were close to unstoppable, but they really endured some hardships to get to that point.  That point was just not adequately captured, and neither was the emotion or the drama I expected.

Rise of the unknowns

When the 2010 Packers lost a key contributor, an unknown player stepped up.  Where were the small personal success stories of guys like Frank Zombo, Sam Shields, Howard Green, Charlie Peprah, or Eric Walden?  The brief mention of Matt Flynn’s decent game vs. the Patriots was forced and rushed in my opinion.

Improvements over 2009

Our special teams, albeit far from being “fixed” if you ask me, grew by leaps and bounds this season.  McCarthy’s quote of Masthay’s “finest punting performance he’d ever witnessed”, was glaringly not present.  And the Yin to Masthay’s Yang was Jarrett Bush, who became a specialist at downing the ball on the 1 yard line.  (And by the way Bush had an especially fine performance in the Super Bowl).  Mason Crosby rebounded from a terrible 2009 season.  Where was the commentary about growth on special teams?  Not in this film.  But also as I said, not all of the special teams woes have been addressed.  There was the kickoff return of Atlanta’s Eric Weems, and the embarrasing return during the Patriots game by the lineman Dan Connolly for 71 yards.  While it may sting a bit to see those types of plays again, they were still part of the season and were obstacles the Packers overcame.

Division Rivals

Also lacking was a feeling of how important particular games such as the games vs. Chicago and Minnesota were.  The video seems to go through game by game stating what happened in each as fact, not really stressing the significance.  If you recall, this year Aaron Rodgers overcame a pretty huge obstacle in beating his old “mentor” (if you can call him that – #4 was a mentor, albeit an unwilling one) for the first time, and he did it twice.  At the time the Packers played the Vikings in their first meeting in 2010, the Vikings were already not in a good way, and needed a win to re-energize them.  Instead, the Packers picked them apart and the result was the beginning of the end for the Vikings’ most troublesome season ever.  In the second meeting, the Packers so thoroughly defeated the Vikings in such an embarrasing fashion that they fired their coach, Brad Childress.  That my friends, was huge (especially for me, living in Viking territory).

And then we have Chicago.  I’m actually glad the first loss to Chicago went by fairly quickly, but the significance of that game was the Bears took the lead in the NFC North and we never got it back from them.  The second game “forgot” to mention the controversy of Jay Cutler taking himself out of the game.  The debate still goes on, and for that reason I feel like they deliberately took out any footage of Cutler’s “injury”.  Another interesting tidbit that was not explained during the NFC Championship was that allegedly the Halas trophy was to be presented in the locker room of the winning team regardless of the outcome.  If that doesn’t tell about how fierce of a rivalry this is I don’t know what does.

Green Bay Packers, “Coach Killers”

First Wade Philips, then Brad Childress.  And it could also be argued that the 49ers’ coach Singletary was also dismissed in part due to another devastating defeat by the Packers.  All 3 teams were beaten badly enough for those teams to unravel and eventually lose their coach.  Of course the Packers weren’t really the reason that those coaches were fired in and of themselves, but it’s a good story and was not mentioned.

Individual Accomplishments

No mention of pro bowl nominations, coaching award nominations, records broken, or other major milestones.  Boooo!

Special Features

I was really hoping for some fun special features like featurettes of “the Championship Belt”, Rodgers’ victory speech at the Return To Titletown (which was phenomenal by the way), or the Raji Dance.  The special features that were on the disc were fairly dry and uninteresting to me, perhaps with the exception of the Rodgers interview.

I know I’m being unfair and my expectations were too high, but I won’t be one of those jumping on the “this is the finest work produced by NFL Films to date” bandwagon.  I’ll admit I haven’t watched many NFL Films productions, and maybe this was their finest work.  But if that is true, that makes me sad.  I am not saying I hate this video.  I’ll watch it 100 times I’m sure.  I was merely hoping for more.

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  • Its called hitting the nail on the head, Al. Highlights are always made of the good.
    I will remember 2010 as a SB winning season, but not because of the SB win. Rather, because of the adversity that we overcame.
    What stands out in my mind is the first half of the season, not the last. The flack that continued towards MM and TT which was brought forward from the prior most recent seasons. Imagine; still the catcalls about STs on a SB winning team. Hell, I have to admit, I even started to question MMs ability to get the team up for a game because of slow starts. I even had a reason for all the injuries – MMs change in the conditioning program.
    MM and TT must be a lot better than I gave them credit for when looking backwards.
    Must be true because I don’t see any of the so-called experts saying anything different. The two of them are sure getting all the accolades now!

    • Oops! Sorry, Kevin. Excellent review IMO.

  • I have to ask, why weren’t there any clips inside the locker room after the Super Bowl? Did no interesting conversations or pep talks happen in there? I vividly remember Holmgren’s speech to the team in the locker room after SB 31.

    Overall, I was mostly happy. However, aside from the locker room exclusion after the SB, these things I felt were also missing:
    1) Erik Walden’s huge game in the regular season finale against the Bears
    2) Crosby’s clanger off the goal post at the end of the Redskins’ game
    3) More of the drama surrounding the Favre/Rodgers situation at the beginning of the video
    4) Woodson’s 1/2 time speech during the Superbowl (or at least clips showing his heartfelt and heartbroken emotion)
    5) The COMPLETE list of injured players by the end of the season to give the full impact

  • Rick

    But didn’t the Bears win the Division..

    oh thats right Green Bay WON THE SUPERBOWL!!! 🙂

    –Does Happy Dance–

    • 4205

      It is fun reminding the Chicago bores fans of that – proudly wearing my packers jacket does the trick down here in Illinois

  • Sammy

    NFL films did a fine job getting something out there for us so quickly. We all have favorite moments and if any of us were to produce the DVD, it would be 12 hours long. I do agree the special features were weak especially player/coach sound fx as this hardly featured any Packers highlight. Overall though, I like it and will cherish the video for years to come.

    PS: My favorite show following the SB has been sound fx on NFL network featuring the Superbowl. Great perspective of sideline antics, strategy, and the HITS on the field. Now the real question is….are we going to get a full season of football this year or am I going to have more patients showing up at my office for psychotherapy/withdrawal, etc. I don’t know if I will be very effective in helping them as I will be a patient myself!

    • ScottS

      Shrinks think short season stinks.

      • Steve Cheez

        Season’s shot, Scott’s hot.

    • Steve Cheez

      What would be wrong with a 12-hour Packer DVD? I’d watch it.

      • Rick

        Only downside I see is that my wife would either divorce me or attack the TV around hour 9…:)

        • Sammy

          you guys kill me.

  • Rick

    Hey Al.

    Not to critic or complaint but I am seeing a lot of your personal life in the pictures on here. I have seen the cat eating, two sets of computers in the basement, the car load of recyclable cardboard in the backseat.

    I just don’t know of I can handle Packernet goes facebook. LOL

    • Rick

      I just don’t know IF I can handle Packernet goes facebook. Please oh please an edit button for Christmas….

  • Rick

    Detroit gets back their 7th rounder this year and has to swap 5th rounders with Chiefs. SO they tampered but no as bad as thought.

  • Hope TT saves enough money for travel this year. What a schedule. While maybe not the toughest games on the list thats a lot of games west of the Mississippi.

    Beware; Ayers and Bennett have the same agent, equals could be messy. Also, lets not draft Cook or Rosenfels guys either (caveat; if we can help it!).

  • A little bit off the subject here — do you guys think Chad Clifton will make the hall of fame? Has he done enough to merit it?

    • Kevin Roth

      A left tackle’s job is mainly to keep the QB upright and from getting smashed. How many games did he protect #4 for without him ever missing a start? Enough said.

      My vote is yes for the hall of fame.

    • Rick

      Great question Scot…

      Let me think on it for a while. I lean yes but I have GB colored glasses on.

      • Rick

        Definate Packer HOF…. depends on how he finishes his career as to Canton.

        If he is healthy and plays like this again (Pro Bowl) and GB wins it all or almost all then he is getting into the discussion.

        If ended tomarrow then no.

    • dave76

      Packer HOF, yes. In Canton, no. I view Clifton about the same as Sterling Sharpe. And even between those two, IMO, Sharpe was better.

      • Ditto.

      • Kevin Roth


  • Pure GB sentiment guys, total body of work not worthy – think Kramer as a measurement.

  • Larry

    Cliffy has 1 probowl outright..mostly an alternate. I view him as a perfect GB guy…top 6th or 7th tackle any given year…never costed a fortune..(as compared to premier tackles) and did his job day in and out. One could argue Kenny Ruetger was better overall. Packer HOF but not even on the ballot for NFL HoF.

  • Mel e Mel

    Maybe if Sapp hadnt cheap shot him he would have been NFL HOF. We will Never know

    • THAT, my friend, is an excellent point!!! Never did forgive Favre for keeping his mouth shut on that one. Very sore subject with me.

  • iccyfan

    3.33 weeks until Draft Day! What I wouldn’t give for a sneak peak at the Packer Draft Board! The second round is where things get really interesting with Ted. Since 2005, Ted has only taken two guys in the second (Greg Jennings and Brandon Jackson) who carried a pre-draft second-round grade, as decided by the media experts and draftniks. I love it when Ted picks a Nick Collins or a Mike Neal in the second and we all squeel the same guy could have been had in the 4th! I’d never heard of either of them, nor did I think the Packers needed help at those positions. Who will Ted surprise us with this year?

    The National Football Post has two fullbacks in their top-30 players but neither of them shows up early in any mock draft I’ve read. We seem to have more fullbacks than we need so Harry Hypnoski of Pitt (never heard of him!) might fit the bill; I’d include Owen Marecic as well, but I’ve heard of him so he’s cancelled out…

    • Want a surprise, out of character/unpredictable TT move? Up to 10 w/ WAS if either Miller or Peterson were still available. Since he cannot trade Jenkins (WAS needs DLs) it would have to be combined with 2s or 3s. Probably could not happen since those are TTs most successful rounds as iccy says.
      On the other hand does it make sense for a SB winner to trade up? The NE way was to trade vet starters for multiple picks, but that cannot happen this year becase of the trade restrictions.
      Draft predictions have never made any sense anyway. Why bother?

      • Rick

        Just cause I am not taking the girls home does not mean I don’t , umm, read the SI swimsuit issue. Same with the draft, I am not drafting them but it is fun to look at.

        • Heh, heh, of course your right. I’m just thinking back of all that money I wasted getting every mag and Kiper subscription I could a time ago. Never did ever be right except maybe two or three out of five years the #1 pick forecast was right. I’d bet in twenty or so years you’ll look back and ask “did I really put that time and effort into that stuff”. Heh, heh, enjoy; SI a totally different matter, however. I was a charter subscriber and I swear I quit getting it because I hated the wasted space with the swimsuit issue. By the way, I don’t get Playboy any more either. Oh, I just love saving money………….!

          • Rick

            Never into Playboy’s.
            To many kids in the house for that stuff.

            A little fluff with the sports stuff didn’t bug me until the ESPN magazine with a basically naked USA Olympic Water Polo team on the cover came out last year.

            That was awkward.

    • Rick

      You made me smile with thought that GB would draft a FB in the second round.

      Lombardi would walk the earth again and slap TT.

      • iccyfan

        Sorry Rick, but Hypnoski is a perfect fit for my TT Second-Round Draft Theory. Let’s call it the Hypnoski Hypothesis. From the perspective of the casual fan:

        Have you ever heard of Harry Hypnoski? No = Ted Thompson Checkmark
        Does fullback appear to be a position of need? No = Ted Thompson Checkmark
        Will Hypnoski be highly rated on Ted’s BPA Draft Board? Yes (Per Wes at NFP) = Check

        Will Harry Hypnoski become a pro-bowl fullback and/or special teams performer if Ted drafts him in round two? Guaranteed! 😉

        I think you know I’m just kidding around about the futility of attempting to predict a Ted Thompson draft…

        • Rick

          I appreciate that fun out of the box fan thinking iccy and you may be right,

          but what a draft war room will have on him…

          Harry is player 196 on my big board. 5th or 6th rounder rating and pulled a Hami at the Combine and still could not perform at Pitts pro day. He is the 4th ranked FB overall on my board as well. Negatives Runs tall and loses blocking leverage against second level (LBs)

          Positives Great first level Run blocker and road grader- compares to -Quinn Johnson GB Packers 5th round. Crucial to running success at Pitt’s I formation and WC offense

          Could GB take him late in the draft? Maybe but I doubt above 5th #32 pick.

  • Hey Rick, Vince’s first NFL pick at #1 Randy Duncan. He’s not about to slap TT after that one. I’m with iccy, LOL, Taylor was a #15 pick, tho not by Vince.
    I always thought of Brockington as the FB to Anderson and Lane, but he had as many carries as Taylor. Ah, yes, different times.

    • Rick

      Okay okay, 50’s and 60’s Lombardi might like a bruiser still but not in todays draft.

      There has been only one 3rd round FB in the last 7 or 8 years I can think off otheriwse they are 5th or below in the draft.

    • What I was really seriously thinking about was that if we lost Kuhn (I don’t see why we would want to let him go) Johnson w/Hall as backup negates the draft need. He has two seasons and 20 game experience and is still developing. IF – he has a somewhat breakout year like Starks did forget about FB need. At 263, if he catches, its another red zone big target.

    • iccyfan

      I’m pretty certain Vince took over the Packers after the 1959 draft had taken place, meaning Duncan wasn’t his guy. Can you imagine a rookie head coach today cutting a #1 Overall Draft Pick in training camp? I can’t imagine it went over well in 1959 either…

      I’m not a big Quinn Johnson fan; the guy always seems to be on his feet milling around the line of scrimmage at the conclusion of running plays. If he was blowing people up, he’d be on the ground or at least downfield somewhat. Plus he doesn’t play specials. There’s probably a reason he wasn’t active for the Super Bowl. Kuhn & Hall are both FA’s – we could lose one and would need a replacement for special teams.

      OK, I’ll give up on the Hynoski Hypothesis, but I still think they’ll take a fullback. Marecic is a football player’s football player (two-way AND specials), but he’s pretty slow. I’m shifting my focus to Charles Clay of Tulsa, who garners comparison to William Henderson with his pass-catching abilities.

      • Looks like your right on – Vince in Feb ’59 and draft held Dec ’58. Wow, what a start of a new career as a head coach. Traded away his best WR, but brought in Emlen Tunnell, Fuzzy Thurston, and Henry Jordan. Cut 16 vets in all from a losing team according to “The Lombardi Era Begins”.

      • Rick

        Don’t give up iccy. GB may still take him, it just maybe in the 5th or 6th rounds.

  • Rick

    Kuhn is just a gritty do anything guy. MM loves those type of players. Kuhn won’t be signed for more money anywhere else so I say unless GB decides to part ways he will be back.

    The issue is Quinn and whether he shows progression in his skills. I have mentioned that many of the ST gaffs have been becasue of him, including the Patriots Lineman kick returner. He took out 2 other GB players to make the hole, UGH!! He looked fine in Preseason as a blocking FB, no real time with offense duirng the regular season or playoffs.

    Hall has been the model of consistency and solid ST player.

    • Well, he WAS a bottom 10 (@ an 11) Wonderlic the year he was drafted. But then I’ve seen Chimps use sticks to pull Termites out of an Ant hill, soooo?

      • Rick

        And seen him lose lane contain and knock two of his teammates out of the way. So give him a stick and point him at an anthill. Stupid is as stupid does.

        BTW 16 his first time out and an 11 at the combine. The largest drop of the entire draft.

  • Lets face it, predicting what TT will do is impossible.
    So, we do our own thing and put up names (with some justification) pretty much based on the BPA scheme. But, TT has fooled us before with moves like the Raji/Matthews picks (totally need).
    That being the case I was looking at need from a possition standpoint and feel that OL and CB are the only places I could make a case. My gamble here is that Grant-Starks-Jackson-Kuhn-Johnson stay in place and cover the RB need of a few months ago, and that Jones is the other starting OLB.
    I start with two thoughts – TT will not go first two rounds for interior linemen and a top CB is not available. Would he reach? Most say no, but was Matthews a reach at the time? Then I think back that Colledge beats back all comers every year so why do we keep wanting to find a replacement? If he walks look what we have behind him now into their third years or so. A couple of guys getting short shrift are Campbell and Battles. Look at their size and remember
    Wells came from the practice squad too. Between the starters and the practice squad we have Newhouse-McDonnald-Lang-DietrichSmith, all of which can play OG, so why worry if Colledge is that bad any way?
    CB much tougher. But only because the backups to Woodson/Williams don’t play at the W/W level. On the other hand all those guys got one hell of a dose of experience during the playoff run and one or two could be a Woody replacement in a year or so.
    Analyze it to death and you know where you end up; Right back to BPA at 32 or trade down for more OL and DB picks later on. ALSO, guys, knowing TT the way we do, don’t be surprised if there isn’t a very special WR that TT likes at 32 or 64 – wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

    • PS: From everything I read this is a lousy year for Running Backs so if we take one it will be late round, small school, sleeper.

      • iccyfan

        I agree with this as well; I’d love to see a small lightning-fast change-of-pace guy with punt-return potential, say Derrick Locke of Kentucky or Noel Devine of West Virginia. Of course this doesn’t fit the Packer slog-it-out-in-December model for the position, but it’d be nice to have a guy who could “break one at any time” for the ever-increasing number of dome games.

        • Another interesting point, iccy, kuedos. Seems like the “old” really bad weather games of the past is just that, a thing of the past. Maybe you’re right that its worth having a Howard/Rossum type on the roster for all the indoor and good weather games. Whats the risk, one, maybe two games late in the season when we could very well have the Division sewed up given the problems the Bearse and Vikes have. Even if we played Lions at the end for a title it would be indoors or at home.

    • iccyfan

      I agree with 100% of your position piece! At this point, I’ve read literally dozens of mock drafts, which as would be expected, are all over the place with the #32 selection. Not only do we have no idea as to whom Ted likes, nor do we know which NFL GM’s have fallen in love with which QB’s. Best case scenario for us – Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert come off the board very early (like Carolina and Tennessee early), with Locker and Mallett sliding. With up to 7 teams looking for a QB, somebody feels Mallett is special and wants to trade in front of Buffalo & Cinci at the top of Round Two. The problem of course, is Bill Belicheat sitting there with the first pick in Round Two – rather than trade with us they can work something out overnight with the Pats.

      I really hope we can trade down into the top third of the second round and pick up some picks for the future (second this year and next?). As the top tier talent (other than QB) is gone by #32, I feel we can get a CB(Aaron Williams), OT (Ijalana), OLB (Brooks Reed) or WR (Hankerson) around #40. This draft is deep in 3/4 DL – we can address that with our #64 or even in the third. As LT points out, there are no glaring needs for 2011 – this is keeping the machine well-oiled.

      • I’m in, I can’t be disappointed at 32 no matter what he does…….! Maybe not even surprised.

  • Larry

    At some point (this year or next) we won’t need 7 picks and swapping into future years could be a strategy. I think NE has 6 picks in the first 100 this year and historically adds picks in future years. (I see lots of swapping there IMO) If we succeed in getting a DE, OL and CB of worth we won’t NEED to add youth each year. Once we identify the replacements for Clifton, Woodson,Driver, and Pickett/Green (over the next two years) …the next oldest starter is Grant at 28? or perhaps Wells with EDS already on the roster.

    Also with hundreds FA’s coming of age this year TT could dabble here given the cost may be kept competitive. ( As an example Moss, Burress, Rice are all available this year so prices should be down some) I wouldn’t sign any of these but all will sign and on the cheap too.) We dismiss FA but TT has gone there to get key positions (NT and CB) or great value.

    Trading picks into the future seems like a real possibility!

    PS… closing SB drive by Pburgh was against Bush and Lee…this can’t happen again…ever!

    • ……..however, you left out what formations were called. Were these man-to-man or zone or cover-two? It makes a lot of difference. Film is a wonderful teacher. By the way, what was the DL or front seven doing during that drive? I don’t remember only Bush and Lee on the field; shame on you!!

    • Bush and Lee weren’t as good as the guys they replaced but I think both have improved. The design and execution of the run game is where we can take the biggest step to another title. Not just the big runs due to our passing game loosening up the back 7 but an ability to grind defenses in short yardage, at the end of games and in bad weather. #12 can run but I’d hate to see him get as many carries next year.

    • iccyfan

      No need to discuss JBush – he’s on the squad for his special teams contributions. Pat Lee, however, is unfairly painted in your picture. You have the right to be disappointed in that the former second round pick hasn’t become a starter, but he did a good job in the SB when thrust into the spotlight. Hines Ward, lining up almost exclusively across from Pat Lee, was basically a non-factor in the second half. He caught one pass for five yards in the final drive. Take a look at the play-by-play and you’ll find most of Pittsburgh’s success was passing in the middle and left; not so much passing to the right (where Pat Lee was stationed). I’m hoping that’s a precursor to him being a factor in the 2012 season…

    • iccyfan

      National Football Post writers conducted a mock draft which had Minnesota trading into the first round to select Jake Locker at #28. As Larry and I fear, this projection has Minnesota acquiring the pick from New England; it doesn’t say what New England got in return, but likely MN’s first round pick in 2012. It’s only a mock and I’m still hating on Bill Belichek!

      • OOOOOH, let me count the ways….! This Larry can only hope. Craig Johnson has done such a wonderful job with Vince Young he almost got Fisher fired. Tag line to this is maybe Johnson can talk MIN into bringing in Young. Again, one could only hope…..! Add to this that Johnson and Frazier have been close friends for years spells continuing disaster for MIN who is in a lot more trouble on D than they are on O. Locker? Hell, he couldn’t make an NFL QB out of a national champ; he would retard Locker not improve him. This can’t be any better for Pack fans.

      • Rick

        Wow do you think a Vince Young FA signing and Cameron as a round draft pick to learn behind VY are Leslie’s one missing piece thought?? That is a very interesting idea for the Vikings to try and strike quickly while the team is so close to championship caliber.

        To be fair Craig Johnson was the reason VY was as prepared as he was. He just could not execute the Titans play book. With a simple play action WC offense playing off the AP run threat ; VY will be in a great system for his strengths and minimizes his 3 and 4 receiver read issues. A similar set up to how to use Cameron.

        • Oh, Rick, I’m convinced Young is a locker room cancer and cannot be depended upon on the field. 8-5 as a rookie starter, benched in ’08 as Collins led Titans to 13-3. He was 5-5 when Fisher dumped him in ’10 (yeah, hurt, but with enough arm to throw his pads into the stands.). He is a rabbit and never learned to stay in the pocket which he should have learned because he has bad quads.
          You want me to say something good about him? I think his sausage is outstanding and when I can get it I have it for breadfast on Sunday.
          Kind of in a round about way Cameron and Locker are just like him. The first thing they have to learn is to stay in the pocket. None of the three are compatable with Peterson IMO….!

          • Rick

            Cool. I was thinking I did not like Vince Young as well as a QB but maybe as a short term veteran fill in until Cameron is up to speed.

  • Rick

    Just got wind of GB scouts and their review of Villanova’s pro day. Offensive Tackle / maybe a Guard Benjamin Ijalana looked great and maybe able to stay on the outside as tackle in the NFL. A better athlete and blocker then last years UMass Ducassee ( 2nd round Jets ). Due to a sports injury during the senior bowl and combine, instead of 1st to 2nd round he is looking at a 2-3 round projection and would be a great pick for the Packers late second round pick.

    The suprise at the pro day was John Dempsey a safety. He blew away the pro day. His numbers would have put him in the top 15-20% of all safteies at the NFL combine.

    Instead of a FA he may have shown enough to play into a 7th round pick.
    6’0″ and 215 ran a low 4.5 and is a special teams and defense demon. With no UDFA signings happening until football resumes GB is now appearently very interested in taking this guy with one of the last picks in the draft. A slightly more athletic and faster Peprah, he is able to play both safety spots. The only knock is the lessor competition Villanova played against does not provide the best tape.

    • Rick

      BTW that may allow GB to not keep JBush on the roster as just a ST one trick pony.

      Peprah has proven his worth on D and ST and this kid might be the other D and ST ace GB is looking for.

      So Collins is starter FS

      Peprah and Burnett battle it out for SS. Peprah has more game experience so I give him the edge in preseason.

      This kid Dempsey can back up Collins and challenge the loser SS as dime back. Bigby is a FA and I am not sure his market value. If cheap enough he can reenter the mix as well.

      • Sure hate to give up on Bigby because he reminds me of old Chuck Cecil hits. On the other hand you cannot overlook the way Burnett, and then Peprah played when he was out. Dempsey sure fits the TT philosophy of “next in line” so to speak. If a guy like him can replace Bush as a ST gunner then I’m all for it provided he can play (and compete) at SS. Pretty much a foregone conclusion that Bush will never be a starter at CB.

      • As an aside, Rick, do you ever see Woody in this mix? How much more can we get out of Woodson?

        • Rick

          Woodson is probably a year or two from the safety slide like Rod Woodson did. Then another 4 years or so at safety. Unless a player like Asmo comes calling in FA and takes a CB spot. Then the slide will happen that day.

          The most important hole for GB to fill on the roster as I see it though is Cullen Jenkins spot on the D line at outside DE. He either needs to be resigned or extra emphisis needs to be focused there. Pickett is solid on the other and Neal can try to fill the spot but nobody on the roster can has shown the quality to draw the attention that Jenkins demands and free up CMIII s side of the field.

          If we play Neal and Pickett with Raji in the middle then Wynn is the only real spare legs for depth. ” Michelin Man” Green is a run stopper only and no pressure.

        • Chuckle, chuckle, you left out “Hot Tub Harrell”.
          Saw that earlier on another site today and had to really laugh.
          I’m going to take a nap and see if I can dream Asmo coming to us. It’ll probably turn into a nightmare when I try to figure out how to pay for him. I wonder how a paycheck like that would play in the locker room.
          Overall, I still hold the position that OL and DL immediate replacements are on the roster now so that the picks this year are going to be futures not nows like Raji and Matthews were.

          • Rick

            In a hot tub sippin sizzzzor!! Going to Jail cause I’m a Lossser!!!

          • Rick

            Jolly is such a yutz. He could have made bank if he came back from his issues and produced. Now Jail an no more football. There is just not a fun enough party for that to be cool.

        • There was a blurb in the local paper that Montgomery was trying to lead him in a different path to no avail. Jolly just wanted to stay down in Houston with HIS pals. Makes me think, now, that Jolly would not have had the dedication anyway and probably would have gotten cut when found out. A leopard doesn’t change his spots.

    • iccyfan

      Rick – As OT’s go, I learned my lesson with Charles Brown of USC last season. I believe had him as the #3 OT prospect yet he went to the Saints with the last pick of the second round. Even so, where are you reading Ijalana is a late second / early third round pick? Everything I’m seeing has him projected from the late first thru mid second. Jeez, the Veldheer kid from Chester Marcol’s alma mater went mid-second last season…

      On another note, anybody read Barnett’s comments, namely “I’ll do many things to be a Packer next season”? Any thoughts as to what he’s intimating? Salary renegotiation? Play specials? What else could he mean?

      • Rick

        His double hernia surgery took him out of the senior bowl and combine. His poor pro day numbers cause many scouts concern.

        Also Villinova plays in a FCS conference and his tape is against lower quality players. His in the face approach against to top FBS competition at the Senior Bowl practices is what really put him on the map to begin with. Most teams were looking at him as a Guard. Slow shuttle means he is not going to be a pulling run block guard. Think a Daryn Colledge guy. Solid LT in a small conference that will probably play Guard in NFL.

        However a team like GB that is a pass block and not run block focus can use him. If he falls to end of 2nd round, he a GB style player and good value.

      • Does he still own his bar in GB?

        • Rick


        • Barnett; I don’t know if he kept it after that blowup there. If so, could be a reason he wants to stay in GB if he lives there.

        • Rick

          Good question, i don’t know if he is year round.

          Most likely he is looking at this as a 30+ year old ILB coming off a serious injury with a history of injuries. How marketable is that in the NFL that is alwasy trying to get younger. Especially when the “fill in” players won a Super Bowl with out him and were resigned.

          He sounds like hat in hand time has arrived.